50 Cent and French Montana

Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Tries To Visit French Montana At Interscope!


After he helped trounce Gunplay a bit at the BET Rap Awards, it looks like 50 is feeling extra rowdy like Roddy! Apparently, 50 Cent went to Interscope looking to see French Montana face-to-face as he previously tweeted. On Twitter, he said:

“I herd there was a @frenchmontana listening party at Interscope so I’m here.”

“(Ghost town) now the meetings canceled cool I’ll catch up with him tomorrow.”

“Im disappointed Man I want to hear the music ?”

Now, we all know 50 wasn’t there to hear any music. He probably had 50 goons there to handle some hand-to-hand business. Or not. Nevertheless, the listening session was cancelled and the good people at the label didn’t let anybody hear it.

French Montana is getting good with this response though. I have to give it to him, because this is how 50 really beat Ja Rule…with humor.

“Dont come wit da funny tank top on lol RT @50cent: I herd there was a @frenchmontana listening party at Interscope so I’m here.”

Funnnnnnny! Keep the entertainment coming fellas.

Who remembers this? Aw man, 50 killed Ja with this. Too funny!

How 50 dead his beef with Fat Joe, get props for it and start up two more!?!

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  • 50 needs to stop trying to act like he is Tupac….Because that’s exactly how Tupac lived and how he got killed. Point is stop trying to address everything in Hip-Hop, you don’t run shit.

    • Another French Stan smh

      • TonyMon

        Too many of them out there

      • Lyve Wire

        more 50 stans

      • Chris

        The same can be said for you 50 dickriders, too. Just sayin’.

      • johnblacksad

        i doubt French has stans… he still nobody… Fifty on the other hand…

      • NoGoBoi

        why niggaz a french stan because they gettin tired of hearing 50 mouf? shiddd, i’m not a huge fan of french, but hell if 50 don’t seem like a lame for all that extra sh!t he doin. u sound like a 50 stan for co-signing any and everything that dumb nigga do clown

      • 1bboss

        And your another 50 stan whats your point?

      • Peter Morris

        Nah Dior is just a 50 hater.

    • hoeyuno

      Agreed. And this isn’t 2003 when he had a loyal crew that would go to war for him. Fifs losing the attention of the people and can’t stand it.

    • scullyson

      Acting like tupac ? smmfh….I dont know how you came up with that one…

    • Reese

      nigga fif is a real nigga thats problem with gay azz bubble gum rapper talken shit

      • Guest

        50 is real and you his personal cheerleader. From BK where, how you gonna co-sign a dry snitch you must of grew up in this new era. Like Jay Z said its like New Yorks been soft since snoop came thru and crushed the buildings. I respect the shooter not the vic. You want to be entertained go watch WWE all this rap shit is fake and thats why the game is dead. Too many people worried about fake beef and not the music

      • Peter Morris

        You respect the shooter not the vic.. where does that put you with French?

      • Guest

        I got mad respect for Frenchy he ain’t on that bullshit so far he ain’t even diss 50 in the interview I saw. The problem with 50 is he acts like a bitch gossips allday puts everybody business in the streets reminds me of a grown HONEY BOO BOO. Listen to his interviews while he uses big words he is always dropping some bullshit info about somebody else just like scorned women that calls ya phone allday made that you smashed and bounced. Most of the young kids these days respect 50 cause they act like women too in tight jeans and leggings. I grew in a 1 parent household but BK made me not the household. These new era dudes sat up under they mom so long they can’t tell the difference between a Real N*gga and a Bitch N*gga Bitch nigga take on female tendencies, kiss and tell do anything for attention like black chics with green contacts and blonde hair. Thats 50 a bitch nigga he started out good but as the race continues he looking bad out there.

      • Peter Morris

        I respect your opinion. I look at it different. Sometimes people feel a little too comfortable saying his name. Especially when what you’re saying can be taken the wrong way. If you we’re talking about Game.. then I get it. He acts emotional. Talking love and peace treaty one day and war the next. His feelings are out there constantly. 50 is a marketing genius. He has to protect his brand. The one message he kept is that his brand is real. He can’t allow cornballs like French shit on the brand. Many hate this dude and many love what he represents but regardless he’s talked about constantly. The articles that mention Fif get more comments than any others. That shows he’s relevant. Not many people are who haven’t put out a studio album in over 3 years.

      • Guest

        Yea I completely agree with you. 50 is very relevant he brings out emotion in fans and artist (love and hate). I just wish it was music cause the early 50 music is CLASSIC.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    50 cent is too old for this shit

    • Peter Morris

      You can say he’s too old when he can be beat. He’s rockin a snatched chain from the other team like a trophy around his neck and nobody is doin shit about it!

