Wing Man Winning: Rick Ross Adds Another Wing Stop to the Chain [Video Pt.1]

(AllHipHop News) Everyone from Maybach Music Group fans to supporters and artists showed up in support of Rick Ross’s first day as boss at Wing Stop in Cutler Bay, Florida, where the popular selection among the crowd was the Lemon Pepper wings.

At the grand opening, Ross spoke with about his decision to enter the business and bet on yet another Wing Stop.

“You know, really, just being a fan of the wings, first… It really was a great business move, every month, getting those places and counts in. I kind of look at it how Magic Johnson looked at Starbucks. I’m going to go ahead and grind up to 100 of them, just on some real G sh*t,” Ross explained. “It was a good move, [a] great business move. It’s something that’s real laid back. We got a great support team – shouts out to Wing Stop.”

Watch Part 1 of’s exclusive interview with Rick Ross:

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  • EzE

    smart move…. he really trying to stay rich forever…….he could of used that money for another maybach or b.s. chains………..rappers take notes and fawkin invest

    • Dre Madison

      there are no more maybach brah do some research

  • Its funny how everyone seem to not like Rick Ross for some reason…But he is making money the old fashion way, rapping, and investing while building his empire…This is the same formula that other great start-up rappers did, Diddy, Jay-z and even 50 Cent…So it’s safe to say in a broken economy Ross has what it takes to be successful no matter how many haters he has…..While so many other rappers are failing at it, Ross is winning.

  • Sylvester Daniel

    WHY DOES HIS HAT SAY “EAT”….lmmao!! #GreedyBastard

    • Sylvester Daniel

      CORRECTION: Hat says “i EAT”

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Adds another wing stop to his stomach! Yeah, It’s funny how no one likes the Highly obese Jewish correctional officer who can’t seem to figure out who he wants to be…. Ask the man who he stole his name from, Freeway Ricky, hell let you know the biz.

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  • Synista

    ” I know colonel sanders/the REAL COLONEL SANDERS/matter of fact he owe my a couple flavors”

    Regardless of how much money this big Grimace ass looking ninja makes i still have zero respect for him because he is a fake ass lying bitch just like CLIT Romney,I cant respect fake ninjas,especially ones with identity crisis.

  • johnblacksad


  • TY

    I figured he’d eat all his profits before they cook it lol