50 Cent (AHH)

ABSOLUTE REASON: Leave 50 Cent Alone…

Rappers, listen up. If your music isn’t up to snuff, if your marketing plan doesn’t have one, and if you’re regretting that $30,000 receipt from the last time you ‘lived it up,’ I ask of you:

Leave 50 Cent alone!

In a previous installment of ‘Absolute Reason’, I referred to 50 Cent as “Unicron.” Transformers fans know Unicron as the destroyer of planets. Unicron would manipulate his minions by giving them power, only to control that power. In the entertainment industry, 50 Cent is the destroyer of brands. If you’re somehow linked to 50, your career is now measured: Before and After 50.

We immediately tag 50’s path of destruction to brands like Ja Rule, Fat Joe, The Game, and Rick Ross. It’s almost impossible to dive into a debate about any of the artists named, and not bring up their confrontations with him. Rick Ross survived. But even his career to this date is before and after 50. Ross is currently on an unbelievable streak of hit records and commendable mixtape releases. His sales are strong for today’s environment. However, he could very well be selling 40% more albums without his credibility being brought to question.

What about Ciara? The past few years have seen Ciara in the position of touch and go. None of her music is sticking. And it’s not as if she was replaced by a younger, prettier, more talented brand. She, as well as Vivica Fox, were caught in the web of Unicron. The reason is because 50 Cent has ultimate control over his brand. When you’re linked to him, you’re playing on his turf. Even Oprah Winfrey had an interesting time trying to humble 50 on her show.

So, now that we’re watching French Montana indirectly step up to 50 Cent’s field of vision, I feel there are a few things that French and other rappers should know before even trying their weight at the destroyer:

  1. 50 Cent no longer worries about making “Rap money.” 50 is a proven investor. 50 has his own cologne (named Power). 50 has a best-selling book (The 50th Law). Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’d love to get some World Tour money. He just doesn’t appear worried.  So if you’re primary drive is gaining attention to ultimately make “Rap money”, leave 50 Cent alone. He’ll tell you that he’s spending more money keeping lawyers on retainer than you’ll make in the next 10 years. Your fans don’t deserve that.
  2. 50 Cent’s smack talk level is on par with The Rock. If you’re capable of outdoing 50 Cent, jab for jab, you wouldn’t need him. And if you’re going to battle the man on Twitter, have a ghost-tweeter nearby. The last thing anybody needs is 50 having time to think about his next jab.
  3. Don’t say, “50 Cent.” I don’t care if you’re at the market and the cashier shorted you two quarters. Don’t say it. 50 hasn’t dropped an album since 2009, but his social scope is still on Jay-Z and Diddy’s level. He knows the media is still interested in what he has to say. Since this is the only time we hear from him nowadays (I meant that in a positive way, 50 *hides behind a tree*)

May my absolute reasoning find you in good spirits…

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  • water_ur_seeds

    lol this is a good and true artical, he can still go and a tour and sell it out in australia, england, asia when ever he wants….

  • word true story!

  • young blue

    man oh man…yall got this nigga nuts so deep in yall throat..

    • PhilW

      finally somebody with some sense on this site.

  • Destroyed Game and Ross?! Nigga is you high?? Ja maybe, even though he had all of AfterMath helping him..

    • Lyve Wire

      ja lyrically ate aftermath and g-unit… but unfortunately, 50s stans will neve admit it. 50 had to align him self with big dogs, just like his stans accuse ross of doing….

      • I agree…though Ja’s career never recovered…50 got great hustle so I cant knock that but this fool who wrote the article is dick riding instead of bein factual fo sho

      • Bumpy Johnson

        50 had songs that hypnotized peopled man…get rich or die trying is a hip hop classic.

    • Blackstallion777

      I think Ja’s career got screwed by the federal investigation of Gotti and Murder Inc. Them boys were facing some deep federal time if those lawyers dropped the ball and the label as a whole just never recovered

    • TheBigCheeFa

      you on point.50 cent didnt destroy Game and Ross.they still selling records and doing big shit.Ja rule and Buck just gave up.if they wouldve stuck to their guns and still made music they would still be around

      • Because 5-0 aka 50 did young buck dirty and he will get what he deserve one day, I Hope ross signs buck to MMG and bury this clown for good.

    • JaffarR

      50 might not have “destroyed” Game, but like the writer said, look at Game’s career “before & after” 50. When he was rocking with G-Unit, he dropped a near classic cd, selling 5 million albums, while having 2 songs in the Hot 100 Top 5. (Both featuring 50 Cent).