  • boo boo gone f*ck dat nigga up!!! french montana is the classic ‘class clown’ type of dude… watch when they meet face to face… niigga gone be smiling and showing all his teeth talkin bout “come on fif.. i was just playing…” *BOP* eye-jammy

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    50 shouldn’t be wasting his time on some wack artist like French

    • Peter Morris

      It’s entertaining.


      What BEAST said…Plus He gotta keep the buzz alive until he got a real HIT and drop his album… Only one Month to go

  • ladynamor

    Hate it or Love it-He knows how to spot a sucka. He is probably the only one I ever seen call a lame out regardless of what the outcome is. I along w/ a few million more people agree with more than half his shit he fights against. Somebody gotta control the studio gangster population.

    • So 50 ain’t a studio gangsta? What exactly has 50 himself done that would legitimize his gangster? I’m not talking about sending folks out to beat on others but 50 has nothing on his resume where he’s gotten his hands dirty to legitimize this gangster image of his..infact the reality is 50’s gangster is extremely questionable.

      • Galactus

        gotta agree, his “street credibility” is very questionable.

      • nah, he paid dues & put in work.

      • Reese

        nigga ask bang em smurf fif use put that work ask any nigga about boo boo if ever ant scared to come to nyc

      • I already know, Fif did what he had to…when he had to.

      • PorchBoySlim

        actually its not…go on youtube and watch the old bangem smurf interviews…they said 50 ran the whole block back in the day…you know if nigga you beefin with actually confirm your street cred it has to be pretty deep

      • Reese

        tru story i just tried to tel;l dumb young niggaz this

      • PorchBoySlim

        yea man I’ve come to realize that most of these dudes that be commenting were in elementary school around the time 50 was in his prime…..so they aint really up on all of the info from that time or their favorite artist is giving them so much money that they will defend them on every website they can (that was sarcasm by the way) lol

      • Peter Morris

        50 put his hands on Fredro Star at the awards, put his hands on Ja Rule, was fighting at the awards when Buck stabbed the dude that hit Dre, put his hands on Gunplay at the awards, almost put his hands on Diddy (how do they keep inviting him to award shows? Lol). He put his hands on more rappers than anyone. Never mind the behind the scenes shit. You never once heard 50 backed down from anyone.

      • PorchBoySlim

        LMAOOO damn when you put it like that…maybe this nigga should be blacklisted from award shows…he clearly has issues lmaoo oh and dont 4get that 50 jumped on stage when fat joe was giving out a award at the VMAs a few years ago

      • Peter Morris

        Lol for real. How about when he went he should have gotten that Grammy for best new artist and they gave it to someone else so he took the stage anyway. I know he’s not allowed back at Giants Stadium after that Summer Jam concert. Bang Em Smurf and his crew were in the front row and shit got crazy. They were throwing chairs at each other, fights.. funny shit. Nobody can say that he don’t get down.

      • n n

        Actually you got that wrong ja rule stabbed fifty cent.lol but everuthing else is true.

      • MadVillain

        Ja Rule didnt stab Fif, that was Black Child one of Ja dudes.

      • water_ur_seeds

        ^^^ lol

      • This = Correct version, Ja didn’t do ‘chet!

      • Peter Morris

        Black Child stabbed Fif. Ja went to squash things with 50 but was giving off a vibe 50 didn’t like so he fucked him up. Ja speaks on it himself. You can find it on YouTube, both 50 and Ja spoke about it.

      • MadVillain

        i dunno where you got this info from? i watched that sh!t on 1 of the beef dvds. they was interviewing Black Child about the beef and this is what he said went down: few Murder Inc members (incl Irv) went down to comfront Fif at the Hit Factory studio, shit got tense, sumbody hit lights and he just took out his ox and started poking everybody coz he heard sumbody talk about reaching for a gat. they even showed the statement 50 gave to the feds to press charges.

      • Peter Morris

        Yep different time. I’d put up links but AHH never approves my comments with links. The statement your talkin about was fake. The one Ja and Irv (I think) went on the radio station. TheSmokingGun confirmed that it was a fraud. I, gonna try to get some links up here. Google it.

      • water_ur_seeds

        like i said above it was more like a paper cut lol

      • water_ur_seeds

        and it was a more like a paper cut

      • BrickCityBully

        Black Child stabbed Fif.

      • Guest

        He backed down from Preme he even made a wack movie about it and backed down in the movie started snitching on wax

      • Peter Morris

        Preme ran the whole SS. What can one man do? The fact that he was the only one talkin shit to Preme is more than anyone else has ever done- especially after they just got wet up. Nobody saying 50’s Pablo Escobar but he’s clearly built different than everyone in the game. He proves it every day by shitting on every one of these self proclaimed gangstas.

