Hip-Hop Rumors: Video – The “Hip-Hop Illuminati” Is Coming To Prime Time!

We’ve been hearing about the “Hip-Hop Illuminati” episode coming to the “Cleveland” animated comedy show for a while now, and a few sneak peeks from the episode have finally been released. The episode is called “Menace II Secret Society” and features the voices of Kanye West, Nicki Minaj,, ?uestlove, and Bruno Mars.

In the sneak peek released to E! Online, Cleveland plays a disgruntled songwriter who sneaks into an Illuminati meeting to confront Kenny (Kanye West) about a song that they co-wrote together. Check out the clip below:

Spaghetti wigs? Alright, Kanye. The show looks pretty funny. Check out another clip below:

The Hip-Hop Illuminati episode is slated to premiere this Sunday, October 21, at 7:30 p.m. on FOX. Will you be watching?

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  • SDS_Overfiend

    the illuminates is smart.. they are going to hide this in plain sight. By making fun of it and changing around shit for t.v. it will make the average person look pass it. they will destroy their own credibility just to the credibility of the videos you see on youtube.

    • Jay

      Lmao and smh at the same damn time.

    • Alf Capone

      get a life

    • “The illuminates is smart” huh?

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        U is smart…..u is important….u is kind…..lmao

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  • MuthaFuka Jones

    The only people giving this “illuminati” power are the people that beleives that it exists. But, nah, I’m not watching it. Barely watch TV at all.

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  • TruthSerum

    There clowning on it because a joke is all it is. I’m not saying there aren’t things going on behind the scenes but all this stupid “Rappers who aren’t on welfare are in the illuminati”: talk is just a way for bottom feeders to justify there hatred of successful people by associating them with some mystical rumor that can’t be proven. It’s pathetic really, anytime I hear somebody bring up the Illuminati in reference to a rap artist I automatically stop taking them seriously.

    And the majority of the douche bags who talk this Illuminati nonsense will turn around and listen to guys like Immortal Technique, an Ex Convict who writes rhymes like “I’ll bring back your aborted fetus and kill it again” or Vinnie Paz who praises the church of satan openly with lines like “Anton Levy is like a god to me, The Home of Richard Ramirez is like a church to me” while there sitting there trying to convince me the guy who wrote “Jesus Walks” is into the Occult and sold his soul to the devil.

    Then they post there “Illuminati Exposed” videos on Youtube and sit around exchanging information about a “Secret Society” openly in a public forum. Youtube has a built in filter that removes pornography in it, you trying to tell me that if any of you people knew what you were talking about the “Illuminati” wouldn’t utilize that same technology to block you from “exposing” them??? What do you think they do at there meetings???

    Illuminati Member #1 – “Hey look guys, there exposing all our secrets on Youtube again”

    Illuminati Member #2 “Oh No, what will we do now???”


    The whole Illuminati conspiracy is so blatantly ridiculous that I find it impossible to respect anybody who believes in it. Reminds me of the Drunken toothless hobo’s who scream about fire & brimstone to you at 3:30 in the morning when you just left a bar and are walking to your car. It takes a concerted effort not to laugh directly at them

    • gnigg_pleeze

      you articulated everything ive been sayin about this new world order, illuminati bullshit better than i ever have and i been tryin to say those things for awhile. salute for that

    • Weedras

      Well F**king Said!!! some of these dudes are as paranoid as the man who shot himself and family because he was in fear of Obama’s second term… the irony is that most of them get their so called facts from websites such as this one who are feeding them the bullshit to get hits…

      • Galactus

        haha! It ain’t that deep, but i will shoot anyone tryna run in my crib and tell me and my fam whats poppin.. whats poppin??? *pop* *pop* *pop* thats whats poppin mutha fukka lol

    • That describes one aspect, no doubt, but there are other aspects….and maybe you are right, but flip side is, what ( image ) are they are selling?


