Game vs 40 Glocc

Hip-Hop Rumors: Yikes! 40 Glocc Sues The Game Over Beatdown!

Whoa! When I saw the TMZ headline, I didn’t know what to make of it! But. This. Is. Happening. Apparently, 40 Glocc has decided to sue The Game for beating him down earlier this year. The beatdown was video recorded and…pretty bad. So, bad that 40 is looking to get paid from his gang rival. I don’t know the laws of the streets like you guys. But, 40Glocc told TMZ that a gun was pulled on him and that changed everything. But. I was always under the impression that was the game – no pun intended. But, I have not opinion! Here is what TMZ had to say.

Rapper 40 Glocc is seeking revenge against The Game over a brutal beatdown caught on tape earlier this year … but he’s not after street justice, 40 Glocc wants COLD, HARD CASH.

40 — real name Lawrence White — just filed a lawsuit against Game over the July 7 incident that took place in front of a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. You probably saw the video.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, 40 says he was leaving a party, when he was jumped by Game and Game’s 15-man entourage for no reason.

Game recorded the fight on his iPhone and published the footage to YouTube — under the title, “The Game Beats Up 40 Glocc Whilst Recording on iPhone Full Video.”

In his suit, 40 says the video does NOT show the full story … claiming Game had chased after him with a gun … and shouted, “Freeze or I’ma shoot, n*gga.”

40 claims he tried to escape … but Game caught up, pointed the gun at his chest and told him not to fight back or he would “end it right now.”

In the docs, 40 says he obliged … and Game and Game’s crew proceeded to beat him mercilessly … causing major injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder and back. 

40 also says he suffered wounds to his face, head, legs, arms and hands.

40 is suing for unspecified damages — but we’re guessing he wants MILLIONS … not only for assault and battery … but he also feels Game tarnished his thug reputation by portraying him as a coward on the YouTube video.

At the time of the altercation, sources close to The Game told TMZ … Game did NOT pull a gun during the incident and insisted “it was a one-on-one fight.”

What do you think?

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    Lmao this nigga bouta get paid for being a bitch how you claim to be hard then go to court house and snitch

    • TruthSerum

      Because he’s a near-40 year old loser with nothing going for him. His career is a laughable joke and he sells no records. All he had in life was his street reputation and game took that away with that video. He has nothing to lose by doing this, whats the worst that could happen, people who already make fun of him for getting beat down will make fun of him again for the lawsuit?? Nobody respects 40 anyway might as well get paid.

      I hope he hits game for like 20 Million or something, it’ll make the next idiot with a video camera thin twice about that upload to world star

      • immackulate

        different day and age — if we had camera phones back in the big vs pac days it would have been the same outcome – NIGGAZ have a propensity for documenting HOOD SHYT – you act like you never seen MENACE II SOCIETY!

    • HipHopStalker

      How is that being a bitch if you get jumped and have a gun pointed at you ? Let me guess your superman and would suqare up AND BEAT up a group of 5,6,7 people right ?lol

      • Doe Boy

        he aint no bitch cuz he got jump that happens in the street…sometime niggaz catch u snoozin…he a bitch cuz he say he a street nigga but takein street shit to the courts…so plies should sue his ass


        His damn name is 40 glocc.. He is a Thug from Cali, one of the bosses and he turns up and turns niggaz out. Lmao those are all his words, but you get my point. You can’t talk tough like your a boss and once you get that ass whooped go running to the police and start suing.

      • All this “street credibility”? Man, we are passed all of that. The courts are there for a reason (some would argue that they’re there to exploit laws made for the purpose of disenfranchising “undesirable” pockets of society, deserving or otherwise). Hip-Hop is a business and we can’t encourage this sort of shi*. 40 Glocc is out of pocket but you know what? He’ll live to fight another day and hopefully change his message, because it’s suspect, and it doesn’t belong in the culture. Game? He’s a fool in the positive and negative senses, and his antics don’t belong in the culture (atleast, not at the surface). But all of this should show youngstas that if you want to be a gangsta, there’s a price to pay… Whether you’re banging or being banged on. If you wanna be with the business, do like some of us did and join the military. After a tour or two, maybe then cats will understand the undesirability of warfare. Very easy to talk about the “code of the streets” when the drama ain’t on your doorstep. P.S. 40 Glocc ain’t a Westcoast boss… Those don’t exist anymore – not to the degree of being public with it. F.E.D.S. been put a halt to that sort of shi* in California.

      • ur lame. why you defending something you have no FACTS on? lol

    • tab58064

      LOL!! These so-called gangstas are something else now-a-days. LOL!

