Lil Reese

Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Lil Reese Forced To Say Sorry?

Lil Reese. I don’t even know this person. All I know is this dude is human waste to me at this point. He beat and stomped on a defenseless girl. The homies watched. Cowards.

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After the fact, he tweeted that people were trying to hate or stop him from getting money, because the video was old. And from what I understand, the boy is on Def Jam. OK, we know his name now, sadly. Now, he is saying sorry for beating some chick down like she was a rival gang member.

Damn, No ID. This ya boy?

This ain’t the days of NWA where cats like Ice Cube were rapping about beating down babes. These dudes are doing it. Good thing that ladies aren’t falling for the okey DOKE. I’m hearing that the truth is the boy got told to apologize on Twitter. Fact is, you don’t do something like that and really feel sorry about immediately after unless all you are concerned with is the punishment.

Based on his grammar,  a tutor would be well served on the tour bus. Black boys lost.

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  • Numbuh Four

    At this point, anyone you run into with mentalities similar to his are hopeless. You can’t save some of these guys. They’ve already been brainwashed into believing that the low level of thinking that they reside in is as good as it gets, so any talk of something better is just utter bullsh*t to them.

    On a side note, some of these girls have to use their damn heads (not sexually) when approaching dudes like this. The moral standard that combats the idea that something similar to what he did is acceptable; that doesn’t exist in these boys’ world. They see no wrong in toting guns, selling drugs and being all around menaces to society; what makes you think they have some moral barrier set in place that prevents them from stomping out females?

    So when you approach a guy like this, use some damn common sense and ask yourself if there’s a chance that he lacks the mental capabilities to handle the situation you’re about to confront him with in a mature manner. Don’t just assume that every guy you meet will, or even believes that they should approach that situation the same way. If you don’t perform a serious character assessment, you too may get stomped out by some young and reckless ne’er do well, and there’s not a “Wait!!!! Stop!!! She’s a GIRL!!!!!!” in the world that can prevent it.

    • Duke

      Give this man a beer, he speaks nothing but the truth…

    • CaliTransplant

      Well said! I concur wholeheartedly.

    • Q.

      True dat. However, in this case, the female who was assaulted probably had the same mentality. Birds of a feather, right? They’re ALL victims nonetheless. By victims, meaning victims of a similar mindstate/upbringing. These were kids in the video, right?

      • Nah, she wanted the clown out her house party!

    • Bumpy Johnson

      I dont get why everybody is suprised…this man sais “he will kill for nothing” so you expect him not to beat a girl down.

    • plsDontreply

      Too much Philosophical debate… Blame the system and the institution… Your “so called” moral forefathers, ie…Politicians

      The bible says only god can pass judgement. So when you educated people pass judegment remember you are not god.

      • You are the only person stopping yourself from being educated as well chief.

      • plsDontreply

        I never said “I” was uneducated. Just that its foolish to blame an individual like this Reese clown when the environment and conditions he was raised in was created by none other then people with high moral regard such as yourself. Its also foolishness to assume that we all have equal opportunity to high education. If a black person has to work 10 times as hard to get the education that is simply given to a white person then its only logical that more lucrative alternatives are sought regardless of morality creating an environment that seems harsh to outsiders but its what most inner city kids call normal.

        I agree with Q.. who posted under this…

      • Numbuh Four

        I lost 2/3 of my childhood circle to this “normal” lifestyle you talk of; it was that harsh reality that transformed me into what you would call someone of “high moral regard”. I grew up under a drug addicted and abusive man who provided the semen for my conception, a disabled mother and an army of male family members who enveloped themselves in gang culture. A slew of peers who made sure I was aware of the common idea that none of us would amount to anything worthy of condemnation, simply because of where and whom we came from; I used that as fuel to set myself unto a path that I was content with rather then forced to settle with. I refused to give into the demons that were planted around me. In a community that was stripped of the positive, which was then replaced by the negative, by those who were supposed to lead us; I shrugged off the pity and thugged it out. I’d say at this point it paid off. I’ve never been or even considered myself an outsider, I’m a P.O.M.E., just like Reese.