      You ain’t ‘chet if you ain’t spending ( keeping up with the Jones? Surviving?

      Consuming…yet not producing, from the air used to talk ‘chet in of one end, to the trees being cut down to wipe the other. ( IE: Toilet Paper )

      Many not producing the energy needed to sustain their multi~resource usage needed for basic ‘chet talking activities.
      (IE: Growing a Tomato, collecting rain water, etc.)

      Basic ‘chet, so what good are consumers in a bad economy?

      If you think the Powers That Be (PTB) haven’t considered that, thought of a plan & implemented it, you should consider the PTB negligent if they didn’t.

      Mental control?

      For you to be %100 correct, Officer Ricky would have to be better than *Battle Rappers : “D.N.A.”, Dizaster,etc. ….I mean the list of better rappers than MMG is endless….literally.

      How do trash rappers become ” # 1? ”

      What image are they selling?

      Whose buying it? Who is promoting it? How do they gain by promoting it?

      Something going on, been going on, behind the scenes.

      Gonna call Pac a liar too?

      • TruthSerum

        Homie I usually tend to respect your opinions but I have to disagree with you here.

        If you want to say that there are shady business dealings going on in the entertainment business, I won’t disagree with that. But it works the same way in every business, and it has nothing to do with Evil or the devil or some cornball group of people sacrificing goats in rituals. It’s called “Business” and that’s all it is, people trying to make money. It’s rarely fair but that doesn’t make it possessed by demonic forces.

        Why do trash rappers become #1???….Why do people consume more then produce????….. Because most human beings enjoy simplicity. It’s the same reason why a brainless Will Ferrell Movie will make more money at the box office then an Art Film. The same reason people would rather download music in 5 seconds for free then drive to Best Buy and spend money on it. The Same reason people would rather eat unhealthy food at McDonald’s then stay home and cook. Most people want things that are easy to do and don’t force them to think. Things have always been that way, it’s human nature. It isn’t a group of evil doer’s sitting in a room wearing cloaks drinking Goats blood who made the world that way; that’s how it’s always been and always will be.

        You want to know the reason why major labels focus on selling stuff like Lil Wayne instead of Canibus??……. Because they already tried selling Canibus to the masses and the people didn’t want that, they dont wan’t to think and they dont want knowledge being fed to them in the form of rap music. Major Labels have signed artist like Canibus, Ras Kass, hell Interscope just put a huge push behind Slaughterhouse this year, and the results have always been the same ; It’s not what the masses want. A Lil Wayne fan isn’t gonna just stop and listen to an intellectual rapper no matter how well you promote it. Again, I repeat, people want simplicity.

        Do you really think if Cash Money dropped all their artists and stacked their roster with a bunch of Battle Rappers from KOTD that anybody would buy it??…… No, the company would just go out of business if ignorant rap didn’t exist, the people who listen to it would stop listening to rap altogether before they accepted a conscience MC. That’s a fact. Rap fans suffer from these delusions that the only reason retard rap is big is because corporations force feed it to people. Not True. Cash Money got their Distro deal with Universal in 98 after nearly 10 years of selling huge numbers on their own. Major Labels didn’t invent that kind of hip hop to hurt society, artist came up with it on their own and major labels said “Hey guys, this Master P guy who raps like a retard and has no message in his music is selling like crazy and making money hand over fist while we lose money on lyrical miracles. I think we should buy into this, because its succeeding without us anyway”

        Its too convenient of an excuse to use the illuminati as some kind of Boogieman to blame for human nature. I know people who go to church 3 times a week that still would rather eat deep fried dog shit from a fast food joint then cook and would rather go listen to an X rated comedian bust fart jokes then a political activist speak on the world and it’s issues. So are they being controlled by the devil as well??…… No, there just lazy & easily satisfied by simplicity. It’s human nature.

