Miami Rapper Bizzle Shot and Killed At Local Car Wash

(AllHipHop News) Popular local Miami rapper Bizzle was shot and killed last night (October 15), at a car wash in Liberty City, Miami.

The Miami Herald reports that Bizzle, 37, was shot and killed during an argument around 8:00 PM.

The rapper, known for local hits like “Lip Biting Animal” and “Naked Hustle,” was in an SUV with his two young children when he arrived at the car wash.

At some point, Bizzle, born Robert Labranche, got out of the SUV and argued with a black man in his 20’s, who eventually shot and killed the local rapper.

According to police, the two children inside of the SUV did not witnessed the shooting.

“Fortunately they did not see the incident,” Miami Police spokesman Willie Moreno told the Miami Herald. “They were on the other side of the building.”

Police are looking for a suspect  wearing all black who fled the scene.

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  • shayleshay


    • johnblacksad

      that ain’t hip hop young troll… ninja had his kids in the car!

      • Yeah & shouldn’t have got into any beef with them….dumb move.

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  • Negro Peligro

    Man you can’t hate on a computer job.

    • johnblacksad

      damn it feels good to not be a gangsta!

      Sorry Geto Boys!

      • Chris

        Real talk.

      • You need to tell it to BG.
        RIP Bizzle.

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  • johnblacksad

    Life is a ho!

  • dareal504

    Shit is fucked up on sort of levels….smh R.I.P

  • 7yoyo7

    His kids were in the car yo! This is a fcuking disgrace!
    Thank God they are safe and haven’t seen their father getting shot.

    • He shouldn’t have had them with him, stepping to some drama… when Rosemo knocked out Game at the mall with his seed……somethings you just shouldn’t do.

  • $11625525

    Got your kids with you, shoulda stayed in the car, sorry but your children’s safety is your number 1 priority when under your guardianship. Suppose he didn’t get shot and someone had snatched his kids instead? Stay in the car with your kids!

    May his soul rest in peace and his family heal in time.

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  • Mossad in hiphop

    All these rappers getting murdered, i won’t be surprise if it be the governments thats calling hits. Just to take hiphop down and to put restrictions on it. Look at all those white jews in hiphop today, they look like Mossad. But also it’s time for these rappers to promote a new and positive messages.

    • They gonna take out Bizzle????? They wouldn’t take out Rosay Perez, er, um, Ricky Rosay.

    • Slaughtr

      Possible but true haps.

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  • wow this has to stop!


    people always hate when you doing better then them


    so sad his family has to survive with out him now


    rip fam!

  • Barrie Muzlim

    why blak people alwayz shot black people….
    r.i.p homie


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  • skippyKASH

    Daaaaang !! i used to spin Bizzle in the club and at partys in Orlando, he had a couple big hits in Florida 09-10 they classics now… at least in jook style music “naked hustle” was about supporting strippers and how they hustle, “lip biting animal” was for the pill poppers (beans/Xtacy), the young and older crowd loved it… SMH r.i.p. homie ima keep playin ya ish..

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    when trying to hard to be gangsta goes wrong, this dude had his kids in the car but choose to stop and jump out and argue with a young buck prolly over some bullshit, he should’ve know these lil niggaz don’t play the radio these days and its in his best intrest to keep it moving and not argue over spilled milk

  • TheTruth

    Listen people, I just heard about Bizzle….He was 37 years old…..and seems he had a lot of tracks. Doesn’t anyone here feel like it is strange that he did not get shot making regular songs, but when he starts taking about God and makes major waves by going at Kanye, Rick Ross and especially Jay-Z’s necks about being Free Mason’s(Free Masons start learning about rituals and Satan Worship after a certain degree, I don’t want any 1st or 2nd degree Masons telling me different ya’ll didn’t get there yet.)He get’s shot dead? For all you young heads here’s a history lesson: Before Tupaz Was murdered, He was going to produce and album with him and his own friends exposing the illuminati…The group was to be called Kil-uminati not kluminati….”kill”…He wanted to kill them lyrically and open eyes and ears…..Wake up people, why are you still asleep? “It’s more then just a message…..You hear but you don’t listen. You better pay attention!”

  • TheTruth

    Look into the info I am saying. I know these posts will get taken down.

  • TheTruth

    Side note, the police spokesman said. “Fortunately they(the kids) did not see the incident,” “They were on the other side of the building.” So you mean to tell me a Christian Rapper who doesn’t speak about violence, is going to stop get out of his car to argue with some “20 year old black man?” But,not before driving around the other side of a building,parking and walking to the other side? B.S as usual….How do they know it went down this way? If so then someone must have seen it and if someone saw and told police. Surely they would have told cops. So the cops can go by more then a suspect wearing “All black everything.” I guess the witness will “explain later.” maybe they wanted to get back to their “paper.” This case will go basically unsolved just like um i dunno…Pimp C,Biggie and Pac( place any other slan rapper here)..I’ll let yall figure out who’s the common denominator there…..