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Meek Mill’s Memorable Musical Moments: Five Reasons He’s Here to Stay

In this day and age, an artist is never new anymore with the release of their first album. It takes months, and even sometimes years, between when someone is introduced to the general public and when his or her first full length album becomes available. And, it requires a lot to stay relevant in that time period.

With this week’s release of Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares, takes a look at five musical moments (in chronological order) in Meek Mill’s career thus far that have helped him go from a relative Philly unknown to Nas co-signing him by saying, “I got my eyes on him. He’s the next one to take this sh*t over.” Quite possibly, Nas. Peep game:

1. “Tupac Back”: In April 2011, the first single from Maybach Music Group’s (MMG) compilation entitled Self Made Vol. 1 dropped. The song was called “Tupac Back” and featured Meek Mill with an anchor by Rick Ross.

While the successful record spawned numerous remixes by other artists, Ross told the press their ultimate goal was to show respect to Tupac. Said Ross, “Just showing love man and shout out to all the G’s, Greg Street, and everybody else who showed love and embraced the video and embraced the homies as we paid homage to the legend.” What better way to introduce his new artist Meek Mill than by paying homage to an old one?

2. Dreamchasers 2: On May 7, 2012, Meek dropped his highly-anticipated mixtape, Dreamchasers 2. The project was originally scheduled to come out a month prior, but the delay only built anticipation. Upon the mixtape’s release, it was downloaded in record numbers – in fact, in one day, it tallied over 2.5 million downloads.

The project was met with a decent response and, in addition to showcasing Meek’s skills, it also highlighted Hip-Hop’s current class of rappers on the rise. Guest appearances on Dreamchasers 2 include, but aren’t limited to, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, and Big Sean. Game recognize game.

3. Club Paradise Tour: Right alongside the release of Dreamchasers 2, Drake set out on the second leg of the “Club Paradise Tour” in support of his Take Care album. This move helped “take care” of Meek Mill, as he was showcased as one of the opening acts. That particular leg of the tour took him from large venues in California to ones in North Carolina – prime expoure.

And, even with the fight between Drake and Chris Brown in New York near the end of the tour – during which Meek claimed to be a bystander – it did little to slow down the momentum that he had been building while on tour in Spring 2012.

4. “Amen”: This past June, Meek Mill put out “Amen” as a single featuring Drake that first appeared on Dreamchasers 2. Controversy soon followed, however, when a pastor from his hometown of Philadelphia, Rev. Jomo K. Johnson, called for a boycott of the song because of its use of religious language. Meek addressed Johnson directly in a call to Philadelphia radio station Hot 107.9 in July.

After Meek Mill later apologized, the boycott was called off. The controversy itself wasn’t the best look, but it proved that people were paying attention to Meek, and was a sure sign that he was making captivating music.

5. Dreams and Nightmares: This week, on October 30, Meek Mill’s proper debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, finally hit shelves. With icons like Jay-Z and Will Smith in attendance for the album’s preview earlier in the month, expectations were certainly high.

And, with a cut like “Who You’re Around” alongside the incomparable Mary J. Blige, and “Maybach Curtains” featuring Nas, John Legend, and Rick Ross generating attention, Meek is in a prime position to do even bigger things for himself and MMG. Undoubtedly, this album is something that fans and critics will closely follow.

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Purchase Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares on iTunes.

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    I wish i could be a fan..but word to everything i believe in, ill never listen to a guy who would sign with rick ross ,( that spits Street shit)……..i know yall gone hate but i wouldnt trade my values and realness for infinite amount of money

    • i am w u soufwest… only way to stop this insanity is to not support it until it goes away or they get murdered by bunch of real gangsters

      • Bumpy Johnson

        stay real homie! even though it aint easy. as for the bullshit going away my nigga, its going to be hard because for every 1 real nigga there is like 9 more fake ones. on some 5 percenter shit…they use to preach that stuff back then..if the 5 percenters came out now ,they’d probably name themselves the 0.5 percenters…because now its only 0.5 percent of people that actually know the truth and are determined to enlighten the rest.

        Meek should really look into his past and himself and say “am i really a real nigga when i fukks with a known fake nigga?”

    • Guest

      wait, wait, wait….so why are u even clicking on an article that features a Rick Ross artist to make a negative comment? You ARE a hater and you sound really dumb. Ross and them youngn’s are WINNING. If you don’t like em, cool. Just don’t come here hating on them, b***h ass n***a! Now GTFOH with your hating-ass comments!!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        1) I comment and click on whatever article i want…
        2) I wanted to see what 5 reasons they have on why he is here to stay.
        3) what part of what is said makes me a Hater?
        4)suck my dick no homo.

    • Mitchell Patterson

      I wish you could be yourself. You must like Meek Mill’s music or you wouldn’t “wish you could be a fan…”. The type of music you listen to don’t make you real, being real makes you real. And every single artist is either signed to a homo or a nerd. You sound like a nigga that makes excuses for why he ain’t working…

      • Bumpy Johnson

        nigga im 23 and ain strugglin at all………signing with a nerd ain bad at all….but claiming to be a real nigga and signing with a fraud does………..U say you down with the streets, and street codes , how you gone mess with a fake, thats the worse thing to fkk with in the streets….

        imagine you in the hood claimin to be the realest nigga, and you fkkin with a known fake drug dealer who gets money from his girl but acts like he a hustler …you think people gone believe, respect or wana fkk wit you???

        ain no such things as half way crooks. you either Real or NOT.

      • Mitchell Patterson

        So if you are working, then you already know that in order to get paper you have to deal with people you wouldn’t normally F with. Think about it, what real nigga is in a position to sign Meek and pay him Def Jam money. Don’t forget that signing to MMG is signing to Def Jam, which will lead to having your own label if you make the right moves.

        Biggie signed with Puff, Pac signed with Humpty, X signed with Russel – it happens. Doesn’t change who you are any more than signing with a gangster (ie. pre-knockedout Suge) will automatically make you real.

        If you rap for a living you ain’t a gangster – period. Rapping is something you do to get away from street life. Every single dude that tried to mix the two is locked up.

  • johnblacksad

    Obvious promo sh!t…

  • seveneightyseven

    1) money




    5) bitches and money

  • guest

    haterz gon hate
    mmg winnin hoez