Hip-Hop Rumors: Keyshia Cole Blasts Gucci Mane: "Where Ya Talent At?"

Over the weekend, Gucci Mane released a mixtape track called “Truth” that’s s a certified Jeezy diss track. If you haven’t heard about it, take a quick look at illseed’s rumor about it below:

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Well, on that same track, Gucci also called out R&B singer and Jeezy’s ex-girlfriend, Keyshia Cole. Gucci accused Keyshia of sleeping with Diddy while she was with Jeezy.

Check out Gucci’s lyrics below:

“I ain’t playing wit ya, I ain’t trying to dance wit ya/I ain’t using hands, let them rubberbands get ya/It take money to go to war and we can go to war n*gga /I ain’t no real rapper, I’m a f*cking grave digger /I’m a old school fool, don’t make me show my age n*gga /Grab a Louisville and turn it to a batting cage n*gga /I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her /But Puff was f*cking her while you was falling in love wit her /Call you to do a song, wouldn’t even smoke no bud wit ya /I was screaming so icy and was a neighborhood n*gga /This AR is my back up cause I don’t need nan n*gga /Must didn’t hear when Flocka said “Let them guns blam n*gga!”

Wowzers! Keyshia Cole didn’t take too kindly to that alleged “Truth” being exposed, now that she’s a married woman with a child. She went off on Gucci on Twitter, calling him a a liar and basically talentless. Check out her tweets below (Read from the bottom up):

Who do you believe? Check out Gucci’s track, “Truth”, below:

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80 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Keyshia Cole Blasts Gucci Mane: "Where Ya Talent At?"”

      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, but Gucci didn’t have to take it there….he already either-ed Jeezy with the “Dig ya’ boy up” line.

        Vicious diss track……..’chet might be on from left field behind that line…

      • johnblacksad

        “It take money to go to war and we can go to war n*gga”!

        that sh!t serious on da low… this ain’t no corned-beef, it’s that USDA certified Kobe marbled beef top sirloin real prime cut!

      • EDOGZ818

        It takes money to move an army.

        Logistics…..even on our level.

        Ninjaz in Paris = Airfare, Hotel, food, drink, transpo & a little flash cash never hurt nobody….wait, I take that last part back.

      • 7yoyo7

        Jody Breeze also mentionned approaching Jeezy & Keyshia Cole on the diss track “Uptown”.
        I don’t how useful it is to get her into that shit….

      • Alex Vanroon


      • EDOGZ818

        Yeah, lyrically speaking, Gucci doo doo gritz, Jeezy got him lyrically, but it’s past that ……with the iced Homie!

        The line was wicked……for it’s content.

        Better song? Of course Jeezy wins that beef….he better win or kill himself!

  1. pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    the dude clearly has no talent that i can agree. in hip hop/rap your voice is truly your instrument. so if you can’t stand on your own w/out a beat you aren’t shit period. just showing off the producers beat. street rapper or not his lyrics are equivalent of something a 6’th grader could conceive. He doesn’t have to be a nas,emineim or anything but for fucks sake at least try.

    He’s like the kid at the court with jordans and will talk trash all day but can’t play to save his life. he sure can blurt out made up words though. BURRRRRRR

    • EDOGZ818

      Real Spill, I know MC’z with a drum for a voice….make a beat with words…..I mean, that’s all they do, flow accapella, I know producers with no equipment, just beats on a table or wall & can flow at same time….that is Hip Hop…this is rap ~ but that dig ya boy up line…..”OUCH!”

  2. Chris

    Keyshia Cole should’ve just kept her mouth shut about it. Wasn’t nobody thinkin’ about ole’ girl ’til she went and copped a plea on Twitter. SMH.

  3. atlantahiphopshop

    You ever notice how these rich “stars” cant spell worth a damn!!!!? She should have just kept her illiterate ass quiet. “and dont have no place in that none sense” huh? Besides answering to it is an admission of guilt. Lucky he aint tell about all the other dudes before them. I mean she acts like she was a virgin or something. Please ho’. Gucci is lame as hell though, sound like he has a mouth full of shit when he raps.

    • Doe Boy

      i was bout 2 say the same shit…she should have jus acted like she dont “hear niggaz corny raps”…by answering its almost like she sayin stop fuckin up my game

  4. WillVetterGoodin

    this lame is a wanna be. He trash an he really ain’t got no talent. Will Vetter Goodin, Who is YOUR Producer?

  5. greeneyedbandit

    I feel like if Keyshia was gonna respond, she should have responded directly to the icecream man(lol), not indirectly! I like Keyshia, but I sure don’t like them tweets she put together to defend herself, and her reputation. Maybe someone hacked her account…..

