Big Boi and wife - Halloween 2012

Hip-Hop Rumors: FLICKS – Hip-Hop Halloween – Which Power Couple Did It Best?

Hip-Hop was in the Halloween spirit early this year, as many artists and socialites showed off their costumes at Halloween parties across the U.S. over the weekend!

Many of Hip-Hop’s top couples made it a date night and stepped out in their Halloween best alongside their better halves. Check out Diddy, who was dressed as Prince, and Cassie, who made a beautiful Cleopatra:

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian spent their first Halloween together as a couple and decided to go in semi-matching costumes. Kim went over the top in a mermaid get-up with a blonde wig, and Kanye was her Captain. Someone asked Kanye what he was dressed as, and he didn’t even know it was Halloween! Just joking, but you know Kanye just pulled something out of his closet and came up with that combination.

Big Boi hosted a Halloween party in the A dressed up as Darth Vadar, and his wifey matched his black and white fly with a Punisher costume.

The single ladies of Hip-Hop were running around celebrating Halloween over the weekend as well. Lil’ Kim performed in what looks like one of her typical stage costumes with kitty cat ears for the Halloween touch.

YMCMB’s Christiana Milian ran around Hollywood as the Queen of Spades, and Angela Simmons was an angel. Very sexy!

Basketball Wives L.A. star Draya attended a party in Hollywood dressed as what I can only describe as a very sexy bride out of a porno movie. In other words, Meek Mill’s dream girl. She posted a few photos of herself in the provocative costume, one of which Meek reposted.

What is home girl doing in that last pic? Not cute, Draya. Enjoy some additional Halloween 2012 photos below:

I wonder what Jay and Bey were for Halloween? (Sorry to end with a question, LOL!!!!!) Take that, take that!

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  • Simon Adebisi


    • Eli Pinilla

      smh @ it NOT being considered a costume

      • ONE

        Lol, dude wear so many random borderline gay outfits on the regular that you cant really tell

    • He did….the shoes!

    • Oknas

      smh who gives a fuk

  • Wasn’t that the dude that was complaining of aches all over after an accident. I suppose he told us that he wont stop. LOL

    • He said “FAKES” all over.

  • granky161

    Kanye & Kim. That mermaid/captain combo was cute and creative.

  • Hahahahahaa! Sydney Lace just flipped the question with an apology & a “Take That” Diddy Style!


    I guess SL does read the comments!

    Good Look @ Sydney
    Bad look on calling C. Milan the Queen of Spades……when she is dressed in hearts!

    Still, you get a pass for the rest of the month….but we will be on your neck making sure:

    You drop pics…with Captions? Who is that with Kim K? Latoya Jackson? Lil Kim?
    Drop Videos of the music you speak about.
    Proof Read ya’ ‘chet!
    Drop on Weekends…since iLLseed be out partying, living the life of a super blogger, etc. instead of dropping the damn rumors…..

    Check 4UMF for the iLL news, rumors, vids & pics.

    We get it first…just give a fat shout when you use our stories!

    Feature some of the boards local artist if we have any!

    • Alf Capone

      aye……….my niga………..she dont give a fvck about ur suggestions………..she got where she is doing her thing…………shes doing aight if u ask me………..its all for entertainment purposes……..and i am usually entertained while reading her post……..i know 7 outta 10 of her rumors are bullsh!t…………..but 7 outta 10 of any rumors are bullsh!t………….so what do u expect?

      • Trust me famz, all writers look to improve & read the comments…even if they don’t take them to heart!

        She is doing alright though, Hate = New Love!

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  • Meek Mil the biggest lame thus far. He is in love with a dumb whore. hmm reflects him so doesn’t matter.

  • Lil Kim has got a phat ass got dam.

  • pockets_hot_from_pepperoni

    lol @ all these dudes muggin the camera even in a silly costume

  • RevrendIke3x

    Why are all the ladies costumes just S&M or Slutty versions of regular stuff. Slutty nurse, slutty bride, slutty superhero.

    • Alf Capone

      u got a problem with that?

      • RevrendIke3x

        Not a problem. Just think that it’s lazy as hell.

      • MadVillain

        lol that bixch in the green didnt even bother wearing a costume, she just straight up went out in lingerie. prob tried to pass it off as a slutty slut.

      • “seem to be only concerned wit dissin women..were u abused as a child, scared to smile, they called u ugly???” ~Nas

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  • Alf Capone

    good god i wanna bury my face in between christina milians and drayas legs………i know…..i know……….i cant help it tho

  • Alf Capone

    by the way……kim is gettin older………..she looks worse every day……..dump her kanye……….move on to the next sexy white girl

  • ant662

    i cant stand diddy who looks like a douchbag

  • johnblacksad

    Wonder what Lady Gaga rockin for halloween…

    Might show up with a live bear on her back… make French Montana tuck his sh!t in

    • MadVillain


      • johnblacksad

        a whole bunch of albums just got pushed back on my playlist…
        Good look my G!

        Gotta roll this broccoli while its loading… today is gonna be a good day!
        (still will cop solid tho… and i will put it right next to Monkey Barz & Jesus Price Superstar)

      • MadVillain

        lol no doubt, the only thing i really been bumping was Freddie Gibbs BFK up till now (if you aint checked dat yet def go do dat). both great albums but IMO Jesus Price >, anyway i had a quick skim threw it and it sounds dope as expected. but you got the right idea, ima have to roll sumin up b4 i proceed to enjoy the proper way

      • johnblacksad

        Oh yeah, i’m on that Baby Face Killa… sh!t goes hard… ninja brought Bone-Thugs back…

        I concur that Jesus Price >, but this Sean Price right here is def also what we like about him : “you wanna fcuk with my plans?, under a bus fcuker i throw you under a van, throw the van in reverse and do it again!” P!

  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Lil Kim’s face is a year-round costume

  • Soulgasm

    Love the sense of humor at the end of the story, Syd! LOL! #Classic…

  • Joseph Thomas

    whats with big boi’s head…..why does it look….not normal….lol….

  • YaheardSyndicate

    halloween aka hoellaween, is the one day of the year girls can be what many of them dream of being atleast for one day… a hoe.

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    chrissy is a fine azz queen of hearts, not ace of spades…. at first i thought she was alice in wonderland.

  • YMCMB’s Christiana Milian huh… has she done anything over there? or is she just the resident hole to fill HAHAHA and im pretty sure angela simmons was dressed as lil kim im damn sure of it hahahahaha

  • bigbeeinthebuilding

    Lil Kim has the thighs of a school bus driver now, no bueno

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