Jesus Piece

Rapper Game Reveals Artwork, Release Date For “Jesus Piece”

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Game revealed the artwork for his upcoming album Jesus Piece this weekend.

According to Game, Jesus Piece will land on shelves December 12.

The album cover features a white Jesus Christ, with a red bandanna wrapped around his face.

While some fans criticized Game’s album cover artwork, a variety of rappers supported the concept.

“That album cover hard my G,” Cashis tweeted to Game, while Busta Rhymes labeled the artwork “brilliant.”

Mac Miller said the artwork was “tight as f**k,” while Paul Wall and Slim Thug urged their fans to purchase the release.

Check out artwork below. Is it too controversial?


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  • 7yoyo7

    Game has converted a whole part of the rap game to “BLOODS” ever since his One Blood track. Everybody is repping this shit now. Sales for Cincinnati hats have exploded since 2004.

    He might as well keep surfing on this wave which brings him a LOT of money…

    PS : I don’t expect this to be a good album anyway.

    • hoeyuno

      I agree with the whole 9

    • Guest

      so your saying ycm wasnt reppin blood in the 90’s … wow wat would wayne fans say if they knew that???

  • hoeyuno

    Its a black Jesus. And in reality there was no way a middle eastern man 2000 years ago was white. But I’m not sure if he was a blood or crip ha ha

  • it’s a Black jesus w/ a wave curl? Look like White Jesus w/ a tan to me. There’s nothing but white Jesus’ painted on buildings in L.A., when we gonna learn to see God as ourselves.

    • Glasscut

      Today in africa there are light-skinned pure blood africans okay. my mother was one of them and her parents were as black as tar, please try to understand that.. its those type of words that your using right now that they used to seperate black people. I mean what would it look like if i walked around calling my mother a white lady with a tan. ??? And she was a pure blood african with no additives, and no slave history ??

  • says He had hair like wool.

    • Glasscut

      Yeah he couldve used a snoop dogg like afro on him.

  • Glasscut

    Jesus was not a blood or crip he was for righteousness, truth and straight facts. He was liberating people, he was for freedom, justice and equality and he was about strength in numbers he was about trust.. Basically he was against all the i’lls and corruption we suffer from today..

    • Mack20

      jesus didn’t exist

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    Pretty sure Game will soon see how God feels about it.

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  • If you all support this then their should be no issues with Rick Ross’s “Black Bar Mitzvah”

    • Bumpy Johnson

      games an attention whore he knew this will cause controversy

    • Reason

      Again im not religious but i dont get whats so offensive about black bar mitzvah. Seems like jewish people dont want shit to do with any other race/ethnicity of people which is fucked up and sad. Ill admit if im wrong but seriously whats offensive about black bar mitzvah? And i think Soutwest832 hit the issue on the head, the album is there to provoke a reaction, or as he said cause controversy. Nothing wrong with that really, unless your just going out of your way to stir shit up to try to sell a couple more albums. If we seriously get pissed off about this then we just turning into a culture of politically correct babies who cant handle shit.


    This guy used everything for shock value… Hopefully you got good music on your album Game

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  • Blasphemy him and rick ross both I bet da music doesn’t. Have da quality it should u wood neva c lil wayne or anybody from da empre known as YMCMB do sumthin like dis shout 2 tyga 4 entering fatherhood

  • Guest

    This is disgusting & blasphemous I am a follower of Jesus . This is totally against everything the Man your pretending this taught & died for ! Let this be Islam & the city would burn .

    • Actually, Jesus is Islam, so ‘chet should still burn…..Figuratively speaking, I won’t support!

  • Not feeling it….maybe if the music was good, but when was the last time GAME dropped good music…instead of names?

    • therealest1

      His only good album was his first album from 2005, The Documentary. All his albums that were released after that one were rehashed shits. Just constant name checking with the most relevant people that coincided with a particular album.

      I always say if you want a Game album, just get the first one since it had the best productions and song writing on it. Y’all see all the albums released after The Documentary were not good since they didn’t have 50 Cent writing the songs and choruses for them. Game proved he can’t craft good and catchy songs and hooks without 50. And a good bulk of the good songs on The Documentary were songs made for 50 that weren’t used by him so they hooked Game up with them.

      • That’s my point, since that 1st album….the rest has been down hill!

      • Lyve Wire

        cant agree with that. the doctors advocate is a great album (and im not a fan of his). if 50 was so great in crafting catchy songs, he wouldnt have to pull gimicks like the game do.

