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Prepping For Battle: DNA Readies His Rhymes for a Meek Mill Massacre

He’s either really, really good, or he’s on bath salts.

That’s what may come to mind when one considers Queens battle rapper, DNA. It’s not that he hasn’t proven himself in the battle ring before – he’s battled Dizaster and a lot of other big names in his lane. It isn’t that he isn’t a good and worthy opponent in his URL battle circuit.

It’s just that Meek Mill is that good.

Long before the MMG days of pissing off pastors and bottle-throwing incidents, Meek Mill was known in those streets. Those streets are Philly, a hard-nose city with a propensity for kickin’ *ss. And he was a dope battle rapper as a kid – a kid who might make you cross the street if you saw him coming your way.

Meek is all grown up now, and his skills are sharper than ever. The battle stakes are high with $100,000 and his good, mainstream name on the line. So, is DNA on bath salts, or did Meek Mill just make the worst wager of his life? Check our interview with DNA and get ready for the rumble:

AllHipHop.com: So, I just wanted to catch up with you because we’ve been keeping up with story about this upcoming battle between you and Meek Mill. The first thing I want to ask you about is just the battle topic itself. I know it has always existed, but it seems like lately, there’s been a few battles that are sort of bringing it to the forefront again. So, what are your thoughts on the way the battle has returned lately?

DNA: I feel like, you know, Summer Madness Two, I think that’s what really opened a lot of people’s eyes to the battles, because Loaded Lux made a return, Murder Moot, Serious Jones, and others. And then, ever since the battles, it’s been crazy loud. But since those battles got released on the Internet, it’s just so many celebrities, so many people that wasn’t in tune with battle rap – they’re back in tune with it. And a lot of new people that never used to watch the battles. So, I think it’s good that we actually starting to get liked, and a lot of websites that wasn’t really into battle rap is picking it up now. So I think it’s a good thing.

AllHipHop.com: Yeah. For sure. So let me ask you about a couple of battles that stick out for me this year. The first one was Canibus-vs-Dizaster, which was a disaster for one of them. So, what are your thoughts on that?

DNA: I mean, I had battled Dizaster last November in Canada, and Drake hosted it. So, just me battling Dizaster – it was a close battle – and you know, he’s very talented. So, I knew going into the battle with him and Canibus that, you know, Canibus wouldn’t be able to get by if he rhymed like he did 10 years ago.

AllHipHop.com: Right. OK.

DNA: Once the battle started, and he’s rhyming the same way, it was kind of like, almost like, he was past his prime. An what made it even worse was that, you know, a lot of people know the rules to Hip-Hop. Even though there aren’t really any, but it’s that imaginary handbook. You know, when you choke, you’re always supposed to keep going. And then it wasn’t even that he choked; it was just him pulling out the notepad. He almost, to me, it’s like he made a battle rap, because to me, my question was unless you have the intent of doing that from the jump, like, why would you bring your notepad to a battle? So that also was just crossing my mind. Like, is this guy trying to be funny? Is this a publicity stunt? Did he just do it for the money? So, overall I think if Canibus would have respected the battle, it would have looked good for us and battle rap. But because he didn’t, I think it almost hurt what we was trying to do. If anything, it didn’t help us at all.

AllHipHop.com: Yeah, ’cause the notepad did seem kind of like a violation. But when you think about other violations – and I don’t know if there are really rules to this battling thing, per se – but how you mentioned the Calicoe and Loaded Lux battle, which I did see also. And Loaded Lux clearly was the winner, but he was going in so hard on Calicoe’s father – who you know, we know from BMF (Black Mafia Family) or whatever. But, are there rules to that? Are there places that you shouldn’t go as a battle rapper, or are you just being disrespectful?

DNA: I mean, to me, and this is also how everybody should feel or don’t battle…in those nine minutes or whatever time limits you battle, I feel like anything could be said because it’s a battle. There are no rules. But at the same time, I mean, me being a conscious person of what I’m saying, I got my own rules. Like I won’t talk about somebody being dead, or I won’t talk about anybody’s kids or family members with disabilities or illnesses. That’s just not what I do. But, I mean to me, I feel like Calicoe was glorifying his father in a way, you know, negatively. Negativity, with negativity.

