Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Game Going To Put Them Paws On Shyne?!

It sounds as if Game is still really upset with Shyne about the comments he made regarding Kendrick Lamar’s album.

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So what is the Game going to do to get even? Well, it sounds as if he may be ready to put hands on Shyne. Check out what Game told MTV below:

“Whenever a shot is taken at Kendrick, I think that’s the pool I’ma dive in head-first, whether there is water there or not,” Game said in an interview. “Personally, I think Shyne should just back away and let the kid breathe and if not, I don’t know, we might find ourselves face-to-face or sh– that nobody really wants to see happen. Kendrick is non-confrontational, he’s not a thug, he’s not a gang banger, he’s just a dope, hip-hop lyricist, but he’s from the streets and he got a lot of ties out here and a lot of good hood n—as with him and I’m one of them.”

Question, how is Game going to come face to face with Shyne, if Shyne isn’t even allowed in the USA? Is Game planning to go to Beliz? Someone please explain this to me? Oh, but wait, in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, Shyne said that he is working on a VISA to come back stateside by March 2013. Check out what he told us below:

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“We working on that and for whatever reason President Obama don’t see the benefit that I bring to the African and Latin-American impoverished communities throughout the United States of America,” Shyne told “He doesn’t seem to get the fact that [there is] nobody more [qualified] than myself to speak to these kids in an honest way with integrity, that can influence them to change their lives and turn their lives around. He doesn’t get the fact that I’m the spokesperson to combat the violence in inner cities. But we working on getting that visa, so I should be in the United States in March of 2013, with or without Obama.”

Um, am I the only one that thinks that Shyne may have lost his marbles?!

Sidenote: That Game interview was not as hostile as it sounds in print. In the full interview, Game also talks about how he looked up to Shyne and followed his career. Check out the interview below:

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Is Game bipolar?

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  • Simon Adebisi




    • Sean Peterson


    • He’s sticking up for his buddy, what is wrong with that? Sounded pretty grown too me…. Shyne talking shit for no reason sounds a little female ish too me…

  • PorchBoySlim

    Game lets be real you aint gonna do nothing….especially to a nigga thats known to let the hammer fly….this nigga still aint do nothing after his homeboi got shot in the leg when they tried to run up on 50 at the radio station in NY…..this nigga need to get a life

  • Terrance Goodman

    This boy all woof name dropping fool . This nigga resume suspect at best
    , not saying shine any Betta cause he ain’t . Game need to worry bout
    Getting jimmy snitchman his $ or he gonna be his next celly

  • Ang P

    This is ridiculous lol

  • Dokter_Mindbender

    Game needs 2 close his legs cuz his vagina is showing. If Kendrick can’t take a lil criticism he’s in the wrong industry.

  • hoeyuno

    Shynes more a drama queen then game. there was no twitter and youtube in 98 so we didnt know how big of a dork shyne really is. i seen him on twitter the other day telling nipsey hussle his european pass is revoked…… Shyne needs to buy a plow and raise some goats…. @joeyuno81

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      he can voice his opinon, without having to violently defend himself (supposdly)

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        freedom of speech and the right to defend yourself is 2 legal rights for Shyne

      • hoeyuno

        And i can voice mine d:)

    • European Pass? Really? I think dude is mad he’s not being embraced…lol

      • hoeyuno

        Fo sho. And the more he talks the number he looks.

  • Sounds like the WEST was dead for years and K Dot is the new hope for the WEST,so everybody caping for him lol.
    You got all these grown men jumping too twitter before K Dot even said anything.

    • Everybody in L.A. is caping for him… Had to throw that out there. Because the Bay and Sacramento are a world away from the City of Angels… With a whole different get down, and a whole different set of opinions.

  • hoeyuno

    Game and shyne should start a group called BiPolar!!!

  • Montezuma1

    Okay, Shyne is strange and Game is feminine. I think Kendrick is a solid talented youth. Haven’t heard his album but I seriously doubt it’s trash. BTW, I’m from NY but I don’t endorse Bullshyt no matter where it’s from and these 2 GROWN men need to let the youngster do his thing.