      • chilly

        fif as well as a few other rappers most definitely come from the street.. what i dont like about the man is he a bully

      • Bumpy Johnson

        im not a game fan but im tellin u the day they are eye to eye if its a 1 on 1 it would be one for the ages.

      • water_ur_seeds

        true, i know 50 handled his biz in the streets and the industry, i read his book to, and he bossed the game when he came in, started the beefing with artists to sell records with ‘how to rob’ etc… but people still say ghostface threw him down some stairs lol ghost has never confirmed this though

      • Peter Morris

        Really? I never heard that.


        I wish he would’ve put his hands on that fraud Rick Ross!!!

      • Ismail Adib

        50 never put his hands on anything except the dicks of G-Unit members. Thats why he keeps getting invited to awards shows, cause he’s a non threat and the police are riding in his car guarding the parking lot. 50 did backdown…… What was his response to all those Lox songs dissing him? Let me answer for you: he tries to sign Jadakiss and Styles P. Biggest backdown ever….. He got shot 9 times and shot nobody…. Not even once!!!!!

      • That’s true. Similar thing happened with Game. His brother, Big Fase, confirmed that Game wasn’t no punk, and beats the shit out of dudes, even while he’s dissing Game.

      • Peter Morris

        Yeah Game gets busy. He’s funny as hell to me.


        Well I heard that “Games” brother told a totally different story about his younger sibling!!! From his mouth, he said that “Game” wasn’t no real street nigga, and everything about “Game”, including his name, was made up before he got into the rap game!!!

      • Sean Peterson

        all ways 1 assshole giving thumbs down,gotta be ross or that nigguh french ,might even be that nigguh ja,lol

      • GTFOH..Look at the shhh bang em said after they stopped being cool..50 ain’t run no block..just like jay-z ain’t carry no bricks ever!! This has been debunked numerous times by journalists who bothered to do background on many rappers stories..C.K. from BK is quoted in feds saying “Yeah he used to ride in the whip with me, he was kane’s hype man..he wasn’t moving nothing”. Same goes for 50 go ask them onyx dude what 50 was moving..they’ve told the story themselves.


        @C.H., like “ONYX” is a credible source??? People use to schitt on them back in the day because they weren’t the niggas that they portrayed in the industry, except for “Sticky Fingaz”, who use to be down with the “Decepticons”.

      • Reese

        ur a clown n a bitch azz nigga lol

      • Truism

        U can question his music, but 50’s street cred is unquestionable. You gotta do some research. 50 is one of the few artist that really has earned his stripes in the streets and almost died behind it by being shot 9 times due to his street activities.

      • Sean Peterson

        there go that 1 assshole with the thumbs down again,lol

      • Choppaliss

        only thing questionable is who’s your daddy

      • Chris


      • Kevin Farley

        50 has been to jail as a inmate………rick ross as an employee

      • LOL-N

      • Peter Morris


      • NEWSKULL


      • Sean Peterson

        ha ha 1 assshole gave this comment a thumbs down,,phukin wanksta,lol

      • ulostatlife

        Don’t be such an idiot..He went to shock camp…He never did a bid..You stans over exaggerate everything…

      • 50 went to juvi camp stop riding that suspects nuts! 2nd that nigga came out and said FLAT OUT he SNITCHED on PREME because he thought he killed his prostitute mother.Snitch got shot did nothing Murder ink stab this nigga he made songs YOUNG UCK WAS HE ONLY TRUE GANGSTER IN THAT WHOLE “UNIT” AND THEY SHOT HIS MAN JAM MASTER JAY AND THIS NIGGA DID NOTHING ABOUT IT

      • Kevin Farley

        when did he come out and say he ratted?

      • in that interview with sway in the steakhouse where big paul got shot “THIS NIGGA KILLED MY MOTHER”

      • Kevin Farley

        you got a link for it?




        @salkhdeir, how is that “ratting”??? You niggas are mad funny!!!

      • your a new yorker ya’ll dry snitch and rat every time ya’ll talk to cops even if it’s a traffic stop


        Stop watching all of those documentaries and videos because you’re telling on yourself!!! You are captivated by what you see and hear. I see youthe type of clown that talks about what other niggas do!!! I can’t say schitt about you because Baltimore isn’t known for schitt!!! As matter of fact, what do you niggas do???LMFAO


        “50” never said that his mother was a prostitute!!! He said she was a lesbian and was selling product!!! Get your facts straight. And “Buck” wasn’t schitt, but a disloyal cry baby!!!!!! You must be from the south???