And then Loaded Lux brings just, he brought, he brought like a new act back to battle rap. He was almost like a Malcolm X. What he was telling Calicoe was like a sermons. Like, to be gangster isn’t cool. Which is something that we all know, but a lot of people glorify it instead of talking about it in that way. So, I felt it was actually hot, but that’s just me as a battle rapper. A lot of people told me, though, that they felt like he crossed the line. So, to me he didn’t, but maybe he did. I don’t know.

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AllHipHop.com: Yeah. It was kind of a fine line. So, let me ask you a question about the big battle with Meek Mill. I heard Meek Mill on Power 99 in Philadelphia last week with DJ Cosmic Kev, talking about trying to get them, seeing who could get the money up against you. The $100,000 or whatever to do a battle, and Meek had some things to say about you as a battle rapper and a few other people. But tell me how this really evolved, because the amount of money you guys are putting up is major.

DNA: Well, I mean, the way it goes is that it used to be back in the day where you bet. Like, let’s say we battle for $5,000. I put up $2,500, and the person I’m battling puts it up, and then the winner gets the $5,000. Now it’s almost like boxing – you get paid, win or lose.

So when people want a certain amount of money, they find sponsors. So, I mean, that’s what we doing right now. We been in talks with a few people that’s willing to put up the $100K because they know how big the situation could be for a battle rap. So, I mean, that’s all we’re really waiting for because Meek said he’s with it, and then I asked some people I know who spoke to him and spoke to his management team, and they said that if the money’s right, they would. So, right now we just waiting for the sponsor, and if that goes through, then, you know, nine times out of 10, it should happen. If it goes down, you know it’s gonna be on URL, Smack. So, it’s definitely gonna be on the right track.

AllHipHop.com: So obviously, you know, you think there’s an opportunity for you to beat Meek, or you wouldn’t be putting yourself out there like that. But what do you see? You know, I think a battle is like fighters in the ring. What do you see as Meek Mill’s weakness in the ring if you had to say that for a battle rapper?

DNA: Number one, he hasn’t battled in this day and age. Like, that’s the main one. Like, you know, like, a lot of people could say they could play golf, play basketball. But if you’re a baseball player and never played basketball, I mean you could do it but it’s just not gonna, you know what I mean? You gotta see it to believe it. So, I’m not underestimating nobody, because anybody could do anything on any given day. But for me that’s just like my main thing. I’ve never seen him battle in this type of atmosphere, because a show and a battle is two different things – and he does shows. He’s going and performing in front of a crowd that knows everything he’s about to say, so they with him. In a battle, you gotta make people cheer for something they don’t even know that’s about to come. So, it’s way different.

AllHipHop.com: OK. So, you know, this could potentially destroy you if you lose. So what’s your strategy for winning?

DNA: I mean, I wouldn’t look at it like that. I mean, I’m 100% sure thinking that I’m gonna win. But if anything, I’m the one that has nothing to lose, everything to gain. It would destroy him if he loses. You know what I’m saying? Like, it’s almost like the underdog effect, because even though people in the battle world will vote for me, the majority of people that be knowing about the battle and be watching it, they’ll be in Meek Mill’s favor because he’s more popular than me. So, you know, if anything, I feel like I’m the underdog in that situation, but I won’t be approached like that or rated like that. So, I don’t plan on getting destroyed. I mean it hasn’t happened yet at any battle so, I repeat that.

AllHipHop.com: OK. I hear that. All right. So, in terms of what else you’re doing, after Mill’s battle comes, what else do you have on your plate and where else can people check you out?

DNA: Well, we’ll be in London from October 20-22, and we’ll be in Australia November 2-4. I got battles ands shows out there. and, you know, y’all can reach me at twitter.com/DNA_gtf0h, facebook.com/DNAgtf0h, and we’re featured in Bookins, – bookDNAnow@gmail.com.

AllHipHop.com: OK. So the real fighters always have some sh*t to talk to their opponent right before the battle. So, if you could say anything to Meek right now, what would you say to him?

