T.I. Takes On Challengers, Touts “Trouble Man” at NYC’s SoHo Apple Store

(AllHipHop News) Sounding much like a man who has learned a bevy of lessons in recent years, Atlanta rapper T.I. paid a visit to New York’s SoHo Apple Store last night (October 23).

T.I., who was interviewed by AllHipHop.com CEO Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur for Apple’s “Meet The Musician” series, was on a mini-promotional tour in the Big Apple to promote his forthcoming Trouble Man album release.

The album, which has been pushed back several times and is now slated for a December 18 release, boasts features from Andre 3000 on the bass-heavy, soulful-hooked “Sorry”, and Kendrick Lamar and fellow Atlantan B.o.B. on a cover of Gotye’s mega-hit, “Somebody I Used To Know”.

During the interview and listening event, fans were treated to a witty and confident T.I., as he reviewed his laundry list of current projects, including a new season of the hit reality TV show, “T.I. and Tiny’s Family Hustle”, a new fiction book, Trouble and Triumph, the TV show “Boss” with Kelsey Grammer and Sanaa Lathan, and the Trouble Man album.

About the album’s title, T.I. told Creekmur it was named that “for obvious reasons.” The previously embattled rapper has spent time in prison for weapons possession and probation violations, but according to him, he’s on the right track now.

“Nothing worth having comes easy… The [troubles] taught me the right time and the right people to say ‘f*ck you’ to,” said T.I. While he stays out of trouble with his numerous projects, he said he’s also found time to do some long-awaited collaborations: “We working on material. Me and B.o.B. got songs on songs on songs.”

With his wife, Tiny, tucked away in the Apple Store audience of about 150 people, T.I. reflected with Creekmur about having the support of his wife as he assumes his multi-level throne.

“Even the ultimate ‘ride or die chick’, you gotta give them a reason to ride!” he noted about their longtime relationship while offering some relationship advice to the men.

The coming months look to be busy ones for the artist, entrepreneur, husband, father, and self-proclaimed “King.”

“To assume the title [King] is bigger than music,” offered T.I. “I’m very secure in what I do. I welcome all challengers.”

Trouble Man is available online and in stores on December 18. View photos from T.I.’s “Meet The Musician” Apple Store event below:

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  • Pierre Elliott


  • Waste of time….He is showing us a softer side, just to push his
    material…Soon he will be back on his “I am rich and I don’t give a eff about any fan” speech again.

    • jboat123

      Thanks for being empathetic to a guy who realizes the errors of his way geessh.

      • Yeah he realizes his errors when he can profit from it…But to realize his errors just because it’s the right thing to do should be really be the way to go about it. Continue to think that these people just woke up one day and decided to speak to the public..This is all about promotion and selling bullshit to people like you.

      • IG::TheRealStevieBee

        #PaperTrails –>.than what came next???? Tip’s acting.

      • jboat123

        NODODY SELLS ME SHIT U COCKSUCKER AND U KEEP TALKING SHIT IMMA CRACK YA FUCKIN HEAD OPEN!!!! T.i. is a real g quit hating and get some millions then maybe u wont be on a computer talking shit you’ll be doing what he is being a philanthropist rapper, actor and clothing designer.

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      • jboat123

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      • Guest

        Man you can’t tell me nothing….Watch your mouth BITCH…..This internet thing got you hyped…..Go feed your 10 kids with your EBT CARD.

      • Man you can’t tell me nothing….Watch your mouth BITCH…..This
        internet thing got you hyped…..You can share your comment but you don’t need to get personal…Not everyone on the internet is looking for a handout….My money comes from hard work and investments…Not everyone has to be a rapper to be considered successful.

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  • Lolrax

    Creekmur making some silly ass faces

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