Hip-Hop Rumors: Shyne Says “Good Kid, Terrible Album” About Kendrick Lamar’s New LP

Wow, who would have ever thought that Shyne was going to turn into this attention seeking, Twitter ranting, out of touch character? His latest Twitter rant involves West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar, who has just released his new album, good kid, M.A.A.D city, earlier this week.

With heavy endorsements from legends Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Kendrick is being groomed to be a leader in Hip-Hop.  All of the hype around him had Shyne expecting “Doggystyle or The Chronic“and according to his tweets, he got “trash”. Check out Shyne’s tweets below:

It sounds like Shyne’s expectations were a little too high…but calling the album “trash,” though? I don’t know about that! AllHipHop.com reviewed good kid, M.A.A.D city recently, and it scored a 8.5 out of 10. You can read that review below:

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Kendrick’s Black Hippy rap partner, Schoolboy Q got wind of Shyne’s tweets and quickly came to his defense tweeting, “We all know @originalShyne AIN’T EATIN!!!!! N*gga ain’t had a hot verse since ’01.”

Shyne responded to the tweet by calling Schoolboy Q and “f*g” and tweeting, “When mobsters talking rappers be quiet!”

Houston rapper Slim Thug seemed to want to insert himself in the controversy and retweeted one of Shyne’s tweets about Kendrick Lamar’s album being trash. Shyne responded to Slim Thugga’s retweet by writing, “@slimthugga I’m saying tho, all the hype I wanted to hear the champion! I heard a kid with potential. The beats was trash!”

Did you cop the album? What do you think about it? Did it live up to your expectations?
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69 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Shyne Says “Good Kid, Terrible Album” About Kendrick Lamar’s New LP”

  1. real OG

    I agree with Shyne and Slim the album is only good if your under 24 or your into the kind of things he raps about. Of course Shyne can’t relate to a kid who just is a rapper and brags about having no street cred. I bet Shyne isn’t feeling that new Taylor Swift either

    • Tony G.

      Im over 24….well over 24 and I like the album…and who the hell are those bums to criticize ANYTHING…at this point in their careers…oh my bad..they dont even have one now..

  2. therealest1

    Its been official we can’t take anything Shyne says seriously since he was released and deported. This ass clown is trying to give a Game a run for his money regarding bipolar, attention seeking behavior.

    Shyne’s emotions are as inconsistent as Game’s. Let’s see, upon release from prison and deportation to Belize, he moved to Israel and converted to Judaism complete with sideburns, head wear, and attire. He forgives Puffy, then revisits his hatred for him.

    This clown is just too confused as to who he wants to be. Now he’s trying to find a beef to stay relevant since he hasn’t had a hit in over 10 years.

    Kendrick Lamar’s album was good, especially in this wack ass era. What the hell was this ass clown expecting by hoping it was going to be on par with The Chronic or Doggystyle? We are not in that groundbreaking, innovative era anymore, it has died once rap went global and way too mainstream, commercialized. Rap already started its death march when his album was released in 2000, he should’ve known that.

    I’ll go on record and say Kendrick Lamar’s album is better than Shyne’s first and only Bad Boy release. At least Kendrick Lamar has his own voice, style and flow, not some copycat ass Notorious B.I.G. shit like Shyne has made a wasted career off of.

    If anyone doesn’t like what I said, kiss my ass, I’m out. HAVE A NICE DAY! (Mankind voice)

    • Richard Savage

      he didnt even have a hit 10 years ago! he had lukewarm records. he only got attention for shootin up a club and hittin a bunch of people he didnt mean to hit. Somebody need to tell he just because he bucks off and hits the lil girl in the window and do 10 years for it doesn’t make him gangster. get in the studio and make a fuckin hit

    • johnblacksad

      “Its been official we can’t take anything Shyne says seriously since he was released and deported. ”

      where do i sign…? Shyne has been one funny azz ninja since he got out

  3. Negro Peligro

    Man rappers feeling themselves way to much on twitter. When Mobsters talk rappers listen. You critiquing a rap album. Now you a mobster. Holla at me when you put another album on the shelf.

  4. MuthaFuka Jones

    I’ve heard a couple complaints about the production. But honestly, I’m not copping it. Nas and Slaughterhouse were my two hip hop purchases for the year. Hell, maybe if Jay Electronica holds true to the tracklist he dropped earlier this summer, I’ll cop that. But Kendrick Lamar just isn’t what I’m seeking in hip hop.

  5. Carlos

    i bought the album and agree with shyne to an extent. I was disappointed, expected better. The best song on the album is only in the deluxe version. also, i don’t see this as shyne trying to get attention, twitter is for bitching, AHH is the one giving him the attention for his tweet.