        What’s the difference between me and Reese; besides him being a year older than me? Unlike Reese I refused to let my environment define me. Should I consider common sense, hope, courage, confidence and positive vision a gift from God? A gift that Reese himself and many others around him weren’t awarded? If so, then I guess I can’t blame Reese for his mindset. I should blame the people who encourage and profit from it (rappers, label execs), and of course an unfair God for blessing me with positive insight but not them. I can blame everyone but Reese, because he much like myself lacked the support system to guide him in a positive direction, or he just chose to blatantly ignore it which isn’t his fault either, seeing as he wasn’t blessed with the aforementioned qualities by our almighty ruler. He wasn’t blessed with insight to see through the stereotypes and poor expectations set for our generation/race. He wasn’t gifted the tools to evade this BS. I’m not God, but I thank him for blessing me, and curse him for not doing the same for them.

      • plsDontreply

        This post sits better with me than your original. Being that critical is almost promoting more negativity

      • plsDontreply

        Right, because education is on an even playing field Ghetto to suburb right? GTFOH

      • Banksy

        shut up

      • plsDontreply

        Nope. Freedom of speech. Look it up.

      • Banksy

        So by your logic we are slaves to our environment and we don’t have a choice. What about people who live in the same areas with the same type of opportunities as Reese and Chief who don’t go the same route as those idiots. Why aren’t they beating up women and or mocking dead black kids on twitter? Keep carrying that damn victim mentality with you in life and see how far that gets you. What about all the kids from 3rd world countries that come to the US, who bust their asses put them selves through College and made something of themselves. Why aren’t they complaining about not having enough growing up? That’s the problem with you lazy motherfuckas, always trying to justify the reasons for your stupidity instead of making a decision and choice to do better for yourself. That’s why I said shut up because I can’t stand losers who complain and try to justify their foolishness instead of doing something to change their situation.

      • plsDontreply

        So you have now somehow interpreted my logic as some BS. Clearly you don’t understand environmental factors upon a child and its important influences on our youth. I never said I personally carry a victims attitude and yet you have the smugness to point fingers in the first place with your superiority complex. Slaves to our environment not quite, but their are studies that show the type of environment in which your childhood takes place drastically influences the man/woman you become whether it be financially or mentally. Your bringing up scenarios of kids from third world countries but yet you are neglecting the fact we are not in a third world country and yet still have poverty. We still have crime and ghettos. Because someone else’s ghetto is more poverty stricken than your own does not make having a low income ghetto OK in the first place. People from other countries are entitled to certain government money to help put themselves through college and I’m sure you know this. Colleges receive certain federal breaks for bringing in international students. On that same note local kids here in our own country are denied higher education for various financial reasons. Complaining about not having enough and surmising why you don’t have enough are two very different things. I have never justified any reason for stupidity, my own or anyone else s Instead I sit back and look at the situation entirely and objectively before I point fingers like most people including yourself. You telling me to shut up and then calling me a loser just gives me insight to your maturity level. Everyone tries to do something to change their situation, but unfortunately its not always the right thing.

      • Banksy

        Nature V Nurture argument has existed for eons but one factor that is not brought into the equation is that of choice! Which we all have.despite what circumstances you were given in life.. You see if we factor in choice into the nature v nurture equation than that does something that most people hate to do, but responsibility on the person! You it’s easy to externalise your problems (i.e, I’m from the hood, I’m black, my mother didn’t love me enough, I’m too fat etc) but it’s difficult to take a honest look at ones self and think what have a done to contribute to the problems I am facing and what can I do to change it. Examples of people who made conscience decisions in life Malcolm Little once a known gangster made a choice (no one forced him to accept Islam to change his life) to become Malcolm x, Dr. Martin Luther King made a choice to be come a civil rights leader just as he could’ve made a choice to remain a pastor in the south. Michael Jackson (despite whatever people may think about him) choose to become the icon that he was despite coming from a family that had nothing. He could of easily decided to ignore his father and continue the life he was living in Gary. The list goes on and on. But you get the idea. That’s why I stated what I did. Now something may say oh well MJ was talented or Malcolm had knowledge but they forget to factor in the fact that these men are just that men! That all made a conscience decision to do better for their life and the lives of others.