      • I SAID HIS MOTHER WAS A PROSTITUTE!!!! You mad nigga? Eat a dick. Buck was the only one to go hard he was having a convo between him (buck) AND rat (50) who had him on a wire speaking from the heart to a nigga he thought was like a brother to him. 50 is going to get shot AGAIN

      • if he ran his mouth to me I bet i shoot that nigga and kidnap his actress ass while you cry watching MTV getting mad like this nigga 50 pays your bills you whore ass nigga you sound white/gay using hella !!!!! and ????? like you can’t believe a real nigga don’t like 50


        Nah, nigga, ain’t no groupie type of nigga here!!! And I’m a 100% true and proud black man!!! And all these exclamation and question marks I use is just my thing to distinguish my comments from everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you wouldn’t do shit, but ask for that “50” autograph, and the nigga isn’t paying my bills, but the way you post your comments about “50′, you act like a scorn jealous emotional little broad, as if that nigga fucked you, and walked away in the morning without saying good bye to you, CLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SMFH

      • Nigga I never acknowledged your clown/soft ass for you to be starting your Internet-thug rant YOU HOMO 50 GROUPIE the way you riding for this man bra wearing poison lyric spitting house monkey (50) you sound like an E-gangster if we passed by each other on the street and i saw your heard you defend this ass-hole (50) I would spit on you then wait for response, THE WAY YOU TALK I KNOW YOUR ABOUT NOTHING hot air coming out that pussy-ass shove a tampon in that bitch BALTIMORE!!!!!!!


        You claim “B-More”, now I know you’re a sucka!!! You’re the only one on here talking about “murking” someone, but I’m the “internet-thug”??? Phukk all of that spitting crap, only little girls do that !!! I hope you could run real fast because I have two Tylenol PM’s on the end of each wrist that will put you to sleep real quick!!! I don’t know why I’m even responding to you, lame a$$ nigga!!!You must be mad because there isn’t no real rapper or M.C. coming out of “B-More”??? LMFAO You probably look like “SNOOP” from “The Wire”??? You want tobe a man, but you’re in a little girl’s body. YOU HURB!!!

      • n**** please again you mad cause someone doesn’t like 50 and bitch if someone spits on someone else it’s the ULTIMATE disrespect SO i would spit right in your face then wait for you to b*** up because 9 times out of 10 that’s what you will do because everyone knows new yorkers just run their mouths get shot and don’t shoot back then come back with police the new york era of everything from drugs guns music was the 80’s everything after was trash except for BIG & WU so please suck 50 dicks and die


        And I ask again, ni99a??? Who or what ever came out of “B-More” worth talking about??? NOTHING!!! You pu$$ies are still mad about the 80’s and 90’s because we were coming down there and running YO SCHITT!!! I have never heard of any “B-More” clown coming up north doing anything, but getting played like a dummy!!! And homeboy, I don’t give a damn if you like “50” or not, it’s not that serious to me, but there is nothing, and no one coming from “B-More” because you clowns are lame, you groupie!!! We use to laugh at you “bamas”, and then walk away with all of your shorties!!! I ‘m not even going to respond to that “spit” nonsense. I guarantee you, you would be on your horse!!! And all of that “PO-PO” talk, you can save all of that because everyone knows how often you southern homos like to “tweet” like birds……I’ve noticed that’s the only thing you cornballs talk about on here or some homosexual talk, but have never been “up top”.

      • You just sound angry cause a ni**** doesn’t like 50 and it’s very well documented that b-more bosses Melvin & the real boodee aren’t rats they did their time and are free men now new york rats nicky barnes alpo frank lucas Sammie the bull etc ALL RATS as far as rappers ya’ll got the shit down to a science too bad 80% of bullshit


        This is my last post to you “B” because I can tell you’re a young nigga!!! You brought up the names of dudes that did “RAT”, but in “The city that never sleeps”, there are hundreds of more that didn’t, and that you never even heard of!!! So, since you’re always talking about “busting your gun”, well rumor has it that “PO” aka “ALPO” is out there in “B-More”, real talk!!! Mad people out that way has seen him in a red hummer, so since you’re “Billy Bad ASS”, then try running up on that nigga!!! “B-More” is a small town, and I know you can find a New York nigga such as “PO”!!! But let me warn you son, don’t let those documentaries get you hurt or even worse, if you do see that nigga around because even dudes that don’t like him will tell you, he ain’t nothing to play with!!! And I’m only saying that since you feel so tough, and have a problem with New york niggas!!! There you go, you have one right in your back yard, ONE!!!