  6. drew diesle infinite

    cats need to stop hatin an do them never have to many expectations on a person cause the same you put out is goin to come back to you 10 fold. ya dig
    kendrick do ya thing west coast and hip hop 4 life

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      see thats the problem you kids dont listen shyne said he has enormous potential but the beats were trash thats not hating thats being honest even slim thug said the same thang shyne is from that real error like dmx where u speak how u feel

      • drew diesle infinite

        first of all im speakin my mind sec im not a kid imma grown man that has been a fan for many years u dont have to tell me what era shynes from i know where he’s from if the sjoe fits wear it im no hater im stickin by what i said

  7. Richard Savage

    Two rappers who havent produced hits since Dr. Dre was a nurse. Shyne should be the LAST rapper to talk about someone being trash. He has been wack since he got out of prison and with the shit i’ve heard since he got out, he should got locked up for ANOTHER 10 years cuz his shit is ASSHOLE TRASH

  8. 7yoyo7

    Like he said, he is entitled to his own opinion…
    HOWEVER…. I downloaded Kendrick’s album, it was better than I expected. Kid definitely got some potential. so I bought a copy, the album is on its way.

    Now, YOU, shyne had me and my homies laughing for a LOOONG time after you released your track called “King David” for your new mixtape.
    Ahahahahahahah!!!! Now that is pure TRAAAASH.

  9. nomikal

    thing is kendrick’s album is in the form of a short film, let one of these bums try that and come up with anything above 4-5 mics, i’d be surprised.



  11. Soulgasm

    The album is decent, at best. It’s far from a classic, but far from trash either. It’s something I’d listen to while I’m in chill mode, but nothing that I will say in 5-10 years, “man, remember that such and such album”. I need to hear more from him, with better production. It’s like the West is stretching by crowning him “the new West Coast King”. I mean, I’d mos def bump him before a Waka, Gucci type cat though, but again….it’s decent at best.

  12. trixnkix637

    Does anyone even realize that Good Kid M.A.A.D. City is a concept album? He’s telling a story all the way from track 1 to the end. This ain’t some let some make some hot tracks, some filler, and call it a LP. This is a nod to the old school when you were meant to listen to the album beginning to end the way the artist intended. SMDH at some ppl. & Shyne lost all credibility for backing Diddy after he let him rot in prison.

      • trixnkix637

        Even the beats are going over people’s heads. Listen to “Poetic Justice” prod. by Scoop Deville. I think ppl are letting the hype push them over. It’s not a Illmatic or The Chronic, but it wasn’t supposed to be either. The fans & hip hop heads put that label on it. Not K. Lamar.

      • Frank

        “Illmatic or The Chronic, but it wasn’t supposed to be either”

        why not? I mean, I haven’t heard it yet and just heard this kid dropped an album. by why not shoot for illmatic or the chronic or OBFCL? So he was shooting for what exactly?

        I like what homey said about it being a concept album, I definitely will download and check it out. But Slaughterhouse, even though they was under em, had some wack ass beats too, so I gotta hear for myself. It might be true that the beat selection or mixing is garbage.

      • trixnkix637

        I’d rather a new artist establish new milestones instead of trying to recreate the old. Beats & production are subject to opinions no doubt.

        But I bet the ppl dissing think that Dre Beats are also top notch headphones.

        To each their own as always. At least he got his album out. How many can say that being under the Aftermath umbrella?

        Been waiting on Nip Hussle for yrs now. (I know he ain’t Aftermath, Just saying)

    • Jordan Pauley

      A concept album? Speakerboxx/The Love Below was a concept album… This is a rap album with heavy electronic production… In the vein of Watch The Throne or . A concept album has an underlying theme… Production wise? I guess the argument can be made… The production is, for the most part, cohesive… But the album isn’t the most focused, topically. This ni**a can rap though. Definitely on my radar… But this album, on its own merit, ain’t anywhere on the level.

      • Kulitmane

        I’m not trying to throw shade on you, but did you listen to the whole thing? It’s clearly a concept album since it tells a story all the way through. What did you think those skits were in there for? The cover-title even calls it a short film. “good kid, m.A.A.d city: A short film by, Kendrick Lamar”

    • CRISIS

      Most of these “no buying album” a** fans just want to hear Justice League style beats or beats with a million mile per hour hi hats and 50 snares and claps in 4 bars! SMH! FOH! Nobody wants to hear that any more! This was a concept album that most of these rappers out now could never do and the beats are official! It’s time for a change from the the rest of the bullshit that is out now! This can’t be compared to any album. it’s unique in it’s own way! I don’t want to hear rappers making similar albums or songs all the time. That s*** is wack!

  13. Nsb123

    Shyne and Slim Thug, that is their opinions. If they don’t like it who cares. Forget them both. Kendrick’s album is
    close to a modern-day classic, he tells his story like all artist do
    starting off. He doesn’t need to rap to impress the old heads or people before him. Shyne and Slim each had one descent album a piece and both
    have now fell off. Actually, there not even mention, not in any real hip-hop head top 25 , when is the last time you heard anyone say that was a hot Shyne
    song, not since 2001 and same for Slim Thug in 2005. It is great for the West Coast and for Hip Hop culture. Kendrick Lamar keep doing you.


