Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Mystikal Call 50 Cent And G-Unit Irrelevant?

Did you know that Mystikal was very close to signing to G-Unit before his Young Money deal came through? Not saying that his career is poppin’ now like it was before…but imagine if Mystikal had signed with G-Unit? He’d really be in the abyss, right along with…..oh never mind!

In a recent interview with This is 50, Mystikal explained why he chose to sign with YMCMB, and it sounds like an inadvertent diss toward 50 Cent and G-Unit if you ask me. Check out what he said below:

“I had to go with my move. I had to go with something that’s relevant, and that’s going to be effective. Then that’s home team. When I got over there, the love was through the roof.”

Check out the interview with Mystikal below:

Hmmm, so was that a diss or was he just speaking the cold, hard truth?

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    stop tryna make something outta nothing

    • exactly he wasnt speaking the truth nor was he dissing … if anything the only thing fif/gunit didnt have was HOME COURT 😉 cause saying fif aint relevant is an understatement … dude sk drink is freaking everywhere from coast to coast … i hear new day on the radio like everyday … he on some of the up coming artist hottest tracks ie mann, loverance, yg & jeremiah … hes has the only headset that can potentially compete head to head with Beats by Dre … not relevant ??? come on son even Stevie Wonder can see fif !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

      • Lyve Wire

        he isnt relevant when it comes to music… when his album stop getting pushed back, we’ll see if he put up GRODT #s…
        he’ll really die trying to go half of gold.

      • if he needs GRODT #s to be considered relevant then rap isnt relevant as a music genre anymore because NO ARTIST has put up GRODT #s since GRODT came out 😉

      • Lyve Wire

        if you say that, yea. but dude isnt even going gold any more. at what point do 50’s army just say ‘he aint got it no more’. when was the last time one HIS singles made the hip hop community say damn, that was crazy? the only time we hear about him now, in regards to music is when he’s talking bad about banks and yayo, beefing with somebody, or having new mixtape coming… 50 is no more.

  • That wasn’t a diss, just a better fit. That was business and personal. The boy is from New Orleans.

  • PorchBoySlim

    damn this bitch be reaching…thats the business…you gotta have a hot label behind you to get ur name out there these days especially if you was hot at one point and trying to resurrect your career…these young kids dont know shit about mystical so he gotta make smart moves

  • Easy C

    It’s just how it felt and can’t knock him. Doubt he was dissing, in fact he wasn’t.
    However, the relevant idea is sometime nonsense. Is Sony, Atlantic records relevant or are they a bunch of experienced professional who knows how to work record the record business?

    the idea od relevancy Mystikal addressed is really saying I’m rolling with what’s hot for now, aligning myself to hoping I become hot too, but that’s really saying “I’m riding band wagon” though.

    FYI, this Sydney Lace person don’t understand the culture, the music and the history behind a lot in this game. Get someone else, Illseed.

    • Lyve Wire

      mystikal is in his 40s. why wouldnt he ride with what’s hot right now??? he dont have to time to work on getting back on the scene like that. because of hip-hop fans, rappers have an extremely short shelf life. blame yourself for his choice of going to YMCMB.

  • MadVillain

    when i look at YMCMB i just shake my head in disgrace and thank god Curren$y left that trainwreck. HOW can a label be SO PACKED with lames not dropping albums and n!ggaz continue to sign with em? i kno Mystikal from the N.O. but damn, he would be much better off signing with KOCH or even asking Spitta to put him on.

    • they see the success of a few … and they want that reguardless of what really is going on … even with just successfull weezy on the label folks were dieing to sign … everyone wants to attach themselves to success … funny part is every successfull artist on YMCMB were already semi-successfull on thier own … ie tyga, nicki & drake …….. everyone that wasnt successfull still aint successfull …. chuckie, gutta gutta, jmills, etc… dont know the entire roster ………. i think there is only 1 person out there that can take a talented unsuccessfull artist and make him/her successfull and thats Kanye …… look @ big sean …. and before him it was Common and John Legend ……… now if kanye turns Tayanna Taylor, Cyhi & Pusha T into a star kanye def got it as far as turning nothing into something …….

      • Easy C

        I started to agree with the start of your comment then you mentioned Tyga as one being suscessful prior to Young MOney. Lost all credibility. lol
        TYga was never out before Young MOney. he was first artist on there, released and flopped, selling 6k of the CD. 2nd project (Rack City) ist still a flop by Young Money standard.

      • andone

        @easy c… dude jus be thankful u never heard his lime and coconut song that was all over the radio a few years b4 signing wit ymb… i dont think he was affiliated when that was out??

