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Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Stacy Dash Is Totally "Clueless" – Endorses Mitt Romney

Stacy Dash played a dim wit in the movie Clueless back in the 90’s, but who would have thought that homegirl was really “clueless” in real life?! The actress, who has been engaged six times and married three times – (yeah I said it!) – has crushed hearts all over America by tweeting that Republican candidate Mitt Romney was “the only choice for your future.” Is she serious?!

Check out her tweet below:

I guess this is one chick with all beauty and no brains. Oh and by the way, this is solely my opinion and not the opinion of – I’m my own entity, ya heard!!! Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person in America who feels this way. Twitter caught wreck on Stacey Dash and went in on her hard!!! Check out some tweets directed at Dash below:

Do you think Stacy is doing this for publicity, like Nicki Minaj tried to do a few weeks ago?

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Who knows what’s going through her mind? But I’ll tell you one thing – if she thinks the President is going to respond to her, she has a better chance at a Clueless part II movie getting green lit. Go sit your sexy *ss down somewhere, Stacy Dash!

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  • 7yoyo7

    Stacy Dash is a bad MF… That’s what this article updated me about!

    • Celz

      No, who ever is hittin is bad MF.. Literally.. Maybe a bad GMF now that I think abour her age.. She prolly hit the strip club after her bridge game lol

      • johnblacksad

        strip club after her bridge game! You cold…. you so cold! LMAO

  • Reblogged this on Top 10 Queen Social and commented:
    When I had all hope for her poor thang what the hell she was thinking::::::::and on top of that I see why she didn’t make it on Single Ladies

  • maya

    She is gorgeous. And I love her dinginess She has a right to her choice.

  • If you need a celebrity endorsement to make you feel better about who you vote for then your brain is a lost cause.

  • i can see why ahh doesnt win awards for journalism

  • its good people vote. 1/2 the country are voting for romney. maybe she is trying to motivate people to go vote for obama

  • Eeuwww

  • Why are black people offended when other black folks don’t support Obama?….Everyone is entitled to their own choice, and if you feel as if Obama is not the one then so be it….In my opinion Obama is just a black face with a white mans agenda, black folks are too quick to jump on the bandwagon because they see a familiar face, that is how they get you. How about not voting at all just to see how much of a difference it really makes?

    • Celz

      Real Talk..

      Obama and his Admin is more “republican” than Bush when it comes to the war on drugs i.e. raiding legal dispensaries and Holder selling guns to the Mexican Mafia and when it comes to terrorists he said forget waterboarding let’s just level their flat with a drone strike so we don’t have to get our hands dirty with torture…

      I wouldn’t vote for Romney and Ryan but McCain and a serious VP would get my attention. Your vote matters more than you think but not as much as they want you to think…

    • johnblacksad

      Real real real mothafcukn talk… besides Obama being black, he is wiser, and HE IS LEANING TOWARDS PEACE MORE THAN BUSH, MC CAIN & ROMNEY ALTOGETHER.
      If you don’t agree with that, well, you’re entitled to your opinion then.

      Obama might not be the miracle man, (actually i know for fact no one is) but he is a better candidate than Bush, Mc Cain, & Romney. Like i said, forget the policies, etc… Obama wishes more peace upon earth than the other candidates i’ve named. AND, he got a better approach than all of them. AND he is more traveled than all of them combined.

      Now it’s cool and trolly to say you’re voting for Obama just because he’s black… but real talk, it has nothing to do with that.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Everything I wanted to write totally left my brain once I saw the pic at the end…

  • PorchBoySlim

    shit thats her choice…..that doesn;t change the fact that I would hit that if she gave me the chance

  • dayleedumped

    oh mitt romney huh?…witcho fine ass…

  • Man this “your black so you better vote for Obama” shit is stupid. Not saying Romney is a better choice but Obama a media whore pimping mass america to like him. He’s only getting by on charm.

  • sdolla

    wow, sydney lace, sir you seem to be another brainwashed prototype zombie that the united states and the western world seem to regurgitate every second. Whilst Romney isn’t great for the future, neither is Obama my friend, and voting for Obama, I can equally rebut your question and ask “are you serious?” neither candidate is good for the people, they will both be good for the government.

  • She lives in America! If you have a big problem with this you can move somewhere else. She has a right to vote for whomever she wants. I wonder how Obama’s white mama and black daddy would feel about black people bullying other black people to always back Obamao matter what?

  • Kevin Farley

    she’s rich why wouldnt she wany a republican in office?

  • ant662

    what she isnt allowed to have an opinion. half the time ppl say they are voting for obama they can not explain why. im not sayin im for romney but atleast do some research before you vote and dont hate on somebodies opinion even if you dont agree just get down to the cold hard facts. in full support of ppl taking an iq test before they vote.

  • It seems that people forget that a fundamental right as an American citizen is the right to choose freely. Even in the face of contrived racism, you don’t like this policy, you’re racist! You don’t agree with this tax hike, you’re racist. You don’t approve of what I say or do, you’re racist. AND DON”T YOU EVER DARE BRING UP THE FACT THAT I AM HALF WHITE!

    I will never support a candidate who’s major premise is redistribution. It creates a culture of lazy, hand out dependent citizens. This is America, you are supposed to be able to go as far as your dreams, talent, and hard work can take you. What is the incentive to work hard if there is no reward? Why try to excel if you simply do not have to do anything and you can get by? Those dependent on the government for handouts will always vote for those giving the people bread and circuses, i.e. “I’m voting for Obama, he gave me a phone” mentality of people. True story, in Harlem the night Obama got elected. Huge eruption of emotion and celebration. Walking by a women who was proudly proclaiming, “Obama won! I don’t have to pay my rent anymore! He’s gonna take care of all of us!”

    • johnblacksad

      i thought America was about never ever leaving no one behind tho

  • Global_Mission

    You can vote how you want just let me beat!

  • Chad K. Davis

    Martin Luther King was a republican, and we all know how evil and clueless he was. *sarcasm*

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  • Tony G.

    Sydney has the AUDACITY to call someone clueless with some of the BS u pass off as “journalism” on this site…they give u the rumor section because u cant write and then half or the stuff u put on here is nonsense….don’t knock another woman for having an opinion…she has a choice…and if she chooses to vote for Romeny then so be it…should she vote for Obama just because he and she are black? If I felt like Romney’s agenda for the next four years were better, he’d have my vote as well.

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