      Slim Thug is indie. He didn’t necessarily “fall off”. Him, Paul Wall, Trae..all those Texas boys do they thing regionally. And believe they eating and in a great space. He had their major runs to no prevail, but I wouldn’t call that falling off..Just not living up to major label expectations. He and Kendrick are in different lanes. Kendrick is MAJOR. He has Jimmy I behind him (no Kreyshawn). He’s on the road to million dollar endorsements (with no gimmick might I add). Album is very good to me. I’ve been listening since it leaked. I won’t label it a classic. But it’s a very good album. It’s not his fault he was labeled the “savior of hip hop” (smh) and there were extremely high expectations. He did his thing. Album is complete..skits..transitions..themes that flow..great mix/master and backup vocals..everything fits for the most part. There are a couple stumbles but nothing major..

  14. Dynomite

    He’s right. Being better than the rest of the trash doesn’t make your album “good”. He’s not dissing Kendrick. He’s putting the spotlight on the people behind him. The point is, with an artist of Kendrick Lamar’s potential, you don’t let his debut album go until it is groundbreaking. You make sure it has the impact of Doggystyle or Get Rich. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine have the experience to know that. If you think rap is wack right now, blame the producers. They’re the ones that ran out of ideas

  15. AK

    Went over shynes dumbass head i see, very solid album with a good concept . Best album so far this year, i gotta hear the new vinnie paz album to say for sure though, and im still waiting on jay elec .

    • Spyz District

      Sean Price is also droping an album next week also check out SkyZoo’s album there’s quite a lot of dope albums this year and GKMC is one of em F*** Shyne

  16. Nemesis_Enforcer

    The beats ARE trash! THE BEATS, specifically! Beats only make up 1/2 of a song or project. So Shyne should just talk about the beats, not the entire project. Kendrick is a great lyricist (already) and has the potential to be a great artist. But he should have stuck to what worked on his prior projects. Hitboy, T-Minus, Just Blaze, Neptunes, The Bizness, yeah they big names but none of them were around when KDot was making his EP, OD, or Section 80 or none of the mixtapes.

  17. jacksjus

    I haven’t heard it yet, but I will say that Shyne is entitled to his opinion. I do feel that you can’t call someone’s work trash and then turn around and say you’re not tryinkg to diss. The politically correct saying would have been that it’s not his cup of tea.

  18. boatsaytru87

    I see nothing wrong with Shyne’s use of social network to give his opinion on music but its a bit obvIous the situation we have here. Shyne is a fan of Kendrick Lamar but wanted so much more. What he doesn’t understand is that what’s dope in his eyes commercially is not the same as a 16-26 year old. He’s expecting output similar to albums made decades ago, and that’s just unrealistic. Lastly what he doesn’t understand is that regardless of his intent, commenting on anyone shit other than Congratulations will be considerate hate and lame AF!

  19. CRISIS

    Kendrick’s album is fir! F*** with this fake jew has to say! He’s finished! Why are ya even giving him attention? I bought the album, threw on some headphones and analyzed the hole album from beginning to the end! There were just 2 songs I didn’t like out of 17 tracks. That equals a really good album to me. Other then NaS’ album I’ve been skipping though everybody’s album just to get to the 1 or 2 songs I like! These websites are giving this clown Shyne a voice! SMH! If you like listening to rappers rapping about money, selling drugs and strip clubs in every song to similar beats then that album isn’t for you!

    People don’t even know what classic means… SMFH! In 5 to 10 years if you don’t remember the album then it isn’t classic. You can’t determine if something that just came out is classic or not! I see Hip Hop fans can see in to the future now too! LMAO

  20. Hector G

    it honestly seems like theyre tryin to force him down the pipe though….im not checkin for kendrick lamar jus being honest

  21. Hector G

    em and 50 made me like thier music right away….lamars first single drank and this concept album coming out first are a little off to me

  22. Schooly B

    Classic album…. Meanwhile back in the carter projects, Shyne is smokin that ish making wack ass songs and videos with ashanti. I remember that is homie. the music video filmed in jail… C’mon son. give it up.

  23. Dadon850

    I respect Shyne opinion, after all it is his opinion. Now as far as trash, anybody that put out the garbage Shyne put out when he touched down should never ever call anything trash. Matter of fact, calling “king David” and the rest of his new music trash is actually insulting to trash.

  24. Spyz District

    Who gives a f*** about Shyne’s opinion anyway im jus sayin if you fux with Sticky Fingaz “Autobiography of Kirk Jones” album you’ll understand the genius on “good kid, M.A.A.D city”

  25. D_Ably

    far too much crap talkin about one mans OPINION. Yeah your allowed to have them. Not everyones a sheep bred slave minded individual that has to move with the flock ya know. I don’t even like shyne but jeeeeez….

  26. Guest

    He was talking about the beats. I think the album is cool, gotta listen to it a couple more times. I think he was expecting something totally different with big beats from Dre and shyt like that and got some smoothed out shyt.

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