Hip-Hop Rumors: Old Rock Chick Says She Would Have Killed Nicki Minaj!!!

Well, this is a case of pop s**t on the Hip-Hop chick, eh!?

Have you ever heard of Stevie Nicks? No, not Stevie J or Stevie Wonder! Stevie Nicks! She’s a rock chick that is beyond fallen off. YET, decided to give her a big ol’ platform to speak out against Nicki Minaj. This is all predicated on the possibility and likelihood that this is a big press stunt, but I DIGRESS. The once hittin’ Stevie said:

“How dare this little girl! … If I had been Mariah I would have walked over to Nicki and strangled her to death right there.”

“I would have killed her in front of all those people and had to go to jail for it.”

Little girl, eh? Nicki damn near 30. Just because she’s not on the other side of zombie doesn’t mean she’s a child.  Now, I think its all silly and Nicki’s behavior lacked a certain amount of class, but I will say this: I’d molly wop Stevie Nicks if she touched my fantasy girl! LOL!

Stevie, YOU AIN’T BUSTIN’ A GRAPE in a food fight at your convalescent home! You might gum one to death if you are lucky! At the end of the day, Nicki is lucky Stevie isn’t relevant enough to judge “American Idol.




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  • Pretty sure Sidney Lace is writing these articles and Allhiphop is just paying Illseed to use his name.

  • rich smith

    Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and an extensive solo career, which collectively have produced over forty Top 50 hits and sold over 140 million albums…….Illseed shut your stupid ass up.

    • Chris

      Real talk. If Fleetwood Mac decides to go on tour right now, it will sell out.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        she sold out all of her solo shows last year here in chicago, at rather large venues. if fleetwood mac went on tour they would sellout the united center with ease. and stevie is a crazy son of a bytch. I wouldn’t put it past her to actually smack a bytch up.

      • Chris

        Pretty much. Fleetwood Mac is legendary status. Illseed knows nothing.

      • word up…

      • Casor_Greener

        You know illseed dont know shit

    • TruthSerum

      Stevie Nicks even today would probably beat the fake ass off Nicki, lol

    • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

      True, and what that means is that her work as a solo artist and with Fleetwood Mac together has outsold the whole ymcmb, mmg and a lot of other wack rappers put together by over 100 million records.. I’d actually rather watch Stevie Nicks perform than that fake ass annoying broad.. Mariah should have just back slapped the dumb bitch and told her to stfu.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      wooooooooooooooah!!! i never seen such a fuckin burn in my internet blogging history.

    • SaluteTheDead

      Im Black And i still would Pick Stevie Nicks Over Nicki Minaji Fake ass… For Real ILLseed if i was your dumbass I would Delete this blog and act like I never wrote the shit

    • $18592567

      A dickhead wrote this article…

    • Gem EU Belushi

      word upp.. all hip buggin like cartoons.. anything to make a kid smile huh..

  • Nicki c

  • Nicki cant come close to Stevie Nicks illseed. i thought you was smarter than that. stevie still doing shows getting over 200k at-least. and that been going on like forever

  • YungKizz

    yeah stevie nicks u tell her

  • X-Ray

    a little personal there huh….maybe you should do some homework on Stevie Nicks before you start dishing out what you would do if she touched Nicki, Nicki has a long way to go before she nears anything that Stevie Nicks has accomplished and you just come off sounding stupid with an uneducated opinion

  • Not a stevie nicks fan but u should do ur homework. Stevie nicks still tours and sell out ARENAS. I wouldn’t call that beyond fallen off. Also she’s sold way more records than nicki minaj. And when she called her a “little girl” it could be because she is um…little.

  • Nevermind that you CLEARLY dont know about stevie nicks, but how you got an opinion on woman beef lol? u bitch ass…but I bet you hate c brown huh? maaaan…

  • 2012Industry1

    I usually roll with you Illseed, but Stevie Nicks is a Hall of Famer man! Responsible for the classic 18 million seller Rumuors album with her band Fleetwood Mac, and when she tours she racks at least $5-$15 million just for herself out of the band! She’s a trailblazing legend that’s responsible for the Bootylicious song from Destiny’s Child. I mean, Nicki would have disrepected her too since she respects no one, but that’s Mainstream Respect and money that Nicki is losing with this one. Not a good idea to go off like that before doing your homework on ol’ girl. Still ride with you though!

