EXCLUSIVE: Shyne Blasts Diddy (Again), Sets Tentative Date For U.S. Performance “With or Without Obama”

(AllHipHop News) Shyne, who released his self-proclaimed comeback mixtape Gangland just weeks ago, has unleashed a new verbal tirade against former mentor/friend Sean “Diddy” Combs, whom he accused of refusing to help him get his re-gain the right’s to come back to the United States.

After making it well-known that he was “disgusted” by Rick Ross’ sworn portrayal of gang life and the Jewish culture on the Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, Shyne kept the ball rolling in a new interview with

Shyne was deported from the United States almost a year to the day (October 2009), after serving nine years in prison for an infamous shooting in 1999 involving Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Shyne and Diddy’s former bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones.

Jones was also implicated in the now infamous 1999 Manhattan club shooting with Diddy and J. Lo. Jones, who was tragically murdered outside an Atlanta, Georgia nightclub in 2003, was a close associate of Diddy’s.

Shyne admitted he resented Diddy and then blasted the Hip-Hop mogul, who he claims failed to take care of Wolf’s extended family.

“The testament to that is the way he treats Anthony Wolf Jones’ mother and his family. If it wasn’t for Anthony Wolf Jones, he [Diddy] wouldn’t be alive today. I know this for a fact,” Shyne told “Suge Knight was on his back and Wolf was the guy that kept Diddy alive. You would think that after he passed away he would have gratitude forever, especially when you think about the way that he’s rolling. How you not sending your man’s kid’s off to college? How you not take care of your man’s mother mortgage?”

Aside from his issues with Diddy, those fans looking to hear Shyne perform songs off his Gangland project like the popular “Meyer Lansky” track featuring Pusha-T can expect to hear him live stateside in March of next year.

“We working on that and for whatever reason President Obama don’t see the benefit that I bring to the African and Latin-American impoverished communities throughout the United States of America,” Shyne told “He doesn’t seem to get the fact that [there is] nobody more [qualified] than myself to speak to these kids in an honest way with integrity, that can influence them to change their lives and turn their lives around. He doesn’t get the fact that I’m the spokesperson to combat the violence in inner cities. But we working on getting that visa, so I should be in the United States in March of 2013, with or without Obama.”

Fans can also download Shyne’s mixtape, Gangland here: Shyne – Gangland

  • Glasscut

    Lol Obama seriously the same president that sold africa wholesame to the oil companies. Yeah black people put all your trust in white jesus and obama,,, For your info obama has a very bad identity crisis. That man doesn’t know if hes black, white, red or green.. it goes with the saying if you don’t believe in anything or stand for something you fall for anything.. President obama is the perfect example of that. Wake up black people now i am not saying mitt romney is any better but atleast you know where he stands. shyne is right obama can care less about black africans, he smiles in your face calls you brother and you feel happy.. Thats called social engineering he sells your hope just like that church in your neighbourhood. Then he goes and sells your neighbourhood to the same people that destroyed it. Obama is not about democracy he’s about subversion in the african community.

    • You know where Romney stands? Really? You must be the only person on earth that does because that man has changed up his own story more times than lady gaga has worn outrageous outfits..

      • Rommney stands for fuggin’ us…..but at least we know it!

      • Griss

        he dont know where romney stand simply because romney dont even know he tryin to make money thats it …. any dumb ass speaking down on jesus is not even worth the key strokes bro

    • Celz

      Shut up man.. Your delusional as hell.. Obama is far from perfect but to take it to the extreme and say that the Republicans are going to better when they are already disenfranchising voters nationwide is a joke. I wouldn’t be mad if you did vote for Romney but you don’t know what the hell your talking about..

      • Nah, he does actually……not saying Rom is any better, he isn’t either, he’s just saying keep your eyes open!

      • Glasscut

        See your problem is you get your news from united states media i am a first generation african.. I am nigerian i get my news from my family members there. Which i have visited a lot. So please “YOU” my friend don’t know what your talking about. These presidents you guys keep believing in are masters of history,maybe except for george w. ( but he knows some history ). how much of your history do you know. Thats want you need to ask yourself.

      • What’s up with the oil in Nigeria?
        Are U.S. Troops in Nigeria for whatever reason? ( near the oil? )

      • Glasscut

        I never said i was voting for romney either. please read my statements correctly. All i said was atleast i know where he stands.

