Exclusive: Shyne Sheds Light on His Controversial Kendrick Lamar Remarks

(AllHipHop News) With the recent release of West Coast newcomer Kendrick Lamar’s debut album, the Hip-Hop world was set abuzz this week, with many industry insiders, along with fans and listeners, crowning him a “breath of fresh air.”

After rapper Shyne spoke publicly about not feeling all of the “hype” surrounding Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d. city release, many mainstays in the West Coast came to the young rapper’s defense. Both Game and Nipsey Hussle traded shots with the deported rapper through Twitter.

Since the controversy, Shyne reached out to to share his feelings directly on Lamar and his new album:

“Kendrick Lamar, you know what I’m saying, his album is alright. I don’t see what all the hype is about. He’s nice, he has a lot of potential; definitely didn’t make a Doggy Style, it wasn’t no Ready to Die

“But he’s nice with it, and I like the way he talks about that life without really claiming that life. He explains how he was around that and how he seen that, but he ain’t really saying that he was that he’s saying, ‘I was there, I seen everything that was happening. But I kinda didn’t wanna be involved in that. I kind of ducked out of that.’

“I like that. I like that honesty.”

UPDATE: Kendrick Lamar has finally responded to Shyne’s comments in recent days, telling Hip Hop Wired from a Samsung event in Los Angeles: “It’s really no response [to him]. I’m not a sensitive guy, so that’s his opinion. Can’t stop what the world thinks, so yeah, that’s him.”

Download Shyne’s Gangland HERE

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  • jboat123

    Everybody leave shyne po alone cause when he come back to the states niggas especially in the industry gonna get quiet.

  • johnblacksad

    Po’ Shyne…

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  • lolol its funny cuz everybody claim he so wack, this and that, but yet they still listen to his opinion, and apparently they take his opinion seriously….

    • Michael Dobbs

      Everyone has opinions. The real question is, would he be this outspoken if his music was still relevant ?

      • the question is, how are you enjoying charter business?

      • Michael Dobbs

        An even better question would be, how is your mothers ass feeling after last night ? She said no one’s ever been that deep before and I advised her it may be some time before she can walk normally again.

  • TruthSerum

    Shyne is entitled to his opinion.

    The same way the rest of us are entitled to think Shyne started his career as a mediocre biggie impersonator, only had one hit which is more famous for a barrington levy hook then anything he did on it, went to jail for ten years over being an idiot and came out as one of the whackest rappers in the world.

    Thats my opinion of Shyne anyway, don’t hate folks 🙂

    • breed500

      harsh but true..

    • Bumpy Johnson

      wachutalkin’ bout…shyne had maaad tracks….bonnie and shyne, Thats gangsta, Bad Boy, and his album was mad ill, the commission n all’on now…how is that being an idiot he kept it gangsta and even more gangsta when he kept his silence like a real nigga would…the only thing u right bout he just cudnt rap when he came out.

      • TruthSerum

        Going to jail for 10 years over something stupid is being an idiot, call it however you want. Did you ever read the story of what happened that night?? Dude threw away a decade of his life over nothing, he’s an idiot.

        Besides, these are just my opinions. If Shyne wants to be an egomaniac and give out his opinion of Kendrick then we can all give out our opinions of him

      • $11625525

        Too many fools on here talking about keeping it gangsta… Whatever!

        Keeping it real is more important, a lot of people can claim keeping it gangster but that isn’t necessarily keeping it real.

        Keeping it real is having a very small, tight unit of friends and having your own code amongst each other which none of you break out of love and loyalty.

        Keeping it gangster appears to be doing dumb shit for money; in Shyne’s case it equated to selling his soul for fame in transfer of giving 10 years of his life away for a stranger (yes I said stranger), do you think he knew puffy? Was puffy his friend?) Think about this before you answer: Biggie dies in 1997, Shyne meets Diddy in 1997 and gets arrested for the shooting in 1999.

        I certainly ain’t risking my freedom for a friendship that isn’t even 2 years old, that’s foolishness and if that’s gangster, you can keep it.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        When someone takes you out the hood, rolls with you, gives you money, cash and hoes. things you dreamt about in the hood, you think it takes much for a hood nigga to pop off for him/her. Thats like poppin off for your connect.. obviously in the end he found out this mans a snake but he was keeping to his code. Niggas breaking bread for two years bruh? u trippin a lot of people would bang out….

        These days alot of cats are forgetting how the days was…coz the new generation really ain bout it…..if some one puts food on your table and clothe on you back as a real G, you gotta keep it G for’em at all times. Doing time for people you aint grow up with ..bruh thats part of the game.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        So you saying popping it off with people trying to start something and keeping your silence even while facing 10 years is not gangsta? seriously. then what is?