      His next album was pretty dope but was after he parted ways with G-unit. He couldn’t even crack a Top 40 hit, and didn’t even go platinum whereas record sales were still pretty high in 2006 and 50 was still selling millions.
      LAX came in ’08 and sold decent first week, but couldn’t even crack GOLD.
      And last and also the least, R.E.D. Album that came after many push backs and flopped singles, sold 90 something thousand, and to this day, under 300K in the U.S. No hit single, and honestly, his lyrical ability to me took a significant hit. (Coming from a Game fan).
      And now he’s preparing for “Jesus Piece” with a lead single that features all of the “popular” artists of today, but is still failing to garner any buzz.

      Also, keep in mind that Game has called out to Fif many times in the recent past to re-associate with him. He has publicly apologized to G-Unit and said that he would do much better with them than without them.
      So honestly, 50 still had a big impact on Game’s life. Both positively and negatively.

      • Lyve Wire

        Street King Immortal is the upcoming fifth studio album by American rapper 50 Cent, set to be released on November 13, 2012 through Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records. In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent stated that the album will be a “star studded” project, featuring Shady Records founder Eminem along with Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown, Dr. Dre, Lloyd Banks, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy and among others.[2][3]
        looks like 50 is going with the “star studded” project too.

      • JaffarR

        Out of my entire post, that’s all you got from it? Wow.

        Still though, look at the projects of both artists. Game has features on nearly EVERY TRACK of his albums. All of ’em. Like he needs another artist to hold his hand while making the track and help him making it a hit. How many solo Game joints have you heard that were big? (That came after Documentary) (besides One Blood). Hell, even hisMIXTAPES are full with features from “hot” artists so that he can have some buzz. 50’s last project, Before I Self Destruct had no features on it besides Neyo on the single and Eminem. And all his free projects have been solo works, or him promoting his label artists rather than trying to make a big record full of features. At this point in his veteran career, 50 fans WANT him to collaborate with other artists besides from the Shady/G-Unit family. And I would love to hear how he would do on tracks with people like Jeezy, T.I., Busta, even Adam Levigne.

      • NEWSKULL

        He wasn’t solo for One Blood… So really Game can not do shit by himself… But he is a professional shit talker like 50… even more than 50, Still LMFAO when I hear Dude diss tracks talking about Young Buck Fork a nigga … aaahhhahhhh… Now Dude is getting married on VH1… at the end of the day 50 won the WAR

  • Joseph Thomas

    50 wrote this didnt he…….i cant see anyone riding this mans jock soooo hard…unless you are tony yayo

    • Lyve Wire


  • nothinlessdenSour


    • Mark Olford


  • TonyMon

    LOL! the guy that wrote this sounded like a bitch.

    • Sosa_Limone

      WORD FAM… i was thinkint eh same thing… he riding 50’s dick pretty hard

  • TonyMon

    Its still GGGGGGGG G-Unit!

    • young blue

      u probably rockin them soft ass g-unit sneakers right now huh?

      • TonyMon

        Actually im not a fan of the G-unit brand anymore…i’m more of a fan of 50 because of what he has achieved as a business man.

      • PorchBoySlim

        and you prolly rockin reebok classics kuz ross wear em huh?

  • game213

    Rappers got to understand, 50 aint selling no more records, so he back on that bullshit lol


  • Gutz40

    That dude aint nothing but the devil’s puppet. What person would want to be known as the one that destroy people other than Satin himself.

  • Blackstallion777

    I got to admit, 50 Cent should be avoided if you don’t want to be sitting around collecting dust on his label or if you do not have the energy for his style of beef. 50 doesn’t just diss you on record, he does a lot of extra stuff that I know I would not have patience for if I was a rapper lol

  • andone

    as soon as i read unicorn i lmao… this some ferry type “how to have an edge over 50 for dummies” book ish… seriously “If you’re somehow linked to 50, your career is now measured: Before and After 50”

    look @ banks b4 young cat wit nobody checkin 4 him and now 9 mill $$$ later respect as a mc regardless of #’s

    yayo b4 neighborhood thug wit not much to show 4 and now 9mill $$$ still down for the cause and happy as can be

    buck b4 gettin in fights on tour then gettin abandoned on tour(lol) to gettin pick up by 50 and bcomin rich famous and now 9mill later broke in jail and very lil chance of ever boucin back due to his disloyalty

    game had a buzz got cosigned and still was bout to get dropped till 50 picked him up, to breaking through and achieving critical acclaim fame and riches, and after not goin gold wit albums full of big name ft while having an assortment of other issues that continues to hold him back…

    im speakin on the ppl he helped… this post is as negative as they come tho how typical!!

