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LIVE STREAM 5PM ET: President Obama LIVE on Via MTV Networks

(AllHipHop News) With less than two weeks until Election Day 2012, MTV is set to host a live stream event with President Barack Obama today (October 26) as part of its ongoing “Power of 12” election series.

At 5:00PM EST, will live stream the “ASK OBAMA LIVE: An MTV Interview with the President” discussion from its home page. The taping will also be delayed PT across all of MTV’s networks, including MTV, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Hits, MTV Jams, and and its mobile platform.

“ASK OBAMA LIVE” will be hosted live from the White House by longtime MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway, who will relay questions from young voters to President Obama.

Andrew Jenks will host pre- and post-event live stream discussions with Georgetown University students in Washington D.C. about their pre-election issues of importance. View those discussions live on

According to an MTV release, “ASK OBAMA LIVE: an MTV Interview with the President” marks the first time in the 2012 Campaign that “either President Obama or Governor Romney have focused solely on young voter’s top concerns on a nationally televised program. Governor Romney has also been invited to participate in his own event, although there is no word yet on his acceptance.

About MTV’s “Power of 12” Campaign
Building on MTV’s nearly 20-year Emmy and Peabody Award-winning political legacy with “Choose or Lose,” MTV’s “Power of 12” campaign is built specifically to reflect the Millennial generation and changes in the economic and political climate, and is designed to empower them to have a major impact on Election Day and beyond.

A signature element of the campaign is “Fantasy Election ’12,” which gives young people a new way to hold candidates accountable and rewards them for getting involved in the 2012 elections. Similar to Fantasy Football, “Fantasy Election ‘12” enables users to draft a team of candidates pursuing the presidency or congress, earning and losing points based on how their players behave in the real world. For information on MTV’s “Power of 12” campaign, please visit




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  • Scott

    one man has all ready lead America for 4 years of deception & mismanagement of funds . Has voiced his views on entitlements and not independence . when people are poisoned with the fact That Government will bail them out then a chain reaction will happen and there kids turn there kids to entitlements . Education & tuff Love feed the knowledge how one builds a future ..when a leader has no balance and can not build the protection to his people and Cuts the fundamentalism of his Military by 1.3 trillion Dollars and American”s Die as he Sleeps has no respect in my Vote to lead. Romney is my vote because only 2 Men are given to choose from and one all ready went down the wrong path .

    • johnblacksad

      Romney’s treatment would be much worse

      You can’t just leave the people on the side of the road… no socialism… you just can’t do that

  • Thats whats up. AllHipHop the truth. President Obama live stream. How the hell yal pull that off?

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  • johnblacksad

    Obama! My n!… oups… my man! Props to Sway! Real nice convo!
    Props to AHH for that live stream!

    Obama’s crib sh!ttin on a lot of these so called mansions…

  • johnblacksad

    Shout out to The Roots!

  • Petra

    One more vote for President Obama. I early voted a few minutes ago and so should you. Obama you’re the President. Mit is attacking you and your character with his clones, remember, if God is standing by your side, don’t be afraid because Mit and his cult/clones cannot steal this election. The President is the only real choice this election. Take a look at how Mit lied for his friend/Staples CEO. He went and perjured himself so his friend could not pay his ex-wife what she deserve. Shame on Mit. Liar, Liar Mit Romney pants on fire!!

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  • disqus_3mSp7QFkqc

    Allhiphop you have lost a fan. Endorsing somebody thats full of lies and cover ups. Hes npt a true american, a true american wont let other americans die. Pretty soon he will control your posting and articles.