      • plsDontreply

        I understand your arguement. The responsibilty factor is lets say different from user to user. Lets look at our environment (the black community). Drug infested and less than mediocre education. Chioce here is limited. Because of the abundance of drugs young black youths are targeted more often. Once again your choice of living free of the system is all but cut in half. Schools are in poor condition and learning is difficult with over populated classes. Choice of higher education is even more difficult considering the variables given at lower levels.
        I’m not saying an individual has no choice, no not at all. Its the circumstances in which we have to make our choices. If our community is poor and all the people we see with money are the drug dealers. Maybe our communities have bad economies and there just are no places to work. The schools we go to have no heat or leaking ceilings. No computers in our schools and teachers who dont care. The all too common Liquor stores all over. The Police force grows larger while teachers jobs get cut. Abandoned houses everywhere. Homeless people and drug addicts everywhere.
        None of it ofcourse is an excuse to give up if you have goals set for yourself, but unfortunatley most never even learn to make goals.
        Its like the Black Ghetto is in suspended animation of fu*ked up. Our Governmentt has money for everything else around the world except fix all these up and make them good standards of living. I only ask, why?

      • Banksy

        I ask you why wait for them? Why wait for any man to feed you? That’s my whole point. I come from the same conditions that you listed above but I wanted more for myself so I did more for myself. Serena and Venus Williams are from Compton! They could’ve easily stayed there and said you know what I’m from Compton, I was born with less and I will die with less but they didn’t. The problem is black people feeling sorry for themselves and accepting their reality as truth. Nothing is furthest from the truth but if you accept your surroundings as your only possibility in life than it becomes it. Why didn’t the Jews still feel that they lost in life because of the Holocuost? The Italians went through their own shit, so did Indians, Russians etc. every single racial group in history has had to go through some form of discrimination in life but a lot of them have risen to the occasion. For some reason black people (not all) believe that what they see is what will ever be and that is not true. It is only true if you accept it as truth and choose to give up in life.

      • plsDontreply

        I fully agree with you there. I never waited for no one or asked for a hand out from anyone. Fact of the matter is the United States does not have equality among its own citizens. Its the inequality in all facets of minority neighborhoods that makes individuals with less act out and be unruly. You obviously stated its there choice which is true, but the alternatives being statistically out of their favor I understand why they do what they do and act how they act. I’m in no way excusing foul behavior but from community to community I understand why it proliferates in the lower income neighborhoods. Malcolm X as you mentioned had to go to jail before he began the positive change in his life. Michael Jackson and the Williams sisters both had a strong father figure that wanted them to accomplish great feats in there given fields. It begins with a support system. If the community can support itself and become more positive, individuals wont have to struggle so hard to attain higher positions in life and they also won’t be lead astray by the negativity accompanies failure and losers. . Instead of being the person who mad it and looking back like look at these foolish clowns and criminals they are unmotivated lazy bums, I step back and say why was my community that way and why did I have to struggle so hard? What can be done to make my community a better place so the next brother does not have to go through the same hardships that I did. How can I contribute? Degrading and judging the misguided youth does a disservice in my opinion.

  • Guest

    this was even weaker than chief keef saying he’s praying for jojos fam…

  • “I’ve grown sense.” Smh.

  • 7yoyo7

    GBE = Girl Beating Entertainment

  • Q.

    Mind you, these dudes are KIDS (Reese is 19..same difference). Keef, 17, is technically a child. I can’t be mad at these lil dudes–they’re just products of this degrading society: a combo of crack, absentee parenting, failed public school system, crime and violence-ridden neighborhoods and just general social neglect have sponsored what you see today.…YET one azzhole with a camera uploads a video to Youtube and all of a sudden Corporate America comes running with a usury contract, a 2 liter of grape Crush and box of Popeyes to woo these VICTIMIZED Black boys (yes, victims!) onto their plantation, to in turn use as levers to dampen the impressionable minds of millions of other kids across America. Just the mere fact that your lil nephew is singing the lyrics to these damn stupidazz songs shows that they got most of us under MIND KONTROL.
    By the way…who the funk gives a juvenile felon who can’t even pass a GED test a record contract? I mean, who reads that contract to them?…because I’m pretty sure they can’t make it through two paragraphs of the legalese. I wonder if they can even write their own names legibly… Anybody else see a problem with this scenario..or just crazy me? These kids are being exploited so the scumbags at Def Jam/Universal can eat off the plate of Black Suffering in America like it’s some kind of joke. Babies are getting murked off every other day out here, and they’re giving these thuglets airtime. Really? Corporate America doesn’t give a damn about the living Hell that’s going on in the streets of Chicago, yet they choose to exploit it.