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    soooo we going to act like 50 didnt rip ja song off of him (can’t keep good man down) ja had that ish on blood in my eye. he didn’t want it joe crack, game still doing it, he just can’t sell without drama. D block jada and SP going in and out on 50!!!

  • Nevie Thriving Paka

    whoever wrote this is right leave 50 alone!!!!!!!!

  • JaffarR

    I sort of agree with this blog. The only thing I don’t agree with is that although 50 is still a well-known public figure, he just doesn’t have the same “50 Cent” buzz anymore. Look at Jay-Z and Eminem. So far into their career, and they are still selling platinum records. They are still making hit singles. But 50 isn’t. Sure, his “New Day” song had hit written all over it, but it failed to do well on the charts due to his irrelevancy in the market these days. And personally, as a fan of his music till today, I don’t think it’s possible for 50 Cent to get his buzz back. I don’t even think he will have another big billboard hit.
    He’ll still destroy your career if he WANTS to. He could have easily done that with Rick Ross. He was just too caught up in his business ventures, that he never focused or cared about Ross and his disses whereas Ross was making a name for himself calling out the hiphop bad guy. Now look where he’s at,and look at 50.
    Oh well, I’ll still support some of 50’s music, as long as he doesn’t drop another “Curtis”.

    • Sosa_Limone

      like jada kiss said “you aint get shot again, so whats your next album about?”…. GRODT was dope… but his albums after that were garbage… he had some good singles, but his records were trash… they only sold off the buzz of his first album and the mystique of him being shot 9x

      • Giovanna Argueta

        you stupid. massacre was dope, and so was curtis and so was BISD..t.o.s. wwas hot..my bad you dont like fiddy.

    • Not this time, I Hope he’s finally dead.

  • Nevie Thriving Paka

    see what happen to Cam from dipset after going to war with fif he was never the same!!!!!!!!!

    • nothinlessdenSour

      50 was never the same after dblock beef

      • Antoine Hart

        50 is on the forbes list..

      • nothinlessdenSour

        what are talkin music or money cuase i thought it was music…..everybody know 50 rich as hell be in general niggas aint look at him da same..well shit where im from anyway

      • Tony G.

        as u can see..this article aint about the music…its about the brand

      • Mskhill

        D block didn’t go in on fif… what are you talking about.. It was a couple tracks made at fif but it wasn’t nothing that made you press rewind like Em diss tracks..50 content stays the same.. i think his production could be a lil better but the lyrics are there..He chasing big money not rap money.. He isn’t worried about making hit records now.. that simple

      • nothinlessdenSour


      • dre8791

        D Block did destroy that nigga!

      • Lyrically, yeah. But destroy means out of business and ain’t nobody came close to doing that.

      • Mskhill

        jesus christ…can you regurgitate some of the rhymes you people swear killed 50? please I don’t get it… Please give me a couple of bars where D block made you be like..Damn that was some hard shit i never heard before.. Killing someone is undeniable fact with dope lyrics.. the way Em does to people on diss tracks.

      • Martin Dinardo

        aye you serious ?! how many D block albums out there ?! still looking?! the lox dont deliver how can they destroy 50cent lol they released solo shit every 5 years and half of the album is trash

    • Cam’s mom had 2 strokes back 2 back, that’s why he went missing. Know some facts before you speak please!

      • Mskhill

        blame it on what you want…Cam is still missing after she got better..so stop making excuses.. Don’t get extra sensitive. Cam is done period.. He actually needs rap money.. He getting that trap money too but that will catch up at some point.. People in Ohio talk..

  • Eli Pinilla

    u def wrote this in a nut hugging kinda way, but i do agree with what u sayin though. The point about ross sellin more records if he didnt battle 50 is a legit argument. Alot of people just cant get down with that fraud shit. it sounds good, but i aint gone get behind it. Ross gets the push like hes one of the biggest but does wale and j cole numbers.

