Last Dragon/Rappin' Star Leo O'Brien Dead At Age 41

(AllHipHop News) Actor Leo O’Brien, who starred in the hit movie “The Last Dragon,” died in New York City yesterday (October 10).

TMZ.com reports that an autopsy is currently under way to determine the cause of O’Brien’s death.

The actor, 44, played the character “Richie Green” in the movie “The Last Dragon” and he also had roles in other Hip-Hop inspired movies.

O’Brien played the character “Allan” in the 1985 cult-classic “Rappin’,” which starred Mario Van Peebles and Eriq La Salle as warring rappers in a country town.

Mario Van Peebles also cast O’Brien in a bit role in 1991’s hit movie “New Jack City.”

Last year, Leo O’Brien was shot two times in Harlem. Police arrested a suspect and charged the man with attempted murder.

  • wood black

    Damn. Even at 41, you can’t feel like the threat is behind you. That line about making it to 20-something is a myth. RIP, Leo O’Brien.

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    Damn Leroy! Why couldnt you give your little brother the Glow. Sho’nuff done got hiim. LEROY, where was you at!

    • heavyboy

      that was wack nigga***

  • Abrasive Angel


  • 4BlkLuv

    He was the brother of Master G of the Sugarhill Gang. RIP!

  • YungKizz

    no no no this cant be happen’n

  • Imamu Hunter

    R.I.P man this guy inspired me back in the day. Everybody wanted to be like him. He had SWAG before swag was invented. I hope he knew he inspired a whole generation.

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  • heavyboy

    The title says he was 41….. then the article says he was 44… can’t be both***

  • brotha_man

    for some reason i thought this was the same dude in Boyz in the Hood. the one that shot Ricky…Damn

    • trixnkix637

      Unfortunately that actor was murdered in prison too.. Lost too many talented cats to this street life.

      • brotha_man

        word! thats crazy. cant stay employed because even black directors and writers hire the same cats to do movies (i.e. Tyler Perry)

  • brotha_man

    RIP. another brotha lost to some foolishness

  • Damn….and I just saw a t-shirt from inkflothreads with sho-nuff on it..R.I.P.
    I hope Taimak is ok. That movie is one of the best in black films hands down.
    “Who’s the Master!!!!!!”