Raekwon The Chef

Exclusive: Wu-Tang Baby Mama Tabatha Lewis Grinds Her Axe Against Raekwon

(AllHipHop News Feature) “Just know my kid is home, happy, healthy, and safe!”

That was rapper Raekwon’s primary response to AllHipHop.com about the recent allegations made against him as a father and a provider. The trouble all started with a tweet and is likely to end in a draw – between a self-proclaimed misrepresented mother and the beloved rap icon she once befriended and bore a child with.

On September 25 of this year, founding member of the legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon, tweeted the following:

“Me n DonP w/big bub eating at a restaurant, $500 a plate.”

That tweet prompted Raekwon’s oldest daughter’s mother, Tabatha Lewis, to speak out about the highly-respected Only Built for Cuban Linx rapper – and his alleged lack of parenting.

Lewis stated:

“…You have to become a parent! Just because you provided your DNA doesn’t make you a parent…”

Blogs across the internet reported that Lewis, who met Raekwon in 1994 while she was a senior in high school and he was on the road in North Carolina, was homeless and lost custody of her child.

Lewis alleges that Raekwon was never supportive from the beginning, noting that he already had a “girl” while she was pregnant, and wanted to “put her somewhere” for safe keeping and away from his public life.

About their current state of affairs, Raekwon offered an impassioned response – not to attack Lewis – but in the best interest of his daughter:

“Tell her I will deal with it at my leisure, and thank you! All she needs to know is my kid is fine, and she’s with me and my family. I wish this lady and her other child the best. I will not stain my loving child with these allegations. She’s happy, and she’s focused on her education thing heavy!!!

“These things are way more important to me than a statement! I appreciate AllHipHop’s concern for my well being, but my kid hurts from this, so I will not attend that mess! You would think a mother wants to see their kid in a better space. But I don’t know and don’t care about her situation. She has to take responsibility for her actions!”

Listen to audio below of AllHipHop.com’s exclusive interview with Tabatha Lewis, who wants to set the record straight about losing custody of her child, being homeless, and what Raekwon the chef is really like as a father:

AUDIO: Tabatha Lewis, Raekwon’s Baby Mama, Tells Her Side

  • therealest1

    Baby momma drama shit.

  • Clint Barnett

    wow they moderate comment here too. what a joke.

    • Eli Pinilla

      yea they do, i tried to write some shit on the rumor page and these muthafuckas never posted it….

  • Clint Barnett

    this is the most useless nonsense i’ve ever seen on a hip hop site. leave the mans private business alone. he asked nicely for the sake of the kid and you print this drivel anyways. this site really is a joke. seriously.

  • Hip Hop media sites are tearing down the culture even further than it its already been destroyed! They just dont fuckin get it…or they do and could care less…after all theyre trying to keep up with TMZ and all the other parasites…

    • Clint Barnett

      you aren’t kidding. the next article i read was one where some dude was calling Stevie Nicks “some old rock chick” that is “beyond fallen off”. The people who write for this site are nimrods, and i’d say they sink even lower than TMZ on some levels. at least the people at TMZ know who one of the most celebrated female artists of all time is. ok you’ll never see me on this site again so yeah. Peace.

    • Jocelyn Noelle

      So what do you propose we write on? Give me some topics….

      • Clint Barnett

        Really? I’ll start putting my ideas out there the moment you guys hire me to write.

  • Tabatha

    Please know that your other baby mama house will never be my daughters home. You are a well known idiot and believe me when I tell you that you reap what you sow!

    • Chrisblackusa

      tab,,,sis,,,dont do that to yourself,,,deal with whatever issues ya dealing with,,time moves on and so will you if you focus,,,peace,,,,,

      • Eli Pinilla

        ^^^ yall crazy man

    • johnblacksad

      You’re on AHH…. Raekwon dropped OB4CL… so he’s not an idiot… simple.

      So did you sow, what you reapin right now? jus curious

      God bless you, i wish you and all your other children the best.

      ‘My seeds, growing his seeds, marry his seeds, that’s how we keep wu-tang’s money all up in the family’

      • Tabatha

        All idiots hang together. Lol. You don’t know me. And yes I am reaping what I sowed because I had a child with a child. You don’t know anything about me or my child so when you don’t know it’s best to be quiet.

      • Relax Tab, nothing against you. He owes & did you wrong, understood, you did him right by not jamming him up & taking care of the seed…on your own, and it was a hard road, while he’s out balling with $500 meals.

        If you do “Love & Hip Hop”, that would be a good look, your story is realer than the fakes.

        Rae should pay, but he won’t, so you gotta do you & move on!
        I don’t fault you for making a buck off him not paying if you can.

        He was probably fronting about the $500 a plate meals though, & still, he did offer to look out & you declined, so he isn’t technically a deadbeat.

        Make the best of it!

      • johnblacksad

        “He was probably fronting about the $500 a plate meals though”

        LMAO! They don’t call him Chef for nothing… lol

      • Ya’ Heard!

        When is the last time you bought his album?

        Back when he was with Tabitha?
        OB4CL = Mine / Triumph, maybe the one after…

      • johnblacksad

        Seems that you are quick to call everybody an idiot… I don’t know you… and that’s why i didnt say nothing disrespectful towards you nor your child… i just said it in a troll tone that’s it.