      • loli don’t go around looking for trouble if it finds me i deal with it plus that nigga can’t be down here 1 st he isn’t stupid enough the dc ni*** he ratted on got money on him and believe me if it was six figures i would take his head off at a red light.

      • Kevin Farley

        what happened to the dude who shot 50?

      • Wow so a dude going to jail now makes him a gangster? So you mean to tell me 68 folks on here think 6 people jumping one dude makes someone a gangster..wow..sucker shhh if you ask me..

      • Kevin Farley

        didnt say hes a gangster but he did sell drugs and do some of the things he talks about in his songs.rick ross however did the opposite. far from a 50 stan i just think rick ross is corny.i’ve been to jail ill respect a co who shows respect, not one tryin to be a kingpin.and about rollin on the dude if i was walkin with my boys and someone tried to sucker one of us, yes he would get his ass whipped.thats the story from what i heard.

      • Peter Morris

        No.. piping your mom down makes him gangsta.

      • PliggaNease

        dammmmmmmmmn truuuuuuuuuuuuuu lolololol

      • Ismail Adib

        @kevin Farley…. So what 50 cent was an inmate: inmates can be bitch ass snitches and punks. Some kids like you talk shit about Ross for stealing another dudes name and persona, yet 50 Cent did the same damn thing. And Ross has already outdone 50 musically.

      • Kevin Farley

        50 made the last classic solo hip hop album to drop in my opinion…what has ross done?50 has been arrested for doin some of the things he rapped about…ross’s job was to control and investigate people who’ve been arrested.its not about the name its about bein a cop and rappin about bein a kingpin….then lyin about it………and i think 50 fell off anyways…rick ross is just corny only thing he has goin for him is his beats…back in the day people would exaggerate in lyrics, ross just flat out lies…….kids like you buy into that

      • truth powell

        ignoramous go read some books. 50’s history prior to rap is very well documented.

      • he got 9 bullet wounds from one attack. served time for dealing crack, and took over rap, and u sit here talking like he got nothing on his resume? i guess your allergic to facts!!!!

      • Peter Morris

        Shot, stabbed, and still puts these bitches in check. Wearing MMG chain bowling? Lmfao

      • Sean Peterson

        ha ha ha,6 asssholes gave this nigguh thumbs up on this comment,lol

      • you got to be a youngin. for one a real gangster don’t have to touch nothing if he don’t want to. 2nd , 50 ran the streets and people feared him when he was out there selling drugs. u need to go back to your 5th grade school because u def not old enough to comment on this subject.

      • Antoine Daggar Miller

        you obviously dont know his history before the fame do ya research dont watch the movie

      • AKA Sharpcrease27

        You stupid as hell. Im sure you ca tell no one agrees with you cosidering the rating of your comment. 43 people sayin the same thing cant be wrong

      • Umm, billions believe in Jesus, that doesn’t make him real.

      • breed500

        not really..and bossing up means just that..you sound uneducated on how things work..

      • heavyboy

        So what you think that man suppose to run around town ruffin niggas up after selling 10 million albums and a movie? I don’t know these dudes but you get your street creditability BEFORE you become famous**


        WORD!!! Look at that punk schitt that “Weezy” and “Bird Man” pulled, claiming “PIRU”, years after they became rich and famous!!! Now that’s some retarded schitt!!!

      • Doe Boy

        in some kind of way 50 went 2 war with supreme…did we 4get that where the ja shit started from

      • 50 snitched on supreme..go watch american gangster where the cops themselves say 50 stated “Go listen to my lyrics I tell you everything you need to know”..feds went to war with supreme..50 just put on a vest and made some songs.


        Niggas from his own “hood” that dislike him confirmed that “50” was a real nigga on the streets!!!

    • I hate Fif, but Co-Sign his beef with Lames!

      Actually, if he comes out with French Montana’s bear on his head….I’ll cop the next dub plate he drops!

      • water_ur_seeds

        hahahahaha that would be hilarious, tweet and tell him to do it

      • Aight, Fugg it…..Can I get into trouble for that?

      • water_ur_seeds

        who cares, would be so funny its worth frenchie coming after you haha

      • Was talking about the cops….not Frenchie!

        LOL-N @ Frenchy

    • nothinlessdenSour


    • stephaniee3036

      Flaw ass niggas like you gon get 50 kill.

    • NYG20

      And 50 only lost 1 beef, and it’s cause that rapper ain’t a lame, and is probably one of thee best Diss Rappers ever.

    • wtf are you talking about?

  • He giving him publicity smh but 50 means business with certain dudes if you a straight up gangsta he will give u a pass.

  • You know that boy scared as hell trying to hide behind humor! SMH!