    • I have a better question… Why would you jump somebody on video, post it on YouTube, and then confess to the beating repeatedly on video over and over again? Talk about America’s dumbest criminals. I like Game, though… But as entertaining as it was, that shit was the epitome of faux paux.

  • TruthSerum

    Game is an idiot for videotaping that and putting it online. What’s his defense gonna be in court, I didn’t do it???

    40 Glocc already has no career to begin with and now you destroyed his reputation so what does he have left to lose by doing this??…….. People already lost the “street respect” they had for him when you put that video online. 40’s net worth is an EBT card so this is the best chance he has at getting something out of life.

    I hope he wins, not because I like him tho. I want this to start a domino effect of people suing each other over this buffoonery. The “world star” era needs to end


      Lmao an ebt card. What do you mean by, “world star era needs to end?”

      • TruthSerum

        Just the whole trend of people uploading their ignorance. The garbage on sites like world star makes the jerry springer show look high class. If your gonna do dirt like beat people up keep that on a need to know basis. All these attention whores online are sad & pathetic.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        I agree with you about worldstar, but in this case I think this chump 40 needed a taste of his own medicine. Everything comes full circle.

      • TruthSerum

        I aint defending 40, I agree dude deserved it. All I’m saying is if him filing this lawsuit makes the next idiot think twice about being a fool and uploading stuff like this to the web, I’m all for it. It would the only contribution this clown ever made to society, lol

      • Mos High

        I agree this uploading beat downs is so damn foolish, maybe 40 deserved it but Game is still a household name, how the hell is he going to upload a video of a beat down that he is in. That is stupid and he deserves to loose money for this. Its better 40 glocc goes this route rather then him and his goons retaliating and some innocent person gets caught in the cross fire. THERE IS NO STREET RULES!!! people talk rules but most never follow, ratting, killing innocent, beating women, stealing from elderly, abondining children destroying neighbourhoods. Anything goes, Im sick of people talking that mess.

    • Irvin Findlay

      Are you kidding me? This is what 40 deserves for creeping up on rappers and pulling out guns on them with many guys thinking he’s tough and the rappers didn’t sue him now he wants money it’s called karma! lol he’s only suing to get money like the fake thug he is! If anything game did the right thing and gave me a good laugh when he posted the vid! where’s the proof that a gun was involved?

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        He doesn’t need proof that a gun was involved: he has video evidence of an assault courtesy of Game. He will get paid.

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      “The ‘world star’ era needs to end”.


      • I second that!

      • Abrasive Angel

        As long as black people carry the nigga mentality there will be sites like WSHH.

      • mike malarkey

        hell no. WSHH is the greatest website ever. U know yall watch it and be dying laughing off them videos

    • steven smith

      the game defence is that 40 has a reputation of treatning other rappers and demanding a pay off from rappers coming to Los Angeles to shoot videos like he’s the IRS.
      just watch videos of 40 jamming up rappers like piles and lil wayne.
      Its like a drug dealer getting robbed on the block then he sues the robber who’s like the don. 40 won’t get a dime and might end up dead by snitching

  • Guest

    yeah i knew game had a weapon drawn punk ass all bark and fake bite, but ayy do your thing 40

    • John Davis

      If doing his thing means being a hypocrite i guess so…talk a buncha gangsta shit then take a nigga to trial cuz he whooped u aint no proof of no guns drawn how much he gon get for a butt whoopin and not that good of one either

      • Guest

        game had a gun on him you heard what he said, don’t get me wrong, i think they are both idiots and children in men’s bodies, but game had 40 at his knees with homies and a gun, i think we can both agree that game and 40 are on equal levels of bitchness

      • TruthSerum

        Now there’s something I can co sign lol

      • HipHopStalker

        There’s no proof because Game wouldn’t pull it on while filming lo Remeber this dumb ass pulled a gun on somebody he was playing basketball against years ago and went to jail for like 7 days.

      • Guest

        there is proof lol, what 40 just said matches perfectly, game caught him, told him not to fight back with his gun and some homies, THEN he cut the camera on.

  • John Davis


    • Guest

      using capslock makes you tough huh?

      • Steelmatic

        How was he trying to be tough?

      • ONE

        LMAO, this nigga really got offended by a nigga typing in capslock, WTF

      • He’s a p#ssy boy. Don’t worry bout him. He’s a sissy that gets tense when others around him are loud. smh lol

      • ONE

        An exclamaition mark at the end of that comment would have sent that nigga throught the roof. LOL

      • TheBoxcarHobo


      • Doc_Nasdee


      • IG::TheRealStevieBee

        lmbo… yall killing me

      • Bawahahahaaa! @ Exclamation Point!