        If you notice, i’ve said : God bless you and your other children.

        Now, i’ve also said Raekwon is not a ‘well-known’ idiot… you are fcukin reachin there… yes fcukin reachin… you’re not going to come on AHH and convince anyone that Rae is a ‘well-known’ idiot… that gets you an automatic shaq face! Take that somewhere else.

        Now, you’ve also called me an idiot, which i’m going to let slide out of love for Raekwon and that child ya’ll had together. I can be VERY disrespectful if i want!

      • johnblacksad

        “All idiots hang together. Lol.”

        what was that lol for? I’m scared to find out how mature you are! Talmbout you had a child with a child… guess what that makes you?

        People Everywhere Are Created Equally.
        Positive Energy Always Correct Errors.

      • Tabatha

        The original comment was made and directed to my daughters father not you. And you come up here wanting to defend someone you don’t even know and the attack someone you don’t know. That’s not cool and yes all idiots hang together. Take it how you want. You feel like disrespecting me then by all means do so. Trust and believe that nothing said on this site of any other can or will hurt me more than I’ve already been hurt. You don’t know me or the story. You know a cd and a stage name. Try walking in my shoes before you speak of judge. Take care of your kids if you have any and let nothing or no one come in between that…..

      • johnblacksad

        Sorry for all what you’ve been through. Please excuse-me for my trolling ways. I really don’t feel comfy making Rae’s earth feel like i disrespected her. That’s so not wu!
        Idiots hang together… yes…. what i still don’t agree on tho, is calling Rae a ‘well-known’ idiot… trust me, you’ll never get anyone to buy that, especially on a hip hop site. An idiot to you, maybe… a well-known idiot… not to me. Two years ago, Rae called me to wish me happy birthday… made me happy as fcuk! I still don’t know like you do for sure… but trust me, i’m a purple tape day one type.

      • Positive Elevation Always Causes Expansion

      • A long Timeeeeeee…..

        What was the name of that Jawnt? iLL instruments, RZA was on point!

      • johnblacksad

        Glaciers of Ice (Masta Kill killed it)

      • Yeah, Yeah, good look! I’m gonna youtube that Jawnt right now!

        >>>Return Look = Xzibit – Say my name

      • johnblacksad

        R.I.P. Nate D.O.Double.G.

        Good look on that X indeed… i heard the new joint “Napalm” is bangin, i’ll be checkin that out…

        Em had beef with So So Def? i ain’t know that… you got history on that?

      • Nah, just JD talking about he’s better than Dre’, etc.

        “RAP” beef?

      • johnblacksad

        oh, that… ok.

        The thing is… i didn’t see JD’s name on the list that Forbes just published a few weeks ago… you know, the one that had Dr Dre’s name at the top. Hadn’t JD talked slick like that, maybe Dre could have helped him with his IRS trouble. Not so so def after all

      • I had to reject JD’s 4UMF application, or we could have helped him get right with the tax man, but his grammar is terrible, & all he wanted to write about was SoSo Def & Janet!

        <> @ J D

      • Yeah, Yeah…..but it will be like “Blue & Cream!”…..

      • johnblacksad

        LOL! nahmsayin?! word to god, n!ggas don’t even know! lmao… yeah, them skits were raw & uncut…

  • Galactus


    • Clint Barnett

      they moderated my last comment again. go to refinedhype. is a small site but at least sticks to the damn point. the music and culture, not as much of the bullshit.

    • Jocelyn Noelle

      I am the journalist that wrote this and as much as I would love to report on real hip hop and the culture the ratchetness is what people seem to want more than a good article on a decent artist with good music! With that being said most of us are either forced to blog and then if nobody knows your site is there whats the point. It’s like writing in a diary!

  • zkinter36

    Take this garbage down… Why are we talking about this

  • Eli Pinilla

    these nggz aint legends to these hoes

  • This is Rae’s private stuff and not our business. AHH why can other sites do their job better than you do. This is the utter trash sensationalism. Step up where you could make a difference. You are so far away from Hip-Hop culture. It’s the worst misrepresentation you could do to our culture. Y’all a bunch of coke heads raping the name Hip-Hop for some advertising cash. You don’t represent Hip-Hop or Black culture. And we don’t want to be represented by you guys anymore.

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  • Slaughtr

    I posted plenty of shyt I know they don’t like because they attend to this whack ass BS and really don’t give a fck how they feel 99% of the shyt they push is garbage and I wish the TMZ disease stop spreading. I love hip hop these niggaz don’t love hip hop they help kill it with stories like these and push suka ass rappers who make me hate the radio and even watching videos anymore.

    • STFU & Stop Complaining or join Team 4UMF, we hiring Hip Hop writers, bloggers, interviewers, reviewers, etc.

      Get paid to keep it real!

      Link up soldier!

      • Chrisblackusa

        wooooooord edog kick the bal,,bal ,,listics,,,,,,,,,,hiphop rule number 7,,,make it happen captain,,,,

      • Ya’ heard!

        4UMF is hiring if you got what it takes to be the professional media, representing Hip Hop and the struggle, and also covering the news…local, national, international, political & industry, but the fun part is getting to feature local artist who uplift Hip Hop!

        Link Up!

  • Carlos

    I wish we could go back to the source days, where article were about the artist not the gossip around them. wtf happened, oh yeah, allhiphop happened.