DNA: You know, just get ready. I’m not the one, you know, boast or talk sh*t or say much. I just want to make the battle happen, and let all my sh*t talking and everything I’m trying to do happen when we battle. So, if he’s serious – which I think he is – like I said, we spoke to numerous people that’s close to him. And let’s make it happen.

AllHipHop.com: OK. All right. So we’re gonna stay tuned to see when this battle materializes, and keep us posted until then. And, definitely once it does happen, I’m hoping you’ll give an exclusive to AllHipHop so we can let people know what the whole situation was like.

DNA: Oh yeah. Definitely. As soon as it’s confirmed – if it is confirmed – y’all be the first to know.

AllHipHop.com: All right. Cool. So have a good trip to London, and we will talk to you soon!

Stay tuned to AllHipHop.com for DNA vs. Meek Mill battle updates!

  • Nels

    Meek just made the worst decision of his life. Its one thing to spit
    bars over beats but when you in front of that crowd on stage. You gonna
    need a lot more than bars. Although Im not a big DNA fan when he battles
    he does go in. & Meek needs to leave that URL scene alone cause he
    can not compete with the worse battler in the URL.

  • Haha what is this writer smoking? Noone can say looking at Meek’s old battles he was good. Not without having his dick in ya mouth. Dude’s garbage. DNA will body him easy. And fyi, DNA had losses before. If he does lose it won’t matter. There is no potential for destruction on his part. There’s only gains, no losses. It’s Meek’s reputation on the line here. If you weren’t such a foolish ignorant writer you would know this asking stupid questions.

    • Galactus

      I’m in philly, witnessed the young bol meek mills battle, and it was straight garbage. These young bols spit nothin but “i got the mac to split ya melon, the ruger spits ludacris disturbing the peace tremendous”, that shit is played out. You ain’t shooting no one, i fucks with DNA though, Son don’t get gangstafied and threatening, he keeps it real with himself and that’s why DNA is gonna body this fake ass millionaire. BTW, I know AHH is only promoting this becuz mills is signed to MMG. If he wasn’t, ya’ll wouldn’t be promoting this hard like ya’ll have been FOH lol

      DNA by no contest.

      • PenTen

        “i got the mac to split ya melon, the ruger spits ludacris disturbing the peace tremendous”

        That just made my day. xD

      • Nah, DNA is the Tooth! – Ok, had to take it there!

        Drake sponsored that Dizaster battle & it was a good look!

        AHH needs to stop fronting & tell Chuck to put up that 100 Racks!

      • YoungGizzle

        Man u not from Philly dawg gtfoh u supposed to be ridin for ours dawg…This nigga Dna is trash he never impressed me get signed dickhead dat battle shit is long overdue…

      • Galactus

        IM all city Philly all day fam, I ride for my philly niggas, but they gotta come correct! i bet you the type that only support Philly rappers if they get major record deals or are associated with whoever’s hot at the moment (state prop, the roots, Eve, e. Ness, and now meek mill, tone trump ) Philly is a big city fam, and there’s alot of garbage out here… Alot. Just sayin…

  • Meek Mill sucks…don’t know what all the hype over this kid is I love dream chasers 2 cause every feature is him getting murdered.

  • CaliTransplant

    Um..Am I the only one here that thinks DNA is like the worst battle rapper ever?! On SM2, he was destroyed by Eness even though the crowd was mad biased. Eness bodied this dude. Every battle I see him in, he sucks. Sorry. I’m curious to see what Meek has to say though..

    • >>>Smacks the crack pipe out of @CaliTransplant:disqus ‘s hand & makes him step on it like Dog The Bounty Hunter.

    • Galactus

      gotta disagree… E.Ness sucked DNA wasn’t in top form but son, def won that battle. And E. Ness Throwing tantrums is not gonna help him win anything. DNA was clearly the underdog bu Ness ain’t strong enough, he should just stick to writing for Puff.

      • I agree….I’ll go further…DNA got him the Fugg Outta there….well, E ness got himself the Fugg outta there based on the career choices he made…..but I guess since he bangs hammers in court….. we can’t Judge Mathis!

        Dizaster was the closest battle & the rest were pretty close….that white kid from Penn State did his thing too! Rone?

