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Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Pregnant? Rick Ross Speaks! Pinky And Mystikal To Hook Up?

Well, look at what Sandra Rose is saying about Rihanna and Chris Brown. How she would know this, I’ll never know, but I’ll relay the rumor anyway. She said:

There is a rumor going around the industry that the real reason singer Chris Brown dumped his longtime girlfriend for Rihanna is because the Bajan beauty is pregnant with his baby. They say Rihanna, 24, has been sleeping with Brown for over a year now — without protection — in a desperate attempt to get pregnant.
Brown, 23, reportedly wants to do the right thing by marrying his baby’s mother as soon as possible. I reached out to my rock solid source within RiRi’s camp for confirmation. I am awaiting a callback.

The verdict is this is patently false.

In the meantime…


A few weeks ago, Mystikal sent a clear message. IF Hip-Hop don’t work, he’ll be doing porn. Well, the dude has a really big chance of doing porn, because I’m not seeing proof that rap is going to be it at this time, even though he’s Cash Money. That said, Pinky – his porn crush – is willing to help him get in the game…at a “price.” Here is what TMZ said….

Rapper Mystikal’s porn career is off to a promising start — TMZ has learned, Mystikal’s #1 porn star crush has AGREED to have sex with him on film … but he better not plan to get paid for it.XXX star Pinky — who Mystikal named as his top choice to pop his porn cherry — tells TMZ, she’s flattered the rapper picked her … and will gladly film a sex tape with him for her website.

But Pinky says she refuses to pay him — because Mystikal is currently an “amateur” and Pinky doesn’t pay amateurs … “no matter how good he is in bed.”

As we first reported, Mystikal says he’s taking one last stab at the music biz before he gives up and turns to porn … seriously.

As for his six-year prison stint for sexual battery, Pinky says it doesn’t bother her one iota — telling us, “I think he came out looking better than when he went in.”


Rick Ross talks about his new mix tape, Meek Mill, Stalley and some other stuff at a recent stop at Wing Stop. Shout out to the homey Mikey T.

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26 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Pregnant? Rick Ross Speaks! Pinky And Mystikal To Hook Up?”

  1. Alf Capone

    i guess mystikal was in jail so long that he finds the ugliest dumpster fire attractive………pinky one disgusting looking person

  2. Casor_Greener

    It’s time for Mystical to give it up. His rap career is finished.

    Chris Brown and Rihanna should just go ahead and announce they are together.

    Rick Ross been through a lot in this rap game, but I respect his staying power. He is still on the radio every day all day

    • Lyve Wire

      if record sales are the final say to a rapper’s career being over, 90% off rappers can forget it……. like i said earlier, its all about the show money. touring is where its at. a prime example of ‘if you dont know what you’re looking for, you’ll never find it’; plenty of ppl are making a good living off of rap.
      stop thinking that platinum is where the money is. too many independent musicians out there making money we never hear about.

    • Slaughtr


  3. Richard Savage

    Welp guess Mystikal will be a pornstar cuz he hasnt been hot since Danger…not a bad start fuckin Pinky tho…just wear a condom bro is all i can say

  4. Smashit

    False need to cut that beard – nukka look like the ham burgular – his last CD was so garbage my dude gave it to me n when I heard it I tried to give it back n he wouldn’t take it – he good for guest spots on other people’s songs but IN MY OPINION he got no content worth buying musically
    Rhi Rhi want a baby come see me I’m trying to K-fed me an industry chick

  5. EDOGZ818

    Sandra Rose got the Riri rumor from 4UMF!
    Damn iLLseed, check ya’ emails more than 2x a month Brah! I be sending you the scoops, check 4UMF for news & rumors first!

    I see Mikey T doing his thing again!

    Wonder what’s up with the Meek Mills / DNA battle?
    DNA is vicious on the battle tip.
    If AHH wanna sponsor it, I’ll have El Bark link up & make it happen for you!

    Tell Mikey T to ask Officer Ricky about Gunplay / Richard “The Chin” Morales #1 Video…robbing the accountant!


    • leftlanekb

      Damn hater chill, why if you have a job in your lifetime you can’t be a rapper (referring to Officer Ricky comment) Your favorite rapper aint sold no dope either remember that! And why you niggas think dope dealing cool anyway just wondering

      • EDOGZ818

        Wait a minute….your comment defeated the whole purpose, like a fish trying to swim on the surface, like a man trying to Fugg a man, some ‘chet I’ll never understand.

        Officer Ricky glorifies selling dope….like the Pied Piper leading our youth str8 to his old occupation.

        It’s not that he had a job….a legal beagle = the finest look, but when you lie about it & then he dissed Trick Daddy, like a Judge I have to throw the book!

        He should have been real about it & avoided the whole controversy, told real life stories of inmates & how they ended up at the courts mercy.

        Ricky is fake & that ‘chet irks me, so he gets the Sledge from a Ninja named Percy.

        * Percy Sledge ~ When a Man Loves a Woman
        (Old School)

        Ricky is wack, and radio is down with a conspiracy, to subvert the culture & mentality by audio & the imagery that we see, now RAP’s spokesmen clearly lacks integrity….and this is vital to the culture, as well as to you & me.

        ( Ok, I can’t rap, but neither can he! )

  6. E Scalez

    Pinky gon swerve the boi Mystikal and play him out on some backwards strap-on shit…not what dude is planning on ahaha.

  7. Eng Mahamudu Jr Juma

    Rozay needs to cut that beard…. If RIRI is pregnat, it sounds like the kid is gonna have multiple daddies or something. smfh.

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