  • zack

    Eminem destroyed ja rule way more than 50 did, let’s be honest without Em 50 prolly would have lost

  • Southcidal

    This writer must be 50 Cent’s nephew. If not you doing a mighty lot of dyckriding of an artist that hasn’t put out material of any significance in about 5 years. And just how is he destroying the Maybach brand? Fighting Gunplay 8 on 1? That made him look lame if anything.
    Sorry Will Deshair dog, I’m not falling for the banana in the tail pipe with 50 again. He does all types of shiit to take emphasis off of the music and writers like you fall for it. Even with being accompanied by two superstars (Alicia Keys and Dr Dre) that “New Day” song is very weak in my opinion. And if he’s so deadly, why didn’t he ruin that ole white biitch’s career (Chelsea lately)?

  • Chris

    I kind of agree, but I just can’t get past the dick-riding tone of this article, though.

    • Giovanna Argueta

      how is dick riding,



    • NeutralHVAC

      Ricky Is The Biggest Fraud. Him and Waynes Success Show The Rap Games Flaws. If You Look At The Exchanges Between Ross and 50, 50 Was More Creative AND Better Raps. Ricky Was Garbage During That Feud. His Rep Should Have Fallen Off When He Was Exposed AND LIED. How He Stayed Afloat I Do Not Know But REAL Hip Hop Heads Are The 40% Not Supporting That Shit!!!

    • nigga you said gold 50 has sold MILLIONS…remember that. GRODT came out in 03 ten yrs later you niggas are still talking about fif..will the same be said about French or meek millz..nevermind ill let you short sighted live for the moment niggas think about that

      • DLOUPO


      • NEWSKULL

        U.S. maybe not but Worldwide he def Will

    • If Def Jam and Interscope didn’t tel 50 to get off that boy he wouldn’t exist right now.

    • #Truth Member when his nickname use to be Soundscan killer? hahaha it kills me the one person that cared the most about sales when he was popping is the same person that no longer cares when he’s not! I just find that sooooo funny!

  • JimJames29

    You can call it nuthuggin or w/e, but everything in this piece is pretty much true. 50 brings the most entertainment to hiphop aside from the actual music. Destroying Ja, clowning Ross harder than any rapper has ever been clowned. Beating people up in Africa to get his chain back. Bowling with gunplay’s chain. Dissing every rapper in his hometown in a single song. Dissing the whole industry in another. Prankcalling Shyne. Recording Buck crying over the phone. Taking everything Buck owns. And the best part is: as you’re reading this, you’re realizing I could go on for hours.

    • JimJames29

      Pimpin’ curly with Ross’ baby mother. Taking pictures with his kids (I would write ‘his kids’ in italics if I could).

    • they dont hear you though fam


      • Bumpy Johnson

        50s albums sold like X20 what rick ross has.. i know i might be stretching but its not a huge stretch.

    • beating ur mother ass in africa shit the police n bodyguard did it 4 him

    • Bumpy Johnson

      CALLED T.I out too no body remembers TI prolly pays them to keep it on the low.

    • But Big Pun, Nas, Jadakiss and others destroyed him, because they have something that this piece of shit will never have and that is making music, talent, substance and honesty, 5-0 maybe a good businessman and a hustler, but he has no real talent, all image, i’m glad that he’s getting his own karma very soon.

      • Oh, he has talent. He’s not the best out there but he better than most, plus he really did or is doing what’s in his rhymes.

    • TonyMon

      It would have been boring without 50.

  • Take note…this article has MORE COMMENTS and MORE REACTIONS than any “rumor” on this site. Whether you cats want to admit it or not, 50 is still relevant without an album

    • Jay Warren

      real talk!!!! His name pops up on all the hip hop sites daily and he doesn’t have an album…. I mean shit he has his own social media site that’s been running since 2008. These other niggas need rap to be relevant… Fif doesn’t!!!! Shit Diddy hasn’t had any successful artists in god knows how long…. But he’s still around too. Fact is rappers fall off, just like NFL NBA & MLB stars do. “Fans” jump from one winner to the next. Then talk shit on the old rapper/player like they never loved them. 50 is really RICH FOREVER…. In 5 years we’ll be hearing how Ross Game French etc are bankrupt from poppin bottles buyin cars and homes they couldn’t keep up with. Having 11 baby mamas and “KEEPIN IT REAL WITH MY NIGGAS” Lol

      • NEWSKULL

        Naw in 5 years Rick Ross will have a 100 Wing Stop Restaurant and 10 More heart seizure *rick ross ad libs* HUH!

    • Mark Olford

      Yes sir…that was the point I was gonna raise….hella comments about this dude but yet some people on this post saying he’s done….hell look at the threads people…

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  • like i said before, 50 the last real one to make it to the mainstream..thats why he has no problem bullying these pussies runnin around actin like gangsters

  • zakkee

    50 did not kill Cam…please stop it (thought that comment was safe or irrefutable). Niggaz hate that they love Cam. Its something about him that corny niggaz just…can’t…stand…and it aint his raps as they claim.