    • JBostic

      Not a single fact in your little rant. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Going against Obama right now is stupid.

      • O did sell out Africa & ‘chet on Blacks.

      • JBostic

        Thats funny because I just told the other dude there are no facts in his comment, he’s got no idea what he’s talking about, and then YOU do the SAME THING?!?! I don’t argue with simple minded people who don’t drop facts. Drop some facts and prove you’re worth my knowledge and I’ll make everyone on this board laugh at you.

      • Libya / Nigeria
        Oil Wars / U.S. Troops

        Look at Libya Pre Invasion / Post Invasion

        They went from $500 Billion surplus to debt!

        Went from the Great Man made River (GMMR = Guinness Book Of World Records ) to buying bottled water because the river is polluted with U.S. Depleted Uranium shells.

        (Gulf War Syndrome / Sickness = D.U. shells )

        From free housing, education & medical with $00.60 a gallon gas & cheap food, to interest laden corporate exploitation.

        When Mandela was released, who was his first visit too?
        Qaddafi, despite the U.S. no fly zone.

        Why? Qaddafi supported him through his darkest time…..while the U.S. supported the people who put Mandela through it.

        You probably can’t name one thing O has done for the Black community, but I bet you can drop your top 10 reasons why he couldn’t…..then through out a program for the poor community & then try & equate the two.

      • leftlanekb

        Look at Libya Pre Invasion / Post Invasion now i am with you on this but this doesnt mean he dont care about black people. Just because Mandela visited Qaddafi dont make him legit or a good person. Mandela owed Qaddafi Obama dont owe him shit but PEACE.

      • leftlanekb

        The rest of that shit was jibba jabba.

      • Be specific famz & we can build upon it!

      • leftlanekb

        At least we trying man and I respect that. Government aint shit bottom line!

      • True & our disagreements, when analyzed & respected, help us both grow through the mutual understanding of each other’s positions….and reasons for them.

        Guv ain’t ‘chet, ain’t been ‘chet for a hot sec & at least you know they don’t love you, they into money, murda & staying above you!

      • Now that that’s settled….

        Obama 2012!

      • Uh, I guess…Technically speaking!

      • I see you mentioned Unemployment above..let me enlighten you to somethings..

        1. Obama is proposing taxes to the wealthiest=CEO’s. Human resources within companies need a greenlight from CEO’s to hire by expanding the budget for payroll. Now you have companies like apple reporting 8 billion dollar profits in one quarter..not the year but a quarter..where does the bulk of Apple’s payroll go? China! Now everytime you look at someone and they have an Iphone…that’s someone job right there. You also have companies with these same kind of profits not hiring but increasing in marketshare..throughout history companies with more marketshare hire ppl..why aren’t they? Because CEO’s see if they hire it helps Obama thus getting him re-elected means when he gets his bonus in January he’s not going to be able to only pay 10% tax on 20 million dollar bonuses. Under Romney he will.

        2. There has been a jobs bill in the hands of the house and congress for well over 2 years they won’t approve unless Obama approves the extension of the bush estate and capital gains tax. These cuts include a little loophole that companies like google use, where they label their headquarters in countries like Ireland and UK..then filter the money through those two places before it ends up in the carribean..Now ask yourself if these companies are paying no tax at all except on government contracts how much does that account towards our deficit? If companies lost that tax loophole we could easily cut 5 trillion out of our debt within 3 1/2 years..just on that one loophole.

        3. The original great depression took over a decade to come up out of..yeah it didn’t seem like it because we didn’t have the communications we do now but when it did we got hit with an inflation bubble…why because the rich decided they wanted to make all the money they couldn’t during a depression they created. This is not the first or the last time this will happen..why? Because every x amount of decades its the turn of the wealthy with enough assets to do so to recreate new wealth for themselves. Who do you think is buying most of the foreclosures for pennies on the dollar? Corporations, the same corporations that approved loans the government had to eat. So they sold you a house for more than it’s worth..bought it back after you paid whatever you paid on it..and still turned a profit while holding on to their initial investment. Same thing happened in Manhattan after the depression, most of manhattan was owned by 7 families at one point.

      • 1) Taxes aren’t the issue regarding the national debt…who gets the money is. Study the Federal Reserve Fraud, er, um, system & reanalyze his plan.
        2) Debt grows by 5 Trillion every 3yrs
        3) 100% correct & the same system is still in place for them to create the depression again. All it takes is for the Fed Reserve to constrict the cash flow again & another depression…..or increase the cash flow & create inflation…..or hyper inflation.

