The LOX and Diddy

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are The Lox Really Considering Re-Signing With Diddy?!

The LOX will finally be releasing a new album, and according to the good people over at MTV News, (Shout out Rahman Dukes and Rob Markman), Swizz Beatz and DJ Khaled will be executive producing their new LP. Check out what Sheek Louch said about the upcoming album below:

“The last meeting I had was with Swizz and Khaled and they’re executive producing this new LOX album. [This meeting] was the one that grabbed us and we’re gonna give y’all some real, real big records.”

That’s amazing news for all you LOX fans out there who haven’t had a LOX album in over 12 years! It looks like Swizz is already putting his connections to good use, and has gotten the LOX in the studio with the Mrs. – Alicia Keys.

“I was just in the studio the other night with us and Alicia Keys working on the Lox project and get ready y’all,” Sheek revealed. “I’m sorry for the delay and the wait, but this joint is gonna be monstrous, man.”

Sheek was up at the MTV office along with Ghostface Killah playing a few tracks from their upcoming WU Block album…more on that later.

Okay, so what’s with this re-signing to Diddy business in the headline? Well, Sheek revealed that the LOX took meetings with lots of record label execs, including Lil’ Wayne and Diddy.

“Lil Wayne tried to sign us, Puff tried to re-sign us and paint that picture over, we done been in mother—ers’ living rooms and talkin’ business,” he said.

I am shocked that after everything the LOX went through with Diddy in the past that they would even take a meeting with him. Were they seriously reconsidering signing with Diddy again? Or, do you think they just wanted to see him grovel?

So, while Khaled and Swizz Beatz are executive producing the album, the LOX still don’t have a label home. Which label do you think the album will be released on?

Check out the interview with Sheek below:

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  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Lil Wayne and Diddy?? C’mon. Y’all should just go the Indie route.

    • Terrance Goodman

      My thoughts exactly

    • real OG

      so they can have stellar sells like all there personal albums the last 10 years? There shit has been flame for years if you cant get commercial success on your own you have to get it somewhere. They aren’t releasing this for the streets there doing it for there pocket books. Im pumped for the album regardless of label and BTW both of there LOX group CDs are disappointing compared to most of there solo albums.

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        Honestly, I would HOPE that they’re not doing this for their pockets……….but I’m afraid you’re right. If it is, I’m not copping it, I just can’t rock with them if they have creative control restraints.

      • Already making an excuse not to buy an album… SMFH! Hip Hop fans are the worst. Why don’t you wait till you actually hear something off the album before you make that decision. What you think, rappers are rapping to give you music for free? This what they do for a LIVING! You f***ing leaches just don’t get that though.

      • if they werent doing this for thier pockets they wouldnt be sitting down with diddy and lil wayne period ……

    • Southcidal

      NEWSFLASH: Young Money is the biggest record label in Hip Hop. I think that the Lox would love to sell the amount of records that Tiger has sold.

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        Oh, Tiger (Tyga) moving units??? You could walk up to 20 random hip hop listeners and I BET they don’t have Tyga’s……………or “Tiger” as you put it……………album! BAAAHAHAHAHA!
        Young Money also has the most SHELVED artists on the roster as well. Sooooooooooo, your point is…………. <–?

      • Troll_E_G

        Tyga aint gotta move massive units to live comfortable, he gets paid from radio spins n concerts, even if he doing 10 a yr at 10k….thats still more than 95% of the niggas yearly income thats voting for obama

      • Yeah, but he’s spending more & with new Baby…He’ll be on some “Where are they Now?” ‘chet before O gets out of office in 2016.

      • regardless he still has to recoup 😉

      • Not true!

        I have Tyga’s album…..wait, my Bad, no I don’t!

      • Tony the Tiger?

      • MuthaFuka Jones

        Gotta be! That’s what I was thinkin’

    • Doesn’t cost anything to listen youngin… lol

      • Terrance Goodman

        I understand that but they have heard diddy take take that Harlem shake

  • Terrance Goodman

    Shit open ya own joint d block /Lox records

    • Sean Peterson


      • Guest

        Got a ring to it

  • thisnigga

    they should sign that diddy deal…become ciroc boys and finally get their due. French and MGK are eating

    • Doe Boy

      jus cuz thay on t.v. and the internet dont mean thay eatin…all diddy artist was hot at one point…but hot dont=money

      • Jared Bolden-Whyte

        Sorry but you cats know alot with no facts, BIG passed with money and his fam dont have to work, Mase retired with money, Faith riding nice, they suppose to get better contract cuzz the signed with a blackman… If dont no one know you when you sign you get a standard deal. You take that nice signing bonus up front, your publishing % drops, what he do to the LOX put a shinny suet on them. And 90% of artist dont stay hot forever there is only a few Mary’s, R. Kellys and Jay-Z’s. As grown men now if the Lox cant strike a good deal thats on them. they been in the studio working with Puff for the last year… BBE

      • Big didn’t pass with money!

