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Flavor Flav Allegedly Assaults Teenager and Fiancee at Las Vegas Home

(AllHipHop News) Public Enemy hype man and Hip-Hop icon Flavor Flav was arrested this morning (October 17) in Las Vegas after reportedly assaulting a teenager and/or his fiancee at his house with a deadly weapon according to TMZ.

Police reported that Flavor Flav, born William Drayton Jr., was allegedly involved in a verbal disagreement with a teenager in his house, as well as his fiancee, when his significant other called 911.

According to reports, Flavor Flav allegedly threatened one person with a knife and physically harmed the other, but at press time, it is unknown exactly who he attacked in what manner, or whether the teenager in question in his daughter.

Flavor Flav was arrested at 3AM and placed in custody on felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

His bail is set at  $23,000.

More news as details emerge.

  • Damn!!!!

  • therealest1


  • These people are getting too old for this.

  • Synista

    Flav must be back on dat crack.

  • Serious Flav? You just cant stay outta jail. Whats going on with our entertainers

  • YaheardSyndicate

    This is only one side of the story.

  • therealest1

    I recall reading Flavor Flav getting arrested in a New York park on a bicycle back in the 90s.

    • How about when he came out of Executive Towers ( 164th? & Grand Concourse ) with the Mossberg, chasing his neighbor?

      Or same story?

      • therealest1

        I honestly don’t recall that incident of his. It shouldn’t be a shock considering its him though.

      • Flav got booked in ’93 with a hammer, booked for bucking at neighbor in with a pump, & 95 with another hammer, during a stop & frisk in a cab.

        Then again, in NYC, during that time….it was better to get caught with a hammer…..than without one!

      • NEWSKULL

        DAMN BRO You are like a Hip-Hop Historian…

      • – – > > EDOGZ818’s “True Hip Hop Stories”

        Maybe a 4UMF Feature? Weekly submissions? LOL~N

        I’m gonna holla at iLLseed & see what’s good.

        Maybe go back to featuring artist music from the board?

        Just being from the Boogie, back then, I mean, I was in the New York City Mission Society with Smooth B from Nice & Smooth, man…listen, you wouldn’t believe some of the experiences….King Sun as a neighbor, K-Born as fellow competitor / friend, Mikey D, ( New Music Seminar Champ 1988 ), Parish Smith ( PMD via Mikey D via Travis Terrell Jacobs, my next door neighbor, child hook friend, etc. Travis played Dione on the Wire? The Corner? ( He was on both, Oz, the Black dude from the subway scene in Devil’s Advocate, short dude in 1-800 Collect cousin Pee Wee commercials, etc.)

        Big L, KRS, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Run DMC, Supreme ( The Rapper from Bklyn ) Crusader Rob, Kevin Child’s ( Don Diva ), Shannon Holmes author of B’more Careful, & plenty more that I had the honor to cross paths with growing up in the city.

        (Rap wasn’t that big then, to where a rapper wouldn’t rock for free, at a Jam, House Party, Event, etc….& puff an L, drink a 40 in the park with ya’ etc.)

        My 1st day on King Sun’s block, he & his crew welcomed us to the block, on some – – >> assigned two fiends to unload the U Haul & made it clear that if anything was missing or broke…..well, the fiends automatically got the pic, & nodded compliance before he even finished. Invited us to the corner, introduced us to the hood, & bought 3 bottles of Amoretta ( Big Ones ) , Milk, cups, 40z, music, mad ” L’z “, & was all around on some G ‘chet.

        I ain’t even gonna start telling stories about Sun, LOL-n, he is ….well, no different than his image in music.

        Smooth B too.
        Special K ( Treacherous 3 ), Kieth Kieth ( Funky Four ), T La Rock ( They all brothers ) Africa Bambatta / Bronx River / Mighty Zulu Nation, Ickey C, Natives ( – – > > Staten Island Zulu ), Dollar Bill, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte & more.
        * I was a messenger in Manhattan, so met Whoopi Goldberg & others that aren’t Hip Hop too.
        ( *Jumping Jack Flash time )

        Some I just met, some are friends, some were friends before they were famous, some after they faded into obscurity.

        Learned things about the industry, the economics, etc., which goes against the fake flossing & points to bankrupts rappers by the dozen.

  • $23 racks for bail? How did they get that #?

    SMDH at Flav’s mugshot!

  • TruthSerum

    They might finally give him some real time for this one, smh

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