        It’s not a problem O caused, nor is it one he can fix with the Fed Reserve system intact.

        Basically, he’s the Manager of Burger King, not the Franchise owner….the owner is those 7? Families.

      • Why / what did Mandela owe?

        Care about Black people?

        You didn’t name one thing that he did for Black people………………….

        Libya ~ Per / Post = Strike 1

        Economy? Energy? Environment?

        On issues that matter, there is no difference.

        %47 of Americans on government programs = Expanding Poverty
        Expanding National debt
        Google an Arial shot of Brazil’s Amazon rain Forrest.
        Looks almost like a dessert.

        Uglier than Arthur Ashe’s before & after picture.

        Oil? Nigerian crude? Billions of reserves discovered. ( The waxy, hard to refine type, suitable for U.K. refineries……right when Iran embargoes France’s oil. ) U.S. Invades…*Stop Kony

        9/11 was to replace Mexico as the #3 U.S. supplier, since Mexico’s oil export has steadily decreased and it’s usage has increased.

        They are probably barely refining enough oil to export any, and definitely not enough to keep pace with consumption.

        Plastics = Oil
        Rubber = Oil
        Paint = Oil

        Look around & try & find something that you can touch that isn’t made of oil.

        Solar power ain’t gonna fix that.

      • leftlanekb

        You said not me ” Qaddafi supported him through his darkest time…..while the U.S. supported the people who put Mandela through it.” I not here to name what he did for black people I can tell you what he did for America or Americans which include Blacks. If someone white got on here and said what has he done for white people you and everyone else would call him racist! Dont be a hypocrite!

      • leftlanekb

        And just for the record it has only been two Presidents that actually did something for blacks and that is Abraham Lincoln (freed slaves) and Lyndon Johnson (civil rights act) thats it ! Every thing else was for the American people.

      • Nah….Abe Lincoln = The American Stalin. The Blacks weren’t * “FREED” , their ownership was simply taken out of private hands & nationalized…along with all other Americans. ( 14th amendment ushered in equality right? )

        Free Man >> Freed Man * You accurately used “FREED”.

        A Free man doesn’t need permission, yet you need permission to:
        Eat ( Fishing / Hunting Permit )
        Love ( Marriage Permit )
        Build a House ( Building Permit )
        Drive ( Driver’s Permit )
        Work ( Work Permit )
        Defend yourself ( Carry Permit )
        While needing permission ( Permits ) for & getting charged for everything. ( TAXES )

        So are you a FREE MAN or a FREED MAN?
        There is a difference, even if you don’t understand it.

        A Free man doesn’t need permission.

      • leftlanekb

        Dog i really feel you a lil but what u saying is blah blah . Everybody got to have those permits u mentioned and also by having Law doesnt mean you are a slave. No matter how you look at it Abe signed the emancipation. Also if being free means not having to bye permits then no one is free cause you got to have law and order every where.

      • Everyone needing Permits = Everyone Needing Permission = Everyone a slave = Equality

        Abraham Lincoln Quote

        “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”

        Fourth Debate with Stephen A. Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858

        You keep believing that man had 100% good intentions for Black people if you want to, just because you don’t want to accept the facts doesn’t negate them.

        No one is free?
        You mistake Law with slavery…..there are plenty of places without permits that have laws….well there were, those countries also didn’t owe the International monetary Fund IMF / World Bank.

        The number of those countries decreases with each new invasion.
        Expansion of the Roman Empire?

      • Apples and Oranges, but I see your point!
        Is he the lesser of two evils?

        Is the lesser of two evils still evil?

      • JBostic

        You have got to be retarded. Please let me chop up your lies again.

        After all that time locked up Mandela is going to support ANYBODY that supported him…also I don’t know why you think Mandela got out last year, but HE DIDN’T

        Stopping the freefall of the U.S., saving jobs, helping the poor community… all those help the Black community as well… or do you not know that?

        Libya is no strike on shit. They shot their own people in the face in Africa… IN AFRICA… and we stepped in. Oh! but wait, thats nothing to this idiot. I guess we shouldn’t have stopped another Genocide in Africa?

        We aren’t cutting trees down in Brazil you moron, why would you even use that example.

