50 Cent (AHH)

Hip-Hop Star 50 Cent Launches SMS Audio Line In Dubai

(AllHipHop News) New York rap star 50 Cent is currently in Dubai, where he launched his custom line of headphones, SMS Audio.

50 Cent’s line of headphones will go on sale this November in the country, the rapper said during a press conference.

50 made the announcement during an appearance during the Gitex Technology Week conference that is taking place in the country this week.

The rapper also made an appearance at the Virgin Megastore in the Mall of the Emirates to launch the SMS Audio brand.

There will also be a charity aspect to 50’s business dealings in the Middle East, since a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Dubai Autism Center.

50 Cent also hosted a Q&A with students at the American University in Dubai, during his appearance in the Middle East.

The rapper hosted a talk to explain his philosophy on business, and success.

In related news, 50 Cent has revealed that he is taking over the management of his own business career, since the August suicide of his manager Chris Lighty.

50 made the revelation during a series of tweets earlier today.

“I manage myself now the Chris Lighty has passed,” 50 Cent tweeted. “I’m not going to rush my album out now that I’m doing both jobs.”

Tomorrow, R&B singer Ciara, Craig David, DJ Antoine and Skyblue from LMFAO are scheduled to meet fans at the Dubai Mall.

  • Great News…..I love it when rappers have something else to fall on when their careers go elsewhere…..Great job 50

    • Easy C

      Props and a shot at same time.

      Come on man, just cause he ain’t doing Get Rich… numbers doesn’t mean his career done.
      Dude just had 2 hit, (Jeremiah and Crack A bottle) New Day is picking up,
      Then his numbers that are perceived as flop is currently the hottest rappers success, so how’s that career done?
      Who’s doing 50’s old numbers right now?
      If he doing same numbers as the most successful rappers right now is he still successful, logically, thus still good career, not a flop?

      • But it’s true….50 cent haven’t had a hit in a while…But he is a great business man….Giving credit where credit is due.

      • Peter Morris

        Dior I give you credit. This isn’t your usual I hate 50 post. It’s a little backhanded compliment but its not the usual.

      • lol.



  • ItsTrue

    oh 50, he still alive.. i heard songs of him 7 years ago, he was big back then.. but well not every rapper got a long career, he enjoyed it 3 or 4 years

  • IDestroyStupidPeople

    50 is garbage.

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  • RahRah

    GROWTH is why he gets my respect not to mention so so handsome ………………………..If thats tru about trying to get Flyodd to leave his current manager I THINK HE SHOULDVE LISTENED. For some reason Im rocking wit 50 as a hell of a business man

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