Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Iron Man 3 Trailer On The Way? Spoilers Released?

Uh Oh! Marvel Comics is really turning into a Comic MOVIE company, known more for their movies than they artists and books. But, I will say this, they are making some goodies. Well, another one seems to be on the way. Iron Man 3 is slated for a 2013. The company is apparently now using a ploy to get fans to get the trailer released. There is a Facebook page and when it hits 100,000 likes, they will released the trailer. Well, I want to see it, but I’m not peddling that promotion. When the geekers swarm, I’ll let you know. Or you will let me know at

On the other side, Iron Man 3 may have sprung a leak! Apparently, the trailer of the move is great promo, but a script is floating around and it seems to reveal the whole plot! I’m not promoting that either so I hope that it doesn’t mess it up for y’all. I’m going to ignore that.

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    WHAT !? another super hero movie ???? shocker man they’re so edgy now a days in the movie biz

  • You’re out your mind if you think that the comics are not still popular. How do you think people knew who the characters were in all of these movies?

    • D_Ably

      because they watched the 6 different movie leadin up to it. I got love for the art man but don’t assume everyone who see these movie is because they loved the books. i’d say a good 70% of the audience has never picked up a comic book before the movie made it cool.

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      Not everyone but some know the characters because this industry much like rap is controlling what you watch. it’s what popular and makes money so they are going to milk it to fxcking death. Be honest how many superhero movies over all these years have you thoroughly enjoyed and felt they truly put in every valid effort to catch that comic in it’s true essence.

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  • Doe Boy

    what slow day for hiphop/rap…im not sayin it was not good info but i come to allhiphop 4 ALL-HIPHOP…what is luda in the movie…or t.i…maybe LL…or method man

  • Promote kreayshawn, don’t give me the facebook page so I can make this trailer happen, good job Illseed, just as intelligent as ever.

  • DesignatedH8R

    Iron Man with a Captain America color scheme?

    • Yeah, I peeped that 2…WTF?

      • J. Jordan

        Iron Patriot suit, worn by Norman Osborn (formerly Green Goblin) in the comics when he made a team of “Dark Avengers”…They can’t put Norman Osborn in the movie though, I heard it’s gonna be an alternate suit for his boy played by Don Cheadle. MAJOR Marvel Comics nerd here, got a serious stack of collected comics…..just here to help haha

      • Good Fuggin’ Look!

        Speaking of which…X-Man 160- 170 ( sleazoids? )
        Classic X Men!

        Who is that is the pics? Not Downey & Osborn?

        Why can’t he be in it?
        Cross promo…or is he dead?

      • J. Jordan

        Back when Marvel was almost broke (late 90’s I think?) they sold movie rights for a lot their characters to movie studios. Fox owns the movie rights for X-Men and Fantastic Four, Sony has Spiderman, including all his side characters like Osborn.

        Marvel didn’t start making their own movies until they opened “Marvel Studios” and Iron man was their first self-made movie. They were smart and saved all the Avengers characters (except Hulk but they got him back from Universal after the first Hulk movie, so it worked out). That’s why you wont see Wolverine in the Avengers, or Spiderman either, even though in the comics they’re on the team too. Crazy thing is, Marvel and Sony actually did try to do a small crossover with the new Spiderman movie and the Avengers movie this year but it didn’t happen. Apparently they were actually going to put Oscorp tower from the new Spiderman in the NY skyline with Stark Tower in a couple camera shots but ran out of time, so maybe they WILL cross over one day…and I can die happy.

        Okay, I’m done…it’s late, I’m stoned and I need to get off the internet now

      • Damn famz…I remember that, now that you spoke upon it!
        Comic History.

        What we seeing now is that old deal.
        Next up….why DC never linked up with Marvel….in the movies?

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  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Iron Man is a Republican now???

    • MildManneredReporter

      its the iron patriot its suppose to be the guy who became the hobo goblin apparently they are skipping the civil war (which was a damn good comic arc he made a dark avengers with nothing but super villains ) and just adding him to iron man 3 just because

  • D_Ably

    lol you lames this is just the same old shit man. Marvel gonna find themselves on their ass when the movie buzz dies, they puttin all their eggs in that basket. Every trend has an end,

    • MildManneredReporter

      comics been around before rap music and pretty much isnt going anywhere so please stfu and go back to listening to chief keef, taking pics of yourself on twitter mean mugging and playing madden every year it drops.

  • Comics are still popular as hell. You sound like a fool

    • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

      yes keep watching the same movies year ,after year ,after year and listen to the same braggadocios music. Look I have no problems with this movie they are clearly popular & have remained so I’m not arguing that. It’s the fact that they make every single super hero into a movie and this has been the extent of mainstream creativity for what seems like a never ending wank fest.

      • I wouldn’t say the same movie, like the dark knight series, it added realism, and stuck to the comics. I guess it depends on the director really.

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