        That 47% shit from Romney says a lot about where you get your facts because its not true… but lets go with it anyways. In the Great Recession… if 47% of people are using government programs… thats not expanding poverty… ITS SAVING PEOPLE FROM ROCK BOTTOM you dumbass, what do you think most programs are around for? You want to hit rock bottom if you struggle during an era named “THE GREAT RECESSION”?!?!?! Are you that stupid?

        Last peice of shit lie in your dumbass comment…. Mexico, Oil, Energy invest BLAH BLAH BLAH…. Solar power ain’t gonna fix that… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Wasn’t anybody else going to say something to this idiot? If you use a different power source it saves the other power source. How would you not understand that? IF YOU USE A DIFFERENT POWER SOURCE IT SAVES YOUR PREVIOUS POWER SOURCE… can you understand that now?

        get your dumbass outta here

      • It takes 7? gallons of oil to make a car tire.
        You gonna replace the car tire with solar power?
        The meat packaging in the supermarket?
        The plastic casing of your computer?

        Oil is used more than just for gas.
        Iraq is about oil….Iran too.

        If you don’t understand that, discussing this further with you will be like giving medicine to the dead.

      • JBostic

        Damn, you really are that stupid? Like, really?

        You talking about oil consumption…. and then in the same breath… downplaying renewable energy…

        Any energy source that takes away from our oil consumption is good… but your brain is on some other shit and you don’t understand that.

        and what’s up with avoiding the rest of my comment? You tired from backpedalling so much earlier? need a break?

        Do you have any real questions for me, before you make a fool of yourself even more? I’m just here to help you

      • Nah, it’s just that you don’t know, for instance, Mandela got out, same night Tyson lost his first by KO, to some no name, Buster Douglas, in Feb? back in Tokyo? That’s how long the U.S. has enforced Libya’s no fly zone, it started in Germany, over a bombing at a disco,but it didn’t end with U.S. jets bombed Qaddafi’s house & killed his 12yr old though.

        What don’t come out in the wash, will always come out in the rinse, especially if you open your eyes and use your common sense, your asking if I’m stupid? only proves that you are the one who is dense.

        I never downplayed energy that’s renewable because it makes cents, but it won’t replace the used oil in stuff, like the plastic coating on a fence.

        You get disrespectful to show what you know or don’t, but I won’t get disrespectful because….well because I just won’t, but don’t front like your boy does anything for Black people because….well because he just don’t.

        In the heart of Africa, your support placed a tank, but that tank doesn’t benefit you or the Africans, it only benefits the world bank. Charging interest was illegal, now they have interest & debt and of course your boy to thank, you call it “LIBERATION”, thugs call it a “GANK.” Like Pac said “I ain’t mad at ‘cha”, but would you support your boy if he was white….& still invaded Africa?

      • JBostic

        You say Obama invaded Africa… and don’t expect to get called a dumbass? All the presidents of the past have let the people in Africa kill themselves in revolutions and genocides. Obama sends help to stop the cycle and you’re on AHH talking about he invaded all of Africa for no reason. You mongering some dumb shit and didn’t expect to find anyone that would call you on your bullshit?

        Don’t worry though, you’ll get it your way eventually. We’ll let Africa destroy itself after Obama is done, but not while he’s in office.

      • leftlanekb even agrees that Libya is worse off after the invasion that your boy participated in…could have stopped…but escalated.

        As far as calling Qaddafi a Menace to Africa……your gonna have a hard time showing an African leader that did more for his people….except Mandela….maybe?

        “The white man ain’t the devil I promise
        You want to see the devil take a look at Clarence Thomas
        Now you’re saying, “Who?” like you a owl
        Throw in the towel, the devil is Colin Powell
        You talk about being African and being black
        Colin Powell’s black, but Libya he’ll attack
        Libya’s in Africa, but a black man
        will lead a black man, to fight against his homeland
        An accomplice to the devil is a devil too
        The devil is anti-human, who the hell are you?”

        KRS-ONE – Build & Destroy ~ Sex & Violence Album 1992

      • JBostic

        You just don’t get it because you’re trying to hold onto Obama doing something wrong too much. When governments in Africa start killing their own people shit doesn’t go too well after that.

        You talk about Libya, but don’t even know why we were there?
        You talk about going in was wrong, but don’t know what would happen if we didn’t?