      • HipHopStalker

        But 50 doesn’t need to mention Game in his music or even make music because he has options. Game does shit out of desperation from twitter beef to bullshit videos on his cell phone and talking shit in interviews. He doesn’t know how else to keep people intrested because his music isn’t doing it anymore. His last album was like a compilation.

      • therealest1

        Uh, aren’t all his albums like a compilation basically? They have the hottest and trendiest producers on them, and he calls on all the most popular rappers to jump on his album’s tracks?

      • HipHopStalker

        I guess you can say that even though his first two only had(50,yayo and eminem) and the 2nd(Kanye,Nas) The 3rd had even more. The 4th……………lol a guest artist on damn near every track. That’s called pulling a Rick Ross lol You should not be a guest artist on your own album.

  • Joenathan

    This is highly offensive to me & the rest of the true disciples of the Messiah who actually press & die to our old sinful nature to live out & follow the Word of God . I logged on just to say this . & let this be Islam & the whole city would fry . My name is Jonathan Cayol & my video is on YouTube called Jounetsu it means Passion in Chinese . I rap also & I rep Jesus right or not at all . The Bible says without holiness no man shall see the Lord ! Jesus said be ye holy as my Father in heaven is holy . & holy means to be set apart from sin . I assure you Rick Ross & Game ,Tyler the Creator ….etc. who misuse or blaspheme the Name of God & Yeshua which is translated Jesus in Hebrew which means Savior or the Holy Spirit will all suffer & you will be able to see their suffering just remember why they suffered because time can set in & we can forget why they suffered because God is slow to wrath & exercises loving kindness . Peace out love yall . & if you know the lord personally pray for their salvation.

  • Chris

    Blasphemy aside, the cover art is wack.

  • this niigga need to change his name to The Gimmick

    • Celz

      Pop Quiz: How many tats did Game have when he dropped his first Album?

      Bonus Question: How many did he have when he dropped his second on Aftermath?

  • LMFAO Jesus banging piru?


    GAME has been holding it down for a minute, haters that have no clue what hes been doin just troll for no reason, the fact remains his albums sell cuz hes dope, Busta gives the dude a nod, his feature on Xzibits new album is sick. Regardless of an art cover, the truth is he doesnt rep Christ, he reps death, his lyrics have no philosophy or journalism its simply pro music that you can pound in a good stereo. Immortal Tech, Lupe, Talib, Brother Ali, Ill Bill are teachers, Game is just a banger, no different than Wayne,Ross,50, Snoop etc…. The purpose of music is the reflection of information and wisdom, an evil genocide has absorbed brain dead people like an alien symbiote.

    • Celz

      Game is dope but he definitely ain’t holdin it down. He’s not as much of an exaggeration as Officer Ricky but Game the Blood is a marketing ploy created after he already released an Album in the Bay with JT the Bigga Figga. Dude talked different and didn’t have a single tat. He’s far from a punk but he’s just as far from being a reputable blood in Compton at least. I’m not hatin I like him, just keepin it real.. And the cover is another marketing ploy.

      • MindFire

        You act like being a blood makes you a super hero and tats represents you being “hard” or some shit LAME…bloods is regular niggas, niggas wit tats is regular niggas lames included are both, so why couldn’t Game be a “real” blood? This nigga been showing video clips of himselft in Compton with your “super hero” real bloods so what is you sayin? LAME

      • Celz

        What the hell are you talkin about clown.. I never said none of that I just stated a fact Game the Blood rapper is a persona to sell records to consumers like yourself. What kinda real nigga gets his whole body tatted at once? Lmao I got peoples from Compton and I’m out there alot.. Game is real dude hustlin out of state cats who are infatuated with California gang culture.

  • IDestroyStupidPeople

    Anybody else kinda think it looks like lil wayne?

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Ehhhhhhhhh……………ahhhhhhhhhhh……………ummmmm……………not buying it. Not because of the artwork either; because I’m not big on religion. Game’s music has been………….ehehhhhh…..uhhhhhh……..yeah. And his public antics………………..yeah. No thanks

  • leftlanekb

    If this was Islam the city would burn? Why do ya’ll keep saying that you fake muthafuckers dont know shit bout Islam! Religion aint a fad like your BS music Stop speaking on it unless you know! If you want the city to burn, get some heart and handle your business.

  • how he got jesus witha jesus piece on??? Game is clown ….LMAO, and them white folks at the record label love it,……god giveth and god taketh away,…I wouldnt get in a car with game and if I see that n8gga on my plane I’m changing flights….