      • SDS_Overfiend

        Nigga please!!
        This cycle been put in order from way back to weaken the offspring of the strong generation. It finally taken place now that technnology has advanced.. Music is a tool. It can soothe the savage beast or enrage the right beast when it hits that inner chakra. It controls the masses and a radio staion emits frequencies.. Like canibus “i speak in frequencies dog would have trouble hearing”
        Why because they done got our youth only understanding the low level frequencies through repetition of ignorance and savage though..AKA Brainswashing.

      • Galactus

        @Meankitty I see your point and I understand where you coming from, but as someone who used to dabble in the occult, the rituals are VERY REAL. I could understand if you never witnessed the dealings of a ritual, but, although they do not happen in front of a camera, (they do, they just don’t let you know…), it does go down. I am very interested in the powers that be because there is a force that some of your favorite artists pray to. Take your example of Vinnie Paz. He’s supposedly muslim, but refers to himself as the son of lucifer. he throws up satnic handsigns, you know why? because he IS DOWN. Ask yourself this: WHO IS FUNDING THESE PROJECTS? What Labels Are involved? who is in charge of this label and who do they answer to? what about who books these artists? are they associated with any other satanic group? all these answers are clear a day if you go do the research. you don’t have to google them, you can make calls. So of these people blatantly show their allegiance to Satan, some are just too dumb to notice. It’s all deceit. It’s All ENTERTAINMENT, RIGHT? So then doesn’t labeling it as “entertainment” automatically bill it as Bullsh*t?? Vinnie Paz is a part of the New world Order, Just like Kanye West, Just like Nicki Minaj Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne, eminem, 50 cent. All were signed to corporate labels, all are pawns in the grand scheme of things. Sorry if i come across “religious”, but it’s all part of what i believe to be true.

      • Israelis control the 5 distribution licenses in the country.

      • bisolabliss

        EDOGZ818 and Galactus, you’re both spot on, I’d advice you read ‘The Assualt on Reason’ by Al Gore (Ex-Vice President). That book provides a backdrop to what is in full effect today. The whole process you both described is targeted at the whole society at large not just ‘Us’ although ‘We can’t seem to catch a break…

      • Yeah, I know, I be telling White people to wise up & drop the racism!

        I’ll check the book.


      • atle fjeldstad

        I think everybody should start to understand that we share 99% of the same DNA. People are so focused on the differences, that we forget we`re all human.

      • We share 98% with primates, the only real difference between us & chimpanzees is we ask “WHY?”, but to take it even further, with the fish, animals, insects, plants, etc., we are all the same species:
        “EARTHLING”, and we fuggin’ up the planet.

        “Earthlings” – Check Google videos, it’s deep!

      • Galactus

        Yep Let’s let this racism sheet go… yea some white people do have an uppity attitude like their skin color makes them superior, but they in the same class as us “niggers & Spics”, i will check this book out! thanks for the suggestion fam

      • You dirty Mudda Chucka, you just wait, I’m gonna get at you for sonning me in this debate!

        : )
        You make sense & it’s hard to dispute what your saying, but I will try, rather explore…

        Can we agree that the industry is on lock?
        ( In regards to distro? )

        Prime IE: Wise Intelligent’s career & why he retired = Control

        Granted it could be busine$$, but who makes that business decision?
        Not us….

        On YMCMB, they are trash, with few fans, few stans, I’ve heard better music watching “Making the Band!” ( >>>Play on DNA vs E NeSS )

        Demographic & I could be wrong, but who is buying their music?
        Hip Hoppers or Hip Not’ters?
        Money buys convienience, so the free download / McDonalds analogy was off, but the rest were correct……still, it’s just my opinion, that there is a greater force, while they may not be rolling around naked, using a goat’s blood for lubrication…they are making moves to maintain the status quo.

        The comfort of the rich, depends on an abundance of the poor.
        Hence the systematic elimination of the middle class.