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  • Sniggih Smalls

    Kendrick shit is weak for for real Aint nobody tryna hear that bullshit!!

    • Griss

      false u prob listen to ignorant niggas like gucci mayne

  • Synista

    Why does GAYME have all that PUBIC hair on his face??

    • Griss

      ur gay ol

  • We know for certain Shyne has no problem busting a ratchet anywhere..might not be the cat you wanna test considering both their histories my money is on shyne..

    • LOL at this comment, made my night…. He shot up a club? That ain’t gangster lol… go back and read the damn story, who the hell bucks off shots at random people in a club? His aim sucked for sure.

      • Listen point is you’ve got a ton of dudes in the rap game that ain’t ever held a gun a day in their life..much less shot one..take a look at half the music videos of dudes in the game holding guns..they look awkward as hell…like a 2 year old with building regards to your point..that dude got out alive and in one piece..cost him ten years of his life…a lawsuit but he’s still breathing..plenty of others who weren’t that fortunate. 50 gets props for getting shot..shyne gets dissed for popping off..(Jay-z quote “I’m afraid of the future, why?/Ya’ll respect who got shot..I respect the shooter”)RIP JMJ

      • 50 Cent near got assassinated on a street corner, Shyne shot at innocent people in night club.. if you don’t know the difference, then no need to go back n forth on this. A real shooter puts work in, they handle there business..they don’t shoot at innocent women blindly in a club, think about it…lol…

  • Doe Boy

    it a bullshit threat cuz dude aint gone be in the states no time soon…its like popin shit to a nigga wit life in jail

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Game acting like Shyne is stealing Kendrick’s lunch money everyday. All he did was give his opinion. Wow

  • AK

    wasnt game trying to sing shyne when he was locked up?? i remember he usto say free shyne after every interview lol he uses anyway he could to look tough

  • water_ur_seeds

    shynes entitled to his opinion, game used sound identdical to him when he first started making mixtapes… is he gonna fight every rapper that dont like kendrick? hes mad overrated anyways, ive not even checked the album yet…

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  • Qaadiru Rashaad

    SMH Game is neither a gang banger etc… Everyone is entitled to speak their opinion or truth. thats whats wrong with Hip-Hop culture at this time, nobody’s transparent and truly one hundid, authentic and real. Everyone wants to satisfy the status quo and play politics. Im not with that. I dont think Kendrick’s album is a classic. I dont think its trash either. Its a cool project, nothing to write home about but it is a breath of fresh air to hear what he has presented. With that being said is GAME going to attack every critic whether harsh or not of Kendricks album? I dont think so, so he needs to stop the bull shit. PERIOD…Qaadiru Rashaad

  • Oknas

    Life is a game to game…..lame

  • Griss

    I feel game tho … shyne hatin fa no reason like fa real hes 25 and more accomplished as a artist than u …. the album is great no dre like what … im feeling that no one else who worked with dre couldnt go without atleast one “dre track” thats dope and he kept it 100 …shyne n that fuckin snuffaluffagus voice needs to deplete entirely

    • BrickCityBully

      Damn if a man gives his opinion that he dont like something, that means he’s hating? Make some sense little nigga.

  • Eli Pinilla

    how yall manage to completely flip games quote?!?!? that not how he said that shit at all. the last part on yall quote is the first thing he said. yall flipped it to make it more controversial than it shouldve been

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Y’all can keep that West Coast billboarding for LAme or any of them. Somebody is in need to keep press to stay relevant for the soon to be reality show (VH1-Viacom-NYC)…Come on Son.

    As for it being all quiet on the West, like you have some imaginary West Coast Voltron stuck in your head, then yes. Do not mistake LAme and Co. to be the voice with their frontin’. If you are sittin east of the Miss and have no network West refrain from assuming sh’t. People are on their grind up and down the I-5. Content and production is solid.

    Press and Distribution, nationally is controlled East, specifically NYC.

    So when you see stupid a$$ stories on LAme v. Shyne on the everyday, be for real and stop making up sh’t.

    • Your mad.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        I’m pissed.