        Honestly, I don’t think Meek could hang with 1/2 the dudes DNA beat!

      • anemia716

        Rone is a monster. I forgot about him.

      • Only because he’s a geeky white kid from the burbs!

        I bet he got fugged up many times in a battle…just for winning!

        He almost beat DNA, IMHO, I mean, E Ness was the only real blowout!

      • Rone already battled DNA and Rone got destroyed easily no contest. He says some little lines here and there nothing impressive but he can flow. Rone has lost quite a few battles. Then got destroyed again by DNA and soul khan when they did a 2 on 2 match. Rone is not someone I would check for his geek out rhymes are good at a highschool lunch room battle amongst the chess club.

      • CaliTransplant

        He wasn’t able to get his bars out!!! NY was in rare hater form that night, fa real. Sorry, IMO, DNA is trash and his punchlines suck. “His whole style is chump..”

    • Global_Mission

      R U crazy? DNA put E-Ness in a coffin!

    • MadVillain

      lol Ness lost and over everything acted like a b!tch the whole time DNA was spitting

    • What battle you watch.Ness sucked and DNA landslide beat him and nobody thinks ness won except you.,You are the only person on planet earth who thinks Ness won


      Naw Ness Lost Bad He Got Murderd and He was Frustrated Too. But If U check Meek Mill record he never loses his cool In a Battle.

    • You must be from philly originally. You obviously don’t know wtf you are talking about. You may not like a NY mc that is what is sounds to me. The kid is beyond nice and is one of the few to have the best rebuttals in the battle circuit. Rebuttal means come back line also. Very very few freestyle in the battles there maybe one other person and a kid from england. Trust I watch all the battles big time. I know when niggas is bitting other people shit from other battles. If you watch it enough you will catch it. DNA3-0 ko ness body bag! FOH!

  • Ah ‘Chet!

    I remember when iLLseed first brought it up & gave it momentum on AHH!

    I respect Meek for taking the challenge…if he does, but it’s a bad move.

    DNA is a beast!

    Meek should just sign him…….no way he’s gonna win with the MMG luggage!

    MMG / Officer Ricky doesn’t have the $100K?

    • Galactus

      Thats what im asking, nigga claimin he’s a bawse and a millionaire…

      • Obviously he is funk faking & this shows!


      MMG got $100K Fool Its DNA thats looking for Sponsors why would Meek Mill Need a Sponsor When he’s Signed to a Label???? OAN Meek Will Handle this Fool anyday He Been Up against them Soft Cats and Making The Band Dudes He Never stepped in the ring with Ali before LOL

      • So what you saying? Meek challenging a dude who got paid $750 for his last battle…..but expects him to raise $100K?

        Why not a million?

        Besides, it ain’t that type of battle, in a hallway, personal money up, etc.

        It’s a battle LEAGUE, they pay the winner, not the loser.
        IE: DNA vs Dizaster = Drake Paying / Sponsoring

        So bottom line is not only will MMG not put up the $100K or even $50K, they can’t even get sony, or any other sponsor to put it up.

        Does Meek have $100K?

        You tripping!

        You making Meek sound scared & I doubt he is….log off with that Bool’chet!

  • DNA is cool, but Dizaster won that battle they did hands down lol. Meek might come with some dope shit, he got way better, but url has a lame ass crowd so don’t do it

    • Global_Mission

      Don’t know about Dizaster winning that battle. I watched it 2 or 3 times and DNA might have got em. Either way the s_hit was classic.

      • Hell yeah it’s classic. Diz won first round EASILY. But 2nd round was too damn close, if it’s not a tie diz edged it out, his lines were really sticking and standing out. 3rd round dna easily

  • andrewdavis1415

    Meek has no shot but hey, he might surprise his naysayers (like myself) and win. I like some of his music but DNA aint no slouch, he should’ve honestly picked a worse opponent. He jus needs to show up w/a crowd that will cheer at his every bar cuz DNA has been doin this for awhile & know’s how to get the crowd involved. This’ll be a KO for DNA, dnt see Meek winning one round.


