Hip-Hop Rumors: Nelly "Mad As Hell" With His Friend For "Jeopardizing His Life"

Yesterday, Nelly’s tour bus was pulled over by border patrol at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Authorities found 36 small baggies of heroin (totaling .64 ounces) and over 10 pounds of marijuana inside a large green duffle bag.

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According to TMZ sources, a man named Brian Keith Jones admitted to owning the drugs and gun, and was subsequently arrested and taken into custody.

Late last night, Nelly released a statement about the incident. Check out what he said below:

“It is my understanding a member of my staff made an unfortunate decision to bring unlawful materials onto our tour bus that resulted in his arrest this morning, October 11th. Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of his decision to bring these on board. Law enforcement officials in Sierra Blanca, Texas did not press charges against anyone other than that individual.”

The rapper was less diplomatic about the situation on his Twitter account? and roasted his “fam” for “jeopardizing his life.” Check out Nelly’s tweets below:

I can’t front, when I first heard about the story, I thought one of Nelly’s homeboys was covering for him – but after reading his tweets, I don’t know anymore. What do you think? Either way, hopefully Nelly helps his man out with a good lawyer. He’s going to need it.

Sidenote – It seems as if Nelly and Ashanti are still going strong. The rapper tweeted an invite to her birthday party, which he is hosting.

These two need to go ahead and make it official already. They could make tons of money and actually get hot again if they parlay their relationship into a reality show! Get that money Nelly and Ashanti!

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  • I dnt care wat nobdy say nelly not really mad at his boy he new wasup he just doin dat cuz he dnt wanna help da nigga out wit a good lawyer cheap as hell throwing his nigga under da bus like dat tryna save face real niggas dnt operate like dat I bet lil wayne wood never do dat 2 one of da goons or birdman wouldn’t do dat either its loyalty on dis side YMCMB BOY!

    • Numbuh Four

      Boy…you’re like an advertisement for contraceptives…You can make a Catholic jump with glee at the sight of an abortion

    • I agree on the 1st part, but disagree with the Weezy comment!

  • seveneightyseven

    it’s so weird I thought Nelly was dead until about a month ago when i saw his behind the music lol, what has he been doin lately?

    • “VH1 Where are they now” specials.

  • ceL

    like they say, everybody can’t be on your front row

  • This the most publicity Nelly will get for the rest of his “career”.


      • What would I, or music fans care if Nelly has to work or not the rest of his life? Flo-Rida, Lady GaGa, hmm.LMFAO.. they are all doing pretty damn well financially too…. so does that mean we should like them based off stupid consumers buying the pop garbage they spew out?Country Grammer was a terrible album. I remember buying it for like 20 bucks, holding onto it about a week..then selling it for a ten bag. (true story) It had three OK songs on it, and they were the singles. Besides that it was trash. My comment was, this is the most publicity he will get….rom hear on out… Country Grammer was 12 years ago or so, he’s never coming out like that again. He can sit on his money then, and fall back…no one is checking for a Nelly album. (except maybe @twitter-50461850:disqus & @tracey649:disqus )

        I can’t lie and say the man never had an impact, it was on the pop side though….kelly rowland & tim mcgraw real Hip Hop fan is into that garbage. Even the thought of hearing one of those songs again makes me want to puke.

  • Guest

    You’d think that if you rolled with someone for 10+yrs, and even sometimes in close quarters, that you would know if they were doing or selling heroin***

    • If they protected your life… would know that they had the hammer & the 10 elbows of Reggie!

      Nelly fronting, dude took the rap & Nelly throws his weight on him too, instead of supporting the dude?


    • Bumpy Johnson

      36 baggies…yea he was selling

  • dude knew he was gonna make more off just one of them pounds than nelly was bout to make at the show they were headed to….

  • duke probably sells it on his own time, but when u travel with rappers you meet other gangstas in different states and the best way sometimes to get weight off is thru the tour!

  • hoeyuno

    What!!! you actually thought nelly was slanging 20 dolla points of down or addicted to heroine himself. Sydney I kinda half ass stood up for u againts the haters but your making it real hard. Take a 6 month break and go study hip hop and the people involved, then take it from there

  • dayleedumped

    but real talk though, this whole incident coulda went the other way and fucked over nelly for a good couple years…. think about what happened to wayne, it wasnt his gun.

  • brotha_man

    well if you paid ur staff and quit being stingy with yo money he probably wouldnt need to ride dirty. ….. also I believe nelly would fold unda pressure and 3. he better take care of dudes fam.

  • Alf Capone

    yeah……..whatever nelly……….im sure u had no idea

  • toreal

    It’s more to this story. Nelly just frontin.

  • shiek242424

    so either his fam is dumb and blows his money or NELLY aint paying dude after 10 years of protecting his life

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  • 10 pounds of bud and a half of herion n u dont know?? lol

  • chevy_weight_champ

    did this nicca above me just spell wood an used it as would lmmao, itz sum dumb niccaz in this world!!!

  • Mos High

    Everyone talking how Nelly didnt pay him enough etc, None of us know how much guy was getting paid. However everyone knows a friend who spends to much for how much they make. You give the friend oz of bud, he burn it off in 2 days, give him bottle of rum it done in a day, give him a $100 blow it off in a night. Ive been there done that. I dont know if this is the situation but hey. Im sure Nelly knew guy was doing his thing but maybe didnt know how much he had this time. Also Foot soilders have to take the rap, should the king fall, then everyones food gets dried up.

  • PorchBoySlim

    so lil buddy had 10lbs of bud on your bus and you’re trying to tell me that you didnt know? his tour bus must smell like cat piss for him not to be able to smell all that damn weed…im not buying this bullshit this nigga lying…….kudos for your homie for taking the L though

    • Hear what you are saying, but I mean I have gotten crazy smelly ass weed in the mail, and no one is the wiser… they probably fresh seal it in Vacuum bags.

  • ant662

    if he was fam i hope you at least bonded dude out. if not yous a lame.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    uh huh, dude sure does pick him some good “friends” SMH Dude is DEF FRONTING.

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