    • I agree 122% took the wordz outta my mouth.

  • Shyne earned his opinion!

  • Michael Dobbs

    I think it’s jealousy. Think about it. This guy did something stupid that got him sent to jail for ten years. In hip hop, that makes you a hero. But instead he comes out and his voice is horrible and he can’t rap anymore so what does he do ? He attacks the newest hottest act out that’s getting the most attention. Why ? Because he remembers when that was him.

    • Griss

      its pure jealousy … dogg he painted a picture of who i was at that age a good kid but around alot a shit … like he keep it 10000 on the album and thats why to me its iconic i never sold drugs i hooped i chased females i played football but in between time we did some cray shit n seen it i grew up in Youngstown Ohio and its a rough place ….shyne is a hater man he sound like he rap thru his nose and shit

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he just said it wasnt a classic wtf…

      • Michael Dobbs

        he used the word “TRASH” specifically. way different from saying it’s not classic or that it’s overrated.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        okay then if he said that..then he wrong coz the albums pretty he lyrically there.

      • guest

        how many times do people have to tell you he said it was trash you just keep posting the same ignorant comment

      • guest

        and shyne’s straight wack compared to kendrick… i mean if you actually care about lyrics

  • with a name like that your opinion concerning shyne’s opinion is void…

  • YungKizz

    shyne earned his rights so yeah

  • Griss

    hey shyne u didn’t make a doggystyle or ready to die…… so …. umm yea

    • The messed up sh*t is 40 glocc really sued Game! Shyne talking aint bout nuttin, he in Lord knows where with a receeding hairline and a weird wardrobe.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      Shyne album was better than Lamars tho fo sho.

      • Ravishing Quinc Rude

        “i don’t agree with your opinion, but I will fight for your right to have it” – Peter Griffin

      • Bumpy Johnson

        lol…i just dont undesstand how someones opinion can cause so much controversy and he didnt even say the album was bad and he gave kendrick props too…damn man.

      • he originally said the album was trash tho

      • Bumpy Johnson

        if he said it was trash then he def wrong for that one…..but even at that, he should not get threatened for it…..these are the same reasons why niggas have traaash ass songs, because if someone sais something about their track they get beat up or possibly shot who knows.

        why cant we just ask shyne to elaborate on what he said before all the trippin? go more in depth with why he thinks the album is trash?

        saying something like “you think its trash, well you aint allowed on the west coast” lol …maynn…smdh….like my homeboi told me “niggas gone be niggas..

      • brotha_man

        the album is trash….its a weak album nobody hating just MF’ahz opinion.

        I suggest listening to Brother Ali “morning in America and dreaming in color” Album and listen to Kendricks Album and tell me which one you would continue to bump next year or even a week from now….my guess brother ali

  • boombaprapiswhereitsat

    i mean what, all shyne-po said was album wasnt no classic, and it isnt. It’s an ok album, but def not no classic. No one releases classic material from start to finish anymore. THE KENDRICK ALBUM IS GOOD, WICH IN THIS DAY AND AGE MAY MAKE IT LOOK CLASSIC CUZ OF ALL THE WACKNESS BEING RELEASED BUT IT IS FAR FROM CLASSIC. Any true hip hop fan and not a stan will say the same.

    • TruthSerum

      Its more of a reaction to the guy who said it.

      I agree the album aint a classic,but who is Shyne to speak on it??

      Nobody asked his opinion for starters. He just threw it out there to be negative & disrespectful. And probably to get some attention since NOBODY CARES about that mixtape he put out not long ago.

      And considering the way people have been talking bout his music since he came out the pen you’d think he’d be smart enough to mind his business. He’s in no position to judge anybody with them laughable bars he’s been spittin last 2 years

    • YaheardSyndicate

      The 49ers have 6 Hip Hop Classic albums.

    • Bumpy Johnson

      THANK YOU..DAMN…i can name like 30 albums better…how can someone hate on this man for stating the truth…whether he is wack or not ..its the damn truth…Shyne grew up during the golden era, you expect him to think this is a classic’on now lets be real.

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    @AHH, @ Thirsty Thurston (County)

    Shyne’s Controversial Remarks?
    So you are going to co-sign with the new hip hop culture to not give an opinion on an album.
    Note to self. You weak a$$ M’therf’ckers.
    Wait ’til your balls drop, read the entire history of rap and hip hop…then..then come back to us about controversy. Where is Grouch? He need to come save the show at AHH.