        Look at the Federal Reserve system, a fraud scheme, if that isn’t a”Monopoly Men” ( >>>Google the video to see what I mean) , an example of external forces, and educated people don’t understand, because it’s not taught in college courses, it’s the internet, street knowledge & common sense that spurs the creation of educational bosses, who weigh Futures and Lives when counting our wins & losses.

        ^^^Morning Rap ( * I know, I Know, my raps make Gucci Mane sound like Big Pun : (

        There have always been, in this society, well, since the 14th Amendment, no, even before that, the Slave Trade, native Americans, etc., a group that controls the economy and profits from exploiting the populence and is steadily conspiring to maintain the status quo.

        Peak Oil? Real or Fake?
        9/11 Inside Job?

        Nature’s resources have sustained us, like a wealthy kid living off the interest of a trust fund, back when it took 13 centuries to hit 200 Million people, now it takes what? 5? 10? years?

        No longer are we balling uncontrollably on Nature’s interest, we are tapping into the Capital……..which leads to bankruptcy.

        Consider that, you can’t run a linear economy on a finite planet / system.

        It will run out eventually.

        Saudi’s drilling offshore now, at what? 5x, 10x, 100x more expensive than on shore drilling…..why if they aren’t running out of oil on shore….where it’s cheaper to drill?

        In 20 yrs, they might not be exporting ANY oil.

        9/11 Inside job?

        Do you believe the official story?
        If not, you just lost the debate ( not fully though ). because that proves the existence of powers that be shaping the mentality for nefarious purposes.

        Rap music is simply a logical step in that direction of pacifying the citizenry with excess & ignorance.

      • TruthSerum

        LOL, it’s all peace fam just a friendly exchange of opinions. I’m all for a debate if it stays respectful

        I do believe that there are things that go on behind the scenes in all walks of life. 9/11, of course there is more to it then they tell us. I just don’t believe it has anything to do with the devil, lol, it’s a bunch of cutthroat business men trying to make money by any means necessary, there is nothing supernatural or mystical about it. Major Labels know the people want things that aren’t challenging and they provide the supply for the demand, not because they have some master plan of a sinister nature. Politicians start wars over oil because of the money involved, not because there “Dark Lord” commanded the shedding of blood to appease the restless demons in hell…… Do people even realize how ridiculous that sounds, it’s like the plot of a really bad horror movie. I don’t believe there is a group that calls themselves the Illuminati that puts on black robes and sacrifices small animals to an evil force while they try to manipulate the world through rap music, sorry I just dont buy it. I believe there is a network of business men and politicians that make decisions with money on there mind and don’t care who it hurts. But that’s a far cry from being the Antichrist and it has absolutely nothing to do with music. Trust me, If a major label executive thought there was money to be made off the new Dead Prez album, they would sign it in a heartbeat. If 10 Million people showed up to buy the new Talib Kweli record, the mainstream would be over-saturated with backpack rappers within a year. That’s just never gonna happen because of the lack of fan interest. People tend to forget that Jurassic 5 was at one time signed to the same label Chief Keef is on now. Jimmy Iovine doesn’t care about content, he likes any music that turns things green, if that happened to be a christian gospel choir singing 20 different versions of “Kumbaya my lord” he would sign it in a heartbeat.

        You look at some of the Evilest musicians in the world and there Indy acts. I bring up again Jedi Mind Tricks & Immortal Technique because they are favorite acts of people who believe this Illuminati Rhetoric. Those guys write songs over and over about murder and drop evil occult references all over there music and videos, so how are there fans gonna sit there & nitpick Kanye West about his spirituality??? Your looking for devil worshippers yet you somehow ignore the fact that this guy has a pentagram in his video and just gave a shout out to Anton Levy, the founder of the Church of satan. I guess he can’t possibly be evil because major labels don’t want to sell his music, so he’s okay, but Kanye West is in a cult no matter how many songs he writes about Jesus, LOL, like I said in the first post it takes alot of energy not to laugh directly at those people.