      • lmaooooo. I believe it!

      • NEWSKULL


      • IG::TheRealStevieBee


      • Guest

        bitch nigga please, i’m sayin he has no reason to use caps is all

  • Simon Adebisi



  • YungKizz

    p**** he aint gettin nuthin i thought 40 was a g lol i guess not

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  • Barbare


  • Doe Boy

    what part of the game is that…in shawty voice from boondocks

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  • Chris

    I’m surprised that some of you are surprised, like these rappers are really ’bout that street life they rap about.

  • ONE

    This cant be the same big bad 40 that had rappers that were a misrepresentation of “real niggas” scared to come out to the west. Is this what’s happening in the the streets now, since when did ” real niggas” start filing lawsuits against other self proclaimed “real niggas” for doing what I thought so called real niggas did in the streets ? . Would any “real niggas” care to explain this to me ?

    • >>In Real Nigga Voice : “It’s called being FAKE!”

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  • Where’s the rest of his gang?

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    “It was a one on one fight” will not hold up in court if YOU started it. he didn’t ask Game for a fair one. Game followed and assaulted him. Man Game is falling off in the worst way.

  • lol

  • Marvlouz

    OMG! 40 Glocc.. you my man, deserve the SNITCH OF THE YEAR AWARD!! Exactly what everyone been saying… How you a street nigga, claiming you hold toast, you gangsta… not only that… YOU A CRIP! .. And you in the courts.

    Man, Every crip set should get a freet boot to this nigga face!! Just unacceptable!

    • NeutralHVAC

      Is it really snitching when the game uploads a video of himself doing it. I think game snitched on himself

      • It’s snitching when you’re guilty of the same offense

    • $11625525

      I wanna see who guests with him now…

  • 40 glocc about to get some moneeey..yeah boy….dumbass award goes to game…game over

  • plsDontreply

    WSHH has the best vids online… The Era will never end

  • plsDontreply

    the mod on here is a hater… Stop swaying the content. I violated nothing with my first comment. Dont be mad worldstar is better than your garbino azz site

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Then gunplay should sue 50 cent! 40 ain’t bout that life

    • eddie

      gunplay will be getting anally raped soon – hes going away for a while

  • $11625525

    The truth is that they’re both bitches; The Game obviously taped it and uploaded it to the internet because he doesn’t really want to die, and he’s pretty sure 40 Glocc doesn’t want to go to jail, so that was his insurance (I get touched your suspect number one because everybody now knows that I touched you, including the authorities) now if that isn’t a bitch, then I don’t know what is! (Bad boys move in silence, not with an iPhone and a bunch of goons acting like rampant baboons and drawing attention to themselves)

    40 Glocc, as someone previously mentioned, has a habit of threatening rappers and putting that crap on youtube to try spread some sort of notoriety to the world outside of the little bubble he lives in a he thinks it’s going to sell records; when will these fools learn, those of us who likes 2Pac wasn’t because of his so called beef with other rapper it was because of his socio-political lyrical content, people always seem to pick up the worst parts of a famous persons qualities and tries to emulate that as it usually doesn’t involve hard work, why they don’t read a book, get involved in their communities in a positive way and rap about what they see and how they feel it could be improved? Because they’re no good, lazy bums.

    Rant over, I’m going for a jog!

    • Southcidal

      I disagree with Game being a biitch. Game’s video taping was in response to 40 Glocc’s notorious history of videotaping. And if 40 was to retaliate do you think that this tape would automatically be enough evidence to convict him in court? Nah man. The Game just wanted to show the world how much of a fraud 40 is. As for 40, suing is his last recourse. The only thing that he had going was his reputation of being a tough guy and now that’s gone. But like everybody here is saying, its a biitch move on 40’s part because if you talk it you gotta live by it.
      I agree on 2Pac, but to a certain extent a lot of his newer fans gravitated towards him when he started verbally ambushing rappers.

  • Synista

    thought “real G’s” settled things in the “STREETS” ! Damn!! You know Times are hard when “GANGSTAS” start filing LAWsuits!Whats next “Gangsta reality TV”?
    Cripwalking showdowns on dancing with the stars??