    • MadVillain



    That is blasphemy

  • Lamonte Johnson

    From a far I said aw sick then I made it bigger and was like ohhh no. I ain’t even a christian but I do respect what Jesus was INTENDED to represent for people. But I don’t respect this intention at all

  • $11625525

    Think “Makaveli” album art and you will see where he’s trying to go with this…

    Had 2Pac not passed on, would he have been criticised for the artwork of that album or praised for it’s “originality”?

    I think Game is, in some ways, trying to say that he is the rap games “Resurrection” of 2Pac/Makaveli with this artwork, it’s also thought provoking (Jesus wearing a Jesus piece); reminds me of KRS-One’s line from his track “The Truth; “If Jesus Christ was shot in the head with no respect, We’d all have little gold guns around our neck”

    Hip hop is not only supposed to entertain, it’s supposed to provoke discussion, and creative album art is one of the tools which has been used to do so. Let’s be honest though, Game didn’t pick up a pen and draw that, if you read the linear notes on the album you’ll probably see someone else attributed to art direction and someone else for the artwork.

    • Doe Boy

      that KRS-ONE line deep

    • HipHopStalker

      Your trying to hard homie. Game didn’t draw it but it’s gonna be the cover art work for HIS album so who do you think will bare the blame ? him,the artist or the lable ? him. Game does stupid shit time and time again and has shown that even with 8 years in he won’t grow up so he starts bullshit beef’s and then apologizes and then talks shit again etc….whatever to get attention right ? but his stunts have yet to make his sales increase lol all the fake thugs on this site who say there gonna cop his album will download it for free.

    • Celz

      Makaveli’s art portrayed a message, as in there was a deeper artistic meaning beyond the initial shock value. Game’s artwork has no deeper meaning and if it does it’s not clear. What is he saying that Jesus could be a gang member if he was alive today? That’s ridiculous.

  • FrankWonder

    This dude keeps giving me reasons to call him a lame. smh Retire already!

  • Zom

    i agree with Dior

  • hahaha some of yall are so god damn sensituve…Its art…get over it…jesus wasnt real anyways…fuck religion…what has it done for humanity other then start wars, and justified murder for religious nut jobs

  • Game is a dope artist too btw…aside from his off record antics…the nigga can spit with the best of em

  • none of us have no through idea of Jesus’ appearance ….this could be interpreted as anyone including aladin rocking a big gold chain to a black monk

  • Simon Adebisi


  • All ima say is oyg redrum 781…… that is all

  • Gucci Fan

    Who wrote this article? That Jesus is clearly not white. He clearly appears to be the same skin color as The Game. Since when is The Game white? Or is somebody simply color blind?

    More or less, this is a pretty disgraceful album cover, but I’ve seen worse lol.

  • toreal

    Pictures of a white Jesus is just as offensive.

  • PorchBoySlim

    This is blasphemy but that picture of a white Jesus with long straight hair that yall accept isn’t?

  • chevy_weight_champ

    I am a tru WestCoast vet but say what you want, nuthin never comes out good when you start disrespecting religion, Im crippin but If snoop and the LBC crew wouldve start fuccin with religion, I wouldve kicced bacc, some lines you just dont cross good lucc 2 Game but God was never known in the bible to cover his face 4 no one, especially a bandana which how caused so many cats 2 die over!!

  • Slaughtr

    To me personally not the fact that it’s some engraven image shit but it injects the wrong idea further to young people. For a nigga that has children his ideology is fcked.As far as the controversy aspect it’s eye catching and will attract record sales but the album better rock like shit to be even pullin some shyt off like this garbage. Blasphemy either way you look at it so give this suka an award for joining Boss Hog in the asassinate him category because some folks take religion seriously to fanatical points they may need to boost their bodyguards.

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  • Let’s all be real here Game is a former stripper that had a butterfly tatted on his face then was on a dating game show claims he is a blood when his momma was a crip if ANYONE takes this guy seriously they should be checked out his career is over his music BLOWS

  • Lol…muthafucka5 a trip!!! Lol How the fuck i5 thi5!! Dumb ass fucks find a Pik with Jesus and peep if it look5 anything lyke the image u see!! Lmao…smh he’s not on a cross or other image5 u may peep!! “Google”

  • Also like we Kant b happy it’s always something to kriti5ize…I mean it’s a problem he’s white ppl judge that when truth is no one knows really…all I’m sayn my opinion he’s doesn’t look like the Jesus images I’ve seen r grew up on!!

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  • ghost

    Hey i thought jesus had olive or tan like skin?