Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Seizure On Private Jet

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized yesterday (October 25), after having suffered from a medical ailment on a plane. reports that Lil Wayne’s private jet made an emergency landing in Texas, after the rapper suffered seizure like symptoms.

Soon after the rap star’s private jet landed, Lil Wayne was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated for the condition.

According to reports, Lil Wayne was hospitalized for several hours and treated, before he was released.

  • Gay rapper to da hospital so what punk ass Wayne

    • Sekou Garrett

      The man just had a seizure, and that’s what you have to say?


      • wayne is only 17

      • gayrappersexposed

        might i add that im disappointed he’s still living, i was hoping this was the big one elisabeth

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  • ccwaterbound32

    devil closing in on his ass

  • shayleshay

    watch niggas try 2 act all sentimental now. “get better wayne, hed up nga, so sad woowoowoo”. Nggas kno dey be listenin 2 lollipop on da low. Like dat family guy episode “I hate barry manilow” lil wayne dont mean shit 2 me so i could care less if he die or not….but yall fake haters/low key groupies is a trip. His music suck ass, but he still a human being ngga….

    • he said he wasnt a human being

    • gayrappersexposed

      ima heartless nigga i was hoping that ugly mofo died

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    ……………….hmmmmmm………………I have no earthly idea why such a thing would happen?!?! I mean, he’s not self destructive; he takes care of himself; he’s not a druggy….

  • John Dough

    I hope wayne good real talk

  • Simon Adebisi


  • I am not going act like I am sorry for him…He been abusing drugs for a very long time now and as much as I always argued that Lil Wayne should be a better role model for his fans, he should be more responsible with his own health for his kids, so that they can have their father around when they grow up… Money doesn’t mean anything if you are unhealthy and dying.

  • Molly’s… Syrup…Powder…Excessive Hard Liquor – all before 30… SMH – sounds like a formula for a seizure… listen dehydration and seizures are 2 different things TOTALLY different… Drugs are fun and all… (i guess) but maybe he should stick to the natural stuff… never heard of anyone seizuring or getting dehydrated over weed… Maybe he should just stick to the natural stuff! Just a thought!

  • suge380

    Um, don’t give a sh!t. Dumb Azz took the wrong Drug.

  • Joenathan

    Will he repent or re sip ?

  • this dude had a bad hang over yall r crazy. give him a break, he never drank a whole 40 of 211 by himself b4

  • $11625525

    Same shit happened to Ricky a year ago to almost the week, right? He’s been hanging with Ricky too I presume, eating that hydrogenated-oil fried chicken.

    When will people learn, you cannot eat junk, drink alcohol and take copious amounts of drugs and expect to remain 100% healthy… At some point your arteries and going to start clogging up… add to the mix the lack of sleep most these guys probably have, due to scheduling, and their hearts are literally ticking time-bombs; hypo-tension, heart disease, diabetes, kidney damage, liver damage and strokes await them, and that’s what they’re selling people in their music if you listen close enough; drink, smoke, party, party party and eat junk.

  • I cannot even think of getting sick in a plane. Only the thought that I’d be stuck in the air for some more time and would not be able to get to a hospital will give me panic attacks!

  • He must have been smoking weed on the jet which resulted in an emergency landing and a hospital visit.

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