      KO??? Yall Niggas Sleep. Just Because You Beat a bunch of nobodys and E. Ness from Making the band, Dont Mean He’ll do the same with Meek Mil

      • Nigga please take that old ass bullshit back to philly. Niggas don’t rhyme like that anymore. Meek will lose badly as usual. Meek should start at the bottom those bs rhymes in his videos would not make it with legit mc’s he battle scum sucking loosers. You are a stan hardcore of a mediocre mc. I never play his sh*t. Nothing special about him. He sounds like any average mc not great but lyrically average.

  • Bobby Del Bosque

    this needs to be on PPV…

  • Seandra whoever you are who wrote this. I can tell you don’t know hiphop. Where do all these bullshit writers who don’t know hiphop come from. Meek Mill is average I wouldn’t say totally garbage but I would put him against the lowest seed in the battle circuit. Those rhymes he spit back then were not hot compared to todays standards. DNA the kid is a monster lyrically but his freestyle rebuttals sets him apart from even some of the top battle mc’s if you have been watching battles for years then you know what I am saying is true. Few really come off the top of head without written to respond back to what a person said and it be fire. Hard to do. His losses were bias because on the Diz battle the white crowd love that yeehaw screaming shit. So yeah Meek you are putting your name at risk. Look what happened to ness from making the band. He got destroyed by DNA. He should just quit now after his temper tantrum. Meek is a cry baby also. Kevin Hart clowned him and he got angry when people laughed at him for saying corny jokes.

  • DNA will body Mills.DNA is pretty dope.He’s a guy I try not to like but he wins alot and is a beast


    Boy you sleep you better check out Meek Mill youtube videos of him Eatin
    Niggas Alive !!!!!!! U hav a point, but MEEK was a Battle Rapper
    FIRST!!!! He Got Signed For a Reason, Because He Goin In on these Fake
    Cats LOL. DNA had plenty of Ammo ready for E. Ness in their Battle,
    Talking about his career decisions and Shit, But Whats he gonna say
    About Meek Mill?????? ” Oh Nigga You Signed on M.M.G. making Millions
    and At the Top Of Yo Game, But You aint a Real Rapper tho !!!”
    ——-Meek Mill will find a crack in his Armor Real Quick——–

  • CaliTransplant

    All you DNA cats relax; it’s my opinion. No, I’m not from Philly (read the name, my dude) and I don’t hate NYC. I just wrote that DNA is trash. That was not Eness’ best battle, but he was STILL better than that bumble mouthed ass nicca DNA. That dude’s bars were wack af. Period. All of you guys can jump on me for saying that if you want to, but that’s how I saw it. What? Because the crowd was booing Ness? Anybody that’s watched his battles knows that he reps PA hard so NYC comes out hard too. It wasn’t that DNA was tight, cause he wasn’t, homie. Real talk…Plus, Mills WAS a battle rapper before the $. That dudes only had money like 6 months?!?! Don’t count him out just yet, damn! Haters…


    yo i wanna c this what day this supposed to happen put this shit on the live stream because this is going to be this shit mainstream vs underground Boy this is a must see for real no matter who wins

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    I’m not a fan of these sort of battles at all. Don’t like em. If I want to hear dope poetry on a mute canvas; I’ll listen to spoken word poets. I believe that when a rap artist does this kind of “battling”; you are no longer in your element; you’re in a spoken word element.
    I had this debate with a guy who differed in opinion, so I issued hima challenge; he would go pick a battle rapper, and I pick a spoken word poet, and have them battle each other. Round 1 would be accapella; round 2 would be over a beat. Round one was a complete disaster for the rapper; seeing as how the spoken word poet was in his element; no canvas (beat). But in round 2, the rapper was in his element, and SLAUGHTERED my spoken word poet. This is an experiment I ran (and before you label me a “hater”, please find the nearest empty can and begin kicking it up the street).
    And secondly, Meek Mill is an idiot; officially. In his position (signed artist), you get paid to judge these now; not risk getting your ass handed to you. Meek is going to get to the point where his album sells less than 100,000 units if he does not learn how to maintain some sort of “reserve”. SMH

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  • MyHonestyOffends

    Meek Mill “gone get this work”

  • Jas1ne

    Meek gonna get some ghostwriters to write his battles LOL

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