        Diddy robbed him for RTD, on some $250K – expenses type ‘chet, on some I’ll make it up to you next time, type ‘chet…..& he died b4 next album dropped…..RTD sold what? 10 Mil? I bought the ‘chet 2x & stole it 1x.

        No standard deal with Diddy, he’s the CEO of R.U.R.
        Raping U Records

        Upfront signing bonus goes faster than the hoes when it runs out & no publishing….you know Diddy getting publishing & probably the rights to your name etc…..why no Lox for 10yrs on other labels?

        90% of artist rely on marketing & promotion, hence the lack of longevity.
        Think you gonna drop in French Montana’s debut album 15yrs from now & be like:
        “Awwwh That’s that “chet!”

        *Ain’t happening!

      • Doe Boy

        my dude…i was jus sayin cuz u see them on t.v, and the internet…dont mean they eatin…i be down in the A in alot of them rappers popin bottles in the club…the bottles r givein to them by the club…cuz if they there popin bottles… the club owner can tax ppl to get in-tax ppl for drinks-and tax ppl for v.i.p…sumtime the strip club give them money to throw…cuz they gone make that back off the door…by taxin mfs $50 to get in…in thats before they count up the bar…so the rapper upload the footge to youtube, wshh, or sum shit like that…in he look like he ballin the club get free promo…everybody wins…

    • Diddy obviously don’t want them…for their #’s / $’s!

    • CaliTransplant

      might have a point…hell, some artists are just that and not built for the business of rap. it might actually be a good look for them…just have your attorney get your biz right…but, honestly if they don’t let Swizz get first crack at them, then that’s a shame. That’s fam right there. Still don’t understand why they wouldn’t just go indie with D-Block though?!? take it straight to a major distributor themselves…?

      • Diddy might own “D Block”.

      • CaliTransplant

        D-Block is distributed through Bad Boy and Koch according to Wiki…(You might be right.)

      • Diddy has never owned D-Block. I believe Sheek founded the company and him, Jada, and Styles are the CEO’s of the label. Koch is now EOne Music and all they are is an independent distributor. They distribute records for independent labels and artists. What I don’t get is why they would start a record company for independent distribution to have Styles be the only artist to put out albums on EOne and reap the benefits of a lot more money per record sold independently. Sheek put out his second and third album with Koch and then signed to Def Jam as a solo artist. Jada was originally signed to Interscope and then went to Def Jam. My question is why hasn’t D-Block put out any of their artists independently through EOne. They got Large Amount, A.P, Snype Life, Straw, Bucky, and T.Y. and have only put out 2 decent D-Block compilations under the umbrella in about 10 years. Something is very wrong with that picture. Every single one of them artists are ready to drop an album. I just think D-Block doesn’t invest in their artists and are constantly keeping themselves from growing. I also think they feel that bc they’re so respected and still very relevant that they’re a priority before any of their artists and that’s not only a huge business mistake but it’s selfish and fucks up the confidence and loyalty of those artists. I don’t think any artist wants to feel like they have to show loyalty to a label for over 10 years and still not have their debut album released. They need to think about the longevity of their company and start putting out their artists rather then having them put out 10 mixtapes back to back or a a feature on one of their albums to keep them quiet which they don’t even do a good job of. Just look at the features on every single one of their solo albums. They do not keep it in house at all. If they do its only for their mixtapes and theor artists don’t even get paid for those mixtape collabs. Sad but true

      • “Sometimes the business end of the ‘chet, can turn your friends against you”…Dr. Dre’

        Didn’t Sheek open up a Juice bar in the Bx?

      • Oh Damn! They fugged!

  • These dudes are getting too old for running from label to label…….You mean to tell me these dudes can’t sell records on their own? They have already built a brand and yet still they are still shopping around for a label for over 10 years. #kray

    • Basically!

    • Southcidal

      If you sell records on your own, you pay for everything and handle everything on your own as well. It depends on the type of percentage these majors will give them. Everybody is not built for that administrative shiit. Ronald Williams makes that CMR/YMCMB machine run.

      • Thanks….I can understand it if you put it that way.

      • Doe Boy


      • >>In Baby’s Voice : “Come here Lox & Pucker Up!”

