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Hip-Hop Rumors: Video Of Lil Wayne And Stevie J…Doing What?

I don’t know what to make of this mess so it was only right to post Weezy’s “deposition face” to properly articulate. But I will say this, it looks damn crazy! The internets are now saying that Lil Wayne and Stevie J kissed live on stage. Now, the crazy part about that is that Stevie J’s jump off Joseline is actually gay, not the driver of the mack bus.

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So, with that as the backdrop, your favorite site World Star put this out there….Stevie J and Lil Wayne sharing a kiss on stage? I don’t know.


And, I never thought I’d be writing no mess like this when I started doing rumors!

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  • hoeyuno

    World star is wack. Little dwayne is wacker. Does not surprise me at all. Not even worth work time bullshit convo.

  • WTF? I thought Birdman said he is the only one Wayne kisses in the mouth?

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      he cheating on his daddy

      • IG::TheRealStevieBee

        thats hilarious lmbo

      • extremely

  • greeneyedbandit


  • Negro Peligro

    I think dude just whispered in his ear

    • Alf Capone

      sweet nothings?

      • Eli Pinilla


      • disqus_CDlbQiAmGY

        oh shit, this nigga was whisperin sweet nothings……oh shitttt! ahhhhhhaaaaaa

    • That_N

      I was thinking the same thing, but it seems like it was too quick for him to have said anything. After they “spoke” Wayne did the “awww shit wtf did I just do” look down and face wipe

    • Wayne’s ear is on his face now?

  • therealest1

    Uh oh, won’t this make his daddy, Birdman mad and jealous now?

  • if i ever saw one of my homies outside in some green leopard spandex, him kissing a man on the lips wouldnt surprise me either… the niiggaz gay… so what…

  • The pants saggin’ does look like some suspect chin ‘chet!

  • Abrasive Angel

    LMAO, let’s hear the excuses from the YMCMB d*ckriders now.

  • dayleedumped

    so what? he did what many of you guys already was joking about… guess ill call him Lil Gayne

  • brotha_man

    WTF? Negroes these days.

  • Sylvester Daniel

    Its a KISS…nigga wiped his mouth afterward. What nigga wisper in ur ear & u wipe ur mouth…niggaz be makin up excuses. Believe nothin u read & believe everything u see

  • Global_Mission

    No fan of Wayne, but that was an obvious bad angle…LOL. Sh!t look real tho..hahaha

  • Oknas

    Stevie Gay and Lil Gayne

  • Oknas

    So you are telling me someone that was there didnt record a different angle? Bullshit lol

  • Oknas

    Joseline said Steve is a downlow brotha, Joseline looks manly. Stevie is linked to DIDDY, he is also a homo, plus stevie from ATL so…. the proof seems like it’s in the pudding. We all know about lil gayne already.

  • Oknas

    Even the chick there had a reaction subsequently after the kiss, faggots.
    Why y’all that close to each others face in the first place? If I’m in the club and i wanted to say something to dude, i would turn my head away from his face towards his ear before i even get that close, thats invading my heterosexual space lol.

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  • He wiped his mouth. Thats was a kiss

  • EQ

    bad angle..why so many grown men claim or care if lil wayne is gay or not from something that happen a decade ago?…im pretty sure there were plenty of other people recording him on stage with a better angle..

  • KobieDixon

    lol at and I never thought I’d be writing no mess like this when I started doing rumors

  • Problem920

    that is dj stevie J down with cash money not the stevie J from love and hiphop

  • Chris

    Given Lil Wayne’s record of suspect activities, I’m inclined to believe what I see. Plus, the Stevie J leg lift is the same leg lift my wife gives me when she’s goin’ in for a kiss.

  • lol… is that a D and balls tat in the middle of his forehead??? HAHAHA

  • Lost interest in Wayne for a bit now… but this is clearly him just telling him something in his ear because of the loud music

  • Bumpy Johnson

    and i just came from commenting on how hip hop gets worse and worse and no matter how bad it gets it even gets worse..

  • Carlos

    you can tell he is talkin in his ear.

  • So when is Lil Wayne going to make a Frank Ocean Announcement and state the obvious? Just come clean and say what you are and retire, you suck N**ga!!! Your skills are pathetic and we know you blow Baby like a clarnet. I wonder how Baby is taking this, probably saying to himself: “Why is my B**ch kissing another n**ga for”??? Than he bust a juicy kiss too wiping his lips. Stay tuned for further delevopments, As The World Turns Gay- N**ga Addition continues LMAO!!!!!

  • immackulate

    see this is why i stick to my 90’s era rap and R&B —

  • cant believe this i lovd wayne now im just flat out digusted

  • $30941441

    He says ‘No Homo’ so often I always knew he was closeted gay. No actual straight man thinks about gay stuff that much to even need to say it.

  • AD210