    • Peter Morris

      Who love cam? Bipidy boopedy Hoopedy scopeddy. GTFOH.

    • Mark Olford

      It is his raps home boy….when that fool was on the children of the corn shit back in the day with Mase and Big L and those others….I thought Cam was tight but the more he rapped the worst he sounded….I remember reading an article on this sight 10 years ago regarding production team…..Cam lost it when they put that Dipset crap together….to me he was the worst rapper with them none rhyming, not really making since lyrics but then came Gucci and Wacky…..fuck it I’m stuck in the 90s….and yeah you boy fif bodied Cam homeboy….

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    People say as long as Ross put out good music he wins? He’s not selling like a major artist should sell. Ross may be winning the music battle but 50 is clearly winning the war.

    When the music stops, Ross will be looked at like a joke because we all know he don’t live that life.

  • Let’s be honest, Ja Rule killed his own career, he was getting booed on 106 before the 50 beef even popped off..50 just put the nail in the coffin which everyone commended him for because they were tired of Ja…he didn’t “kill” anyone else..he was just the beneficiary of excellent timing because Ja Rule sung too much!

  • alhaji tj

    man fif on these rappers is like what america did to Iraq,cant forget cassidy’s fallen down after 50…..

  • Jay Warren

    It’s funny to hear niggas talk about dick riding 50…. Then in the same breath jump on another nigga dick SMH!!!!

    • Giovanna Argueta


  • This article is about 35% right. Truth be told 50 only got one body on his belt and that’s Ja. Fat Joe was NEVER really popping, just an artist with good singles. He lost to D block Kanye and The Game. He exposed Rick Ross for being a C.O, but Ross last two albums sold more than 50’s last effort. Why is it soon as 50 STOP selling, he don’t care about sales any more? Wasn’t he the guy that went on the radio and read Murder Inc’s numbers, Triple C’s number? How do one go from selling 10 million records, but only sell 160k his first week and it takes him 11 months just to reach gold? Are you serious?



    • Peter Morris

      Go measure your dick by album sales and see how far that gets you. Wayne kisses dudes on the mouth while wearing bitches leggings. Maybe that’s the shit you’re into because he sells a lot of records.

      • 50 cent is trash Wayne is gay and your suspect for the comment you just posted you love guys and measure dudes junk with your mouth

      • Peter Morris

        You keep talkin about Curtis’ and other dudes shit. Frank Ocean try to hold it together.

      • It’s looks like you have an ODD FUTURE ahead of you, you are a troll who brought up the whole homo aspect. You are definitely gay, there is no way you would make all these references if your weren’t A FAG

  • Giovanna Argueta

    ”Sk, i got nothing but energy”


    See that’s what I was thinking… And I wrote something about it couple of hours ago …
    LEAVE 50 CENT ALONE INDEED…50 CENT is one Hell of Genius Man and the best thing that happened to INTERSCOPE and the Music Industry … I have been connecting some dots lately and If people want to get rid of 50 just leave him all by himself…

    UMG Universal Music Group owns Interscope (Home of French Montana), Def Jam (Home of Rick Ross), Universal Republic Records (Home of Cash Money), even E1 aka Koch records and more Labels… Now when I think about it all the beef 50 been doing left and right for years is only benefiting UMG at the end of the day…

    Ja Rule VS 50 Cent — 50 Cent won, UMG Won
    50 Cent VS Kanye— Kanye Won, UMG Won
    50 Cent VS Rick Ross—- Rick Ross survived, UMG Won
    50 Cent VS (Fill The Dot)—- UMG Won

    See the pattern 50 is the Bread WINNER for UMG… It does not matter for UMG who won the battle “talent” wise but they can clearly see that the 50 Cent Brand is strong enough to make other artist generate more interest thus increase their album sales, youtube vevo views and more …

    So when people choose to beef with 50 Cent, it can be a gift and a curse… Yes you will have plenty of buzz and press but your performance will be compare before and after 50 Cent FOREVER… Now If You are capable to keep the same level of interest without a 50 Cent beef then you are a sure thing to invest in … that’s why people are saying RICK ROSS won…