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  • 50 eating u boy! (Game voice)

  • frenchie is a lame.

  • Galactus

    They both bad for hip-hop.

  • 50 is straight up corny..how you 36 still sending groups of dudes to beat up on one man by himself? Man up and shoot a fair one..I can’t condone or respect this new brand ishh..that’s puzzy ishh..you got a problem with another man handle it yourself..all them muscles and all that ish talking and you can’t handle a fist fight yourself? I don’t like French I think he’s full of Ishh too but don’t sleep every rapper keeps at least two ppl on pay that are willing to dump a clip..just ask the idiots who tried testing fabo a few years ago how that worked out for them trying to run up on him..

    • 50 keeps more than 2!

    • Reese

      nigga funplay got drop that how we up north nigga if u run up my mans and swing and he missed lol..den hes try to run nigga funplay got wash up nigga go ask bang em smurf about fif nigga boo boo use run these streets and whoop niggaz u fuccin clown where u from u mmg dick ryder come here to brooklyn get ya wash up son

      • NoGoBoi

        some of y’all rah rah, imma do this and that ny cats is funny to me. always screamin, that’s how up north niggaz do, cats like u from “up north” is the biggest clowns. wu-tang was y’all last official street crew, since then it’s been a bunch of d!ckriding cats ever since. how y’all flip da script in the matter of a decade??? now y’all bloods and crips? backwards azz niggaz. don’t get me wrong, some niggaz from ny i got mad respect for, the original stand up for my own like a man type niggaz, I don’t have to say much type niggaz, i can hold my own witout claiming some sh!t type niggaz. niggaz always screamin come to so and so and i’ll show u how we do, u prob don’t even live in brooklyn nigga, yo ass bout stay in Syracuse fake ass.

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn


    • truth powell

      if 50 knuckled him down himself you would be saying “how you 36 and knuckling dudes down? a real boss wouldve sent his goons….” stfu cornball go learn about life.

    • Peter Morris

      @c.h. That’s not how everyone else feels.

  • hoeyuno

    French isn’t worried about getting his hands dirty either. French beat a murder charge and got shot in the head. Fif needs to chill. Why put yourself in the position of getting killed or doing a bid when your worth half a billion. Sounds dumb not hardcore.

    • Reese

      french is a snitch azz nigga he cant even go back to the bronx nigga im from nyc bk i be in the bx heavy french is a pussie yall niggaz respect these fake azz rappers like ross just like funplay ghot drop all high off that whitney lol

  • dayleedumped

    im glad fifty hittting these nigga up.. hiphop been too sweet lately. even though 50’s music fell off, id still choose fifty over montona or gunplay

    • Reese

      tru story tell these clown on here

      • Richie_Ochoa

        You must be 50 homie or something. Calm down this sh!t not that serious

  • dayleedumped

    in all honestly, i believe fifty just doing this shit cuz the game was recently hitting up a grip of mutha fuckas…. its entertaining to say the least

  • Smashit

    Obviously too many people commenting and don’t understand where these two came from & what they really about – Fif lived the street life while French only talk reckless with a group of project kids around him but now French left the hood and didn’t help out NOBODY unlike Fif who stayed connected to the streets and helped out alot – NYC is not that big and you can believe French best keep his slick talking ass in Miami or he will get robbed or something he need to just be quiet & do what he say by not being in a beef that surely will lead to gun play

  • Guest

    Half these comments is stupid as hell. How come Fif aint ever there when niggaz that don’t rap got beef with hi,. When Yayo mom house got shot up in queens with his sisiter and neices and nephews inside nobody said or did shit When Preme had the issue 50 was no where to be found except for a studio with half of the NYPD, so all this Rap WWF shit is corny 50 is hiding behind money and entertainment but like we all know every dog has his day and its only a matter of time till he’s that dog thats how life works I remember Suge Knight use to do this shit too so save the bullshit. Why ain’t nobody talking about his record with Alicia Keys and his new album? Umm I know cause its WACK so this is that album promo. And this is rap music so save that bullshit he got money. Donald Trump got money too that don’t make him dope though.

    • Chris

      50’s internet goons are coming for your head.

