Tupac and Mike Tyson

Hip-Hop Rumors: Was This Tupac’s Last Song Recorded Before His Death?

There is a Tupac track entitled “Let’s Get It On” that is circulating the ‘net claiming to be the final recording before his death. The song was allegedly written about Mike Tyson, who Tupac name drops at the end of the song, and was allegedly recorded on 9/5/96. Tupac died just a few days later on 9/13/96. We don’t know if this is legitimate, hence why it’s in the rumors section. Check out the track below:

Tupac and Mike Tyson were reportedly very close during the ’90s, with Tyson even saying that his biggest regret in life was “not smoking weed with Tupac.”  Tupac also recorded another track for Mike Tyson called “Road To Glory”. Tyson walked out to this song in his March 16, 1996 fight vs. Frank Bruno.  The sound quality’s not that great, but you can hear the beginning of the song pretty clearly.

Of all the things Mike Tyson can regret in his life – you know that whole rape thing, the jail thing, the biting the ear thing – his biggest regret is not smoking with ‘Pac. Crazy!

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  • 7yoyo7


    • Another Pac track by the same name feat. Pac’, Grand Puba, Biggie & Heavy D ( Untouchables did beat? )

      2pac feat. Heavy D, Grand Puba & Notorious B.I.G. – Let’s Get It On. Unreleased track.

      Lyric: [Heavy D]
      Yea this is uh Super funk you know what I’m sayin
      This is for all the players and playetts wherever you at you dig
      I’m talkin about from this side to that side
      East side, West side, your side, my side
      It’s all about being funky man
      Aiyyo give me that microphone
      It’s Heavy D the baritone and I’m home alone dig it
      and I’m always staying freshly dipped on 1-2-5th
      where the dogs bark and the dreadlock be sparkin spliff
      Okay okay okay okay it’s Heavy D again
      Hallelujah I’m on your T.V. screen again
      You see me on your MTV and on your BET
      and on your local focal point video show
      Nigga this how it flow so fly like an eagle
      No sequels no weed but I get love from all the thugs
      cause they still my people
      I’m dynamic punks panic when they see me
      They get all shook up when my mic’s hooked up
      Let’s get it on!

      Untouchables at your door
      (Let’s get it on)
      All you wack rappers hit the floor

      How should I plead forever thuggin on a quest to get G’s
      Runnin from enemies ever since the days of a seed
      I’m under pressure the stress will have me drinkin
      thinkin niggaz after me much too paranoid to blink
      Wonder why the police don’t wanna see me stackin G’s
      They after a playa but I won’t let em capture me
      I gotta thank the lord for the weed and a nigga team
      I can’t sleep close my eyes I see wicked deams (deamons)
      I keep my pistol by my bedside one in the chamber
      Preoccupied with homocide my life’s in danger
      Rollin down a fortify beware of strangers
      Hand on my 4-5 that’s what the fame does
      I’m probably wrong but I’ll never know it till I’m gone
      From out the ghetto where the jealous motherfuckers roam
      Pass the weed let that Hennessey get to me
      before the penitentiary
      Let’s get it on!!

      Untouchables at your door
      (Let’s get it on)
      All you wack rappers hit the floor

      [Grand Puba]
      I thought you knew I stay true to this rhyme thing I do
      I have all the honeys saying, “Go Pu’!”
      I flip a style from the projects building 70 apartment 6C
      I turn food stamps to green stamps rough power amps
      and sold weed under corner lamps but now I’m just microphone talkin
      So when you see my ass have my cash or just keep walking
      Niggaz got more game than Genesis
      Seen a movie in L.A. now everybody wanna C
      but them youth don’t trouble we
      because they fall victim to what they see hey!
      I keeps it +Reel to Reel+ like my last album title song
      but I understand it takes a year for niggaz to catch on
      (hit em in the head dog) So let’s get it on! yea