        >>Kisses Sheek & Jada in Mouth

      • Guest

        @Southcidal I agree with what you saying for the most part bc being an independent record label is exactly what it means INDEPENDENT. So yeah you pretty much have to do everything a major label would do on your own. But isn’t that why they started D-Block Records as an independent label in the first place? Now if I remember correctly they didn’t want to be on Interscope anymore because 50 had already blackballed Styles from dropping his second album Time is Money which got pushed back numerous times and eventually led to Styles calling up Hot 97 and arguing with 50 about it. Now don’t get me wrong I can understand them wanting to leave Interscope while beefing with 50 and him having so much power over there at the time and/or Jimmy Iovine just not knowing how to market them. But even when the beef died down with G-Unit they still never even put out a mixtape or a third album with Interscope which led to them not being able to fulfill their contract of more than 1 LOX album. Which to me sounds like a lawsuit they could’ve won had they had any kind of business savvy and got lawyers involved. Now back to what Dior was saying earlier. These dudes have built the D-Block brand for years, are well respected in the game, and have connections throughout the industry that some artists probably wish they had today. You mean to tell me they can’t utilize those connects and pay out of pocket for some real good promotion just to deliver a LOX album independently to the fans after 12 years without selling out and looking for the best label deal? And for the record I understand all the contractual shit too. Kiss and Sheek are both on Def Jam and Styles gets distributed by EOne(Independent Distributor) as a solo artist. Can’t nobody tell me they couldn’t put out an album independenty in the meantime until they get the deal they’re looking for. They even could’ve brought the LOX over to Def Jam and still have their creative control without all the extra hands in the pot. With that said it really hasn’t been all that hard to give us a LOX album in the span of 12 years. Its no secret that they’re looking for the highest bidder. I don’t think they have any intentions of finally giving the fans the album we’ve all been wanting from them. The shit that really kills me is they haven’t fucked with Swizz like that as far as production for years and now they’re gonna let him executive produce their album with DJ Khaled? That shit just sounds like a disaster full of mediocre beats, Swizz’s corny ass hooks, Rick Ross features, and We The Best intros waiting to happen. LOX need Dr. Dre, Alchemist, DJ Premier, Sid Roams, Havoc, araabMUZIK, maybe some Kayne for their more commercial records and that’s it. All this preparation and keeping fans waiting all these years is raising expectations and setting themselves up for a flop. Not too many of these young boys know who the LOX are. They might be familiar with them as solo artists but as a group I don’t even think die hard fans such as myself know who they are anymore. Not to mention that they’re one of Hip Ho’s most talented rap groups ever with only 2 albums under their belt and not even a hand full of classics. As far as freestyles, songs, and mixtapes yes, as far as albums no. IMO only real classics they got to me are Styles P’s Gangster and a Gentleman album, Sheek Louch’s: Walk With Me album, maybe Jada’s: Kiss of Death album, and arguably Money Power Respect or We R The Streets. They got a lot of projects on the way so I’ll save the criticism for after I’ve heard them. I’m still a fan but I just need them to get their shit together. These dudes can out rap just about anybody in the industry for years but their business moves need a lot of work and is continuing to hurt them even at this point of their careers. Sad but true

      • “We tha’ BeSSSTTTTTTt!

        Side note…contracts may have kept them from dropping!

      • Nah my dude they been out of their Interscope contract as far as a group. If they weren’t they wouldn’t have even been taking meetings with other labels for a new LOX album for however many years they’ve been saying it. Now as solo artists yeah maybe Def Jam would have to be involved somehow on their next project bc of Jada and Sheek but that’s minor to do these days. Just look at how easily they’re able to do this Wu-Block album with all these different artists tied to different labels and release it on EOne.

      • Wu- Block doesn’t = D Block
        Why not?

        IDK, but I remember when Prince changed his name to a symbol because he didn’t own “PRINCE”, time lapsed & contract ran out & he became “PRINCE” again, & a few other instances that reinforce my belief.

        Now even if out of interscope contract, that doesn’t mean out of Diddy’s & Diddy is like the Don King of Rap.

        I’m guessing, but why even speak to Diddy unless it was out of desperation:
        Get on

        Just a wild guess, but Jada is already on, doesn’t need Diddy to get a deal, Koch would take him in a heartbeat!

      • I think you’re right about contracts having something to do with them not dropping a LOX album tho. But its def more about a percentage they’re trying to make off this next one

      • Terrance Goodman

        Khlaed sound slow short bus slow

      • Cheese bus with helmet slow!

      • one thing we gotta realize is every artist isnt like guys like diddy, luda, 50 & jayz who made great business decisions early on and really capitolized off the game $$$$$$ … it wouldnt suprise me if these dudes couldnt afford to do the things your expecting them to do by now … even styles shed light on alot of the bad moves they made … like blowing thier budget to record in Miami and stuff like that …. its no different than a 9to5 person getting stuck in that trap of living check to check …. some artist live advance to advance if you get ya self in that trap …….