  • NotYourAverage

    Another illseed fail… Obviously don’t know Stevie Nicks is, her history, or her genuine personality that is the kind of realness that synthetic leaches like Nikki feeds off of. On top of that, on some physical ish…I’d put money on Stevie to knock dat ass out. Nikki would not want any problems with that old white lady.

  • Dunzo

    Had a lot of love for Illseed until he came on here with this BS. You know what? I actually can’t believe Illseed is this misinformed, this has got to be Sydney Lace’s dumb ass. I’m finally done with this site. You don’t know who Stevie Nicks is??? You don’t know Fleetwood Mac? Ok let’s make this related to urban music, you don’t remember Destiny’s Child sampling her song “Edge of Seventeen” and Stevie appearing in the music video “Bootylicious”? You don’t know about Stevie’s solo career? WOWWWWWW. R.I.P. Allhiphop your Alexa rating has been going down every single day. I’m over this site.

    • ladynamor

      Stand Back set the precedent for half of the shit pop music is based on. One of the biggest female artist EVER, Stevie Nicks is a beast and original. SMH

    • illseed

      son. i dont give a damn about Stevie or Fleetwood mac and if that offends you to the point of leaving the whole site, then you probably didnt need to be here in the first place. I am 1000% aware of who she is, her songs and her accomplishments, but when you say you are going to kill or attack somebody, all bets are off. Its unnecessary commentary…. As for AHH, we’ve done more thus far than you wil ever and i do mean EVER achieve in your wretched little life. Check your NUTS, bitch. You have none to check.

      • maya

        Nobody cares who you do or don’t give a damn about. Get over yourself and step your game up.

      • annette

        so you mad?? GTFOHWTBS

      • meizy

        Illcoon showing hella emotion here.

      • Galactus

        @Illseed You a bitch ass nigga. Get nickis pink dildo out ya mouth

      • meizy

        **uptight white guy voice** in youre wretched little life. Lmao. Ur a laaaaaammmmeeeee

      • 4BlkLuv

        I was missing your take on things but this shit you wrote is just dumb! It’s the kind of crap c da dog would say on his corny ass morning show.

      • Soul Cracka #1

        illseed would never reply to his readers in this manner…GET THE FAKE ILLSEED OUTTA HERE AHH, buncha fuckin lames over there usin the mans name to get people on the site

      • Awwww Man!

      • Soul Cracka #1

        go back on the last 5 years of rumors and see if illseed ever wrote articles like he does now, or if he even ever called anybody son in the comments, or talked like the ignorant asshole he is here, nah man, not at all…laaaaaaaaaaame

      • So is this how a employee of this site responds? I mean all this fake gangsta talk behind a keyboard and a dumb avitar? Why u mad son? “CHECK YOUR NUTS, BITCH.” That sentence right there let me know and the world know u don’t know what a hood look like or what NUTS look like. Did u say this when it was said that Nikki said she will shoot Mariah? You say u know who she is but say in your writings she’s played out and fell off. How can that be when she’s still getting it til this day. Instead of getting mad, how about taking the criticism like a man and edit and proofread these stories on this site with all the spelling errors. Again I ask WHY U MAD SON?

      • Ty Rhea

        When you writing you write for audience and this audience ain’t feeling it….your facts was fucked and in 5yrs or less Nicki Mirage is outta here…her latest Cd trash so she wanna RE-release it. GTFOH. illseed you on the wrong freeway get ya ass on the sidewalk.

      • Vikram662

        Buddy rap music is nothing but talking about killing people lol you just keep on digging it deeper and deeper…

      • AndyTroya

        Damn, this def. is not the illseed of old. Dont know if its a different writer or what but the old illseed would most def. know who Stevie Nicks is and wouldn’t respond like a ignorant 3rd grader. The rumors section use to be one of the main reasons I came to this site. It had some pretty good info pertaining to Hip Hop music and a lot of it was pretty accurate. Now it reads like a shitty tabloid written by a high school chick who doesn’t know how to use spell check half the time.