        Most people use this Illuminati foolishness as an excuse to justify there irrational hatred of successful people, Kanye West is in a cult, GTFOH, the guy writes songs about Jesus and bashes the republicans every time he gets a microphone. Trust me, if the Illuminati does exist, they vote republican.I don’t think that “George Bush doesn’t care about black folks” remark would have won him any points in the illuminati temple lol..

      • A’ight, maybe Kanye’s not in the Illuminati! LOL

        Kaiser Sosa, if anything, he’s a pawn.

        The behind the scenes thing, not some Dark Overload in a Black robe & disfigured face, but….executives….remember, Satan was the most beautiful-est angel.

        He will appear attractive. ( >>PAUSE<<)

        While we may not share the same picture of the behind the scenes controller, or how he operates, we both know that he exists.

        Music is powerful.

        Look at the music in the 60's & 70's & look what happened…Watts, Newark, DC, etc.

        It flared up in the 90's with PE, Malcolm X / the 25th Anniversary of his death, etc.

        Now we have YMCMB.

      • TruthSerum

        Public Enemy was never a hugely promoted radio act in there day man, I follow Chuck on twitter, he even commented about his Rock N Roll Hall of Fame nomination being ironic since urban radio NEVER SUPPORTED his group. In the early 90’s MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice were the superstars. I fail to see how YMCMB is any worse or better.

        The major labels still put out positive acts,Lupe Fiasco just dropped on Atlantic right??…….. And then, when a positive minded MC like Kanye West does manage to sell some records, how do people treat him???…… They accuse him of being in the Illuminati.

        It’s a bottom feeders mentality. If you make negative evil music and your underground, your okay. If you make positive music and draw millions of dollars from it, the devil helped you get it. It makes no sense to me, it’s people looking for and inventing reasons to discredit success and I’m not for that.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but someones gonna have to prove it to me because I’m not taking it on rumors & gossip. I see the same mentality at work in everyday life all the time. Any job I’ve ever worked at, the guy who gets the promotion or the biggest raise is the guy everyone else gossips about. “He only got that cause he’s the bosses friend” etc etc etc……… People put these rumors on people like Jay & Kanye because there jealous of there succes and can’t figure out another way to bring them down. They been trying it with Jay since “Hard Knock Life” became a hit. “He sold out, He’s a biter for soundling like BIG, he trend hops too much, he’s overrated, Blah Blah Blah”…… and then when none of that worked they brought the devil into it. People hate a winner.

      • I’m feeling what your saying, hard not to, I just still believe you are covering an aspect of the problem….not all of it, but people do hate a winner!

      • atle fjeldstad

        Kanye west didn`t write jesus walks 😉 And i doubt he`s written most of his raps..

    • Galactus

      No one but fools believe there is no such thing as Illuminati. And this hasn’tjust been discovered in the YouTube age, there are countless of books in your local library that can attest to this. There is a group of people who hold power in this world that meet secretly, and obviously glorify a dark force. It is crap like this “Hip-hop Illuminati” that mocks anyone who believes this, and having these artists in question does raise some interesting points. All of these artists are in mainstream media throwing up devil horns and a-oks, ( the same handsigns KNOWN Satanists throw up every photo op), and get involved with a cartoon known to make light of real and somtimes tragic events? (Cleveland. Show is created by Seth macfarlane, Creator of family Guy)? If you admit Vinnie Paz shows his allegiance to Anton levay, a satanic cult leader, who followed the philosophies of aliester Crowley, just like a lot of Hollywood bigwigs in the music and film industries. Why does Vinnie Paz, a rapper who admitted he was a Muslim, but rhymes about violence and death, and a new world order, throwing up the same handsigns and themes in his music? Goatheads, pentagrams, and inverted crusifixions? Because, he serves the same God Kanye and Jay serve, and their God controls them dollars they love so much. Its a battle for your soul!! This mysterious group, which controls the world banking systems has us right where they want us!

