The Illseed Endorsement: The Frivolous Reasons Why You Should Vote For Obama!

By now, most of you have made up your mind, lets be real. I mean, if you are voting, probably have not been swayed recently. If you are voting for Mitt, I have the ultimate swing endorsement ever: ME!

Now, illseed has not been very politically active in quite some time, and I fully intend to change that trend since the 2012 election is right upon us. I mean, what better time to jump into the fray than at the time of the actual election? I mean, some of you are going to argue that local politics are more important that re-electing Barack Obama. And, they may actuality be right. But, really…we can get another Congressperson or a Governor-type , can’t we? We may never seen another African American president – EVER. That’s a one shot deal, especially in our lives.

So, that said, there are a gang of reasons why Barack Obama should be selected, or elected. I know what you conspiracy theorists think too! Anyway, on the serious side, there are oodles of serious, contemplative and political reasonS the get the man back in the White House. But, I present some very trifling and frivolously frivolous reasons!

1) He’s the first and last African American President ever.

Barack Obama is the man! And these racist bastards are NEVER going to allow another man of his caliber get into office. Let me tell you how it’s going to go down in the future. There is going to be a kid to come along in the future or hE’s here already. “THEY” (and when I say they you know who I mean) are going to get the kid and destroy him before he ever gets to become the second Black president. This destruction can manifest itself by simply treating him the way the majority of Black people are treated.

2) A re-elected Obama can get GANGSTA!

Think about it. You want to get the cookie from a chick, but you gotta be all nice and sh*t to get the cookie. Well, America is that chick, and they are holding this big a$$ cookie called “re-election” in front of Barack Obama. Right now, Barack has to play it cool and abide by the rules, but after he gets selected, he’s going to start the actual revolution that we’ve always wanted! You know, the revolution where he can talk openly about Trayvon Martin! You know, where he can say “That-Chief-Keef-Does-Not-Rep-Chicago-Hip-Hop, B. My heavenly word!” Obama will then be able to tell these people to “Shut the hell up and do what I say, because, on my mama, if you don’t pass the Black Liberation Bill, these Negroes are going to riot on some Biblical sh*t.”

3) George Bush.

If you are voting for Romney, I want you to think about George Bush. You probably voted for him. And Bush was responsible for 9/11 and the economy and just about all evils that are going on in the world right now. Romney is George Bush’s StepBrother in politics. We don’t want another Bush in office, do we? Do you want to die? This guy Romney thinks he’s ready to run a country because he ran a company! Well, if you think he is, then you are ready to die. Even Biggie Smalls rethought that mentality.

4) Obama is TOO COOL!

I never liked any president before Bill Clinton. I know the man has the blood of Rwanda on his hands, so don’t crucify me on this frivolity. Dude was MAD COOL. He was so cool he thought he could get dome in the White House and get away with it. Anyway, there has never been a cooler president than Barack. Son killed Bin Laden, has a lovely family, struts when he walks, sons adversaries on a regular, and could be smashing chicks on a regular if he wasn’t such a great man. Dude is the epitome of finer humankind, and yet he’s not a shoo-in.

5) The other guy is a JERK FACED DOUCHE.

You know what? Above is the first time I have ever used the word “douche” in a sentence. I’m not fully clear how to use it, but it was the only word I could muster to describe the adversary of Barack Obama. Dude, the M.A.A.’s (Mormons Across America) are like, “Can you acknowledge our existence?” And, let’s not forget the 47% statement! This dude doesn’t care about White people, so you know he doesn’t care about anybody else! You can’t dedicate on America, and then think we are going to put your douchey a$$ in the White House? Come on, playa. Vote for Obama for all the good reasons that the talking heads said, and the fact that this dude is a complete, utter douche.

In all reality; sh*t is real. Get off your butt and vote.

  • Gucci Fan

    These have got to be the dumbest reasons I have ever seen in my entire life. I can promise you that every wealthy person in the Rap Game is going to vote for Mitt. Obama’s tax plans are going to take HUGE portions of money away from those artist making more than $200K a year, and I’m talking about, they could lose up to half of their income. Meaning some could be losing 10-50 million a year to taxes alone.

    If you’re broke and need financial help from the government, then Obamas plan is likely to help you, Mitts will just take away some of your Government freebee options. If you’re wealthy and very successful Obamas plan is going to nuke your income while Mitts is going to allow you to keep potentially millions of dollars you would have paid in taxes under Obamas plan.