    • andone

      @1bboss dont forget about lodi mack either and the 40 glock inccident… but in the game u win some u lose some… so dont blame 50 for learning from big & pac or suge… pac and big should have had that bulletproof whip(R.I.P), deathrow(and many other lables) had cops on their security… also why are there no rumors on how 50 gets knocked out @ local malls, gettin hit wit lawsuits left and right, or the IRS comin for him… no one is perfect but as far as 50s track record it isnt anywhere near the C.O’s and wanksters on tv…

      • Guest

        I agree no one is perfect. But I rather have a full time job as a C.O. and steal a drug dealers name to be part of the WWF aka RAP (which is a form of entertainment not the streets as they artist claim)and take care of my family then be a man who disrespect the niggaz I grew up with from Smurf, to shitting on Banks cause his dad died, to Tony Yayo. Sometimes being real is knowing when to shut up. Jay Z never dissed Bleek and we all know bleek cant rap for shit but guess what thats his homeboy from back in the day and money or not that’s still fam. God forbid he gets hit again I bet the 1st place to look will be in his circle. Even though he is entertaining there is families and mouths that depends on these rap checks that’ll throw they life away before they let him ruin the chance of they meal ticket.——- A lot of rappers are extremely intelligent but 90% of the fans and the people around them are complete idiots. So don’t think it can’t happen. Anybody can be John Lennon at the height of his career with the beatles a fan killed him. Who would of thought?

      • andone

        i like ur honesty… but let me follow up… i strongly disagree… have u heard rozay’s excuse for being a C.O, its nothing like wat u would have done to infiltrate the hip-hop culture… sorry 50s values dont align wit urs tho, but b4 i sympathize i must ask… did u grow up without a father, was ur mother murdered, did u get shot and nearly die???

        and holdin ur tongue doesnt make u worthy of respect im not sure where u get that from, if anything that makes u an @ss kisser actually… as far as ninjas livin off rap $$ that has no place in this discussion the same way fake street artists have no place in rap… they gettin their hoe card pulled and ppl mad jus cus its 50… end of story!!

      • Guest

        Fake street artist have no place in rap?? Hip Hop wasn’t started by gangsters or street niggaz FYI. The same dudes that own large portions of the labels owns large portions of the private prison system they market this fake idealogy then lock up the idoits who think its real and make money on both sides of the fence the records sales and publishing and the incarceration and low labor cost for the state. Go read a book. how I grew is no different then how 50 grew up,but I ain’t get victimized like he did for snitching!!! Better yet XXLMAG with him and banks on the cover he said you want to find out what’s going on listen to my songs also 106 and park he said murder inc is funded by drug money then it got raided thats called dry snitching. I also have nothing against 50 being a snitch I just hate the groupies making up bullshit and him running around trying to thug everybody out when he ain’t a thug. He took the name of a real street dude from MY HOOD fyi that got killed in Albany Houses (Projects) and used it for entertainment why didn’t he name his self boo boo? I tell you why cause niggaz in the streets from the 80tys thru mid 90tys don’t respect BOO BOO and ask any nigga from South Side Queens to Brooklyn to Brooklyn House To Rikers Island To Up North. 50 Cent The street dude name rings bells boo boo the street dude doesn’t. So him and Rick Ross are the SAME they both took real niggaz names and made a mockery of it.

      • andone

        african bam bada, suga hill gang, dj kool herc ect… im familiar wit hip hops beginnings… hence the term “rap” artist… no need to get off topic bruh… and that private prison thing isnt up for discussion either… u all over the place wit this debate like a republican… man save all those dry snitchin stories… dude didnt say nothin that the feds didnt already know… dry snitchin is givin up info b4 theres a drop, im not here trying to paint 50 as a saint… but ill say this much 50 had/has more stripes then 90% of “street” artists out today… thats a fact… its also the reason why the original 50 cent’s fam doesnt object to him using the alias so that deads that argument and 50 doesnt deny his former identity… im even willin to bet that the original 50 would be proud of the new 50 without a doubt… real recognize real u talkin about keepin ur morals bottled up then fallin off into some prison ish that doesnt add up… and sayin how ur situation wasnt any diff from 50’s but didnt answer not one of my questions.. did u grow up without a father, was ur mother murdered, did u get shot up and nearly die… i didnt think so!!!

  • LoL…wonder wat frenchy sed when he got the phone to bail on his only listening session ever… POP THAT

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    well y’all all forgot 50 got that new album so you best believe he gonna start something during the release period to get that spot light.

  • Alf Capone

    this is the 50 we all love………..the bully

  • daveofthematthews

    Although this is not exactly anything positive i do find this extended 50 vs Dick Floss episode entertaining with all this publicity Frenchy must think all his birthdays came at once. Anyway i am with 50 on this one all the way. And not because of his street cred or even his humor but because unlike Dick Floss, Funplay and frenchy 50 does actually have talent when it comes to making music and he is a smart business man. I mean 50 supposed to have fell off yet he is still more successful than all those 3 clown’s put together.