      • Banking system = Israelis

      • Galactus

        and what symbol is usually asocciated with these “israelis”?

      • Yeah, but falsely associated.

        Halle Salasie wasn’t an Israeli any more than Jesus was.

      • Galactus

        Peace brotha Edogz, How is it falsely associated? I just want to pick your brain, where do you think that symbol originated? I’m not tryna be a smart ass, just tryna see where you coming from…

      • Not the symbol, I meant calling the Israelis Jews…or rather, lumping all Jews into the Israeli basket.

        Israel is the Rothchild’s private country, the Federal reserve is their private bank…..which owns/ P’wons / 1Huns the U.s.

  • @southeastwilson follow me for good music.

  • They’re mocking the fools that think every single thing these artists do is illuminati related!

    • Jay

      Or that it exist. I can assure you if it does exist, none of these artist are involve with it.

      • ONE

        Thats what most of these internet illuminati conspiracy theorist cant seem to understand, but If there is such a group membership into the illuminati is based on blood line, and these niggas are just pawns in the game. In the words of Ras kass ” Jews run it, niggas run around in it” .

      • artists on the level of k west, questlove, will i am, the illuminati would have uses for them

      • all of them are kinda suspect

      • PliggaNease

        they dont exist……

    • PliggaNease


  • Flidado

    if the “Illuminati” isnt real then why do the symbols and shit like that keep poppin up?

    • Numbuh Four

      Because you keep looking for them….

      Not to say that powerful and influential people within secret groups don’t exist, but why can’t people get fame and fortune without it being tied to some evil group?

      • SDS_Overfiend

        Because with Wealth and power… you have the abilty to influence.. Also you stop other Niggas money machine…. the Niggas who built the plan.

      • Galactus

        “looking for them”?? I had no power in placing them in the first place, so if i see the same old bus stop at my corner, i was looking for it?

      • Numbuh Four

        When you’re watching a music video with one of your sole purposes being to keep an eye out for some strange symbol on a piece of clothing or hand sign; then yes you’re more likely to find it and accept it as valid, even if it’s loosely related to what you assume it represents.

        If your son keeps finding the word “KILL” in his Alpha-Bits, does that mean Post is mixing in some secret chemical within the “K” “I” and “L” pieces of cereal that maneuver them together to form the word “KILL” after interacting with liquid? No, that’s reaching or in other words, “Sydney Lace’ing..” (Had to throw that shot in Syderino)

        When you venture into a wooded area that’s been plagued with countless accounts of mystical creatures, you’re more likely to ponder whether the first swift shadowy figure you see was a Big Foot or not.

        People over-analyze the simplest things based on pre-established theories placed into their subconscious by various sources. Not to discredit those sources, but tell me if you’re as interested in watching a movie after reading 30 horrible reviews about it? If you do go see it after reading those 30 horrible reviews, you’ll sit back at the movie theater attempting to validate or disprove those reviews.

        Add that to the fact that these directors/producers/artists know some of you over-analyzing motherf*ckers are on the lookout for that sh*t; so they’ll throw some BS that hints at it in there to spark some controversy and overall interest in the product. The Illuminati at this point, legitimacy aside, is just another smart marketing tool. The fact of the matter is, you talk about Illuminati more than Kanye does, how do I know you’re not using subterfuge to keep their name relevant?? o_0

        You’re Illuminatus!!!!

        Once again, I’m not attempting to discredit the notion that such a group exists or even operates as they’re widely believed to; I’m just calling reach when I see it. Evil secret societies plotting on you’re downfall by sprinkling Satanic messages throughout music? Nah…Greedy, careless executives that notice how profitable negative images and subjects are to the masses? Sure, why not?…

      • Galactus

        ok I see where you coming from, but if the artists producers directors put those symbols there, wouldn’t it be there for a reason? but yea, i can see if someone reacts to it, negatively or positively, then why not put these symbols there? let’s fuk with people’s minds because “we are better and smarter”. Reminds me of how Cortez told the Aztecs he was God and knew an eclipse would happen on a certain date, and used that to manipulate the Aztecs to believe he was God… haha thanks for sharing your thoughts with me fam, i appreciate the insight!

