Hip-Hop Rumors: Finally A Black James Bond?

Lookie here, its time that we get some dag-on equity in the Bond series! Its time for a 007 Barack Obama and when I say that I mean, its time for the Jackie Robinson of Bonds. If you don’t get my drift, then let me make it clear. There has never been a Bond that was not a white man! Well, a few years ago, Diddy lobbied to be the first Black Bond and the Bad Boy almost made us think he could do it. Then this happened:

But I have no qualm with Daniel Craig, and the new movie looks great. But shouldn’t Idris Elba get a shot? That’s the rumor. Idris will be the next James Bond or 007. Whatever the hell. Nevertheless, I think he should be given the opportunity, even though “purists” will certainly scream foul. What do you think?

idris elba talks playing james bond

By the way, this rumor isn’t very new, but recently was resurrected. YOLO doesn’t apply to rumors.

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  • johnblacksad

    fcuk them ‘purists’… dude is british to begin with.

    I heard they killed Ms Penny in the new one? what kind of fcuked up sh!t is that?!
    Smh @ whoever scripted this nonsense…

    Can’t wait to see the movie tho… sorry for the spoiler if it’s one.

    • Casor_Greener

      Forget a Black James Bond. Why not get our own spy hero and start a new franchise.

      • Because we don’t control the movies.

      • Celz

        We can Tyler Perry sure as hell rights his own checks… He was the highest paid person in Hollywood last year. I hate his stuff for the most part but if major film/ music companies are cut out AND the public supports the product. You don’t need any of these companies.

      • IDK famz, having money doesn’t translate into having power….unless you have enough $$$.

        I doubt TP has SONY / Universal $$$.

      • Celz

        You definitely right but what I’m saying is if the movie is done right and if the community supports it the majors will have no choice but to jump on. Like they do with all of his current garbage movies.. But those are two big ifs ..

      • Big if’s…..not saying the community won’t download the ‘chet out of it though!

    • Celz

      That would be like remaking Menace to Society with a White O-Dog lmao

      • johnblacksad

        damn… feelin like The Roots feat. Erykah Badu… You Got Me

  • Sean Power

    It would just wired to me to see a black james bond after 50 years
    i’m sure it would be great spy movie but it would be bond james bond

    it like change super man to black after some year it would super hero but it would be him


    Everybody knows there will never be a black 007…….high yellow, maybe…..but never black

  • 8Galaxy5

    Bond should not go black.Bond is white and british,always has been.Putting a black man as Bond now would just be weird.I still struggle with seeing Daniel Craig as James Bond cause of his blonde hair..If a black man got the role,i would never adjust to it and i think many feel the same way.

    • Not sure…Idris is from there…maybe he’ll be a hood bond?

      Black Bond needs Black bad guys to infiltrate!

      • johnblacksad

        do you think the Black Bond should stick with the Walther PPK or do you have another suggestion? You know Black Bond will have to stay lookin ‘cool’… i can picture him with a lil’ limp when he walks inside the casino (Bond always seems to walk into some sort of Casino)

      • Nah, he’s gonna have to go with the Glock, Black Bond will have more issues to consider… getting lynched!

      • Celz

        Yea a glock shot sideways

      • …..cuz that’s how it came in the box!

    • johnblacksad

      A lot of people have said the exact same thing about The P.O.T.U.S…. you will adjust

  • Y.O.L.O. Because before Drake said it…suckaz thought they could live twice!

    Idris = Good….I hate Diddy…but he plays the ‘chet outta of Balla. Would have been a good look….just not a serious movie.

    • johnblacksad

      Diddy in ‘Get him to the greek’ was mad funny!

      • So was he in Carlito’s Way – Rise To Power

        He played the ‘chet outta Nicki Barnes! LOL

        >>Side Note : Fugg Diddy

      • johnblacksad

        I was glad to see the homie Guzman… he always brings it! Dude is funny AF!

      • “When you put them on the hook……they tell you everything!”

  • Oknas

    Don’t be surprised if the black james bond dies at the end lol

    • therealest1

      I know, right. Make it follow into the gimmick of the token blacks always dying off in the horror movies.

    • BigHomie337

      That nigga will be bond for the first 15 minutes and get killed and the movie will be about a whiteboy becoming the new bond

      • Oknas

        LMAO some shit like that

        That sums up black history, white people stealing our shit

      • munkeeguy

        Who is stealing for who here?

    • Kevin Farley

      or the beginnning

  • Yo! iLLseed!
    Check ya mail, kinda important, JMJ related, *Hood Investigation, also check 4UMF for Gucci mane exposed & other goodies!

    Back in the days , you checked ya’ email 1x a week…now it’s 1x every 6 weeks? WTF!

    • 7yoyo7

      Let us know yo!

      • Guccie exposed for taking pills & getting into the showers with his home boys…that’s the ratchet rap …with video……the JMJ thing……um, that’s classified…but it started in the last JMJ thread……you can gleen from it what you can….might be hard to put the pieces together, but link up on FB & you’ll be able to know what was discussed publicly.