        You’re saying if we let the government in Libya keep killing its people Libya would have been better off.
        You’re saying that Obama went into one of the top anti-terrorist allied countries and destroyed stuff on purpose and for no reason.

        You need to admit you DON’T know what you’re talking about. You don’t even stay on topic or stick to your statements. Its crazy that someone as simple minded as you can voice things in forums and vote. You need to see the big picture.

      • Nah, your just so caught up on your high horse, you can smell the crap you dropping! GTFOH, like you rate to opine on who should be allowed to vote based on their intellect, when your reciting stuff from the Lame stream media.

        Qaddafi didn’t start killing Libyans after 30yrs…that was the Al Ciada backed rebels that started that ‘chet & killed the U.S. ambassador.

        What’s next, you gonna blame Afghanistan for 9/11 too? 2 Planes knocking down 3 towers & defeating the active & passive air defense systems?

        You sound like the Mis educated Negro Carter G. Woodson spoke about.
        You don’t know the history of the author, so you don’t know what you are reading.

        You sound like a field ninja that’s stuck in the house!

      • JBostic

        “FIELD NINJA stuck in the HOUSE” ninja? field ninja in a house?
        You have no intellect for me to judge you on. You are a simple minded surface thinker. You don’t see cause & effect, you don’t have a sense of time, and you don’t argue with proper logic.

        I just said in my last statement you don’t stay on topic or even stand by your statements…. and now look… 9/11, ambassadors, and all of a sudden Qaddafi and his government didn’t kill any of his people… I had the decency to go through every line of your bullshit and shut it down… and this is what I get? New shit or a backpedal every time instead of facts?

        Try to stay on topic, I know I’m giving you work, but ask yourself and then let me know… Should the Libya revolution have been left alone? How should Obama have handled it to show you he cared about Africa? HAHAHA!!

      • Should have stayed out of it!
        Neither he, nor you should negatively influence the region.
        Positive influence?

        You have one supporter on this topic & he agrees Libya is more fugged up than before the invasion.

        This ain’t the choir your preaching too, so you better switch up your sermon.

        You never said what your boy is doing for Black people….just linked Blacks to the poor…like I said you would…..because he hasn’t done anything for Black people….if he did, you would have mentioned it.

        Poor doesn’t equal Black.

        They could have dipped Donald Duck in chocolate & your type would have voted for him.

        What is the difference between him & Bush?
        Nationally = A few crumbs vs No Crumbs

        That’s what the elction comes down to…crumbs.

        It isn’t some great Black hope your promoting…just extra table scraps.

        Not even a pleb-site / vote for Black people as a whole to decide if they want to discuss reparations.

        A phone, foodstamps & substandard med care…..and school loan….in exchange for what?…..The little freedoms some of us still enjoy legally?
        He won’t even legalize weed….let alone pardon a true black leader like the Panthers you mentioned.

        Deep down inside…even you know that not looking out for the Panthers is some sucker ‘chet….but you still wanna offer up an excuse for it…don’t you….well here’s your chance!

        TOP 5 Reasons O won’t do ‘chet for Black People:
        Go ahead… list yours!

      • JBostic

        What a waste of my time… talking to an idiot who wants reparations for slavery and legalized weed HAHAHA!! I’m don’t talking to you, those things show how simple your mind is. You’ll never get the big picture. have fun bathing in that ignorance

      • Yeah, like POP COPY…”You Done Ni99a!”

        Your out of touch with the community.
        Got you thinking justice & freedom is stupid…..but you proved that you wanna be a slave….which is cool, do you, but your delusions of grandeur have you thinking your worth more than you really are!

        Average person on here wants weed legalized, wants reparations, wants to just be free from the gov controlling every single aspect of their life…like a slave master, while you on that Amistad BS “Wha,wa..waaaaaht we Goin’ do with some FReeeeeeEEE?” type ‘chet.

        You mentioned the Panthers were great leaders, but you are against what they stood for??? That should let you know that you are in opposition to great leaders….like Malcolm X, who was all for reparations, etc.

        I guess you looking for a Black leader in an African American.

        You probably don’t even have enough sense to know that he isn’t Black, or eligible to be POTUS, but like most of his “BLACK” supporters, you lack the information / education to make an informed decision….yet wanna worry about some one else being to stupid to vote?

        SMDH @ The Pot calling the kettle Black.

