Nas' Georgia Mansion Sold At Public Auction

(AllHipHop News) Financial issues continue to plague Hip-Hop superstar Nas, as the rapper has lost his half-million dollar mansion in Georgia. reports that the Nas’ two-bedroom, three-bathroom mansion that was purchased in 2004, was recently foreclosed upon.

According to records, Nas defaulted on a $585,000 loan, which was taken out in 2004.

The bank which issued the loan, SunTrust, recently foreclosed on the home.

The mansion, which includes a custom theater, a gym and a game, was sold at a public auction for $348,500.

Nas was not available for comment as of press time.

  • KLewis

    Two bed rooms, three baths, and for $348,500. That’s not a mansion, that’s just a nice ass house.

  • What the hell, maybe I should move to Georgia. A townhouse in Los Angeles costs twice as much.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Wow that is a standard house here in California.

  • therealest1

    Financially irresponsible N!gger shit. Its financially retarded Nas we’re talking about so its not surprising.


    Man like some of the comments at the bottom in cali that is more like a track home price. In the Inland Empire that’s what a lot of house are going for with a few more bedrooms as well. If that’s what mansion are costing out there then I gotta buy up some property like three houses to buy just one great house in cali.

  • nastinupe

    My crib cost that much here in atl and it ain’t no mansion. Just because he’s NAS doesn’t mean that you have to make every thing super. I guess that his BMW 335i would be considered a super car then.

  • that aint no mansion is a bachelor pad!

  • johnblacksad

    my apartment in Paris costs more than this… in euros!

    • Yeah, but you got it like that…Nas doesn’t~

      Euros >>> USDs

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  • PL

    The mansion, which includes a custom theater, a gym and a game, was sold at a public auction for $348,500.

    Wonder what “game” it came with?

    • Modern Warfare 3?

      • TheBoxcarHobo


  • Yo! Illseed…is RiRi preggos to CB?
    Saw that in the newsroom at 4UMF…check it out!

  • Smashit

    Half a mil for a two bedroom in ATL?? Sounds like a smart move to let them foreclose it and settle the difference for way less than the original agreement – losing one house don’t make a rich person poor – when you got money it’s called consolidating – when you broke it’s called time to put your 98 accord in a baby momma’s name and take your last 300 out the bank

    • Casor_Greener

      This type of ignorance is why our people can’t keep good credit. Losing anything because you can’t pay the bill is always foolish

      • Smashit

        Only ignorant one is YOU – “our people”?? Blacks & Latins got MONEY these days in case you haven’t looked around but in this economy ANYBODY can lose a house especially if they have more than one – I bet Kayne ain’t hurting over the forclosure of his mom’s place (no disrespect to Ye) – even Jay-z got sued for backing out of the loan he asked for in that Hotel venture that never materialized but I bet they both got a 1000 credit score & if not they got MONEY cash is king – you need to wake up kid – I know all about money – having it & not having it – the ignorance is when white america have people like you thinking credit scores really count when Donald Trump ass was broke & they lent him enough money to re-establish himself & billionaires lose billions but still are worth billions – can you spell c-o-l-l-e-g-e d-e-g-r-e-e in e-c-o-n-o-m-i-c-s??

  • Since when is 2 bedrooms a mansion? This sounds like a house he had in the side.

  • Mos High

    I dont live in Atlanta , but I was there is february scouting some properties. If you know the Atlanta market, then you know $348,000 can get you a very big house. Heck my friend bought his house is a nice SW Atlanta neighbourhood for $135k 4 bedrrooms 3 Baths half acre backyard. So to us who live in cities where housing is expensive, rest assured Atlanta is not one of them. I dont brag about having to pay big money to live in a detached house with 50 x 25 ft backyard

  • Pikapuss

    After that Gwenith paltrow mess and him kissin That clown Nicki Minaj like she was Wifey material and him defendin paltrow sayin niGGa like that was his massa,i lost alot of respect for Nas..Its a number of thinGs i lost respect for him for actually . Why doesn’t he ask Paltrow for a loan?

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  • Damm that’s messed up!! He’s still probably the greatest rapper of all time all that illuminati flash and cash all that shiny shit is lame anyways!! Nas greatest talent is relating to his fans who aren’t rich they just lead simple life and we all relate to him and his music yeah it’s sad to see something like this to happen to him but that’s just how it work out sometimes ….peace to the godson

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