Shyne Vs Rick Ross

Shyne Goes Off On Rick Ross Over "Black Bar Mitzvah" Mixtape

(AllHipHop News) Orthodox Jewish rapper Shyne is speaking out against a new mixtape that was recently released by Rick Ross, titled The Black Bar Mitzvah.

Rick Ross will release the mixtape today (October 8), which features guest appearances by artists like T.I., the Maybach Music Group roster and even Drake, who is Jewish himself.

“Black bartmitzva? These coppers fantasize about the things that i do daily like these coppers rap about the life I live really!” Shyne tweeted.

Shyne, born Jamal Barrow, changed his name to Moshe Levy, shortly after he converted to orthodox Judaism in late 2009.

The rapper, whose birth name was Jamal Barrow before he was released from jail for serving an 8-year prison sentence for a 1999 shooting involving Sean “Diddy” Combs and his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

According to Shyne, his choice of religion drew criticism from the Hip-Hop industry, something he noted in his tweets criticizing Rick Ross’s new Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape.

“First they criticize me for being a Jew, now they’re favorite fake rapper is having a black bar mitzva? GTFOH” Shyne snapped.

Shyne labeled Rick Ross his “bastard child” and then linked to a YouTube interview featuring the Miami rapper talking about Shyne’s influence on his career.

  • L.J.

    “They’re favorite fake rapper…” Enough said.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      word…i wonder how ricky feel, everybody whos been part of the game dont respect him and think he a clown.

  • Joseph Thomas

    “First they criticize me for being a Jew, now they’re favorite fake rapper is having a black bar mitzva? GTFOH” Shyne snapped. – BURNEDDD

  • rap-ish crazy it done turned shyne jew…..

  • and the problem is….?

  • We desperate here in the wilderness of america …

  • on all sides…

  • oUCH!

    >>>New respect for shine!

  • andone

    smh @ both these dudes as well as the thread maker too… three fuck!n posts within hours of each other(not even a full day apart) for this mixtape ahh has to be gettin paid to post this crap!!

  • He goes in on Rick Ross, but Jay-Z has been dropping Jewish references since American Gangster. He knows how to pick a fight GTFOH

    • Lyve Wire


      • TonyMon

        Come on man…Jay Z was no CO and he didnt lie that much about his past, he has no reason to go after him.

      • Rick Ross has been a rapper longer than Shyne has been Jewish, so who’s faker? And how the hell are you the only Jew in your family anyway?

      • Lyve Wire

        so you believe everything jay-z tell you? im sure, before everybody and their momma came out of the wood works to discredit ross, you believed him too. i guess you believe everything Shyne tells you too, huh?
        and dropping disrespectful references about ones culture or religion dont have a ‘line’. if he is serious about being jewish, go at anybody who dares to disrespect. he knows he doesnt have to ammo, and that he’ll end up in a punchline somewhere.
        picked his battle…. cause he knows that ross has a huge ‘hate base’ and the ppl wll say ‘damn, shyne is real.
        whats ‘real’ about going after a ‘fake rapper”?????

    • Bumpy Johnson

      its coz rick ross is a lame, everything he does niggas gone check him.

      • its coz he ain’t got the nuts to address Jay-Z.

      • honestly if jayz did the same thing right now @ this point .. shyne prob would had jumped on him … not cause of his jewish faith but more because hes trying to catch a buzz or ride that ross wave … lol … its just a mixtape but i could be wrong rick ross could really be on some im transitioning to the jewish faith …. hey shyne did 😉 i guess we shall see …. like i said earlier i wasnt even checking for this tape but due to shyne might just have to give it a listen to see where ross is going with this one ………………………………………………

      • He really helped promote the mixtape more than discredit it. But, how many times can you “expose” Rick Ross anyway? We all know he’s fake. This is another gimmick, since the illuminati rumors ain’t selling like they used too. Shyne won’t diss Jay-Z, because Jay has the influence to help him get back in, or keep him out of the country; so he gives him a pass but goes at the easy target.

      • truuuuuuuuuuuu 2 chainz voice 😉

    • Tony G.

      u got it all wrong bro

  • seveneightyseven

    first drake, now ross, jews already rule everything in America, now they’re takin hip-hop from us, with enticing beats and lyrics of no substance, i weep for my generation, black culture is in the f****** gutter.

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  • ONE

    Both of these dudes are ass clowns, but If there is any race of people more deserving of being called jews it’s the so called “black” race here in America. The biblical discription given to them says it all as it relates to us.


    Shyne is the TRUTH!!! What are these pop/rappers going to pretend to be next!GTFOH

    • Shyne is pretending to be something that he is not right now…If Diddy cuts him a check and re-sign him Shyne would be back on that bullshit in no time.

  • AfricanSoul

    Shyne seems to miss the point that religion is supposed to mold you into a decent human being. At least, that is why a lot of people try to cultivate and hold on to their faith. So, what part of his religious teaching propels him to call Rick Ross a “bastard” child? Is it his view that a “bastard child” is detestable? Is that how his God views things? Shame on him. We know Ross is doing it to appear “different”, but what is Shyne’s excuse in coming off as an asshole? In fact, I don’t know if anyone notices this, but he has been an arrogant f*ck ever since he converted and it has nothing to do with the religion, he just thinks he is “ahead” of his peers. He should sit his ass down and reflect on what he wants to be…it is bad enough that Snoop is going around claiming he is a reincarnate of Marley just because he smokes half the blunt in Cali. I swear this music industry is full of clowns.

    • Is he lyin about Ross though? Alright then…

      • He lived the same life that Ross is living. Only thing is that he failed at it.

      • AfricanSoul

        You need Shyne to tell you that Ross is a counterfeit? You completely missed the more important point just because you need someone to confirm to you that Ross is a CO turned to pseudo-dealer to a “bawse”? Wtf lol

    • I agree, these rappers switch roles then act as if they are God’s gift.

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Officer Ricky has been the industry joke ever since he got exposed the first time and 50 done all that shit to him its only because of the people behind him pushing him his still around like diddy jigga and Elliott wilson


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  • So it’s clear that because he got negative feedback from joining the Jewish community, he is going to make it even harder for someone like himself.. Typical black person this Shyne guy. They make it hard for you and you make it harder for everyone else.Great

  • Guarantee Rick Ross votes for Romney. They both have the same marketing model. Lie straight to yo face with conviction and say “So what. You can’t do nothin about it”.

  • $17637591

    Blacks are the TRU ISRAELITES. Its the worlds biggest secret and for everyone that doesn’t know go read Deuteronomy chapter 28. It outlines all the curses God inflicted on the “True Israelites”. Says the Israelites will be brought on ships to a foreign land to be enslaved. Also check the songs of Solomon where he states his skin is black. After you read that and still don’t believe the truth google a slave fort in Africa that housed slaves called “Fort of Judah”. This is why slave traders erased our history so we wouldn’t know who we truly are. In the Bible Moses, the Apostle Paul & Joseph are all confused as Egyptians. And we all know the Ancient Egyptians were black.

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  • 99% of rappers are fake. Everyone knows RR was a C.O. This rap game is
    Hollywood and all these niggas is characters playing roles. I like ricks
    music and could give 2 fucks about what drugs he sold or didn’t .

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