        Still haven’t named one thing your boy did for Black people… danced around that like Diddy in one of them shiny suits…..or rather Dr. Dre in a 1 piece, sequined , fully body cat suit…complete with eye liner & lip gloss!

        You would probably kiss BirdMan in the mouth for a deal with your ‘Ole suspect chin @$$ logic!

      • JBostic

        As Loaded Lux said “Lets get to choppin this fable”

        Since when did going in to HELP Africa become a problem? Oh, I know, you wanted us to sit back and let another Genocide happen like Rowanda after their government shot their people and the people had an uprising?

        You come on this board talking about Libya like Obama started it and then throw up nonsense about Gulf War Syndrom… THIS ISN’T THE GULF WAR. Then you throw up $.60 gas prices… THEY PAY $.46 RIGHT NOW!!!!

        But all that stuff about isn’t even the dumbest shit you said. it was “When Mandela was released, who was his first visit too?

        Qaddafi, despite the U.S. no fly zone.

        Why? Qaddafi supported him through his darkest time…..while the U.S. supported the people who put Mandela through it.”

        YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS… because throughout your whole stupid rank its obvious you have no sense of the timeline… I would like to let you know Mandela visited Qaddafi in the 90’s!!! I guess some people think Mandela got out last year and flew a private jet through the US no fly zone to visit his best friend, when its just a lie. And the British were the ones riding with South Africa against Mandela.

        Oh and at the end of your rant about Libya you want to talk about Obama and say his programs for the poor community don’t help the black community? You can’t be that stupid, don’t make the argument that easy… First of all, when a country is falling apart the poor communities are going to get it the worst and in the U.S. that means the black community, but you’re not smart enough to see clearly. How bout I give you a TRUE story…

        Mr. Henderson gets home from prison, he went their because he was addicted to the drugs that were brought in to fund the Nicaraguan War, but before that the leaders who may have stopped him from doing wrong were taken out in the most Successful F.B.I operation in U.S. history, the infiltration and destruction of the Black Panthers, so with the cops needed to fill that new slavery system called prison they lock Mr. Henderson up. When he gets out we got THIS economy, so he has NOTHING, but check this out… He doesn’t have to rob to get on his feed, your boy Obama blessed him with a phone… and he used it… now he’s got TWO jobs.

        You see THATS^ real shit. None of your “stats” or lies. If you were smarter you would know how bad shit would be with Romney in office, so you wouldn’t go against Obama, but you’re not smart AT ALL. Next time, if you still want this work, I’ll tell you about yourself and how you doing wrong supporting Romney.

        Have Some

      • Mandela Timeline…..Off? Sure, that isn’t the point, the point was, he went during the sanctions / No Fly zone over Libya…despite U.S. protest.

        Point is, your hero’s team was backing the British…..and still do.
        Technical specifics aside.

        Now you equating Black & Poor.
        Yes, Black community is poor, etc. Never said they didn’t benifit from programs for the poor….I just said there were no programs for BLACKS.

        ZERO, as in NOT 1, Zilch, DaNada.
        Mr. Henderson had food stamps & phone & help along with his motivation, but they unemployment rate only dropped when they cut people off the unemployment payments.

        It’s higher that 10% here……but still, those programs are for the Poor, not the Blacks. Black just happen to be poor and benefit.
        Not saying Blacks don’t benefit, since you wanna mention the Panthers…..mention reparations & then give your top 10 reasons why your hero dropped the ball & never even allowed the issue to be addressed……or why Assata isn’t pardoned, or Sundiata Acoli, Mutulu Shakur or any of the other unjustly incarcerated Panthers that fought for us?

        >>>>Oh, now you wanna stutter?

        Supporting Rommney???? Who?
        These dudes are corporate presidents…..managers, not the franchise owners.

        %47 is a swing vote…considering the remaining 53% might contain 4% + supporters of the 47%.

        Neither one has our interest at heart, and will only present the illusion of choices…because the choices are limited.

        That’s like a mafiosi hit-man offering you the choice:
        “Head or GUT” & acting like he’s doing you a favor by granting your choice…I guess he a way.

        Neither candidate knows about the struggle first hand….or even cares enough about it to acknowledge it, let alone support it.

        Keep following them dudes blindly & expecting them to fix ‘chet.

      • leftlanekb

        Co sign Real Shit!