  6. Synista

    keyshia cole married and has a kid??/What SUCKA I mean…who made that ho into a house wife?I heard heard she used to get passed around like a blunt and a 40 oz in a project hallway back in the day.Even prodigy from mobb deep almost smashed that.And gucci aint gotta lie to sell records,that song was titled the truth and coming from Gucci I believe it. Puff probably was hitting her from the back in the studio like ” take dat take dat take dat take dat take dat” and her thinking she was gonna get signed to bad boy.

    • Tony G.

      u heard..but like an ass ur speaking on what u dont know…and if she was getting hit off by Puff so what..thats the past..her point is she’s moved on..so why this clown ass nucca need to bring it back up…

      • Southcidal

        I agree. REal nigga comment from Tony G. Man these lil boys get on these sites and help to get lame as rumors going. And synista actually said “if it came from Gucci I believe it”. I don’t know Keisha Cole from the man on the moon so I’m not defending her, but I’m not gonna attack her on some lame shit either. If her music is wack I’ll call her on it, but that’s it. I thought I would be the only one not diickriding gucci. And for the record Gucci is wack.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        her music isnt that bad and yea gucci is a wack rapper but somehow he is actually better than alot of these other ones. all i wanted to say a “real nigga comment” cant be what this man say, real niggas are thugs everybody please remember that. Real Man comment maybe but Real niggas are those in the hood who u dont mess with or do real things ,which in the hood are crazy ignorant things. theres a difference. im off topic i know but yea continue u guys argument

    • Southcidal

      Boy u a lame. I thought you were about to say that you grew up with Keisha Cole or something. How you gonna get on here and trash that lil sister like that off of what you heard? “and coming from Gucci I believe it”. Huh? LMAO!! Just how old are you? If you are under 13, you’re not a lame, you just don’t know any better yet, but if older than that……… LAAAAAAMMMME (In Jigga’s “TakeOver” voice)!!!!!!!

  7. Jailhouse Mook

    Y’all need to listen to Ignorant Shit by Jay-Z.
    {They’re all actors
    Looking at themselves in the mirror backwards
    Can’t even face themselves, don’t fear no rappers
    They’re all weirdos, DeNiro’s in Practice
    So don’t believe everything your earlobe captures
    Its mostly backwards
    Unless it happens to be as accurate as me
    And everything said in song you happen to see
    Then actually, believe half of what you see
    None of what you hear even if its spat by me }

  8. chevy_weight_champ

    This nicca is a clown like 4realz, ok cuzz you came 2 a party wit yo heat but you didnt cracc nuthin off so why speak on it, an I’m not siding with either side cuzz, I’m from the WestCoast, but I respect Jeezy cuzz way more than Gucci corny ass, you talkin about Jeezy lil homie an no get bacc, what did you an bitch ass Waka do when they killed ya bitch homeboy Slim Dunkin, answer: yall didnt do shit!! case in point all this talking shit on traccz is played the fucc out cuzzo!!!

  9. AK

    to sell mixtapes?? that shit is free for download all over the place she trying to hard with that one.. if anything gucci is giving her promo aint no checking for her… and since were on the subject of talent you wants to say jeezy is better lyrically? cause gucci is far ahead i never heard jeezy kill anyone on their own track, gucci has murked any ft he ever did , also tip is hot garbage these days he dumbed down lower then waka . They dont want it lyrcially or the street shit gucci about to end some careers.

      • travo 28

        Guess you never heard Round One, Benchwarmers, or 745 all jeezy diss tracks from the Gooch each track murked Jeezys Stay Strapped and 24, 23, jus like this ”Truth” track murked him again, the streets recognize it but you Hip mHop heads would swear jeezy lil peon diss is harder GTFOH! CTE cornflakes

      • 89107

        Bitch shutup! Gucci aint shit. No talent. Thats all he do is talk shit about Jeezy. Who still making hella money though? JEEZY. who locked getting raped? bitch ass ugly gucci now shut yo punk bitch ass up. i bet you a dirty ass chief keef fan too. wanna be thug ass BITCH

      • AK

        you serious? guess your just one of them single listeners and stay strapped sucked and that was years ago gucci got way better that diss was bullshit, i like jeezy but be real he aint got shit on gucci period. Gucci made trap what it is today people dont want to give that type of music props cause a lot of dumbass rappers cant rap wanna do it, but gucci is the original and he is a real rapper dont fall for the hate.