      • GottaBeGooz

        the key word is “done”. like what you’ve “done” is in the past and you sure as hell ain’t going up anymore. and “done” like anybody with common sense is with this site. this is on some honey boo boo level of wack. good work driving away people as usual, idiot.

      • TruthSerum

        It’s sad that you took such offense to a comment made about a person you don’t know. I think you’ve got an unhealthy obsession with Nicki Minaj.

      • Abrasive Angel

        I’m sure it’s fine when an old rapper says it about a young rapper, right?

      • johnblacksad

        SHUT THE FCUK UP… NOBODY GIVES A FCUK ABOUT NICKI MINAJ… you took that literally and TRIED to run with it… pathetic… you prolly the only one who bought into it… matter fact, we know (hope)you ain’t stupid enough to take that literally, so i’ll just consider you were doing morning stretches…smh

      • johnblacksad

        you mad bro?

      • johnblacksad

        yo, you do see how sorry you sound right now right? MAJOR L!

      • Josh Sykes

        You are full of shit, you didn’t know shit about her to say she’s not relevant and all that. You wouldn’t have said any of that bullshit you said if you did.

      • Dunzo

        LOL. This is definitely NOT Illseed. I remember a year or so ago when Chuck was talking about selling the site. Has that happened yet? See this feaux “Illseed” is mad because I touched on facts, that BOTH HE and I know. This site made a huge mistake with the timing of the redesign and losing all the old comments/illcommunity/lack of editing/elementary level writing/etc… I only came back to see if there were any responses to this. Whoa… look what I started. It’s cool… this rumors section is mostly payola anyways lol we see how you guys get down, since I know how to touch “Illseed’s” button’s I think i’ll stick around a bit 🙂 FYI I’ve been reading this site for over 5 years, I know it hurts “Illseed” but it will be ok in the end. This too shall pass. Oh BTW if you knew who she was you wouldn’t have written the article in that tone… unless YMCMB paid you to write that tidbit discrediting an American music legend. Hmmmmmm…

    • 4UMF ( DOT ) com’s Alexa rating has been going up steadily & we are hiring writers.


  • Fleetwood mac has been sampled more times than I can count. You big dummy. Who is this writing these articles. They had so many hits and if a concert happens well Rich Smith already said it. Know what you are talking about moron. You don’t really know music if you only know Nicki minaj besides Nicki was dead wrong and Mariah sold 200 million plus albums that everyone grooves to especially fantasy with ODB. If you are going to be a column writer sound professional and know what you are talking about don’t be bias. This is a music site but you don’t know legendary music artist because you have said stupid sh*t like this countless of times. Let me write for AHH. I have been on here years now used to be young vadah. I hate bad column writers.

    • Co-Sign, but you forget, they ( Mariah / Stevie ) went in on Nicki first, so don’t blame Nicki for doing her thing, but yeah…on the rest.

  • ignorant ass article.. esp when nicki will never sell like stevie or make her money… but the prejudice was well hidden.. very professional

  • Guest

    Sorry, you’re way off on this, illside. Stevie Nicks is rock royalty and has sold more records than Nicki Minaj will EVER sell in two lifetimes. In fact, no one will even remember Miss Potty Mouth in 5 years. All props to Stevie for being the rock pioneer that paved the way for other rocker chicks to rage against the machine with the big boys. Stevie has seen it all. Don’t disrespect what she says.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    nicki has a loud bark, but no one can truly say the last time she actually bit someone other then taken a large chunk out of they style / swag….

  • I am proud of the responses on here. When you HIP HOP you know about all cultures. This was easy she is a Legend.