    Now Imagine 50 Cent Alone no beef no drama no nothing even in his own camp, even if he is the one who want the beef but still no response… yep the music gotta do the talking and that’s the only way we are gonna see 50 Cent coming back … he was getting there man but now he is going to his old ways cauz most of 50 Cent fans don’t want 50 to talk about “a new day” they only want beef… that’s sad for a fan like me… But I guess the timing is right since people are starting to get tired of the same ol Lil Wayne feat Drake feat Rick Ross feat CIROC shit…

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  • ulostatlife

    Dumbest article ever..He isn’t relevant except to his stans.His music is garbage and he has done more to destroy hip hop than anyone and his sheep only salivate when he is generating some fake beef with an artist that is buzzing.Spare me the talk about his money.No one disputes his business acumen but as an artist he is a one trick pony.I’m glad his era is over and real artist like Nas,Jay D-Block, etc show that only talent prevails in the end.He may have all the money in the world but no artist gives a flying f*ck about him unless he’s signing a check to them.Good riddance to his music..


      Relevant: bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand …When you think HipHop you think Pac, BIG, Nas, Jay, and weither you like it or not 50 CENT…

      • Nah, I don’t think 50 cent at all. He isn’t on that level

  • Swagless Monkey!!

  • What would Hip Hop be without 50 Cent? It would be empty. Just a bunch of niggas suckin each other off. I’m the type to root for bad guys in movies so I love 50.

    • TonyMon

      It would have been to boring. Everybody getting along. They need to make a new beef dvd, with Gucci mane vs Jeezy and G unit vs MMG, Jeezy vs Ross and etc…

    • Who te f@#% is this dude i buy a burger more expensive than this dude. He ain”t even worth rappin with kids like Hopsin. Whats hiphop becoming? no more shit like ehis to listen to please!!

  • syreeta marshall

    Ya’ll are some dick riding mofo. Get a life. And as far as his brand 50 is not up there with Diddy. Do your RESEARCH on that? I don’t go on what these writers on here say becasue they dick ride too. Diddy’s brand is top. And I don’t care for him but when you talk brands and money Diddy is the top. His brand started from music but other things made him money. I don’t like a dude that needs beefs to sell records. I know one of you fif lovers are going to say different but it’s true. He beefs everytime he’s going to put out a album. Secondly mofo act like record sells are they end all be all because if so Justin Beiber Kills EVERYONE IN THE RAP GAME PERIOD!!!!! Niggas are coming at fif cause that was a b@#$ move he did at the awards. You wait while is squad is occupied to came at him. Then it was like 5 niggas on gunplay but he walks away then comes back at ya’ll and the cops are there. I’m not dumb or a follower I got brains.

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  • He’s an attention whore. From 10 million to barley gold. The rise and fall of curtis jackson

    • Darkfather504

      You really think 50 is worried about selling music?

  • William Rake

    I’m pretty sure The Game killed 50’s rap career. He needs to stick to investing now. lol

  • Ya’ll bitches keep talking the same shit over and over about 50. Fact is, sales or no sales, he’s a goon. A real life goon, born that way, will die that way. If you’re from the street, you respect his hustle, period. If you’re from the street, you disrespect Rick Ross fake ass, Lil Wayne’s confused ass, French Montana’s bitch-like tendencies, Gunplay’s drug habit and verbal diarrea, Ja Rule’s wannabe nature, and young buck’s crying like a bitch. Only rappers I feel held their own with fif on a street level is Fat Joe and The Game. If you’re rich as hell and still doing old fashioned New York Beatdowns at award shows, that’s gangster!

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  • a b

    Get off the man’s d*ck, it’s disgusting.

  • joneslife4

    50 isn’t the end all of all rappers though. He tried to jump in the tank with Jay-Z and Kanye at one point and was unable to leave a mark. He even threatened to stop rapping if Graduation outsold his album…which it did…so he took an L there. Aside from that everything else said is pretty much on the mark. Although Rick Ross has never been more successful in his career than he is now.

  • Wall Street Hip Hop Com strikes again….

  • TonyMon

    50 cent destroyed Rick Ross..imagine your enemy in your children’s house, holding your children and buying your children stuff..Forget about his baby momma, she not his blood, but his CHILDREN! DAMN! I wouldn’t wish that on my enemy that’s cold and 50 did an interview back in 2009 when he was beefing with Ross and he was saying Ross son has hearing problem and he is going deaf and he doesn’t have health insurance. Who cares if Ross made better music, 50 infiltrated his family, that’s what you call Deeper Than Rap.

    • Darkfather504

      That is true, 50 took it to a whole-other level when he got close to the kids I’m in full support of your statement!!!

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