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Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Is The Real Tony Starks? Plus Is “Iron Man” Suing Ghostface Killah?

We in the Hip-Hop community know that there are two Tony Starks’. There’s the superhero in the Iron Man comic books, who is played by Robert Downey Jr. in the big budget movie version…and our boy Ghostface Killah a.k.a. Tony Starks from the Wu.

What do you think would happen if these two Starks’ met face to face? Do you think there’d be a knife fight about who is the “real” Tony Starks? Not quite. Although, according to Ghostface Killah, real recognize real – and upon meeting Robert Downey Jr. in person, he says that Robert acknowledged his realness. Check out what Ghostface told MTV below:

“I met Tony, I mean [Robert Downey Jr., he said, ‘Yo, I know you the real Tony Starks.’ I ain’t even think he know me. I was like, ‘Oh sh-t.’ I had to give him dap, give him a hug based on that sh*t.”

So, you would think that would make Ghostface satisfied right? Nope, he was kind of upset that they never called him to contribute to the soundtrack for the new Iron Man 3 film hitting theaters on April 26, 2013.

“But see, them n*ggas was supposed to be calling the kid and doing like a song or two, at least,” said Ghost. Check out the full interview below:

Sidenote: MTV also reports that Ghostface is currently being sued for using audio from the “Iron Man” cartoon is his 200o album, Supreme Clientele.

“Remember on Supreme Client, we were Tony Stark’d out with the skits, the ‘Iron Man’ skits and all that sh*t. Them n—as comin’ for that sh– after all that time.”

Wow, that’s got to hurt. Hopefully Ghost can work that out somehow. Check out the new Iron Man 3 trailer below. It was just released two days ago, and it already has 27 million views! Do you think a Ghostface song would work anywhere in there?

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  • I always wonder? Y’all AHH staff get no background info at all?
    Never heard of that movie “Black & White”?
    It has Robert Downey jr. Elijah Woods, Mike Tyson, Claudia Schiffer,
    Reakwon, Ghost and Meth starring in it.
    Its is not like they don’t know each other.

    Please do some research before posting any stories.

    It’s not that I’m on some hater ish here.

    I just wish you AHH guys would do better.

    • My peeps Travis Jacobs ( Harlem Pride, Devils Advocate, Do the Right Thing,$E$, etc. ) was in that movie.

      “If you knew better, you’d do better”…Mike Tyson’s classic line

  • Anyway, you just took the info from the video. I guess Ghost doesn’t even remember that flick himself. 🙂

  • 7yoyo7

    It doesn’t even make too much sense after giving Ghostface a cameo in the 1st movie…

  • johnblacksad

    Nah… i know that there’s Ghostface Killah aka Tony Starks and there’s also a comic character of the same name. #WU

  • johnblacksad

    and Ghost should have just done the whole album… jus sayin #WU

  • johnblacksad

    Sydney, why do you do this? Does AHH force you to write rumors or what?!

    Makin nothin out of nothin… smh

  • therealest1

    In the comics, his name is Tony Stark. Ghostface Killah has it as Tony Starks though.

    • Ghost bit the name, like Bruce Banner bit the Hulk, Fiddy biut Fifty, Officer Ricky bit Rick Ross, etc.
      No way around it…even if Downey co signs Ghost…Ghost still bit!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        david banner, not bruce banner. bruce banner is from the comics and david banner is from the lou ferigno television show.

      • What is the rappers name?

        David or Bruce Banner?

        Both were the Hulk’s name as you said…Comic & TV show.

        Bruce = Comic / David = Show

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        yeah, thats what i was saying. the rapper is david banner. we are some serious nerds up in here.

      • >>>Rips out clothes like Bill Bixby!…or is it Clayton Bigsby?

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        HAAAA, i wish it was clayton bigsby

      • mike malarkey

        the notorious b.i.g aka biggie smalls=biggie smalls from the movie lets do it again

      • Yeah, & even JJ’s character “Bootney Fonzworth” became Fonzworth Bently ( * Diddy’s Man servant )

        I forgot about Biggie Smalls after he bit “Frank White” from king Of NY.

      • mike malarkey

        true indeed.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        tupac and nicollo machiavelli for another example

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    time to nerd out, Ghostface is Tony Starks, and Robert Downey Jr. play Tony Stark. One’s with an “s” and the other is without.

    • That reminds me of Vanilla Ice defending his Queen sample for ICE ICE baby, LOL

      Ghost crooked the hook, like the Wu crooked the K Flickz!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        ouch, that was harsh. haha

      • >>Vanilla Ice Voice:

        “Nah, their beat goes like “Doon Doon da Doon Doont tom tong”… beat goes “Doon Doon da Doon Doont tom tong… “Tsk” ~ High Hat

        Do you hear that “Tsk” sound at the end?

        See…it’s different!”

        >>Crossing arms & leaning back in B Boy stance while nodding in re enforcement

        >> Face seriouser than a Mudda Chucka


        # I’mJustSayin’

        Deep down, you know he bit that ‘chet : )

        Meth bit Johhny Blaze from the Ghost Rider, like it was cool during that era? Maybe it was? Maybe it was the beginning of the end of the golden era.

        Fifty cent bit Fifty cent…Capone & Noriega bit…well….Capone & Noriega.

        Nas bit Pablo Escobar, his AZ bit the Real AZ, like Officer Ricky bit the Real Ricky.

        Diddy is like JAWS…the Hip Hop version, after he bite…the only thing left … crumbs!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        im not saying they didn’t. But there’s a big difference between ghost and meth taking comic book characters and the rest of those guys. These are just cartoon comic book characters. Its just like MF DOOM with Doctor Doom. It’s not like they are taking from a real person. For an even further stretch, Shaq imitated Superman and Steel. so there’s that. It’s just super hereos man.

      • Maybe, I mean, yeah, it is, cuz those guys are on some identity theft ‘chet, but in the end…biting is biting.

        Hip Hop’s #1 MC’ing rule = Be Original

  • KLewis

    Ghostface had a cameo in one of the movies. So there is no beef on that aspect of it. The reason why Ghost is probably getting sued now is because Disney owns Marvel now and they can be very protective of their brand. The old guard at Marvel most likely didn’t care, or had respect for Ghostface to let the samples slide. But Disney is a copyright beast. You can’t take a shit in the shape of Mickey Mouse without getting a cease and desist order.

    • D_Ably

      I remember reading that, he had a cameo in the first movie but i think it got cut.

  • really now…that album is so damn old, now the people of the cartoon is coming after ghostface? someone had to tip them off. besides…its no surprise about Robert Downey showing love to the rapper…he seemed to be a big fan of members of the wu since Black and White movie.

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