    • johnblacksad

      Co-sign and i’ll add that when you HIP HOP, you don’t rock with Nicki Minaj’s gimmick life

      • LOL

      • Not True…..Biz Markie is the Clown prince of HIP HOP, if you dont like it then dont like it but everyone has a place in HIP HOP. Dougie Fresh is a gimmick dude has been beat boxing the same way for 20 plus years an I still be right along with him. Run DMC call themselves the King of Rock but they one of the Greatest HIP HOP groups ever. Nikki has life in this game, yeah at times she lose me but the Lady can RAP, and she write her own rhymes.

      • johnblacksad

        Hey, whatever rocks your boat right?! I was jus trollin, of course Nicki n errbody have their place in hip hop… but for some reason you’ll never take away from me the fact that i’m very happy (proud?) that i don’t like her sh!t… i can’t even get passed the stupid face she does on every single picture, let alone her screamin & roarin & whisperin…etc

        Not hard to tell she writes her own rhymes… oups…

        On that note… back to the Bumpy Knuckles album with Statik Stelektah!
        Listen to ‘Blast yourself’ and you will probably understand why its impossible for me to like Nicki Minaj. PEACE

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Nicki should sample a Stevie Nicks song just to be funny. lol

    • Brock Gunny Samson

      thats a damn shame the way yall tore into whoever claiming to be illseed about that poor as reporting… I know that cant be illseed who wrote that piece… Real talk it shows there are educated music lovers who know more than the current so called talent…

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    So illseed thinks that Black People( yes, yes, hip hop is for all, but lets not b’llsh’t and call it what it is) have never heard of Stevie Nicks. Nice opener Illseed. What else do you think we’re not familiar with? We certainly know dumbass article when we see one. Dead in the water Ill’, your days at AHH are counted.

  • Eli Pinilla

    illseed jumped in that water all by himself

    • johnblacksad

      bwahahahah… LMAO!

  • maya

    Not relavent enough to judge Idol? Stevie Nicks has already been a mentor on American Idol. She and Jimmy Iovine go way back.

    Stevie Nicks is the quintessential ROCK STAR that these no-talent hoes are TRYING to be.

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  • Guest

    Illseed u a bitch dog. let that bitch’s dildo breathe nigga,

  • Galactus

    How You claimin you hip hop and not know (and diss) Stevie MUTHAPHUCKIN NICKS??? #ULTIMATEFAIL

  • AHHH Needs to delete this! This clown just made him self look like a 12 year old with no respect for legends! How do you diss a legend trying to defend a fraud that talks and acts like a little white girl from the valley! SMH!

  • FleetwoodMacin

    Well damn illseed Stevie Nicks is worth over $65 million she definitely is a legend better do ya homework pimp

  • PorchBoySlim

    I read this shit and was like “yup this is Sydney Lace ole bum ass”…..come to find out its “illseed” I’m pretty sure the same dumb ass person writes these articles….this site has been going down the drain for a hot min now! Nicki Minaj or not one but TWO legends? smh this nigga is LUNCHIN

  • pain1030

    How can you write for a music blog, hip hop or not, and say Stevie Nicks is “beyond fallen off”? You have no clue about music….

  • maya

    Whoever wrote this is like that dumb b*tch on the TMZ show. Clueless.

  • TheInfiniteToker

    @illseed, I respect you to death bruh, but Stevie Nicks is a legend in the music industry. Something Nicki Minaj is not.

  • slikyj

    Ill Seed- you just took an L on this one brah…

  • Soul Cracka #1

    You can def tell the original illseed not writin these articles…AHH its a shame what yall did the mans name..illseed of back in the day would def not be talkin bout Stevie Nicks like that, mad respect lost for Chuck

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  • ONE

    I havent even heard of this old bitch until today, so……………

  • Soul Cracka #1

    whole writin style and everything is different, fraudulent ass AHH…its been obvious ever since his “return” but this jus put it over the top

  • Lyve Wire

    sad… im no nicki manaj fan, but damn. yall quick to defend stevie nicks because she’s talking about ‘killing’ a hip hop artist you dont like. i dont care how many records she sold. the hip hop ‘community’ loves negativity, especially when its coming from the outside. if she wouldve said the same about nas or whoever is the flavor of the month, would you feel them same? why not??? she still sold 100+ million records. her opinion dont matter to ever one. stop letting money and record sales trump everything. respect is respect. if stevie wants it (im sure she does) she needs to earn it like nicki does. stop condoning everything that ‘outsiders’ say about urban artist. they do things for attention also. dont be so blind. as far as we know, american idol is playing all of you fools.
    another thing, most of you alls attempt to sound like a connisseur of all things music did a copy and paste job from Wiki. stop it. an urban person would know who she as just as much as a 65+ year old rock fan knowing who rakim is. this is a hiphop site. if illseed didnt know, its no big deal, really.

