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Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre Retiring? Kreayshawn Explains! Mariah/ Nicki Update!

Clearly, Dr. Dre is in some sort of semi retirement. But, with features on back to back Kendrick Lamar songs and even a 50 Cent joint, it has been rumored that he was making a comeback. Well, the rumors are apparently not true. It seems like headsets have killed the career of Dr. Dre, the creator of classic albums. Obviously, this isn’t rocket science, but it is something new that I heard.

Here is Kendrick Lamar’s “Compton” with Dr. Dre.

Kendrick’s new CD hits on Oct. 22. Oh, below is a tale of caution for all artists.


I just read a quote from last years “Illseed Person Of The Year” – KREAYSHAWN! Well, didn’t I tell you? She’s the best and I mean that. Anyway, KrayKray only sold 3,900 copies of her debut album. I’ve seen more likes on her Instagram pics! How can this be? Anyway, the lack of retail stores has apparently hurt Kreayshawn, or so she says. She also said that her CD wasn’t in places like Target and Walmart and that affected sales. OK, that’s what I said!

iTunes and other outlets have replaced the Mom and Pop shops, but you have to admit…Target and WalMart are huge misses. Shame on the label! Go cop that Kreayshawn!


nicki-minaj and mariah-carey
Damn. Nobody seems to believe they are really beefing. Not even Steven Tyler, who used to be o the show. He did an interview with one of TMZ’s roving reporters and said that the beef was straight up fake. I mean, Mariah claims she fears for her kids from Nicki Minaj. Come on, Ma. She used to run with ODB and is besties with Da Brat, who hit a chick upside the head with a bottle. But you already know what I heard:

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LOL!Might be time for Slick Nick to get all up in Nicki’s a$$!
By the way, happy birthday, Nick!
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  • Nicki / Mariah Beef = Good look!

    If I tune in, it will be to watch them two erupt!

    KreyShawn #’s 4K?

    Talk about going triple wood?

    • hoeyuno

      That’s fucked. Those are kfed numbers

      • LOL-N…I was thinking more like Ron Artest type numbers……but that’s only because I forgot about K Fed.

        Damn SMDH @ going quadruple lead.

        Str8 Fishing sinker!

    • johnblacksad

      Triple wood…. bwahahahaha LMAO… literally! No homo

      • @hoeyuno:disqus said K Fed #’s…SMDH!

        Talk about bricking!

  • hoeyuno

    I don’t think detox will ever come out. Remember a couple years ago when that so called unfinished detox single was released?? Well all the people saying that shit was wiznack pushed dre to say “fucked y’all then”. And honestly dre missed the boat. He shoulda dropped that shit when 50 and em were hot. The best so called detox song I have heard was crooked i’s song “say Dr.dre” which had nothing to do with detox.

    • johnblacksad

      Chronic 2001 overrated as hell… only first half bangs… yet ninjaz actin like Dre belongs on a Top 10 D.O.A…. smh… shoulda just dopped the sh!t without tryin to create unprecedented buzz n sh!t… sh!t’s gonna be average anyways…

  • Big Crimes

    oh detox…. one day Dre will die and the vault will be opened and we will be in that promised land. until then i’ll be listening to Barry Horowitz aka Ben Johnson aka Mr. Pepper on the Pasta aka Thanksgiving Turkey Bags

    • johnblacksad

      There never was no Detox… vault will prolly be full of vaseline.
      Ice Cube said Dre doesn’t use none…

      • churchboy2

        I should not have LOL’d at that but I did…

  • lol @ her stuff only being @ hot topic … i know local rappers that get better distribution than that smh @ krea she needs to learn the game as well as the other artist that get burnt @ distribution … and she didnt have the problem with censorship or anything …. build your own retail relationships if need be … stop waiting on the WIN …. and take the WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  • black

    I thought that was Eminem in the picture at first glance.

  • Go buy the Kreayshawn album? If I wanted to I’d find out where to find it. I didn’t cause her music isn’t worth my money, plan and simple. I know what I did for this money and the amount of time that went into making it isn’t worth letting kreayshawn continue to have the delusion she will one day have a successful music career.

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  • Clint Barnett

    Go buy Kreayshawns album? REALLY? Yep, that about does it for my time on this site.

  • Slaughtr


  • Drefan since 91

    Dre day is over. It’s over for 6 years now R.I.P Dre era: 1986-2006

  • johnblacksad

    I dunno what to do with that Kreayshawn info i have now… laugh, cry, feel bad for her, feel happy for hip hop, i dunno… somebody help…

  • Lolrax

    Kreayshawn whack as hell and she missed her buzz by a year anyways.

  • NoGoBoi

    illseed I got a grown man question for you, you got upset over stevie nicks saying she would of killed nicki minaj if she were mariah. I see you felt it was disrespectful but you turn around and promote a white chic who says nigga??? I’m trying to figure out what’s up with you man. I’m not one of the youngin’s on here tryin to argue with you via the internet, I’m trying to find out what’s really good man

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    like what happen with the white girl mob, atleast all the white girls should of mobbed the outlets for kreayshawns support and sales. who did she have as features? any Gucci, wiz, or even mc hammer to reach those pockets out in the burbs.

  • Richard Savage

    I’d buy a Collaborative album between Ron Artest and Shaq before I’d buy a damn Kreayshawn album. And she’s a damn lie, it wasn’t at Walmart and Target because those distributors heard that wack shit and realized they’d be wasting major dollars on shipping out that bullshit. They probably feel like they wasting the money they used to ship out them 3,000 cds they actually did ship