      • Griss

        co sign

    • Shut the f##k up White boy! You ain’t foolin’ nobody! See through ass muthafucka!

      Infiltrate. Divide and conquer. I know the game.

      • Nah, G, he’s on point, do your research!

      • leftlanekb

        Im glad you know.

    • HipHopStalker

      You trying to hard son. You sound like Donald Trump or even Mitt Romney lol You soft duke,you soft.

      • Nah, he kicking it!

        All truth goes through 3 stages:
        1) Ridicule
        2) Violent Opposition
        3) Acceptance

    • leftlanekb

      So because he want let a criminal or come to a criminal’s aid he dont like Black people REALLY. Crabs will do anything !

      • Glasscut

        You need to ask yourself two things. When was the last time you visited africa ? and how much of your history do you know.. if you can’t accurately answer these questions and keep believing in the american news media well.. All i have to tell you is that your in trouble mentally

      • leftlanekb

        I can answer these accurately. I also know that I am an American citizen for a reason and so are you ( I guess) cause you could easily move to Africa but guess what i think you are to americanized for that. So please chill with the lets go back to Africa .

      • It wasn’t that, he is just explaining a view outside of the mainstream media that is controlled by the Israeli’s & the U.S.’s master.
        ( Rothchilds / Balfur Declaration )

        He isn’t endorsing or cosigning any candidate, just saying that with Rom….his eyes will be more open…expecting the Bool’chet…ready to hold him accountable, as opposed to being lulled asleep by someone with the same agenda…but happens to look like you & wears a hoodie.

      • leftlanekb

        You might want to check the man you cosigning for, he’s the one claiming Jew!

    • Griss

      die slow ….

      • Glasscut

        Thats fine brother what if i told you that i was dead along time ago. ?? I am just an apparition from africa in human flesh.

      • Tumany 7NiMS

        Much love my African King.. Gotta keep spreading this knowledge to dead ones like Griss!!!

  • therealest1

    Nobody give a rat’s ass shit. This identity conflicted Jew needs to keep his ass out of USA, especially West Coast after that shit he talked about Kendrick Lamar’s album being trash.

    • what song bangs off kendrick alubm????

      • $20434212

        track 3, backseat freestyle. bangs oh so hard.

      • BrickCityBully


      • leftlanekb

        backseat freestyle, MAAD city,peotic justice, Money trees All Bang !

    • jboat123

      only conflict is u think u a real g when u a l……………………. loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BrickCityBully

      It is TRIZZASH.

  • Glasscut

    And adding on to that i mean when he looks in the mirror its obvious that his african genes are more dominant.. So sad that shyne had to get help from the jewish community but i mean at the sametime i say that look where israel is located.. smh at obama.. peace shyne.. keep doing your thing.

  • 7yoyo7

    Shyne looks like he posed in front of somebody else’s car. LOL

    • johnblacksad

      it’s somebody else’s car…

    • pennaitor

      I can’t stand him, he sound more desperate by the day and clown here are praising him???????????????????? can’t you guys see that he doesn’t have papers to come here?????????? and he maddddddddddddd

    • Glasscut

      Of course its not his car.

    • therealest1

      Its a no-brainer its someone else’s car, remember, he’s now Jewish. And you know the real talk about them, they’re cheap like that. That car would be too expensive for his Jewish financial tendencies.

    • hoeyuno


      • Logan Claws


    • Griss

      def someone else shit …

    • Tvega3000

      Yea he hopped out of that van behind him to take that picture LOL

  • Shyne is trash. Nobody is checking for him, and please stay in Belize. Nobody is waiting for a confused blackman. Maybe Shyne should seek help to solve his mental problems. Obama has more important stuff to do than taking care of a rapper who was supposed to be a Biggie sound alike.

    • jboat123

      Why he gotta be confused diddy the one that’s a bisexual member of the gay boule what the hell does that make him??? Huh??? Shyne just tired of the bullshit in the industry and that niggas aint doing shit about it. He got more guap then every one of these hating ass dudes on here so keep ya mouth shut about the bull.

      • Griss

        wheres the good music … thats all im say …. i think he left that shit in prision quit bitchin n make music and change that snuffaluffagus voice

    • Sniggih Smalls

      Lmao… *cries* nobody sells records but Shyne PO

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    you know what shyne is the only rapper i see thats trying to stop the violence and serious im feeling shyne because nobody cares no more the last nicca was pac

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    i hope he does come back we need a artist to rap about whats going on in the black commmunity so i feel shyne and love how he speak his mind now thats hip hop

    • jboat123

      Damn right!!!