  • Truism

    50 is too old for this type shit tho. I read French’s interview. He didn’t say anything out of line really. He stated what he felt was true and what he was saying had some truth to it about beefing don’t make any money, it makes people scared to stand next to you. I don’t know if it is because French is cool with Rick Ross or if he just insulted 50’s business model, which is fueled by controversy, for why 50 was offended. I believe that 50 is a very smart guy tho. I don’t think that this is a real beef, but I think 50 wants to show French how you can make money off of beef, because controversy sells. When you think about it, this is the most I ever seen French Montana in the headlines. Also, 50’s whole career is fueled by him beefing and this could be a way to keep himself relevant.

    • andone

      i was thinkin the same thing… from it not really being a diss to 50 havin fun and takin advantage of the situation since they both have albums comin up… then add in puffy????

  • Anthonyd Smith

    Talk funny about that tank top, but I’ve seen more people sporting them than not. And besides, what the hell is a French Montana? Don’t think you gangsta, cuz you don’t have the funds to go up against Fif…

  • toreal

    50 is asking for a nigga to end his life.

    • Guest

      And nobody seems to be able to.

    • dominicancoke

      Hes delusional he think it cant happen

  • last one

    diced pineapples, not gonna hate.. Ross write the best shit out right now,

  • hers what im gonna say about this situation. talk about somebody be prepared for the consequences whether it be good or bad. french used to put out dvds about beef. hmmmm interesting. had 50 on there too. rookies shouldn’t come at superstars on any level. as far as french talking about sales, who in frenchs circle sold 10 mil? 50 last album went gold. thats when the decline of cd purchases started. and thats still better than his so called enemies. cam went wood. ross just gets to gold. whens the last hit game had? wut these kids say these days “stan”. this is just facts. french is on yayos level.


      Less than YAYO…

  • dominicancoke

    50 on a downward spiral to a grimm end. Game is on the same path beefin beatin people up on camera if theyput this energy in their music they would make hits

  • disqus_xwwiisA26a

    im gone keep it all the way g. You notice that the majority of fiftys beef is with Def jam artists! Or artists that are affiliated with def jam artists, im just sayin def jam could be putting 50 on their payroll to beef with their artists to raise their profile.

    • Nicer Day

      Def Jam and Inerscope are under the Universal Music Group unbrella

  • Lamonte Johnson

    And whoeva made this article is wack they all talking bout “Funnnnnnny! Keep the entertainment coming fellas.” but if someone ended up getting killed or some tragic shit happened its all gone be rest in peace and how could we have not seen this coming. shits a joke on this site at times

  • Nels

    50 aint start this beef by the way

  • PorchBoySlim

    all jokes aside..rap NEEDS this shit…hiphop was built on beef….too many niggas getting away with putting out bullshit music right now…I miss the day when battle rappers could shine…back with smack DVD was the shit and all that


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  • Guest

    if 50 touch Montana then he’s got a big problem.I’m sure Gucci(a real G) and Flocka will handle it

    • PorchBoySlim

      lol yea right

  • Apollo Showtime

    50 is one of the few I’d consider the real deal when it comes to studio gangsters. Ran up in Ja’s studio session, beat up Fredro Starr, him and Lil’ Cease if im not mistaken. He’s had quite a few physical run ins with rappers and was involved in real situations. Supreme, Hommo etc.

    • Darren Myt Collins

      correction Ja rule ran up in 50;s studio session

    • wrong. ja rule ran up on 50 and black stabbed him, then 50 ran to benzino for help

  • TheBigCheeFa

    it’s sad that niggaz like 50 cent who keep hiphop in the negative zone.

  • Hilarious to see everyone hopping back on Fifty’s nuts… you probably still have “G U Not” shirts in your moms closet….



  • ant662

    i wonder how many ppl he had with him cuz i’m sure he wasnt alone

  • keylon jackson

    lol french is a funny dude

  • keylon jackson

    50 has been in jail as an informant cause after he got out alot of ppl was going in
    sup, d-red, hono, blits, choppa

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Cant you all see the truth! This is all a big stunt SMH



  • D_Ably

    theres French again talkin on what clothes people be wearin. Swear the dudes a perez on the low.

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  • thats right fif keep checking these bitch ass niggaz we cb4 killas ova here these niggaz is wwf we mma its a diffrence

  • PliggaNease

    man french succcckkkkkkkkssss how he get sign is beyond me. I’ve shitted bricks better then any song he released……

  • did nigga need to grow up

  • Terrance Goodman

    My cancer fool neck hunting to go plat

  • if he aint no killa he need to stop playing..they gave his ass nine already..nigga gave me nine im triing to give his ass ten back…fuck a rap song..dat nigga do some plexin,but its wit sucka ass niggas..that shit aint hard

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