Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Bow Wow Get Dissed By Lil Mouse?

You read about the tweet diss between Lil Bow Wow and Soulja Boy, didn’t you? Read up on it here if you didn’t.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Bow Wow And Soulja Boy Pulling A “106 & Park” Publicity Stunt?

So, after Soulja Boy goes at Bow Wow, whom we thought was a friend, we realize this dude is actually an enemy of Mr. 106 & Park.

But, that’s wasn’t enough for the Tweets.

Lil Mouse gets into the fray…or did he? Here is what was on Twitter.

But— that ain’t Lil Mouse. In fact, the real real Lil Mouse already has his name when he outgrows “lil” – @MOUSEMYERS!

He had nothing to say about Bow Wow on his official, verified Twitter account.

Let me shut up…I don’t wanna get smoked!


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11 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Bow Wow Get Dissed By Lil Mouse?”

    • MadVillain

      LOL hes 12 year old kid or sum sh!t that makes trap music, i seen this lil n!gga on worldstar a few times. go check sum of his vids, you’ll be laughing ya azz off and shaking your head in disappointment at the same time

  1. Banksy

    Who the blood clot is a Lil Mouse? Better yet who cares what someone named Lil Mouse says! lol this new generation is lame.

  2. EDOGZ818

    “chet was kinda funny though…Waybach Music? Ouch!
    Bow Wow & SB’s “Pink Slime” (*Don’t want to call it “BEEF” ) is sad because if real, means Bow Wow doesn’t have creative control on his own show.

    He has to let SB diss him & feature him? SMDH, at least Rosci got Webbie banned permanently when he Violated.

  3. Mos High

    I just watched one of this child’s video’s (get smoked). The first thing I wondered what the hell is up with his family, then who is the flippn idiot that allowed this to be released.To me this is mental child abuse, I know some people go thru rough lives etc, but boasting about bussing guns, hoes etc at that age just looks sick. There is adults around, but they may as well be kids. This is scary sh&t, then again negativity always gets more play then positive works. If you support this mess your a sucker. This child is going to jail soon.

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