Chris Brown and Rihanna

Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Waiting For Chris Brown To Pop The Question?

According to Star Magazine, Rihanna is all set for Chris Breezy to pop the question. She’s waiting for the boy to ask her to marry him!

”Rihanna has told her close friends point blank — I would marry Chris.”

”She even says she would have never left him if the media scrutiny didn’t get so bad. They’re passionate, and when they’re drunk, they’ve both made many comments about getting married.”

This this crazy but not really crazy. If you are in love with somebody, its safe to say that you can get over just about everything. It just gets tricky with the media and the outsiders that get into a relationship and kill it. I was all types of outraged when Breezy was beating and biting on RiRi. But man, they gotta be happy so it is what it is.


No charges have been pressed or charged on homey, but he was suspended from the job. What do you think she should have happened to the dude that straight Superman upper cut this chick?

By the way, she’s 25 years old…not a teen as has been reported.

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  • that video has to be bs. how he hit her that hard and she still fighting back? I hit a chick or a dude for that matter that hard and the 1st shot its lights out!

    • Chris

      Maybe she just has a strong chin. My little sister took a wooden bat to the face while playing baseball when we were little kids. She cried but she got right up and walked away.

    • RevrendIke3x

      I think when she hit that asphalt she woke up.

    • If you look at it frame by frame… It looks like he opened hand karate punched her. And if you understand uppercuts, it does more of a number on someone’s balance than it does to actually hurt them (unless thrown by Mike Tyson)… Hooks and straights are the ones that seem to cause the most serious paralysis.

    • J. Jordan

      She was fighting back but she was definitely hurt up. Listen to her voice, all hysterical and ready to cry. She was probably in shock that it even happened, she gonna have some swollen chops later lmfao…

  • Chris

    GOT DAMN!! Ladies, we keep trying to tell you all. Keep your hands to yourself. Some of ya’ll just won’t listen. I don’t hit women, never have and never will, but there are some men out there that don’t give a single, solitary f*ck about the fact that you are of the feminine persuasion. The bus driver went back to his seat. She could have easily done the same. The situation would have been over with. But nooooooooo. She just had to save face and get the last “lick” in. She attacked him, while he’s driving I might add, and he ethered her soul on some Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat ish. I bet she’ll think twice the next time she finds herself in this situation. I felt that uppercut in MY soul. SMH.

    • lmfao @ethered her soul

    • Kevin Joge

      I had to tweet this man. This is hilarious but so true

      • Chris

        No doubt, my dude. I feel sorry for her chin, bruh. SMH.

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  • RevrendIke3x

    Why did she get Mortal Kombat Uppercut? Gunplayed off the bus. Then Big Show choked. It’s funny how her peeps were egging her on til she caught that Rock Em Sock Em.

  • $18916246

    DAAAAAAAYEM!….HE BUUUUGA HOOKED …HER ASS!….Babygirl should have kept her hands to herself…hitting dude was not worth his reaction…sad the law will see it as one sided assault and battery on the part of the male. It also ain’t worth it to argue senselessly with a female (woman) for this provoked reaction and now he has fallen for the trap.

    • The law is pretty clear cut about mutual combat… No injuries? Probably no major repercussions… Perhaps an investigation because of the video, otherwise the law seems to look at these things as a “deviant citizen attacks public servant” type situation… The city or county would be partially liable… And we know they ain’t gonna let that go down where the video shows fault on the part of this retarded ass woman.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      its a felony in new york to assault a transit worker while on the job, so if it occured here she would possibly catch a charge for her actions regardless of gender.

  • He got two butt cheeks into that one.

  • Faller

    damn nigga i know she lost on her sonic rings on that one.

  • ONE

    Well lets just hope that Rhianna’s chin can take a punch as hard as the one given to the chick in that video

  • “All You Get!” ( Riyu )

    Yo! iLLseed! 4UMF got the Chinplay armed robbery video posted!
    He’s finished unless they buy the dude off!

  • johnblacksad

    “she wanna be a man, i treat her azz like a man then…”

  • TheGreatGazoo2012

    One of these days Alice! Pow !!! Straight to the moon

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      these youngens dont have a clue what you talking about.