    Now, don’t get it fukced up…Lil Reese and his micro-thugs don’t get a pass–they all deserve to have their skulls rocked for what they did to that girl–that was out of pocket. But like I said, these dumb lil new breeds are victims nonetheless. They are the crackbabies Reagan built, all grown up. American culture cultivated the 90’s babies into airheads and savages. Reason: the Empire is crumbling, and in desperation they figured dumbing the masses down to the level of a savage beast leaves us more vulnerable and much easier to manipulate for their agenda. Bottom line is… they don’t want us to evolve to a higher level of thought and humanity beyond this artificial social matrix of mental/spiritual retardation.

    So don’t be mad at Keef n’em…naw, go in on the execs at Def Jam for signing these azzholes. Let’s start calling THEM out.

    • Co-Mudda~Chuckin’ Sign! 100%

    • Linkz

      but at the same time lets not act like they cant be saved like their lost causes thier kids they have to grow as ppl they just need the right person to step in and theyll listen real talk

      • Q.

        Not to discount the baby thugs’ lives, BUT… how about we focus on the kids who are dreaming beyond the bullish!t and highlight and support them, and not this buffoonery? Yes, everyone needs guidance. But this Industry is destructive to kids. Music is a weapon.

    • Casor_Greener

      Phuck these punks

    • breed500

      co sign..well put..

    • imaman2012

      when is it time for these so called kids taking responsibility for their OWN actions.

      19? 17? That’s not a kid. homie

      We’re the only people that still have a child mentality.

      so what if your parents isn’t there. go get that FREE education (most countries you need to pay for k-12 schooling). get a pt time gig a fast food joint, go to college if you must or CREATE a product or service the public needs.

      i;m not mad at def scam or anyone record company.

      sick of this white man made us like this.

      fck outta here I’m a man no one can make or break me.

      playing the victim is a woman trait

      • Q.

        You missed the point. This isn’t about playing the victim. Personal responsibility is a given, and there are plenty of kids growing up in the war zones of Chicago and other ghettos across America who are living right and making something of themselves. My issue is with corporate exploitation and enablement of the most negative behavior found in our communities, and everyone plays dumb like it’s only entertainment. It’s not.. Such actions do EVERYONE a disservice, ya dig? If we’re going to distribute blame, let’s do it equally.

      • Casor_Greener

        Nobody to blame but these punks who did it

      • imaman2012

        corporate exploitation?

        do you mean the corporate exploitation that allows you to write this pseudo socialist rhetoric?

        yes, the laptop, desktop, or smartphone you’re using was made by someone making 1.25 hr working 20 hours days.

        that my friend is exploitation.

        not CHOOSING to sign a record CONTRACT because you want some JEWerly.

      • Q.

        And AGAIN you missed the point. ..or maybe you’re trolling? (shrugs)
        I’m talking about Oranges…you’re offstage talking about Watermelons.

        AND I’d bet my left nut you can’t even define the term “pseudo-socialist”…SO unless you’re in China right now posting from a homemade PC at a protest at the Apple factory, miss me with the labor rights speech.

        Cherry-picking sentences from my statement and twisting them out of context only discredits your arguments. Come relevant to topic or don’t reply. PEACE

      • imaman2012

        You talked about corporate exploitation. Unfair abor rights/corporate exploitation is one and the same.

        What’s the difference?

        You came here with your chest poked out talking against it yet you’re using a device made from corporate exploitation.

        That’s all I’m saying.

        pretending to be a socialist yet you’re bearing the fruits of capitalism.

        F peace. War is profit.

        That’s all I have to say brother. Not trolling, just stating my opinion. Keep doing you.

      • Q.

        Oranges and watermelons are both called fruit…that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing though, right? That’s the difference. What does “socialism” have to do with my orig post? Nothing. Oh, in case you didn’t know, socialism is a big part of the USA too, bruh… Anytime you collect an SSI check, a food stamp, a Medicaid benefit, or get your trash collected, guess what?–that’s SOCIALISM. So I don’t see what your aim is with that strawman argument. It’s a miss.

        You seem like you have enough intelligence to know EXACTLY what I was talking about when I brought up how the music industry exploits poor Black youth. Like Lamonte Johnson said, you sound like you’re disagreeing just to be disagreeable.

        Are you Black/African-American? Just asking.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      nah man thats b.s. Put the blame on the blamee. Def Jam didnt beat up that chic, this dumb ass did.

      • Q.

        LOL. You obviously didn’t read the post thoroughly. Look at the bigger picture.

      • dumb

        i disagreed with you… then i finished reading ha

      • Q.


