Frank Ocean

Hip-Hop Rumors: Frank Ocean Says “I Quit”

So, what is Frank Ocean trying to do this time?

Is this some ploy for attention to make a 4th Quarter push? I don’t put a thing past Frank Ocean.


He’s a talented young man, but not above a lil’ publicity. Apparently on his Tumblr, he posted “Yea, I Quit”:

Now, we know that boy ain’t quitting nothing. If he’s quitting anything, maybe it something deviant and weird. But, not music.

So, with that said, what do you think Frank Ocean is quitting?


Obama is going to win this piece so please go out and vote. But, we need to make sure we get hear from here on. So, and while you are at it, read “What The Hood Expects From President Obama.” Its pretty damn funny, but its also got some valid points.


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  • What is with this complacent, spoiled-kid idea to yell, “I quit”? If people want to quit or retire, do it. You don’t have to announce it. You quit when your body drops, or when you don’t have the passion. When you start planning for the day you stop, you’re already stopping.

  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

    damn i thought the young brotha might of stopped suckin other men off. ahh well

  • dagmarlena

    probably quitting being a faggot.

  • I’m voting for Obama, he has the best excuses for why he isn’t doing ‘chet for Black people!

    • Celz

      The main reason I’m voting for Obama is because Republicans are trying to disenfranchise voters.. The Pres might be behind the wheel but he’s not making this thing go..

      • Man, you have no clue to how close to the truth you are.
        I’ll take it one further… isn’t even his car, he’s just the driver.

        Here is the kicker, no matter who is behind the wheel, while the other is turning them…..they only go where the owner says.

        Still, the O phone, school grants & food stamps do more to help the poor than anything…but soon there will only be very rich & very poor.

        No Middle class.

      • johnblacksad

        allegory on point… Obama def don’t own the car

      • The Israelis do!

      • the arabs with oil do

      • Arab oil is bought with USD$ / Petrol dollar.

        Side note : Arabs running out of oil.

      • fuck_white_people

        the world is in a huge debt wats it like 24 trillion so you know that means its the rich people were in debt to owning the car obama behind the wheel but no need to drive cuz that bitch has navigation and is on auto pilot and he cant control wats going on because they know excatly where they want us to go… long as were in debt like that the pres will never really be able to drive

      • As long as we in debt like the….the pres will never ask us where do we want to go!

        24 Trillion?

        Damn! That’s 8 Trillion more than it was not to long ago! Sept?

      • thats y many people are voting for romney because of the debt increase under obama

      • Debt will increase under any president….even if spending stopped 100%, the interest will still grow & compound…..but who is paid that interest?

        The government or the Fed Reserve?

        Fed Reserve scam is a hustle, any pres that doesn’t fix it, by having congress coin money, pursuant to article 1, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution :

        “The Congress shall have Power…To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin,” and Section 10 says that “No State shall…coin Money”.

        Fed Reserve doesn’t “COIN” money, paper money is printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and coins are produced by the United States Mint, but the Federal Reserve, a private bank, decides how much money is produced, and charges interest for it.

        Compound interest.

        Simplest terms…Day 1

        FR loans U.S. $1 @ 10%
        U.S. Spends it, then re collects it to pay back FR….and have $1.
        U.S. owes $1.10 with interest.

        $1.10 was never put into circulation…only $1…so where does that $00.10 come from?

        *Can’t Trade / See the Money Changers because Jesus lumped them up & chased them out the temple with a stick, knocking over their tables, throwing their bread / cheese / money on the floor….& was shooting the fist so well….the money changers didn’t even try to pick up their chippers before they left with lumps.

        So you need that $00.10, and the FR is the only MONEY CHANGER, so you borrow the $00.10…..@ 10% interest & repeat the cycle… opposed to Congress doing it interest free & eliminating the National Debt….Debt owed to who?

        Not congress…but a private bank…..The FR…….started & ran by an Israeli.

      • fuck_white_people

        oh my fault i knew it was up there tho lol

      • ‘Chet is still like 100 racks per citizen!

      • fuck_white_people

        damn this world its fucked up right now

      • food stamps help some but others take advantage. most people i know sell stamps for 1/2 price cash

      • Nah, if you getting food stamps…..your poor, and selling your food / food stamps is some crack head ‘chet, so they are either fiends or that poor.

        IE: They not selling them to pay their Butler Jerome’s dry cleaning bill.

        They probably know how to get by with less & skip to pay an electric or water bill, or occasional entertainment? Still, they bottom of the barrel…..compared to some one who makes too much to get food stamps.

        Now if A has job $1 over food stamp limit & B has baby, food stamps & section 8….then it’s taking advantage…..just to live comfortably / decent.

        Hood Rich….and not selling food stamps…..might do some dumb ‘chet like buy steak & crab legs, but not selling.

        Most people who sell food stamps are just that poor.

      • That’s a great muthafuckin reason my dude!! Young Blacks need to realize that if voting didn’t matter, these Republicans wouldn’t try to prevent/ make it damn near impossible for minorities and elderly people to vote.

        Don’t get me wrong tho, I understand and feel the frustration in our communities.

    • ThetaCi

      Yeah but yall gotta realize he aint gonna do anything “edgy” till his second term. Mitt and the GOP would have a field day if Obama had focused on our communities off the bat. They already hypin on food stamps.
      He’s got to look like he’s focused on the gen pop. I mean ObamaCare will help us all, but there’s other things to be done and I see him doin it second term.

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  • WillVetterGoodin


  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Obama2012………..then I’m voting for his wife in 2016

  • Frank Ocean been a fraud ass dude from the jump….These rappers do anything for some dollars.