Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill’s Sister Goes IN On His Baby Mama!

Meek Mill has tweeted and instagram’d details about his issues with his son’s mother in the past – many times, in fact. Meek even called her a “true bum” for burning through $11K that he gave her in under 30 days, and said that his home life would make a good reality show because it was filled with drama.
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Well, I guess spazzing out on his baby mama runs in the Mill family. Meek Mill’s sister recently went on a Twitter war of words with Meek’s BM, and even exposed a photo of her stuff packed up and ready to be moved out…I presume from a home that she shares with Meek and their son.

According to Bossip, Meek’s sister threatened to burn all of the stuff, and then taunted her by saying “his new b*tch better than you.” Drama indeed.

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23 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Meek Mill’s Sister Goes IN On His Baby Mama!”

  1. MuthaFuka Jones

    Meek, sit down. Your lack of “reserve” in the industry is going to make your album flop. Tell your people to chill too. Shit like this should be kept under wraps.

  2. AK

    meek is cool to listen to, to get hype at a party or club hes career is riding on that album tho hope it aint no based on tru story type album where all the mixtapes were hot and the album was filler.

    • Kevin Washington

      i doubt but maybe its just my opinion but 2chainz mixtapes werent even all that he just had a few really hot songs on them … meek always put out dope mixtapes like damn near above average since the flamers series …. so chances are the album will be dope … #fingerscrossed lol 😉

  3. Doe Boy

    u gotta keep shit like in house…1)you dont need allhiphop/bossip all in yo shit 2)its a bad look when the lil one grow up in see his t-t and his pops sayin his mom aint shit for the world to see

  4. ladynamor

    Lost ALL female supporters. Now all he has left are hard head dudes that dont support anything, including their own kids. “Get em Meek!”( In a dead beat dad’s voice)

  5. brotha_man

    meek look like a weak ass negro….keep ur personal biz personal. this is not a good look BM Drama you ‘posed to handle that grown man style

  6. heavyboy

    Meek…I could see if both of ya’ll were still in the hood, but you in the big leagues now…. ish like this shouldn’t hit the media**

    PS The sister needs to stay out of it… at the end of the day that’s still that baby’s mom…
    concentrate on being a good auntie***

  7. Abrasive Angel

    This is just ammunition to be used in court against him. I bet she is keeping records and making screenshots with only her side of the story to get that child support rolling soon.

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