  • Syn910

    All of the above reasons just show how ignorant it would be to vote for him on those basis alone. To vote for anyone on their color is just stupid. What about his policies? What about what he stands for? No one will mention that because most people don’t know what he actually stands for. The way the system is set up if you’re democrat you’re considered broke, if you’re republican you’re considered wealthy. If you want hand outs you’re democrat, if you want to pave your OWN way you’re republican. Don’t fall for the hype and please don’t get caught up in the “color” game… Be a freethinker and vote based on who you feel will do a better job and not the ignorant reasons stated above.

  • Celz

    WTF?! Jokes are supposed to be funny.. A Presidential election is not something you can seriously be funny about. So basically if some of your reasons are correct white people should not vote for Obama? If they don’t then he won’t win period..

  • $28825362

    You have ruined Illseeds name. You are a joke of a writer. No person on this site respects you or your opinion. You are out of touch with the black youth as well as hip hop as a whole. I don’t know who you are and I never will, but everything you write is beyond sub-par. If you are going to continue writing under another mans name because you could not make it as a writer on your on, at least try to be in tune with the people you are writing for.

  • andrewdavis1415

    I guess this wasnt supposed to convince ppl to vote, cuz that was one horribly written article & lame ass jokes. Anyways the truth is, what do u (not MSN,CNN,Yahoo,Allhiphop etc) want the U.S President to be? Do u want him to help fix the economy?(Remember though, the U.S Constitution mentioned nothing about the President & his power on the economy.) If so, than maybe Romney deserves a shot cuz Obama has had these past 4 yrs and unemployment right now is the same when he got in ’08.(7.8%) Obama has already spent 4 trillion dollars and is projected to spend 12 more trillion by the end of his Presidency.(Adds more to the federal deficit which in turn, affects parts of the economy)..Im not saying Romney is gonna do a great job w/economy either, his plan will probably add billions and maybe trillions of dollars to the deficit as well, but Im just saying Obama’s plan hasnt worked this far…Either way, both of these candidates arent gonna make a drastic to change to America’s economy or end useless wars overseas.(We spend too much on the Military which also affects our national deficit). It’s not entirely their fault either because this is a tough time to be an American President due to the global financial crisis, terrorism, illegal immigration & outsourcing of jobs. The media & opposing political parties are gonna be quick to judge your every move and you’ll always face constant criticism. But if ur looking for the next FDR, Clinton, Lincoln,Washington(or whoever u believe to have been a great American President), u wnt find him in this election.

  • Voting for Romney makes no sense. He is a former Mormon bishop. He represents a religious cult which describes black skin as a punishment by god to mark a person as evil. Read the book of Mormon, it’s all written in it.

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  • Man……this is some ignorant ass shit! You can’t come up with a better argument than this bullshit! “Obama is TOO COOL…A re-elected Obama can get GANGSTA…could be smashing chicks on a regular if he wasn’t such a great man.” Straight up ignorant shit!

    Talk about him passing The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Children’s Health Insurance Re-authorization Act, Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act, Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act, Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, and a shit load other other shit.

    Anyway, I voted last week. And I agree that we should re-elect Obama. Just don’t sound ignorant and single minded when you’re trying to make a argument as to why we should.
    BTW, most of your points, isolates Whites. Which was an important part of Obama being elected in the first place.

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  • hoeyuno

    I AGREE. Obama needs the next 4 years to really show these mofos how to politic.


    What if you want your president to rid of the a economic-based society all-together? (i.e.- resource based economy). What if you wanted to vote for someone else? The fact is our votes don’t even count (electoral college) and we are only given to choices “they” pick for us. The whole election is a joke (see Turd sandwich vs Giant Douche). Granted the article wasn’t that funny, it is making a joke of politics ..which it is..personally I’m voting for Obama..yea he knows his shit and doesn’t contradict himself (at least constantly). He also get some shit done (within the confines of the game we call economics). But lets be real..he’s a White sox fan, black, and from, I can identify with the president. #RandomRant..shit I’m tired.long work week.”free” in 30 minutes!

  • Biba Adams

    Funny article…

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  • Sean Felder

    I’m glad Obama won,Mitt Romney is a clown and would’ve gotten this world in trouble big time.The 3rd world countries would laugh at him.

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