      • thanks for the cosign … tyga was semi successfull prior to signing with young money .. per wayne he meet tyga during a prep performance for mtv 😉

      • side note how do yall think most of these artist are getting signed lol you have to do something on a major level to get a major deal … even soulja boy did something phenomenal to get signed from his pc @ home … they just dont be picking anyone shoot they dont even go by talent …… that talent gotta come with some kind of buzz or major move or know the right folks ………….. before they sign you 😉

      • Kevin Farley

        common was a legend waaaaaayyyy before kanye

      • legend as far as the chi maybe … to the rest of the world he was just the dude who made the classic track named “i used to love her” and had a beef with Ice Cube … Kanye helped common be a successfull commercial artist even helped bridge his way to hollywood … prior to signing with Good Music none of that ish was poppin off for common … altho he dropped dope music for the most part only the underground listeners were paying attention …

      • Tony G.

        Opinions are like assholes…Com was deep in the game before Ye…

      • outside of dropping albums how deep was he … i’ll wait 😉

      • forget that im not even going to wait lol prior to signing with Good music common has always been just an artist signed to a label with a couple of hits under his belt … in 2003 tho he did make a couple of apperances in one on one and girlfriends … but it wasnt until him signing with Good Music and dropping his first album BE with kanye that stuff really took off to the next level …. which was in 2005 .. since then he starred in his first movie in 2007 … and he finally earned his OWN label situation THINK COMMON in 2011 and dropped THEDREAMERTHEBELIEVER album via his own situation … Prior to signing with Good Music common dropped a total of 6 records prior from 1992 – 2002via mca & relativity records … as far as successfull artist in those times artist like Notorious Big, Nas, Jayz, 50 Cent, Eminem, DMX etc… all had success that surpasses any success that Common may have seen in that time line … Common had spurts of success with songs like Ressurection, I Used to Love her & The Light … but since the album BE dropped dude has been on a major run from acting to modeling (started in 2006) to getting to do poetry @ the white house in 2011 … if kanye never saved common after dropping that wack as Electric Circus album would common had seen all of the success POST signing with Good Music ????????????? that is the question 😉 …. and this is coming from someone who has been buying common albums since he was known as COMMON SENSE … and i dont buy alot of albums … Like Water For Chocolate Insert covered the entire tape, i think i still got that cassette case with the insert …. no tape tho lol 🙂

      • Kevin Farley

        sounds like you just googled him

      • Spyz District

        Dafuq is up with this brother ^ Common was succesfull before Kanye check his catalogue

      • Kevin Farley

        you said talented unsuccessful…….common wasnt not from chicago and common was a legend in my book. i think kanye used him as more of a cosign than anything


  • tim 2bo



  • he said this months ago saying he would of signed with them during the gunit south young buck era. whos to say 50 wanted to sign hi? what has mystikal put out since he’s been home? i heard one song with him and lloyd (the singer) but thats about it. niggaz be reaching too much.

  • andone

    this is ahh way of gassing up ross stans for the new mixtape… make three identical posts about william roberts and flood the homepage while throwin in a sneek diss towards 50 to help him secure those undecided bipolar downloads smh… “i had to go with wats relevant” meaning he knows ppl identify him wit n/o so thats why he singed to ymc its about branding!!!

  • brollya

    this the reason shit be gettin started in the industry…… most people dont read the articles and den see the headline bout mysikal dissin g unit then automatically thinkin its a diss and runnin wit it….. most people be ready for drama asap….. all ya internet websites be on that shit nowadays…… dats how dat shit happened wit the east vs west shit and niggaz ran wit it…

  • hoeyuno

    It wasn’t a diss but a honest answer. Mystikals dope and I’ll be coppin his shit no matter who he is signed to. But I will be skippin the songs with Wayne, drake and pretty much everybody else on that pop label.

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  • tamir williams

    allhiphop please stop talking about this dude. 50 is a repubican. dont give him anymore press good or bad.

    • Peter Morris

      Everyone has the right to be whatever they want. That’s the beauty of America. I get to work hard and pay extra taxes for my success so you can sit on your ass and beg for money. See.. everyone has the right to choose!

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  • Tony G.

    So yea Sydney, he’s gonna diss 50 being interviewed by a 50 employee on a ….here u go with the bullshiggity again smmfh

  • basically he did diss Gunit but who gives a f**k

  • Peter Morris

    Mistikal couldn’t be relevant even if Wayne rapped his verses for him, died and came back reincarnated as Drake signing his hook, while Officer Rickey was creating his rap fantasy of Mistikal’s life selling drugs with Pablo, Noriega- the real Noriega.. he owe him like a hunned favors.

    • yo on some real ish Mystikal killed that new track he release via cashmoney … cant say the same about the rest of the folks on the track …. but mystikal def over achieved on that track ….. def very impressed and anticipating more heat !!