Tyga and Son

Tyga, Girlfriend Blac Chyna Welcome Baby Boy

(AllHipHop News) Young Money rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Blac Chyna welcomed a child into the world today (October 16).

Tyga and Blac Chyna gave birth to a healthy baby boy named King Cairo Stevenson, according to the couple.

Tyga posted a picture of his new 7-pound son on Instagram earlier in the day.

Blac Chyna, a stripper at Miami’s famed King of Diamond’s strip club, also appears in the video for Tyga’s hit single “Rack City.”

  • Fukurpost

    U know u then f up right ….next year he will be on here crying because he got to pay child’s support smh…

  • KLewis

    When your mother’s claim to fame is being a stripper who had sex with a lot of rappers before being impregnated by one, those career day things are gonna be hella awkward. Anyways, congrats to the baby for not winding up in her mouth like so many of his siblings have gone before. And may he grow up to emancipate himself from his parents and start a coalition to stop a union like this from happening again.

    • therealest1

      Preach on. Give it to them real.

    • DreamZ

      Lmmfao “Like so many of his siblings had gone before” hilarious

    • 7yoyo7

      lol that’s cold
      Congrats for his kid though…

    • Slaughtr

      You said it Correct no more post needed.

    • hoeyuno

      Ha ha

    • Kap Diva

      You must be one of those lames, who has to pay a stripper for sex and she takes the money home to her Baby Daddy. I know you still mad over tricking off your portion of the rent money at the strip club…lol

      • KLewis

        Never been to one. Strippers look fake to me. You must be one of those lames who defend all the plastic on Nicki Minaj. Hey to each his own.

    • pharaohmaker

      well damn…tell us how you really feel

    • hanailove808


    • that was rude you should have just left your bad comments to your self stop being a < < < < < HATER dont hate off of her hustleeeeeeeee
      ! & congrats on yall baby boy china & tyga **

    • Yo that shit was too funny, but REAL lol

    • cdfu

  • therealest1

    Let’s pray this child comes out right based on the ass clown parents he came from. Let’s hope this boy breaks the stigma of the apple not falling far from the tree(s) by having positive conduct and accomplishments.

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  • thatgirlAsh


  • Simon Adebisi


  • Brian Andrew Smith

    you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, but then again tyga is a gawdamm fool so maybe itll work out. but odds are shes going to to be taking his rack city.

    • thisnigga

      shes gonna be the only one singing that shit in 10 yrs

  • World Wide

    This is what that Y.O.L.O mind state will get you.

  • Congratulations Tyga & Blac Chyna. Welcome to the baby mama drama

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  • Easy C

    She got him.
    This idiot know ain’t no relationship ever worked with no hoe, even for a pimp who decided to have a relationship with his hoe.

    We seen this movie over and over. Usher and so on.
    Dude can’t afford a home, how he gonna afford this baby with that chic? He done. lol

    • hanailove808

      well u have to remember that nigga is rich than a mug so yeah he can afford it but the question is, is he gon be there for the baby?

  • dayleedumped

    damn tyga was coming up for a minute shit was looking real good for him the past couple years.. sad to say that today is when his life is about to start going down hill

  • Smh I Thought He Was Single I Was Finna Get With That ! But a Stripper As a Gf Good Luck With That Michael ! Or Congratz On Baby He’s Cute 🙂

  • therealest1

    Its random, but I just learned that today that Tyga is mixed, he’s Jamaican and Vietnamese. Who would’ve ever though?

  • she’s winnin..hoes dream about this shit

  • Ft_green

    God bless your Son Young Man. Congrats!

  • Faller

    Anyone who gets played by a ho in the generation is a fool and its their fault. We’ve learned from out predecessors this game of “marry/impregnate a hoe that takes half your money, takes alimony and still makes you pay child support”

    everyones on a mission for a better life.
    she just did completed her hoe objective.

    all these hoes are agents. taught from young how to catch a nigga

    we look up to the ballers
    they look up to the ballers ex wives.


  • Synista

    Tyga had to give up the mansion LOL
    The pic looks like he is thinking “Damn 18 years,m18years and i will be free”

  • AK

    salute him for acknowledging his kid how many rappers have 20 kids that they dont care about

    • seveneightyseven

      lol his boss lil wayne

  • Richard Savage

    I would say she doesnt have to worry about working in a strip club no more but shit even with a hot record like Rack City the nigga still went triple plastic… but congrats on the baby

  • Abrasive Angel

    ive it a few months and she is going to a lawyer to take him to the cleaners. That temporary income has arrived. You know it’s temporary because Tyga’s career will not last long.

  • came here strictly to read the comments now this is gonna be some comedy lol sn: CONGRATZ mane

  • Zom

    wow. what can i say?? congratulations to them both. smh. Prod. By Zom

  • Mskhill

    I wonder when they have arguments who wins at exposing the skeletons…lol


    may god watch over thier children


    they both are very blessed in different ways.god bless!!

  • hanailove808

    congrats to both of yall maybe you can lock that chick down

  • You know you done fucked up right ?

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this is a clown circle – first they say he just started a porn site and the baby moma assuming she quit is an ex stripper. how long is she gonna want to be out the spot light, she gonna want to model in king magazine in a thong or something. they both young and most likely gonna live that party life, so that baby gonna spend a lot of time with its grand parents or relatives..

  • wow, let see how long till child support kick in

  • i admire men like tyga because despite what people may think of his girl he still loves her…i hope people like khalil lewis can become a real man and stop hating on peoples relationship just cuz u aint shining like the nigga tyga tyga …. wit ya broke punk ass

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  • solo_dolo

    Not liking something doesn’t mean you’re hating. People have legit reasons to doubt their union and offspring’s future. It’s a formula that you know is going to fail one way or the other. I truly wish them the best and hope they can become the exception and not the rule for their child’s sake. Amber Rose got these hoes fucked up. Not to say there’s no life after stripping but take that money and invest it in a legit talent/career at least. Her son is going to see all these pics of her on the internet one day and so will his friends. I just hope he’ll be able to accept and love his mother anyway because you dont get to choose your parents for real. YOLO my ass I hope Tyga has some money invested and saved.



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