      [Notorious B.I.G.]
      Split the dutches fill it with the skunk we about to
      get wicked in the joint uh Notorious is glorious
      *cough, cough)*
      Niggaz now who’s the mind blower, the weed grower
      Have you seeing doubles like Noah, the rhyme flower
      B.I.G. top notch with the glock check your pockets
      and your sock it’s just the way my pops taught me
      When you throw the drop check em throughly
      The bastard might spin around and try to bury me
      And dead niggaz don’t make no moves
      When I’m slingin in the hood I don’t fake no moves aight
      Reminiscin on my swingin days
      when I drove a Caddy and my bitch sported finger waves
      Yea she had the Gucci roots I had Sarducci suits
      Oshkosh-begosh Coca-Cola lookin real cute
      Junior M.A.F.I.A. representin Bucktown
      Mac-11 cocked back niggaz better duck down
      Face down you know the routine the cream
      Earrings you know the drama Biggie bring
      Let’s get it onCategory:MusicLicense:Standard YouTube License

      • 7yoyo7

        What I mean is that the rumor was weak, not Pac…

      • CASTLE Hill? Let me find out you from the boot building!

        J Low, Grand Puba ( Sound Masters ), Remy, many heads from there!
        Kid capri from Park Lane ( across from Stevo ).

        Monroe, The View…..’chet, even Seward Manor…..ok, maybe not Seward, but…. : )

        P.S. :
        That ‘chet I dropped was Fiyah!

        Grand Puba / Reel To Reel = Young Soundmasters from Castle Hill.

        >>>>Grew Up in the back of 131

      • 7yoyo7

        The moderator deleted my previous comment… Damn… I hate these internet thugs!
        J.Lo also grew up on 2210 Blackrock.
        My family also lives on Gun Hill, BX.

      • They don’t call it Gun Hill for nuttin’!

        I thought J.Lo was from Boot building, then moved?
        I used to hang out in the old beach club back there…..we had it all to self!

      • 7yoyo7

        Gun Hill isn’t that bad anymore you can see a couple fights every now and then (and a carjacking last year lol) but besides that it’s nothing but fake Bloods walking around and acting tough.

      • Back in my day, the Yard Boys / Yardees / Dreads ran it, it was cool…if you didn’t start any ‘chet!

    • toreal

      Nigga I will kick your ass for saying that.

      • 7yoyo7

        The rumor was weak, not Pac you dumb MF!!!
        Come see me in the Bronx, Castle Hill Projects and ask for Buddha, I really wanna see how you gonna kick my ass b1tch!

    • Jesse Ponce

      you wouldn’t say that in front of a real tupac fan, your bitch ass will get dropped.

      • 7yoyo7

        The rumor was weak, not Pac you dumb MF!!!
        PS : The only bitch ass that I know is your mother.

    • Terrance Goodman


  • Jon B. said that Tupac had left the recording studio when they made R U still down Jon B. version, Was suppose to come back but of course was murdered.

    • So was that his last….or did he do like 5 & was supposed to come back & re do Jon B’s?

  • JohnOnDR

    that’s a fanmade… no sorry… bootlegger-made remix no original
    check youtube

  • Ok now I am a little piss once I put this in youtube, I realize I have already heard this song over a decade ago. Rumors or not you have to do better than this. I need to put it on my IPOD so I guess thanks, but really.

  • Yeah, that is the last song recorded by Pac. The Youtube version has a remixed beat and the original one hasn’t leaked yet..

  • Terrance Goodman

    The greatest still thuggin

  • Terrance Goodman


  • Doe Boy

    we will neva kno what pac last song was…in shit i didn kno pac in i have not smoked in 7yr in i wish i could have smoked wit him…so jus think if u was a friend of his…u start to think like i didn get to jus smoke a L wit my dude…thats jus how u think when yo boy get killed

  • WillVetterGoodin

    I don’t give a shit! IF pac puts out another Album, Song, im down. ( if it’s not some garbage ass shit someone did a remix to) IT’S PAC! CMON! Think of how different music would be if dude was still alive…smh.

  • Alex Kritenbrink

    The “Let’s Get It On” song is what Tyson walked out to on September 7th before his fight against Bruce Seldon. The version on this page isn’t the original. You can only hear part of the original if you go back and watch Tyson’s entrance into the ring. It has a much harder beat, and doesn’t have some random guy talking over the intro like this one does.

  • Thanks for posting this. It is great to know there is still more Tupac tracks out there. I’m itching for a new album to drop and hope that justice is done to it.

    As for rumours, pick up a copy of the Kindle book Makaveli’s Prince.

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