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Epic Win Of The Day: Man Sues Wife For Being Ugly! And Wins!

Wow. This is what you have to consider in the new era of 2012, eh? Apparently, a North Carolina man married a beautiful woman. He was so in love, but he and she went and had a child. And the child was straight up ugly!

When the baby was born, he accused her of being unfaithful, but soon realized that wasn’t the case. Still, this baby didn’t look like either of them. His Asian love had had extensive plastic surgery that dramatically altered her looks. She had over 100k in change to her ice grill. Peep:

Post image for Man From China Sues His Wife For Being Ugly & Wins $120,000!

That’s like a different person.

Well Jain Feng, the man, decided to sue, claiming he was tricked! He charged that she deceived him into marrying her under false pretenses. A very nice judge agreed and granted him a judgement in the amount of $120,000.00. Now, he can bless the baby when it gets ugly enough for plastic surgery. Caring is sharing.

Here’s the vid.

This is an epic win for all mankind and mancruel!

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  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Hmmm. Interesting scenario. That is tricking someone of you fall for enhancements versus reality.
    But you (yourself) calling the baby “ugly” on a repetitive basis though bruh………….C’mon fam

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  • Abrasive Angel

    Chicks getting sued for hydrogel ass next?

  • johnblacksad

    dude has no rights to sue… she was ugly before and after…

  • Damn I was going give kudos for finding such a win but then I scrolled down and saw the WS video.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      he obliviously knew she was having surgery, so should not have won – but it is creepy how women make themselves look like a different person (see Lil Kim).

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        yeah but on kim it had that reverse effect. she use to be cute. curiosity killed a cat and insecurity made one at the same time.


    Do ur research next time thirsty guy smh……at least she wasn’t born a f’n boy

  • Numbuh Four

    Damn…son must’ve been flabbergasted when that head came out…she hit him with the okie doke and he sued her azz…AND called his own child ugly…AND still won the case…SMH at humanity

    Just goes to show…all the cosmetic surgery in the world can’t correct them genes. The old YOU is still up in there somewhere, and it’ll probably come out in the delivery room…

  • This suing stuff all started after 40 Glocc sued Game. Once the “real” ppl start doing it everyone gonna be suing.

  • Robbin hood

    WTF is wrong with this judge? False pretenses smh.

  • Dokter_Mindbender

    In the technological age…people can alter their appearance but their genetics remain the same. Until they perfect the genetically enhanced “designer babies”….the truth will come out in the offspring.

  • real OG

    ugly baby

  • hoeyuno

    That kid is gonna have issues when he’s older. Lesson learned. Ask your future wife for her high school pic… Ha ha

  • Keezy Carter

    LOL….Funny as hell…


    Niggaz go be lookin for chicks with plastic surgery as a come up after hearing about this. lol