      • 7yoyo7

        Lol @ that ni99a Gucci but the JMJ info is the real interest. Are people still talking about Scoon, Tinard and Little D having somethin to do with it?
        Maybe its just a mystery to the public only, because in the streets Butta Love, Lovey and them dudes should know.

      • It gets deeper than that… from the old board right?

        This goes back to Liquid Swords / Anti -Ignorance days…time period ( MAG’nificent Mondays ) when the MAGs were out in force.

        I mean, if anything, well….. you on FB? ‘chet will mess your head up….especially if you been following on the low…subliminally & know who is who on the boards.

        That whole JMJ situation is fugged up……and many things come into play.

        Can say for a fact……nah, no I can’t, I’m just guessing, but my guess was the same as some one else’s…..who knows more than me.

        All I will say is this…either all there were down with it…which is highly doubtful….or some people ain’t talking for other reasons. Understandable other reasons.

      • P.S. RIP JMJ

  • James

    I think there should be a black James Bond after we have a Chinese man play Shaft! Catch my drift? Just leave it as it is.

    Oh, and Daniel Craig was Bond before Diddy lobbied to be the first black Bond.

  • Idris gets my vote. I hope he is the next bond and he will kill it. Plus he is british.

  • Mitchell Patterson

    Silly siht! What exactly does having a black James Bond do for us? Or a black Nick Fury? Let’s develop and support our own properties instead of painting white icons black.

    Personally, I’d like to see an intelligent black villain for a change. One who isn’t an uneducated thug and doesn’t sell cocaine.

    Every action movie I see with a black villain is the same character: a gang-banging, crack smoking, ho-smacking, white girl-raping animal in a doo-rag.

    I remember I was watching a Nick Cage movie where he defeated the black kingpin by – wait for it – pulling out a crack pipe and lighting it. Of course the brother couldn’t resist taking a few hits. Then Nick kept the pipe and planted it at a murder scene – case closed!

    • No Fuggin way! What movie?

      That ‘chet is dead wrong if it’s true!

      • Anthonyd Smith

        He’s talking about Bad Leiutenant New Orleans. The black dude he talking about is Xzibit.

      • Mitchell Patterson

        Man, I forgot it was Xzibit…lol. Nick Cage is banned from my TV’s forever behind this.

      • Aw Damn!

      • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

        seriously nick cage is the worst

      • I’m gonna check it…..that’s fugged up…..Nick is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppala……but Fugg em!

  • No need for a black James Bond.

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  • timwest1000

    Idris Elba would take it to another level. Its time for a black Bond. Daniel Craig played a cowboy on Cowboys and Aliens, why not?

  • 7yoyo7

    And after that an Asian James Bond, and in a few years a Jewish James Bond….
    Come on, there is no need for a Black James Bond a movie has nothing to do with “racial equity”…

    • johnblacksad

      no mention of the Native Bond?! You on that discrimination or what?

  • Bumpy Johnson

    Black James bond = Shaft

  • He’s a great actor but the race card will be played heavily, and two, we all know hollywood always kills the black man lmao. Its a good choice though.

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  • killaa_mc

    and i suppose we need a white Shaft too huh? lol

  • Lamonte Johnson

    Black people like the person who wrote this always asking for that coon equality that malcom x was always talking about. The thing is JAMES BOND IS A WHITE MAN I don’t wanna see no nigga playing bond no offense to my people. You don’t wanna see no white version of a black super hero do you???? Iight then. I hate this chick who writes this shit. You can tell it’s some female who neva got her shit straight and was a bama most of they life

  • they should let will smith be james…just sayin

  • tx dude

    actually, we shouldn’t call it ‘black’ james bond. it’s just james bond. the idea of getting someone of color for the role is not something new, but they won’t do it for the sake of doing it. before daniel craig got the role, actor adrian lester (from the british show hustle) was a finalist in the running. if you don’t know the name, google him and you’ll see he would have been great for the role.

  • therealest1

    I think they should just discontinue the James Bond franchise because its practically recycled ideas throughout the eras and decades. Its the same premise, only different era cars in them that coincide with the particular era it was released in. And Bond can always escape a near death situation with a gadget or invention in his pockets.

    Like my friend said, the James Bond movies are like a TV show that never ends.

    Since there’s rumors of a black James Bond in the future, something of that nature almost got consummated years ago, last decade. They gave the green light make a spinoff movie based on Jinx from Die Another Day since she was a well liked and popular character in that franchise. Not to mention she was the best looking Bond chick ever. Halle Berry was signed on for it, but thing fell apart. If that almost went down, I guess a black Bond isn’t out of range.

  • Yeah who cares if james bond is black or white as long as he got all the james bond attributes and actually is brittish he good. I am a late 80’s baby Pierce is always the number one bond to me, but I gotta give it to you reporting a not so far fetched rumor Idris Elba would be a good fit and it has been floating around for quite some time that he just might. I came here expecting to hear some bullshit about p diddy or 50 cent trynna be bond lmao

  • Idris would kill it!


    they ruining the legacy even though its been milked already

  • Sean Power

    there no need for a black bond his been white for 50 year, it not need

    some Icon fictional characters are just best left alone



    James bond


  • Kevin Farley

    if you want to read some racist stuff check the james bond books