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    A Must See!!

  • AK

    jay-z had to drink lamb blood to go 10x plat

    • Alf Capone

      lil wayne had to suck babys dick

      • Yeah, but that was just to get a deal….not go platinum!

  • Chris

    “Yo, ALLHIPHOP has 9 letters in it. ALL has 3 letters, HIP has 3 letters, and HOP has 3 letters. Subract 3 from 9 and replace ALL, HIP, and HOP with the answer. What do you get? 666!!!!!!!! ALLHIPHOP is a satanic communications hub.”

    I can sit around and do this sh*t all day. SMH.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    um…yeah… there is no such thing as the “illuminati”……..cmon now.

  • Wack rappers wack show much love to ?uestlove but I’m a little shocked he would do this sort of episode about the secret government

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  • DOPE

  • people in college got 2gether & became friends & decided to help each other out in the world , not hard to believe. most everyone does that on some level

  • brotha_man

    these dudes just free masons is all

  • PliggaNease

    the white man is the illuminati

    • atle fjeldstad

      For real? I didn`t know i was in the illuminati… Shieet.. Must have forgotten then 😉

      • You gotta keep up on them memos ‘Brah!

        See, if you would have never logged on, you would never have found out you were in the Illuminati…next rumor….you might find out your RICH!

        Fugg WorldStar!

  • ONE

    Dangit I didnt want to get into this but here it goes.I want all of you d*mn internet illuminati conspiracy theorist to understand this. The word illuminati once had a positive meaning, it was once understood as having nothing more than a sense of enlightment (illumination) or glow from within. It was the alchemical process of having all seven chakras or energy centers within the body activated wich would have allowed you to become a vessel through wich gods energy could express itself, or to become illuminated. Over time for some strange reason this word has become corrupted, and associated with evil. If there is such a group calling themselves the illuminati they dont stand by the original meaning that once defined the word illuminati. They’re the ones giving you false, and negative bullsh*t information in association with the word to throw you off from what it really means to be in the illuminati, illuminated or enlightened probably because they dont want you to make use of that valuable information and become a vessel through God can express itself here on earth. Before looking at that next youtube video having to do with Rhianna getting screwed by a dolphin and drinking goat blood or whatever the f*ck pick up a book with information having to do with eastern spiritual based esoteric philosophy from wich the word or concept of illuminati originated from. If you have to look at some youtube videos look at some Dr Phil Valentine, or Bobby hemmitt lecture videos please. Some of you inbreds are still probably gonna keep on believing the hype though.SMH

  • this used to belong to rock … hip hop is def @ its pinnacle 😉 for the next phase just research the past of what happened to rock after its suppose devilish illuminati stages ……. 😉

    • insaneangelic

      If anything we’ll go to either the grunge or Activism Hip hop like Rock did with Nirvana and Rage against the machine.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    i bet some jealous or dumb fool came up with this mess

  • insaneangelic

    This will be funny just because it’s cleveland show, But we all know when the Freeman family returns for the fourth season Hip-Hop is gonna get roasted again.

  • Abrasive Angel

    Boule or Illuminati. There is a lot of broke people talking about they exist but not talking about preventing any evil they do….if they do any evil. The Illuminati is nothing more than a 12th level Rosicrucian. In some lodges the 12th level has been changed from Illuminati to other things due to the whole illuminati conspiracy to take over America(which no one is doing anything about but posting youtube videos and mostly with a christian slant) it is what it is the more you post about the more curious people will get but not study the difference between the secret societies like Bohemian Grove, Rosicrucian, and Masons.

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