  • johnblacksad

    Shyne is entitled to his opinion… he’s not the only one not feelin the album… but it’s his attention seekin ways that are bothering… plus he needs to make sure he’s not releasin trash himself before sharing his opinion on who’s trash or not.

    Game is on attention search as well… he’s overdoin it right now…

    Both these ninjas wack for them moves

  • AHH is going to keep posting about this clown everyday until ya start ignoring it! Don’t leave one comment! This fraud should not be given any attention at all. I can’t believe they’re giving this washed up clown so much attention but will not give a new artist with skill any shine at all! FOH

  • How can you call something classic or not classic that just came out? Ya really need to learn the definition of classic! SMFH! In five years, if the album is still talked about, songs are still played, people remember a particular good time in their life when one of the songs comes on, etc… then you can make that determination of weather it’s classic or not. If your saying it isn’t classic or is classic at this moment then you obviously have no idea what a classic album is!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      it cant be a classic just fo the fact that their is no track that is nation wide felt from the album….no track that can change some ones life in the album neither…or could be the theme track to someone’s life. get over it it is not a classic

  • greeneyedbandit

    Poor fella, he blackballin himself……running his mouth non-stop!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      he just said it ain a classic like fo real yall crazy.

  • dayleedumped

    lol ya know what at first i thought shyne was a bitch, then after the kendrick comment i thought he was funny, after hearing him say all this, i think hes a bitch again

  • Blackstallion777

    Shyne is full of it. It’s one think to not like the album. If you ain’t feeling it homie, that’s your choice. But to go on twitter and call it trash? Now you just looking for attention. At this point in his career, he’ll be lucky to sale 3,000 records opening week. That stunt in the club railroaded his career to a point that it’ll never bounce back.

  • brotha_man

    it aint hating its his opinion that I just so happen to agree with the album is aiight I listen’d to it once and that is enough for me… “ready to die” always gets play along with “Me against the World”

    • Bumpy Johnson

      Its like these kids dont know dawg…..i play …E 1999 over n over..dogg shit…ready to die, Me against the world….Doggy style….Lifestyles of the rich and dangerous….Illmatic, It was Written, the infamous…get rich or die trying…even the fkkin documentary is more classic than this…i ain sayin the album is trash but its nothing close to classic

  • Guest

    It’s one thing to if he didn’t like it or wasn’t feeling kendrick’s, that’s his opinion and it’s fine. But it’s another to go on twitter and call it trash. When he does that, he’s just looking for attention. Shyne hasn’t been hot since he railroaded his career with that stupid club incident. He got a little buzz when he came out and went at 50……then everyone heard his new rap style. Then he ceased to be relevant Shyne will be lucky to push 3,000 copies when he does release an album.

  • I don’t think Shyne’s comment came from an honest place.Kendrick is really hot and he is somebody who would get you attention so Shyne dissed his album so it would be everywhere and keep his name out here

  • GKMC is the most important and fresh “debut” album since “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot”….lyrically and cuz of the impact it’s having on the culture….K.Dot bringing the essence back!!!!!

  • suge380

    OK Shyne, now you just gunning for sum publicity. Dude get you mind right and stop trying to get back in the game the wrong way. Everybody knows you got fcuked by Diddy snitchin azz, but you only hurting yourself trying to take BS shots at niggaz at the top of thier game when you releaseing crap right now. Your in no position to go at anyone outside Puff, and you should be going alot harder. Take that BS off you head and get back to grinding, or keep makin that wack azz jewish bs you been doing that ain’t gonna amount to sh!t.

  • Much respect to k. Dot. He sets the bar high for these new era of rappers. Actually, im feeling da whole black hippy movement. TDE! Love the GKMC album! Schoolboy Q setbacks is tight too! The west got somethin to say!! (play on words from andre 3000 at ’95 source awards)

  • None of shynes albums were like doggystyle or ready to die. So wtf??! GKMC!

  • toreal

    This nigga is starting to lose his mind.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Lamar suck…..bad.

  • brotha_man

    Since AHH wont do it I will:l RIP NATINA REED

  • $17637591

    Kendrick’s GKMC was not a classic…its a solid good album. After listening to the album I feel as if I grew up with Kendric and now him personally the same way Nas illmatic did. His lyrical ability allows him to paint vivid pics of his stories.

  • u aint B.I.G. Quit hatin on the West

  • story hatin on the album followed by a mixtape download link

  • JimJames29

    He copped a plea

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    hip hop is not dead,but that new york rap shit is!!!