      • I feel what you saying and believe me its not so much about expecting them to do anything. But they’ve been jerked and been in the game long enough to know the ropes and business side of things better than they do. They already got a label distribution deal for D-Block through EOne for the longest time so they can just about put out an album whenever they want. They get good bread for shows and I know for a fact Jada and Styles are eating because they’ll tell you themselves they ain’t broke. I’m sure they get royalty checks out the ass too so trust me when I tell you it would cost them almost nothing to put out some of their artists or even a LOX album/mixtape in the meantime until they work on getting the deal they’re looking for. I think they might already be sitting on big records and are just looking for the highest bidder as well as a few more records with big name artists. I just wanna see these dudes get their just due as 1 of the best groups to ever do it and finally get their shine on a Hip Hop Honors or something. I think their legacy is a lil overlooked just because they’re still so relevant. Now if they can only keep that relevancy and give their fans what we’ve been waiting 12 years for on the production we wanna hear them on.

    • MuthaFuka Jones

      THANK YOU!! I fail to understand that too

    • Terrance Goodman

      I agree

    • they can sell …. but i dont think AS A GROUP they would be happy doing the same #’s theyve been doing on thier independent solo projects ……

  • Terrance Goodman

    I Wouldnt let my gym sock sign wit either if em

  • I doubt Diddy grovelled!

    Lox = Homelss
    No major label = No Interest

    • Doe Boy

      diddy=been there done that
      young money is jus not a good look
      swizz n khaled it could come out hot
      p.s i worte it like that for u big homie

      • So why meet with Diddy after he ‘chetted on him…if they wasn’t ready to sign?

        How many job interviews at Taco Bell did you go to…knowing damn well you wasn’t gonna be stuffing Tacos!

      • Doe Boy

        true…i feel like i will go inde for i go wit diddy(cuz he “chetted on them” lol) or cm/ym(cuz its not a good look to the hardest niggaz out go have drake all over thay shit)…but u rite thay had 2 be thinkin about it

      • They was more than thinking, they was trying! LOL
        After Diddy & the shiny suits…Drake would be a step up!

        At least Drake is a Hip Hopper that supports……Lox should win an award for not being broke & locked, fugging with the Bad Boy curse!

      • Doe Boy

        lol… “after diddy n the shiny suits drake will be a step up”…for real tho

  • Chris

    If they sign to Young Money, I can no longer be a Lox fan. That’s just me.

    • Terrance Goodman

      Done , I am sick n tired of the veterans going to these pop labels .
      I thought they would have built their own brands over the years

      • Chris

        Real talk. When Busta went that route, I lost a little respect for that brotha’.

      • Not bad, when Yayo & them clapped his man & he said “Watch what we do in your name” & made a song about him…..I lost respect for him.

        His YMCMB debut was the ultimate wack Juice!

      • Terrance Goodman

        I lost a lot for em n he almost got shelved

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Not everybody got BOSS potential…some niggaz is just worker bees

      • Terrance Goodman

        True ish but how can the veterans allow all
        The young guns be chief. No diss but it’s up vets
        To lead the way not be a fifty year old rapper

      • jayz is a vet and he wouldnt let that happen like dude said some dudes are just workers no matter how old they get 😉

      • Terrance Goodman

        I guess so brother

      • where else do they go ??? Rawkus, Rocafella, Priority, Koch etc…. oh wait i forgot its 2012 …………

  • i think they better off wit good music or fifty new look label,just saying

  • Sean Power

    this album maybe 12 years to late for a major

  • Dokter_Mindbender

    All 3 members of The Lox can spit. They about 2 take the new generation by storm.

  • hoeyuno

    Come on jada!!! Dont come back with a lox album 10 years later and have wayne drake and the rest of them on it..

    • Or Diddy?
      Lox = Finished…based on Career choices!

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  • $18592567

    Diddy groveling over The Lox… Stop It 5. That’s an xec w/respect for dope artists and vice versa. Puff worth too much to be sweatin’ people.

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  • I know its business but really Swizz Beatz and executive produces, will be like what Diddy did to Method Man’s album

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  • BIgg_SKS

    Them thinking about it is the worst ish I have ever heard in my life. My subliminal thoughts are not in agreement to this torment of them going through unnecessary things as such. But. oh well …..iits there problem not mine

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  • watcher

    …these nigga$ need bread…if the number is right….. they movin!! They will be back in shiny suits so fast it’ll scare ya mama lol..