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Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre Retiring For Good?

I was pretty impressed with the work that Dr. Dre has done with Kendrick Lamar. I’m sure KL wrote it, but it got me to thinking. “Maybe Dre is setting the table for his return.” So, I was close to doing a damn rumor, but I realized that would be doing something like other sites. So, I chilled and reached out to some people I know close to the situation. And they let me know unequivocally that Dre is NOT about to embark upon any sort of “comeback” to music. In fact, they made it clear that Dr. Dre is doing just fine off the sales of those Monster headphones. So, he may not announce or he may do some things here and there, but Dre ain’t about to jeopardize his paper.

I just wish I could get into the vault and hear the songs Dre has in it.

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  • H. U. S.

    This ain’t no damn rumor, Dre is officially retiring but selling them ”money making” headphones!

  • Yeah, when you’re super-rich and made it to the top, it’s no longer about giving back to fans anymore…..O well, Dre gave us some of his greatest work…It’s okay

  • I doubt Dre’ will retire without Detox….or at least making us wait another 10 yrs.
    Smart business move.

  • Big Crimes

    if he puts out Detox and its wack the headphones sales will drop

  • TruthSerum

    I doubt Dre will ever announce an official retirement, he’ll just hang around, show his face a few times a year and sell his headphones. I highly doubt we’ll ever see Detox or any other official Dre album tho

  • Wasnt Dre retiring long ago? Doesnt really sound like its news. Dre is smart for not making Detox like GnR’s “Chinese Democracy”.

  • 7yoyo7

    He should retire and sell/distribute his UNHEARD beats to real artists himself.
    At this point, nobody should give a FCUK about Detox, this is nothing but urban legend (and the 2 singles that he put out some time ago are WACK).

  • 8Galaxy5

    Dre couldnt handle the pressure with Detox.
    He promised fans they would get Detox but backed out.PUSSY MOVE

  • Richie_Ochoa

    Dre aint writing his own lyrics though. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m gonna keep it real I’m not in a rush to hear him rap like kendrick. The only reason people waiting on this album is because Chronic 2001 Was a classic. Forgetting that hittman wrote 90% of the album Jayz wrote “Still dre”, and slim wrote “Forgot about dre”. Nobody knew of hittman so they thought Dre stepped his lyrics and delivery up. Hittman is no longer around so now he would have to sound like kendrick and it just doest work because everybody know Kendrick so his flow sounds unauthentic.

    • andone

      and mel man did much of the crate diggin for 2001… but dre still has an arsenal of musicians/artists/ghostwriters both old and young to bang out another classic… imo, i think since his son’s passin and the controversy within his own camp combined wit a few other issues it has put a strain on his creativity/motivation… not to mention im sure he easily gets board with rap all together after being in the game for so long… pius its hard to recapture certain moments of inspiration and energy as times change also… me personally i really wanted that still smokin tour tho and when 50 started talkin about the 3 headed monster(dre/em/50) right b4 bisd dropped i seriously thought they were all gonna drop their albums and hit the road for a final run but it didnt happen… SMH!!

    • Dre has never wrote his lyrics and that’s no secret. On 2001 he had D.O.C.,Eminem and Jay writing the lyrics, while Mel-Man and Scott Storch helped him with the beats. Even tho Dre doesn’t write his own lyrics he still DELIVERS better than 90% rappers out there. So it’s the same who’s writing the lyrics. My point is, he still can make another 2001 if he wants to,he still got the most of the people around,but my guess is it’s the age thing he’s worried about(he’s 47yrs)

  • King Rickey

    Dre is like Micheal Jordan, I can still sell my brand and merchandise like crazy 20 years after doing anything significant to these foolish negroes. And what’s worse is most of Dre’s career was very ovehyped because he never wrote or produced most of the work that he was given credit. Pac found out he was fugaze real quick at Deathrow. He’s just a average rapper/producer that found his niche pimping people as a “mogul” for so many years. Yall been crying 10 years for a album yet still faithfully buying his headphones, yep Dre knows he got it good.

    • andone

      does every director of a hollywood blockbuster always write the script too???

      fyi dre works wit a team of talented musicians to get out his vision… also there is no set of rules when it comes to creating music… and dre has his own way of doin things… granted he does receive a majority of the recognition but when u check the “credits” his ppl are right there wit him… so dont act like there isnt a method to the madness u cant deny that the final product often impresses… but @kr ur jordan analogy is on point tho, minus the fact that a portion of his sales do go towards athletic programs for inner city youth!!

    • Lyve Wire

      i couldnt have said it better myself. been telling cats that for years now.
      how are you a mogul, if you cant do what you’re being called a mogul for? if it wasnt for elizondo, scorch, 50, jay, em, mel-man, doc and others, he wouldve faded off years ago.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    dr.dre isnt going to put out detox.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe” and “Compton”, Rick Ross’s “3 Kings”, and 50 Cent’s “New Day” were all Detox tracks which is why Dre is “featured” on them. Add those to the 2-3 that Dre actually tried to put out like “Kush”, “Under Pressure” feat Jay-Z, and the song from the Dr. Pepper commercial feat TIP and you have already heard a good portion of Detox. I’v also heard another song that was sample-based feat TIP. It was just one verse. And there is another that leaked called “Turn me on”?

    With all of that said, I think he gave up on Detox in this decade lol.

  • water_ur_seeds

    hes gonna be way to old to drop detox, so its safe to say it will never officially drop…

    he may release it at 60 or something and say, this is what detox was, that would make sense, but he wont be able to drop it and have people believe he is still living the life of the content that would be in the album…

    he will never top chronic or 2001…

  • since when is coming back about the money? if it is then please dont come back, i want epic music, not sub par music meant to fool the masses into putting money in dres pocket.

  • eddieknucks

    He should just be honest and say Im bringing out no album. Maybe a feature here or there. Keep playing with folks with that detox shit.

  • Tha Final Boss

    This nigga aint put out a record in over 10 years and niggas is still talking about is Dr. Dre going to retire!! Lol…

  • WillVetterGoodin

    so no Detox Huh?? Thats wack, You want that real tho? Google me Will Vetter Goodin, Who is YOUR Producer?

  • immackulate

    good take KENDRICK LAMAR with you … dre aint never wrote shyt, barely produce shyt
    his latest verse contributed to Rick Ross album Rick Ross wrote that verse and i could tell solely of the delivery — dre is as about as talented as PUFFY lol he still living off NWA credits cuz DAZ, HITMAN, and a bunch of underpaid engineers produced DRE’s sound = thats why he was mad when the information came out that EMINEM was schooling DRE on the production tip == cuz the shyt was truth

  • Soul Cracka #1

    yall still tryin to pass this garbage off like its the old illseed? he was bout make up a rumor? cool….

  • Anthonyd Smith

    What the hell happened to Hittman?

  • eddie

    maybe there are no songs in his vault smh

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  • D_Ably

    LMAO Dre BEEN retired.

  • Alf Capone

    i dont care about detox………havent for years

  • Heartless12

    LOOK OUT FOR DETOX!!!!! ……12,24,34,97 years later it never drops …. -,-

  • djblonde123

    honestly after em dropped encore, “we gone make dre do it”+ and what..5, 6 years later still not dropp it? i quit worrying about this shit in 08.. its sad though, ill admit it