    • meizy

      An urban person? Hahahahahaha

      • Lyve Wire

        lol, i didnt want to say black.

      • Lyve Wire

        im black btw. i used ‘urban’ because we know that all blacks dont listen to rap. didnt want to generalize
        the point im making is, why are we so quick to divide? if jay-z, one of the most sucessful rappers of all time, said the same thing about a new white rock artist, do you think rock fans will be online screaming ‘right on’?. hell no.
        let stop finding reason to divide our culture. we lose in the long run.

      • PL

        I know…right? Urban? LOL

    • Celz

      She talked about killing a “Hip-Hop” artist (maybe?) in defense of an R&B legend who is on more classic Hip-Hop songs than this alleged Hip-Hop artist. Stevie has earned her respect. She earned more backing up Mariah.

      • Lyve Wire

        she earned her respect? ok. well let me ask you this: how many fleetwood mac albums do you own?
        for the record, im not a nicki manaj fan. just understand that she is only 2-3 years in. if we supported our artsit like country, rock and pop fans do, they will last multiple decades too.
        and you know it took stevie 45 years to get to that 140 mil. im just saying. im not taking anything from her because i enjoy their stuff; just putting these numbers in perspective. swizz beats has produced over 300 mil since 98. does that mean he can just say what he want to? i think he has earned his respect also; even more if you just look at numbers.

      • Celz

        She earned respect by being a successful musician over the span of many decades; and managing to accomplish this while keeping a higher level of musical integrity and making less of an ass of herself than most artists. I personally am not a fan of her but I respect he more than Minaj.

        And chill with this whole us against them mentality it sets us back. Just because she’s white if she disses Nicki she’s racist or so wrong Lil Kim must be racist too. Then you people attacking her look even more foolish when you realize she was defending a bi-racial (black) R&B legend. Stevie was wrong but Nicki isn’t a prude, she has a disgustingly foul mouth and part of her sales gimmick is to disrespect herself and other black women much worse than what Stevie said. So since Stevie said it in the language Nicki speaks she wasn’t in the wrong. She would definitely be out of line speaking about Alicia Keys like that.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Yep, I DEF said it.

  • how is she played out and she sold over 150 million albums???? DO YOUR RESEARCH DUMMY BECAUSE HER PLATINUM STATUS OUT WAY YOUR STUPIDITY.

  • Vikram662

    WOW! Seriously think you’re a music site and don’t know Stevie Kicks/Fleetwood Mac? Seriously?

    Talk about putting your foot in your mouth. Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac are icons, Minaj is just a rapper with plastic body.

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  • Pierre Elliott


  • STFU get all hurt because people talking about Nicki dumb ass. Sound like a bitch.

  • squeezeyaface

    DAMN its 230 in the midwest and I seen this dude ILLSEED say some ILL ISH!!! HICKEY MENDODGE Can’t hold a candle to STEVIE…are you serious….LIL YOUNG ASS PUNK DON’T YOU GOT SICKLE CELL OR SOMETHIN

  • Have some RESPECT! Thats whats wrong with my generation. Stevie Nicks is still getting paid off the Destiny Child sample

  • DrDux

    Stevie Nicks is a musical legend, illseed gotta stop crushing on celebreties and getting overly emotional. Pansey ass nigga.

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  • Slizzard Lizard

    Stevie Nicks….Nicki Minaj…come on man, no contest. A legend verse a someone that thinks there a barbie doll?

