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So Wavy of Him: Shyne Offers Perspective on Incarceration As Max B Petitions for Fair Trial

(AllHipHop News) News broke last month of Max B’s appeal being revoked, and the Harlem rapper recently spoke out about his decision to continue fighting the ruling via a new trial and a “Pardon The Wave” petition.

Former Bad Boy rapper and prison inmate Shyne recently spoke with about his thoughts on the prison system, and how rappers Max B and No Limit’s C-Murder are facing long prison terms.

“I wouldn’t wish jail on my worse enemies. I support freedom for all Africans and Latin Americans in the multi-billion dollar prison industry – especially guys like Max B and C-Murder who [are] from where I’m from and were forced to live that life! Prayers and thoughts with the komrades!” offered Shyne.

Max B is seeking four million signatures and donations to his legal defense fund. Fans can follow Max B on Twitter (@MaxBiggavelli) and sign his petition here.

Follow Shyne on Twitter (@OrignalShyne) and download his street album, Gangland.


  • TonyMon

    Did chrissy touch it in Miami? where is the proof?

    • bigfoot2011

      she told him in opium she liked it in her fanny. What more proof do u need/

      • TonyMon

        She told him in opium? I dont get that part, was she on heroin when she told him?

      • bigfoot2011

        u’ve obviously never heard max b’s song “she touched it in Miami”. It’s a play on jim jones song “summer in Miami”. Opium is a nightclub in Miami and he’s saying that crissy touched it in miami and told him in opium nightclub that she liked it in her fanny

      • TonyMon

        Oh I see now…tnx for clarifying that.

  • yayareatho

    pardon the wave

  • Numbuh Four

    “He ain’t never comin’ home again, try to do your best; let go!!!!!” -Max B: Baby I Wonder

  • EA

    she-she-she touched it in Miiiiiiami….told me in Opium she loves it in her fanny

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  • $17637591

    Yall need to be seding donations to the guys faminly that max killed. Im Sure he has children that lost their father. Tragic for a life to be taken over greed.

  • This is stupid SHYNE is an idiot..MAX B either killed people
    or was involved in it…Supporting him for what? SHYNE is a true
    DONKEY…..Soon he will be banned from the Jewish faith as well with his
    mindless activities.

    • plsDontreply

      You sound like a white devil… Banned from jewish faith? lol… That would be a good thing…

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  • Joel Lopez

    everybody please sign the petition i already did, if you a big max b fan do it, i have bought a max b shirt, max b vigilante album, DOMAIN DIEGO, and i have listened to all his mixtapes, coke wave, Public domain tapes, he is the best rapper alive yall.