  10. Tony G.

    Weak song…BS lyrics as usual…and all yall saying u believe Gucci…so what…whether its true or not..thats her past and not his place to bring it up..as long as her man dont care why should he or yall for that matter…that was a gay move on his part and it didnt help this lame ass song

    • YoungPrime

      That’s how it is when they’re favorite rapper has “50 Tyson’s” flow and a urge to spread rumors about people you have no dealings with.

  11. Alf Capone

    just got back from atlanta yesterday afternoon………..the ppl cool…………but that is one dirty ass city……..it reminded me of memphis

  12. daveofthematthews

    Damn really, Errrrr since when did Gucci Lame become a beacon of truth??? you stupid mofo’s might take everything this silly dude says as the gospel truth, Personally i say the day i take anyone who has a Mr Whippy tatted on their face seriously is the day i start to believe all this hype about Dick Floss being the next biggie, And i could not care less about Gucci, Jeezy or Keyshia, but you fools commenting saying you believe what he says need to find a better roll model for real. And you can start by finding someone that as well as calling themselves a rapper CAN actually rap! This dude is beyond Garbage and is an insult to anyone in the rap game that does actually possess talent And to anyone that can write their own stuff, funny thing is all you gullible fools that co sign this dude probably also wonder why people outside of rap consider this musical genre ignorant!… Lmao Now that is Irony.

  13. Synista

    Yeah I said I HEARD, I never CLAIMED it was a FACT !Are you the cat who wifed her up???
    I swear sum of ya’ll dudes are some real Carl Thomas Ralph tresvant Emotional sensitive ass nukkas! Get all offend when someone says anything about rappers or singers who ya’ll probably have shrines devoted to in your gran mama’s basement.
    If You don’t like what i type don’t read it.

  14. Andreana Thornton

    I say, why bring the chic into it? If your beef is with Jeezy, it’s strictly with Jeezy. Plus, I never like it when guys call girls out and ‘try’ and put their business in the street. Makes them sound AND look like a b*tch. Now if she called out Gucci, that’s different…but it’s Keyshia Cole, a singer NOT Nikki, Fox B., Eve, etc…

  15. travo 28

    I never understood why women go out of their way to proclaim and prove to the world they not this or didnt do that. If Keyshia Cole says shes happily married and has a family now then obviously whatever happen or didnt happen between her and Puff is in the past why do she even care? She really got to go on a tirade on Twitter gassin her followers up. This jus proves to me that their is some truth to what the Gooch said in that ”Truth” track. Anotherthing she said where Gucci talent at implyig hes talentless if thats the case why the hell did she do a song with him? Keyshia Cole has embarassed herself and got exposed she needs to quit while shes ahead before more about her is revealed.

  16. zoe tapia

    Ish might be good if it was authentic, u dont get props for shooting a n*gga wit ur eyes closed, 4 went in 4 went out one got wounded and died later, so lets look at what he rapping bout, put money on your head, sent goons to get u, had u fighting for ur life, and u wanna go to war?????(on wax that is), old school gangstas dont get money put on they head and turn around and make a diss track, put some real work in, being a victim aint gangsta, studio gangstas is why Atlanta rap has no substance

  17. Synista

    LMAO Wow,hey SOUTHCIDAL go read my Carl Thomas Ralph tresvant post and fucc off.I don’t even wanna go any further with you because you seem like the type of ninja who would call the FEDS and report me for internet bullying or some shyt. so just go put on your pink skinny jeans jump on your skateboard and go play on the nearest freeway.

  18. Slaughtr


  19. YoungPrime

    For her to be the ho in this scenario you’d think it was her spreading the gay ass gossip like Wendy Williams. It aint like he fucked her so why put Diddy’s name out there? For the record Keisha Cole’s R&B resume >>> Gucci Mane’s Rap resume. This is fact.

  20. MildManneredReporter

    lmao i believe gucci only because her response seem like her ass was sore from the comment…if i was her i would have hit him with a *yawn and stretch* and added his twitter at the end of it..if that

  21. Kevin Washington

    i dont believe gucci simply cause he needs a buzz … like literally … dude is desperate right now and it shows … what does keyshia have to lose by lieing ?? she aint with jeezy no more … diddy isnt a bad guy to be amongst the women hes been with … and it was before her current marriage …@ the end of the day the last album gucci did it featured vnasty and it re-defined FLOP !!!!!! COME ON SON !! this dude has zero talent … always reaching for a buzz and fall flat on his ice cream cone lol when its time to drop the retail …. news flash … anybody can ride a dope beat well maybe anybody but lil b … and anybody with a name can build a buzz off FREE PRODUCT no one turns down free ish … thank keyshia, young joc, TI, & Jeezy for your current buzz !! .. now show everyone you can actually sell some records lol 😉

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