Epic Win Of The Day: Will Smith Did What? And Jay-Z Who? At Meek Mill's Huh?

I’m a couple days off the mark on this one one. Meek Mill had a listening session the other day to let people hear his new album, Dreams and Nightmares. Well, I heard it was good and I heard it was well attended. In fact, I saw that is was via my stalker methods on instagram. Anyway, but here is what I heard. I heard that Jay-Z and Will Smith came out to the event (along with another big dog that I cannot remember), but a curious thing happened. I heard Meek got to his own party very late. I heard Will and Jay departed very early, before things even got started. I’m not sure what caused them to leave so, but I heard it was the apparent tardiness.

Here are the pics:

FLICKS: Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” Listening Session for New York Glitterati

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  • foolish

    google ringleader shon

  • Antoine Hart

    if jay-z and will smith at your party and YOUR late? you f**k up big time smh…

    • I agree.

      • Lyve Wire

        no man should be put on a pedastal. and we wonder why ‘celebrities’ act the way they act. its a chain reaction.
        you should be on time regardless.

    • nothinlessdenSour


  • Young rappers think that they are on the same level as seasoned vets…..Meek need to take a lesson in Business 101.

    • hak

      how you figure he think he on the same level as them just cause he came late? you sound crazy

    • hak

      and on top of that this story is false.. if you look on meek instagram you can see jay will nd meek in pics together at the listening party.. its just a story

      • Rick D.

        unfuckinreal…. `GTFOH ALLHH

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Yeah If Jay and Will beat you there, that’s a fail. “They were here, for real?” – Meek Mill

    • johnblacksad


      • word! “i thought they were joking about coming over here!”

  • GregSki86

    I fucks w/ Meek but you was late when Jay and Will attended ya shit…..damn nigga, you fuckin up for real…I see Ross got that snake skinned shirt on #fail, shit ain’t #bawse

  • King Cold

    Smmfh. Meek get ya shit togetha

  • plsDontreply

    -50 Cent, was also there with his MMG chain swang’n in full support of the youngin but chose to leave early because of tardiness…

    • BoldSpice


  • AK

    what rapper isnt late im suprised jay-z and will smith were that early like damn nothing to do?

  • Fukurpost

    Man meek was there and jay and will was there at da same damn time….. No story he took pictures with both of them see how people be making up shit smh ahh falling off

  • did he drop a single for the album, or is he running on them songs that been out for like 5 months….i been saying these niggz are f’ing up this dudes promotion. His debut shoulda been out. but what do i know, we just gotta wait and see

  • BoldSpice

    Who cares if they left? Ain’t like they was there to buy a copy any way.

  • SirEsquire510

    That picture….exactly what Meek did when he was told they were here and left…”Damn…for real..”

  • water_ur_seeds

    im always 10mins early where ever i go… never late

  • ant662

    i hate when ppl start to garner a little fame then they feel like they can do bullshit like being tardy. the fact is ppl will quit fuckin with you because if you dont care to show up in time to your own listening party then why should any when else care. ppl take you more seriously when your punctual

  • WillVetterGoodin

    How you show up to your own thing late?

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