  • GottaBeGooz

    Stevie Nicks will always have WAAAY more fans, talent, hit records and artistic integrity than that trashy whore Minaj. AHH you need to stop hating just cuz someone from another genre speaks against the people who pay your advertising.

  • Slaughtr


  • Abrasive Angel

    15 years from now who is really going to say “play some of that classic Nicki and Drake”? That shit is not going to be remembered as hip hop but a trashy phase that went a little too long if remembered at all.

  • johnblacksad


  • johnblacksad

    You ‘DIGRESS’? Who the fcuk is you?

  • johnblacksad

    “I’d molly wop Stevie Nicks if she touched my fantasy girl! LOL!”
    So i leave the site two days and that’s what i come back to? wtf?!! Talmbout molly woopin… n!gga only molly i see is the one you’re on!
    This comes from the heart, you are a b!tch for that article! And i’m only now seeing the other comments

  • D_Ably

    Nickis your fantasy girl? lol you lack a decent imagination

  • what a dumbshit….I am far from a FltMac fan, I dont even dig Stevie Nicks, but she has 40 years of staying power—NickiMinaj is a twat and has about a year left, she has never been relevant culturally, and for the most part she is known for her booty and lil wayne affiliation. Here is a lady with the guts to call out SickiNicki, and youre gonna hate? If I were in the room while you were writing this, I wouldve choked your ass out too…..buster. Fanboys….ya’ll stupid as shit.

  • MarquisCarter

    Allhiphop just necked the shit out of Nicki

  • illseed is very unproffesional for the response on this one and needs to be fired….the correct way to handle all of this is to not respond at all….yes Stevie Nicks said something she shouldnt have said….but so did Nicki Minaj…Nicki hasnt been in the game long enough to disrespect someone of Mariahs caliber…couple of years ago she was an ugly ass dyke hurt behind Remy ma dumping her ass…she better chill and show more respect before she be right back where she started…..again…illseed…unproffesional…fired…watch how you talk to us bitch…we make this site roll…comin’ from Houston Texas….dalethebarber….look me up on facebook….

  • Tony G.

    I’d put my money on Stevie..illseed u need to step ya knowledge game up on this one son

  • Blackstallion777

    Why is Allhiphop taking sides in this story? Thought yall were supposed to be journalist and just report things? Illseed, you really did sound foolish in this article. Compared to Stevie Nicks, Nicki is a child. Haven’t you ever had an old head call you “young buck” even though you a grown a## man? So why are you getting mad for anyway? Besides, you never know what a person would do till they do it. The rock chicks were pretty crazy in their days. Shoot, some still are (Sharon Osbourne).

  • William G. Lucca

    Stevie Nicks >>>>>>>>>>>> Nicki Garbaj

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  • J. Jordan

    Stevie Nicks has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more credibility in music than Nicki Minaj, I just lost a lot of respect for illseed. I get he’s trying to defend hip hop or whatever but let’s call a spade a spade….Nicki is new-school and should respect her elders, Mariah included, simple as that.

  • J. Jordan

    Damn, illseed, read these comments man. The only person you responded to was the one you attacked (whether justified or not). You could have at least responded professionally and avoided the whole “CHECK YOUR NUTS BITCH” comment. All the wild shit Nicki says in and outside of her lyrics, violent stuff included and you really get that tight over Stevie Nicks saying she would choke Nicki Minaj??? Look man, A LOT of people would choke Nicki Minaj given the opportunity lol, you may not have noticed but she is DECLINING in popularity.
    When Young Money fades into the past (which they will, quote me on that, we are watching the next “G-Unit” here, it’s only a matter of time) your rabid defense of Nicki Minaj against a more respected, talented and successful artist will go down as a real error in judgement on your part. You could have simply said Stevie Nicks was out of line for what she said, but you are EVEN MORE out of line for going in on her and acting like she doesn’t command far more respect than Nicki Minaj…Sorry for the paragraph but I really think you have funny/clever insights in your writing sometimes and this was just disappointing…

    • johnblacksad

      G-Unit…? that name rings a bell

    • johnblacksad

      Sorry for the paragraph? You just spat the truth like a lugie bro!
      Saying Stevie Nicks out of line was way sufficient… this ninja had to let his hormones take over n sh!t… smh