      • Lamonte Johnson

        Ignore these fools disagreeing just to disagree. I don’t needa type my own shit cuz you said it all for me as well as the millions of others trying daily to get the word out and bring down the new world order

      • Q.

        Point felt, bro.


      19 and 17 not kids and trust the 80’s was a lot worst and these dudes couldn’t have survived. KING PINS AND DRUG GANGS WASN’T HAVEN’T AND WOULD HAVE MURKED THIS DUDE.

    • So these are the only A$$ holes in the rap game?
      Why start calling Labels out now for this incident,when most of these rappers who pushed,or still push drugs into the communities,glorify it on songs time and time again?
      What about the rappers who been glorifying gang banging for years back,why we’re not calling them out and the Records Labels who been pushing it all day and night on the radio?

      So let’s not start calling out the up and coming rappers,if we’re not going too call out the well famous ones.

      As far as that video,i don’t condone hitting on a women and he was wrong for doing it,but let’s not act like this the first time you seen something like this in your life.
      Most of us know somebody,whether it’s friends,family,that hit a women before and a lot of you did nothing about it.

      So instead of tearing down the young man,let’s encourage him too seek help/counseling,that he wont make anymore bad judgements like this in his immediate future.

      • Q.

        Sounds like you just read the last paragraph and ran off course from the theme.

        There are plenty of azzholes in the game, but the point is…why NOT also call out the labels who are capitalizing off of and perpetuating the problem?

  • Ouch! iLLseed eithered the fugg outta Lil Reese!

  • Oknas

    Lil Reeses pieces peanut butta cup ass nigga

  • n n

    Def jams jews got a hold of him and said you messing up our investment.

  • Casor_Greener

    Illseed trying to act holy, but I guarantee you they will be promoting Lil Reese next album. These dudes are some suckers for real.

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • in chiraq h0s done set up lil reese homies he lost so many homies he turned into a savage f——- ebro and im from ny

    • Bumpy Johnson

      nigga im from houston,, that bitch desrve to get beat down…fck wachyall heard though…down here bitches like that get niggas killed on the daily…act like a woman get treated like one .

      • 5doc

        naw man dude was in “her house” wouldn’t leave, flashed a gun and put his hands on her 1st…thats duncan hines type moist

  • WillVetterGoodin

    who is this dude?? Exactly.

  • disqus_E7MH35IweK

    still #300

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    all hip hop gave him a full page spot light, is he on the come up or something? did he pay them to put up this negative publicity/promo?

  • Why are you trying to put No ID on blast? What if he didn’t know what happened? Is he supposed to do background checks on everything?

  • YaheardSyndicate

    lil reese on Def Jam, ohh how Def Jam has fallen

  • YaheardSyndicate

    the only person this dude can fight is a girl, look at him, he couldnt punch his way out of a wet paper bag. he looks like he weighs 105 pounds.

  • Mitchell Patterson

    NWA rapped about beating up girls and did it in real life too. Dre beat the brakes off of Dee Barnes – AFTER he was famous. This was in retaliation for her producers mixing clips of Ice Cube in with her NWA interview. EVERYBODY knows this. How do you guys write about hip hop when you don’t even know the basics of hip hop history?

  • Joenathan

    I got the really tall skinny lesbian from M.O.P. crushing him with the hands .

  • He is feeling sorry because his fans may neglect him and he may have to relocate back to the hood.

  • $18916246


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  • real n*ggaz don’t appologize

  • Let’s put this into context. He’s at a girl’s party and she tells him to get the f*** out… And instead of respecting her wishes, he stomps her down. My guess- He was high off pills. He’s still stupid as hell for doing that and I’ll never buy his music or support any stupidity for that matter.

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  • Lamonte Johnson

    Black boys lost? TF last time I checked….whateva All I know is if that’s the last words to this article IDGAF what happened

  • brotha_man

    Since AHH wont do it I will:l RIP NATINA REED R&B GROUP BLACQUE FAME

  • what about when all ya’lls idol Jay-z punched that bitch or when gucci threw a bitch out the car?! then u turn around and buy they album or c em chillin wit the president of the free world. what!!? all these rappers trash………..

    • JimJames29

      Jay-z didn’t punch a btch. ‘Once upon a time not too long ago/a N like myself had ta strongarm a ho/but this is not a ho in the sense of having a pssy/its a n havin nog gddamn sense, tryna, push me’

  • Guest


  • Guest


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