Slim Thug and Beyonce

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Slim Thug Delusional Or What?! Says He Should Have “Impregnated” Beyonce!

They should have never gave this dude Twitter!!! Slim Thug was once known for bringing the heat musically and representing for H-Town. Now, he hardly releases any music, and anytime he’s in the news it’s because he said something ignorant on Twitter. Well, unfortunately, the latter has won again.

Thugga went on a hilarious Twitter rant about regretting that he never “impregnated Beyonce.” Hold up, but don’t you have to at least sleep with the person first in order to impregnate them?! And for some reason, I highly doubt that Beyonce was letting Slim Thug cleaned out her pipes. Maybe in his dreams? Either way, check out Thugga’s tweet below:

If Slim Thug ever had any ambition to collab on a song with Jay-Z, he just blew his chances right there with that tweet. Sorry, Thugga!

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  • seveneightyseven

    hey if jay-z got her, anything is possible lol

  • $28825362

    This is the same chick that let Marques Houston beat. You guys put these females too high on a pedestal. She nothing but another female who gets down like every other person in the world. Every female that YOU think is a dime piece is as insecure as the female riding the bus that you crunch your face up at . All you have to do to spit the right line in the right tone, and EVERY female (no matter who she is) will go back to your place..

    • salley malley

      What?? What are you trying to say.”You guys put these females on too high of a pedestal…She nothing but another female who gets down like every other person in the world…”. You obviously have no respect for women. And she NEVER slept with marques, they were just friends in their teen years. Get a life.

      • $28825362

        Thank you for making an account just to respond to me. I feel special. 🙂

      • leftlanekb

        Dont get mad it is the truth! Tell women to respect themselves first !

      • LetsBeRealpeople


      • HipHopStalker

        If she’s just another female let’s see you pulla Beyonce’ or better lol

    • ccwaterbound32


  • Negro Peligro

    Man that’s a compliment in a dumb way he didn’t mean no disrespect.

    • maya

      Only in a sadly screwed-up world would that be considered a compliment. It just goes to show why women are so disrespected, and don’t respect themselves, in this culture.

      • leftlanekb

        In this Culture? Women dont respect themselves period in any culture you just concentrate on this culture.

  • Slim didn’t mean no harm. He is just saying she is hot and talented and rich. Like Dave Chappelle back in the day saying he wished he got Oprah pregnant for her money!! “Gotcha B!tch”

    • johnblacksad

      and he should have found her first… before she even left H-town… prolly meant it like this also…. def mean no harm… but we all kno Sydney… just tryin to make nothin outta nothin…

  • Slim Thug already has a song with Jay-Z… ‘I Ain’t Heard of That’ he has a version with Bun B also. But the dude is dumb as hell, he makes my state of Texas seem DUMB-Retarded….

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Yeah, just because Beyonce is fine; she has “high” standards……………………..most fine women have low ass standards. You can’t walk through Wal Mart (don’t act like Wal Mart ain’t that real deal) without seeing a fly woman with a dude with a fist-face.

  • TheBigCheeFa


  • Lyve Wire

    slim thug still release music. just not one of the 12 artist you heard on te radio all day/every day.
    seems like every article on this ste has someone on a pedetal and someone getting put down. every time.

  • Weedras

    Sydney i’m sorry but c’mon this is simple comprehension!!! His words are; “Still Pissed i didn’t FIND BeYonce FIRST and put a Baby in her” meaning he’s upset that Jay-z beat him to getting at Beyonce… SMFH… he’s not regretting anything he’s upset he didn’t get a shot… and you say you’re some type of Journalist.. smh..

  • greeneyedbandit

    You mean she the same chick that broke Marques Houston’s heart…..he was too soft for Beyonce. Jay-z is not that fine, but he had game, he was a challenge, and that’s what she wanted.

  • Slim Thug was releasing a song a week for awhile there. Also recorded with Beyonce’s sister for her first single, got cut outta the video version cuz he was a 1ft & 1/2 taller than her lol.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    WOW Sydney Lace , really? You talking about twitter and who shouldn’t have it. What about wack bloggers like you MAKING STUFF UP from it? You are so wack! I thought the whole point in quotes was because someone actually said what you are quoting. Dude’s tweet says it all. He ain’t seen no part of that. He’s just saying what most of us say.

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  • she prbly gave it up

  • Slaughtr

    Beyonce is a fckn human which means she is no different than your average hoe. If you had bread and looked like the Biz how you look don’t matter to these ho’s what’s in your pocket so really it isn’t about if a regular nigga could pull these industry ho’s it’s where is your green is growing. so kill that noise of propin Beyonce like she’s God’s greatest gift.

    • Mos High

      Your a clown and suckers like you who talk about decent respected black women like this are scum. Wait you must be some retarded looking guy with no self esteem and just want to bring people down to your low ass self. So many punks out there who think all women are ho’s. I guess this type of behaviour is widely accepted. If you dont like her fine, but respect the fact she is a man’s wife.

  • Mos High

    Doesnt this friggin clown call him self ” boss hog” this piece of swine is putting out these words in the unniverse, I think he better watch himself. What a flippn clown. He is talkn about a man’s wife. Im not surprised that so many of you guys will talk shit about Beyonce when you have a chance, bunch crabs. The states of the black man is at a very low point, where they will knock and talk down to our decent sisters who are tryning to make a better world. Just because you can only get a hoe doesnt mean all women are ho’s.

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