  • Doc_Nasdee

    Funny thing is, my DJ was there and called me and told me about it before the video even went up. First two big 300lbs+ dudes got 40 from behind, knocked him down to the ground, and they and a few others started kicking him and stompin him out. Game came over AFTER the fact. When Game pulled the camera phone out, there was people behind Game with their guns drawn. Basically, everyone else put in the work BUT Game even before he started filming it. But, if Game wants all the credit, I guess he can pay him all the money. lol

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    only wannabee thugs and fools video tape themselves and put it on the net and openly talk about it look at cte when they beat torch up in the club we only know about it from some random dude

  • breed500

    that’s when keeping it real gets you paid..or sued..

  • Terrance Goodman

    Smfh what happen to you exposing soft nuggas
    Two garden tools beefing . One40 glock name
    Should have been derriengier

  • Terrance Goodman

    So we sue fools now after playing tough too much cb4 going on

  • The only reason anyone even knows 40 Glocc is from uploading videos on World Star. Remember when he knocked out the bum in NYC, the Lil Wayne incident, Tyga’s chain, Plies incident, fight with Compton Menace and whatever else i missed. Not ONE PERSON can name a 40 Glocc song. He may not even be a rapper…..

    • NeutralHVAC

      3 Amigos

      • IG::TheRealStevieBee


  • Vincent BigVdabadguy Neclos

    Its called not livin up to your name!! How he the dude banging on Wayne window with his pistol out but suing???? What part of “THE GAME” lol is that??

  • NeutralHVAC

    Soft move by 40. I don’t believe it was a fair fight. I do believe he was out numbered and couldn’t fight back. If you watch the video you can see one of games friends getting ready to jump on 40 when game is beating him, but then he backs off. The tape was edited 40 was caught slippin without his boys and paid the price. When you live by the code thats what happens. If he was so concerned about his street cred he wouldn’t be suing smh

  • Richard Savage

    Well he better not EVER make another street record cuz now he’s street credibility is GONE… i swear for Game and 50 to be such sworn enemies they sure be pullin these so called gangsters cards

  • CaliTransplant

    I love these comments…Ladies and gentlemen, that is how grown up people should be resolving their problems in the real world. Like the businessmen that they are!

    What do you propose he does? Be a real nigga, a real G and go kill Game? Then what? Everybody on the planet knows he wants to kill him!! He has a family to provide for. If he retaliates. he loses and his fam loses. He knows that…

    I commend 40 Glocc for finally doing something right and choosing to get in Game’s pockets instead of gunning him down in the streets. We’ve lost TOO many of us to senseless gang violence, people. Black, Brown and White. Red, Blue, whatever. It’s time for us to do better; we know better, let’s do better.

    I know there will be a couple of people are saying that because he claims Crip he should reap what he sows. But, isn’t he allowed to make a wiser decision; take a better approach, to grow up and fight his battles another way? It’s BECAUSE he’s been Crippin’ so long by now he knows he should be done with all this. Plus, he knows how this is going to end. With either himself, his homies or Game and his homies in a coffin. That’s Cali/Chicago shit. And, it’s gone on long enough.

    Don’t you think it’s time to try something new?


    • In that case, all the dudes 40 Jammed up should sue him…instead of taking it like a G….and they weren’t even G’z!

      There is no excuse when so called B3tch Ninjaz are more gangster than a so called G.

    • In this case, the “right” thing to do is just take the L. There’s really no shame in getting jumped. You reap 7 times what you sow. Everybody knows what goes around, comes around. He has the option to not retaliate at all. Especially considering he’s done the same thing to other people. Now one of his victims can turnaround and sue him for the same thing.

    • youKNOWthatYOUugly

      *my name is 40 Glocc & I support this message*…lol


      I understand your point of view but 40 did say on radio he was not gonna sue or retaliate… Now he is going back on his word tha’s the real bitch move for me

  • PorchBoySlim

    well…when you think about it this nigga has nothing to lose….his music career is already a failure…might as well get a quick buck out of getting his ass beat lol

  • He has a case….the video showed him clearly getting jumped… the bushes!

  • Oknas

    His new name 40 Tucc(Talk)

  • ShomeMob Abm


  • A move that 50 cent recommended. I guarantee that..

  • man if dude wasnt a street guy i could understand suing even if was a street dude and game stole some of his artists or something but mad dry snitching saying he pulled a gun on him considering there going to court

  • Eli Pinilla

    “cant even steal on a ngga, muthafuckas ill sue”-jay-z

    • $28825362

      Man, I forgot about this line.

    • eddie

      real shlt right there

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  • Jay

    40 gloc, you officially banned from every hood in america. Your real trial is gonna be in every city you visit from here on out!!!!