      • Sounds like it, just don’t off yourself over an All Hip rumours post, ain’t worth it…

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Not my cup of chai to off myself, I’m not a bro. You are replying to a female.

      • I really could care less lol…

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Sure you do.

      • No, no I don’t…now please stop trolling my nut sack… thanks.

        Remember what I said, it ain’t worth it…anger kills, anger leads to depression…be happy.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Right, you don’t actually care. Now go to sleep before your mama catches you..up past your bed time.

      • Why are you so angry? #foodstamplife , #mommajokefail

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        misrepresentation and socialpaths, evoke a bit of some damn anger. Every now and then.

      • Cool story, bye.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Funny, folks who say they could careless, cannot help but respond. Maybe you will mean it. This time.

      • If it takes me 5, 10 even 15 minutes out of my night to save a person from killing themselves, then it is time well served. I don’t take your cheap attempts at humour and insults personally, you are just another broken person.

        Get well.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        …says the person who could careless…and also said bye….you are taking something: insults and my last words. By the way you write like a damn bitch.

      • I’d rather have someone think “I write like a bitch” in your hood speak, then be someone like yourself who seems near illiterate… I tried being nice, f**k it..go hang one will care. Your a waste of air. #foodstamplife

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Whoa damn, by the looks of things, you have access to very few words to manage actual insults.

        Ok, now …rollover..step… now fetch.

      • Ain’t nothing to insult strangers on the internet, lol..for some reason even after I asked you to leave me alone you keep talking to me, why? Anyone who starts a sentence with “whoa damn” is a certified hood rat living that food stamp life. Get a god damn job, move out of your Moms / Dads apartment, and stop leeching off the Government. I know you don’t have the brain capacity to understand English, but maybe you can go ask an adult to translate..I know lack of education runs in the family, so I don’t know..maybe your Mom’s crack dealer can translate, they tend to be good with #’s so I would assume they can read too.

        Managing insults? I think you mean, you have a lack of a vocabulary to think up insults, managing would be, you how do you handle an insult thrown at you? lol

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Oh, at this point we are far from being strangers.

      • I guess I hit close to home, game, set & match.. Have a nice life.

  • brotha_man

    he aint gon’ touch shyne he will just continue to name drop in his albums

  • Guest

    Shyne isn’t even allowed in the country, lol…

  • Shyne is just plain bitter. He thought he would be released, everyone would embrace him and he’d be what he would be what he rapped about on that awful prison album… “The Godfather”, A few people gave him a chance, Khaled, Lil Wayne & Game. Game always went out of his way to keep Shynes name relevant to hip hop heads, but I mean how can anyone embrace a guy who sounds like a broken muffler when he spits? I tried and tried to give the guy a shot, even his mixtape was terrible. He’s talked shit about a lot of artist’s for no real reason. Shouldn’t he be concentrating on making relevant music?

    He came out hating on a kid who don’t hate on people, he didn’t really have any reasons, it was pure jealousy… maybe Game and Kendrick are good friends? How do ya’ll know? He was on “The City”, K Dot upped him pretty good on “Black Boy Fly”… He’s just saying, fall back off the youngin…. Game could diss this guy and his career would be in the grave (it basically already is). He needs to look at Game as an example when an artist can get near black balled out the business for dissin for no reason, then the album gets pushed back 10 times… c’mon Son.

  • I’m not mad at Shyne for his opinion. It’s his right. Game should just let that man have his opinion and let that shit go. It’s not that serious. If Kendrick Lamar doesn’t have an issue with it, why should Game?

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Game…………..Game Game Gayme,,,,,,,,,,,,are you going to have goons with guns too again too? What a puss and a half. You butt-hurt because somebody had an opinion? I’m done with this dude.

  • Southcidal

    Why is Shyne even in the news? Has he even released material lately? And why does his opinion even matter? I’d much prefer to hear Dr. Dre, Ant Banks, T-Mix, Manny Fresh, Pete Rock or DJ Premier’s opinion on new releases over Shyne’s. Who on the AHH staff feels the need to seek Shyne’s opnion? LAME.