  • Damn, Illseed, it seems you love calling things wrong, Very wrong you acting hoe-motional, get off Nicki’s strap on and use the balls I thought God gave to all men, not so sure you got those right now…… Nicki ain’t nothing but a glorified video vixen with a fake ass and on a lady gaga kick. She got no talent and the person you talking reckless about is legend status she don’t need to prove nothing she can by your family off one concert what she got to prove, she been there and done that and don’t need to do shit again, honestly. Nicki ain’t nowhere, she falling off now!!! Barely out the gate in terms of her career, I see you share the same boat and position as her. You had a better run but you falling too, at least you got out the gate though, but this smut right here, is like a child that’s dying at birth. Soon as some air hit that ass, just started dying, all that fake shit isn’t good for the body…….neither is trying to make a living by image alone with no talent to back it up. i don’t even vibe at all with stevie Nicks, I’ll keep it real she not my cup of tea and I don’t feel her at all, but she been in the game for how long? Tell me what has she done? Type of money she makes? Type of venues she sells out? Compare that to what Nicki has done and slap the shit outta yourself nigga.

    • Nikki has talent. Reading up on Stevie Nicks her first album bomb and she got dropped from her label. She kept going and became a legend We quick to judge people. I am 38 being listing to HIP HOP before I knew what it was called. Let folks do them I dont dislike nor like Nikki but I work one Young Money concerts and I saw old white women that came out to see Nikki perform. HIP HOP is an image, do you believe that Ghostface wear all that jewelry when he just chilling at home. She might not have talent you agree with but she has talent. Let the rappers rap and let’s leave the beef alone. Stevie Wonders songs in the Key of Life was never suppose to come out they told Stevie the album was trash, he brought it out anyway and its one of the Greatest albums ever. You should stop being a critic nobody listen to critics. If you google the reviews for Scarface Tony Montana was viewed as one of the worst movies ever made when it first came out and now its a cult classic.

  • For you ILLSEED to get that emotional shows your lack of leadership and the problem within HIPHOP at the same time. Too many sensitive 100 thousand to multi millionaires. You should be above the fray but you went to name calling. If you stop giving us rumors about Beef all the damn time this might not have happen. HIP HOP Enquirer is what yall are slowly becoming.

  • Alf Capone

    wow…………..this niga got a little upset

  • eddieknucks

    By the way, I’m not a nicki fan but have you noticed that mainstream media doesn’t speak on what mariah even said to nicki to set her off. They just focused on the ghetto ass hip hop bitch. Our culture is once again shown as thuggery and coonery.

  • plsDontreply

    Cat Fight…

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  • Heat turn more than meat black. Now all of a sudden, Nicki say she is a “Black rapper” & this is why she’s being “accused”. Please put it back on your lack of class because any other day, we’d be chimpanzees, nappy-headed hoes, Bubbles…

  • heat turn more than meat black. Now all of a sudden Nicki wanna say she is a “Black rapper” and this is why she is being “accused.” Please put it back on your lack of class because any other day, we’d be chimpanzees, nappy-headed h0es, Bubbles..

  • and wow at AHH deleting my comment

  • LOL at these so called hip hop fans riding for an old crakkka woman who probably hates black people behind closed doors. Legend or not she most likely hates BLACKS AND ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH HIP HOP. And this is supposed to be a hip hop site yet most are riding with the old redneck crakkka. Very good people, very good smh

  • Pierre Elliott

    This is why people think BLACK PEOPLE dont have any class…
    Niggi you need to take the Jamaica Ave 1$ Van back to your
    mothers shlt shack. Stevie Nicks is a LEGEND. You are just a JUMP OFF.
    Who is 30 almost, immature and INSECURE and IGNORANT.

  • yourmomsbf

    this rumor dude has no since of music history. stevie nicks is not only successful but one crazy her.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Soooo, you remove your “Illseed Lashes Back” post to keep this bull. DOA

  • I just got happy as shit reading all of these responses.. hell yea