    • leftlanekb

      Shyne is a gangsta rapper i really dont know what u are talking about. We need peace not gangsta

      • JBostic

        These idiots don’t understand that gangster rap isn’t saving anybody

  • IROC

    Dont blame the President Shyne just keep doing you and crush that clown gay diddy

  • best make nice with Bompton first…he be makin alot of enemies as of late!

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  • Shyne need to leave people names out of his and Diddy beef. He should know better than that. Big ups to one of the only real gangstas to ever be involved in hiphop Big Suge

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  • Slaughtr


    • leftlanekb

      Shyne has no lyrics sorry!

  • I feel u shyne diddy ain’t shit if I ever c him I’ll slap him myself his ego is to big

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  • Glasscut

    Wow so sad so many ppl misconstrue what i am saying.. smh.. to all of you.. I am fine being on an island by myself.. Good luck to all of you

    • JBostic

      It is because you’re an idiot with a low IQ, that lost all credibility when you said “Obama has an identity crisis” and “At least we know where Romney stands”… its funny too… I assumed you were on an island by yourself before you said it.

      • Glasscut

        I am an idiot with a low IQ, okay and your very intelligent. Please if you would like for me to take an IQ test i am willing to kindly email me here – Put your money where your mouth is.. I will post my results on my facebook page and i will invite you to do the same. Unlike you i have nothing to hide or prove when it comes to life.

  • KingChandler

    I can just see Shyne outside of some high class restaurant, the dude who owns the car and his wife walk into the restaurant, Shyne runs over to the whip and cues his man to snap the pic before the real owner looks out the window. You know damn well he hopped out that white van in the distant background…lol

  • One of the greatest rappers of all time transforms himself into the most
    annoying rapper of all time…The dude Shyne is straight up wack…Get a life

    • Who was one of the greatest rappers of all time???? Diddy?

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  • Terrance Goodman

    This bi polar nugga confused chritisan thug wannabe smfh.
    He could do a lot for the kids but not taking ones meds helps

  • hoeyuno


  • Ash boy

    Much respect to shyne for criticizing all these commercial rappers. He remind me a PAC . I know he mightn’t be the best lyricist ever and a bit of a loose cannon. But that’s what ten year of hard jail time will do to a man .
    But still real people recognize real. And shyne doin real things. He the reason why people talking about rap again so much. Love him or hate him it’s still a reaction that involves emotion. The rap game bin dead and watered down.

  • Ash boy

    Much love to the homie shyne. I know it gon b hard to get a visa , when selfish pussies lik puffy have so much power. I guess if they didn’t if the power wouldn’t be a reason for u to have to be so resilient and strong as a lion. Hold yah head up shyne . Real niggaz see you and feel you . Kick up dust . Until the dust. Real soldiers can’t contain the truth. And they can’t allow a coward to rule. The blog reader and computer nerds can’t understand that . Much love brah , and I pray you get ur visa to further the journey you on.

  • Ash boy

    Black people who don’t respect and love shyne do not care about themselves or their community and must want to be white , like so many black people I know. And for the white people that understand the situation at hand I applaud u . For those that don’t and just stay stupid immature words. I would tell u to walk thru the streets of the ghetto and try to hold ur head high, street life is not glamorous, it’s a heavy burden to bear , life isn’t summers in the summer vacation house or your parents having money so you can live with no cares. People have to struggle . For the white people in the ghetto educate the rich white people on how it is in the neighborhoods they would never walk thru.

  • Ash boy

    We need more black men like shyne who keep it real , and promote the youth to not follow what they did . But to make sum thin of their life. It’s not a joke . Young black men and Hispanics dying eryday and going to jail eryday . While you mother fuckers eat your shrimp dinners and don’t give a shyt. Today’s rappers certainly don’t give a shit enough to try and make a change like shyne is trying. But they crucified that man named Jesus in the story they told about him . The pure hearted forever struggle and suffer in this world a fakes and fruitcakes. Real ones will peel yah cap off if they have to.

    • Tumany 7NiMS



    Shyne is Pathetic, sometimes, I think the world be better if he got shot in that Club… Lol.

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