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        Lol. Nope. I feel bad for them. There’s no good shows on tv no more

  • Slizzard Lizard

    She wanna be a man, im gonna treat her like a man. Hell yeah…funny shit. Just another lesson for women to stop trying to pick fights with men.

  • Alf Capone

    chris……….my dude……….dont wife that hoe up……….bang hoes……….dont wife em

  • Guest

    Bobby n Whitney.2

  • Eli Pinilla

    He smacked the weave off her head….damn!!!!

  • E Scalez


  • therealest1

    Chris Brown and Rihanna = Potential ignorant ass reality show couple.

    That bitch got what she gave to that bus driver man. She gave him shit, he gave her a hit.

  • Ojay Juice Henry

    I aint about hitting women but come @ me like a man and thennnnnnnnnnnnn. the homie gave her that shyt smooooth though she aint seen that thang coming like floyd gave ortiz that one 2.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Terrible…he going to jail….he gonna lose his job, his benefits, etc…he gotta cop out cuz it’s on video and although she put her hands on him, as a bus driver he should have signaled for police like they supposed to do…he on his way to prison…we just lost another one

  • Southcidal

    Biitch move. And any nigga who is okaying it is a biitch too. My question is why the fellas on the bus continued to let him whip on a lady? If she’s related to me, homeboy got trouble on his hands big time. He could’ve just told her to get off of the bus.

    • H. U. S.

      You obviously didn’t see the whole video bruh. This chick got on the bus, never paid her fare(which is why he wanted her off the bus), threatened the man, spit on him & hit him, and stood there like nothing was going to happen!

      Basically she went from villain to victim after the man reacted to her actions…

  • brandnu313


  • BIG LU

    On the real she deserved every bit of that she hit the dude while he was driving, he is an elder respect him, and third if u want that ish like a man than take it. One thing i dont get is women wanted to be treated equal to men remember ya fought for that shit, than when a man clocks a women cuz she beat on him all of sudden everybody mad. Not me buddy she deserved the hit.

    • BIG LU

      lol she said u got me f**** up

      • BIG LU

        shoryuken lol

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  • She even says she would have never left him if the media scrutiny didn’t get so bad. foh!! lol

  • alhaji tj

    owwww,this is really bad i mean a lil side slap iz ok not dat, he must be a serious mortal kombat fan-noob saibot on jade…no mercy

  • Let this whole thread be a lesson to females. idk what sparked it, but she shouldn’t have provoked violence. Us women do need to understand the mentality of these men, they dgaf you’re a female. You can’t challenge men (or women) to fights & expect to win. Women need to learn most men are suckas & will use his physical strength against you everytime, so you gotta pick your battles & only fight in self-defense. Suckas below, this aint about “equal rights”, will ya’ll think it’s funny if a child hits a woman & she cold clocks him? Cuz they make children work in other countries so should we treat them like adults? Snoop f*cked up the majority of these cats’ minds, these cats got rappers’ hands up they @sses like puppets controlling their mind/mouth. Cops brutalize & kill Black folks cuz they got backup, weapons, etc, basically an advantage. They say “he had a gun” & justify riddling him w/ bullets. When it’s a video of police brutalizing/murdering, you say they could have found another way to diffuse the situation. But laugh and say “that’s what she get” to see a female get mopped. Ya’ll sad.

  • Yes its wrong to hit a woman but…
    She got what she deserved!!!she didnt hav no right in the man’s face while he was drivin the bus and spittin on him??? she crossed the fuckin line…. *sit ur ass down bitch* he definitely showed her whose bus it was!!!!
    you wanna act like a man you get beaten like a man!!

  • Heartless12

    SMH i dont understand this girl how u gonna get mad at the media and upset that the media is all in your business but yet your stupid ass went on opera,and on 20/20 and different radio shows crying and talking about how he hit you -__- (and chris ur an idiot this girl almost ended your career and played u numerious of times) …tired of hearing about the both of them they both need to have a seat -,-