Swizz Beatz and Carmelo Anthony

Hip-Hop Rumors: Shots Fired? Are You Feeling Swizz Beatz's New York Knicks Theme Song?

Although Swizz Beatz is a good friend of Jay-Z, and his wife Alicia Keys is a recent collaborator with Jigga, Swizzy makes it clear that he’s riding with the original NY team, The New York Knicks! At a recent press junket at Madison Square Garden earlier this week, Swizz revealed to the fans that he produced the new New York Knicks theme song and also had a few words about the “new place” in town.

“Now, I know there’s a lot of things going on around town with a bunch of other new places, but there’s no place like the Garden. There’s no team like the New York Knicks…[and] this year, I sat down with the fellas, and they said it’s showtime. What time is it? It’s Knicks time…I want y’all to get used to that all year ‘cus they’re coming out harder, stronger, better, and they’re coming to rush the building.”

Did Swizzy just take a few shots at the Barclays Center? Take a look at the video below courtesy of Page 31.

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  • RockyMountainRaider

    Carmelo Vasquez, Lala’s little bitch.

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  • Swizz with that nazi salute?!

    • Alf Capone

      aye my nigga……….i was at that raiders/falcons game this past weekend………..palmer cost us that game

  • The song is horrible….But the Knicks and the Nets should not be competing, it’s just silly.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      theres enough fans through out the tri-state area for these teams. I want to see them both step they game up this season.

      • Guest

        Do I have to spell EVERYTHING out for you? You are very Big Yellow Bus right now….I was trying to say that 2 teams going against each other for the same State is pointless.

  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    not feeling it. too slow needs to be more upbeat

  • what thats a mixtape joint over the Clique beat ironically by jayz, kanye & big sean ….. however swizz will be looking super stupid if the nets have a better season then the knicks and def will looks stupid if they bring that ring back before the knicks lol 😉 which in turn will give jayz infinite juice …. thats gonna be @least 3-4 more albums of bragging lol 😉

    • Alf Capone

      he wont look stupid………hes just sticking by his team……….aint nothing wrong with that

    • Never happen….but if it does…Instant Either!

  • johnblacksad

    No shots fired… just Sydney pullin a Dhalsim again… long armed stretchy ‘rumor’. smh

    It’s sports… is Spike Lee also supposed to line up behind the Nets just cause he is Jay-Z’s friend too? Just stop Sydney.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      “just Sydney pullin a Dhalsim again… long armed stretchy..”,that got me laughing dude

  • toreal

    Swizz Beats ostrich neck ass took my future wife Alicia Keys.

    • ONE

      Lol, I was hating on dude when I heard they were together. She was the baddest chick in the game in my opinion

      • toreal

        I agree.

  • KLewis

    It’s sibling rivalry. They’d probably bet on Knicks/Nets games. But Alicia won’t increase Swizz’s allowance.

    • 5789007

      Swizz is worth 65 million dollars you ignant BETCH!!!

      • Choppaliss

        lol he was just tryna be funny, calm down

  • jay

    if you from N.Y. you ride with the knicks! the Nets will always be NewJersey Nets Knicks can go 0-83 the knicks will still own NewYork. same as the Jet’s and Giants…

  • chadbutler

    why jay-z keep dope poppin anyone who reads the wsj know russian billionaire who owns a mining company bought the nets and his wife runs it. they just using jay-z if he going to do all the leg work to make them more money why not. but in no way is jay-z calling shots over there them russian oligarchs dont play that.

  • Dave Williams

    song not bad but i hate his beatz he,s played