  • Alf Capone

    what a sissy………..gangsta rap is a fraud………learn from this…………listen to guys like lupe, mos def, black thought, common………..real mc’s

  • peastreet619

    I’m a game fan, although not hardcore, but i do still fukk wit his music nontheless…he aint as garbage as ppl say he is, at least i dont think…his bars are more entertaining than 90% of the rappers out there, IMO… It seems like the thing that hurts him the most is the way he conducts himself and how he portrays himself to the public…we all know popularity and swag and all that other mundane nonsense factor into record sales just as much as the actual music itself…if ppl were to judge him on his bars alone, and not by how many features are on the album, or who he is beefing with this week, i think ppl would realize he is still a pretty dope MC…all the other stuff gets in the way of his talent…I know this wont be a popular opinon, because the popular thing to do on this site is to be as negative toward certain artist as possible, but I dont go with majority or popular opinion…I let the music speak for itself and leave all the other stuff alone…

  • Diemenz

    u really want to hurt some1 hit them in the pockets is the old wise statement

  • Wow! This n*gga right here…. SMFH!

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  • Joenathan

    Getting jumped is normal when you live on the wild side . I got jumped a few times. That’s what comes with the hood territory I’m from infamous South East, Washington DC . I thought in LA your gang jumps you for initiation right ? Didn’t he get jumped to be a crip ? In prison I saw Bloods jump another fellow gang member to teach him a lesson . So whats really going on . Sue your gang from back in the day before you became an OG then. Oh right YouTube & iphones wasn’t out back then .

  • Joenathan

    What does Jamie Foxx have to say ?

  • Nasir Isaac

    Tarnished his thug reputation by portraying him as a coward on the YouTube video??? Jeez, this fool need some more beating. So stupid!

  • eddieknucks

    Okay he a bitch and like all bitches he trying to get paid.

  • Brett Burgundy

    this is how you solve a nigga moment. have that nigga make the courts run his pockets no gun…..hahahah white people do this shit all that time call it what you will but cuz finn a get paid. end of the day money makes the world go round.

  • You know what SERVE GAME RIGHT, I don’t like either of them even though I used to like Games’s music but I don’t anymore.

    I hope 40 gets the millions he is suing for, maybe that will teach game a lesson. He bought this on himself, what kind of fool beats someone up and films it then places it on a site where the public can see. Game brought all this on himself.

  • hoeyuno

    Call it whatever you want. If 40 gets a couple mil for getting beat up game that would be some funny ass shiit

  • remi belle

    50 did the same but he shot 9 times ohh i forgot this dude was signed on g-unit maybe 50 is behind that

  • if what game did tarnished your gangster image this right here just killed what ever was left of it

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  • youKNOWthatYOUugly

    can you say thirsty? take yo azz whoopin like a man!

  • toreal

    This is the same so called gangsta that tried to fight lil wayne.

  • Chrisblackusa

    Dude is lucky he got jumped by shook ones….grimey dudes woulda put the lead in because once you squeeze it aint no pity…he got jumped by dudes that carry for defense not offense

  • 1st the fat boys break-up and 40 is proved not to be a real gangsta! WTF happened to him?! (In my 50cent voice)

  • brotha_man

    Since AHH wont do it I will:l RIP NATINA REED R&B GROUP BLACQUE FAME

  • brotha_man

    Sue a brother….I suppose, its better than taking a life. Sue away

  • How does a so called “Thug/gang member” sue for getting beat up? I guess he figures no one will buy his albums now afer seeing the video so he might as well try to cash in now because no one is going to believe his BS claiming he is hard.

  • this shit funny

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    First off; the beating was not “brutal”……..especially when a man can laugh while barely getting hit. Those punches weren’t even flush. Game needs fight lessons from the RTA bus driver. Secondly, 40 Glocc just realized he is going to sell 12 records throughout his entire rap tenure, so this is his only option for a come up.



  • immackulate

    filmed or not – this case aint going nowhere – i highly doubt GAME has to reach in his pockets on this one – good attorneys always find loopholes

  • immackulate

    gunplay at least took his LUMPS respectably – he even got up swinging LOL

  • $17637591

    Hell naw. A gangster thug gets his ass whooped then sues? Some crazy times were living in. Pac, Eazy and Big rolling in their “Thug Graves”

  • real OG

    I would have said shoot me

    • DjSouthRock


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  • F.U

    Please beat me up Jay z, 50, game.1 of you fake gangsters….I need a come up!

  • ShellNikole

    Wow cats is doing anything to get paid smh..

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  • JB


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  • DjSouthRock

    4 real?…….