50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather jr.

Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Officially Breaks Up With Floyd Mayweather Jr.!

The bromance between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is officially over. 50 officially ended things last night with his own version of a ‘Dear John’ letter that he tweeted out to his millions of followers last night. The tweets reveal that 50 has cut all business ties with Floyd, specifically their popular “The Money Team” promotions company, because as he put it “the other half of the money team did not put up their money.”

In typical 50 Cent style, the rapper then went on to try to tarnish the brand he built with his former best friend by claiming to be selling his official TMT jacket “for a dollar” and selling the TMT sweatsuits for $7.99.  50 is one bad man! Check out his tweets below:

So far there has been no response from Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the 50’s announcement.

Sidenote – Did you all hear about Floyd’s fiancee, Ms. Jackson, doing a commercial with one of Floyd’s boxing rival Victor Ortiz?  The commercial is a spoof on the art of the unbuttoned shirt, its a big thing in the Latin community. Anyway, in the commercial Ms. Jackson is seductively looking at Victor Ortiz and is sitting mighty close to him. Check out the commercial below:

Okay, I know it’s only acting, but did she cross the line by being in this commercial with Victor Ortiz? Floyd come get your girl!!! Hmm, this has me thinking about those rumors about Ms. Jackson being at the center of the Floyd and 50 Cent beef. Perhaps there is some truth to this after all.

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  • therealjjohnson

    Hey Sidney Lace…have a seat. thanks,



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  • that clown said 50 is squirter….

  • Antoine Hart

    this is all setting up for the manny vs floyd fight…dont u people see that

    • Richard Savage

      they are never gonna fight. As big a Mayweather fan as i am i am beginning to believe this nigga is scared. We will NEVER see that fight and if we do no one will be interested by the time it happens. The sport of boxing is dying as we speak. UFC is on the rise and people are beginning to lose interest in Floyd vs Manny

      • brotha_man

        I agree…floyd running from dude. Pac said on ESPN that he would agree to the terms of money as well as any drug testing in order to fight floyd. #Shookones

  • Black Exodus

    Is it me or does anybody that Mr. 50 cent comes in contact with, does business with or knows will be at the end of his “Magic Stick” tricks. Man, this dude lives off beef and he is a very emotional cat. Floyd was doing just fine before his “romance” with Curtis. What I hate about all this is, it’s 1 well connected, influential brotha trying to tear the another down. If you can’t do business with one another, move on. But trying to destroy reputations, public opinions and business savagely is crazy. I have never seen Curtis come at any White Executives like he does with his black counterparts… it just makes me wonder about his true character.

    Black Exodus-


      Mayweather’s problems started with his domestic dispute.

    • JimmyGetthatwork99

      So Jimmy Iovine is black now? the guys who he bitched at about his first head phones are Mostly Black also? dude get your facts right he BITCHES at everybody that don’t do business the way he likes just like every other Rich Guy look at Donald Trump! fact is your making it this Black vs white thing or Oh he would not have done this if it was White folk. Come on man Stop that BULLSHIT! nothing wrong with expressing how you feel dude might be hurt from this all floyd wanna do is Trick in the clubs and 50 trying to make Hustler moves. I understand though Most of AHH fans hate on dude anyway

      • Heat

        Being upset with Jimmy is not going at Jimmy. He still sign to Jimmy right? Black Exodus was on point. I agree with his comment.

      • JimmyGetthatwork99

        Again he goes at Folks he feels not doing business right with him Why you think he came out with those Mixtapes earlier this year for promotional purposes? Nah he was turning his Cheek to the company they came with a agreement to come out with this new he even called him out on twitter Google it

    • plsDontreply

      First Beans album… Floyd ain’t worried about Ms. Jackson just seen him at the strip joint… Dem hoes luvin the boy…

  • Lou Velazquez

    funny shit is that niggaz talk alot of shit about 50 but aint nobody doing nothing stop haten 50 get that money !

  • lol at nap back floyd girl looks like a goldigger still

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  • MuthaFuka Jones

    Somebody said “all this is doing is setting up the Manny and Floyd fight”………….*laughing & pointing*!!! BAAAHAHAHAHAHA!! You believe that shat???

    • Yeah man, think about it, if it don’t make dollars…it don’t make sense.

      • brotha_man

        they dont need fif to set this up this fight would make money no matter whos behind it problem is Pac said he would agree to the terms that floyd present drug test and all.

  • Money over everything right? Gotta stick with Floyd, man.

  • No love for 50 Cent. He’s a dirty rotten, back stabbing, un-trust-worthy, sleeze ball. Can’t be trusted. He don’t want true friends, he will back stab his family if it ment making money from it. A shame!

    • brotha_man

      thats 100 percent of the industry….diddy, birdman, suge knight, jay-z (especially Jay-z)he dont put none of his people on. at least fif pays his bum as crew so they can eat

      • Lyve Wire

        jay dont put ppl on? at rocafella’s peak, count how many ppl were on the label.. do the same bad boy, cash money and death row… now count the cats that were on g-unit. you’ve never heard jay throw his label mates/employees under bus like 50 does.

  • NoGoBoi

    I promise 50 remind me of the true example of what people describe as, “The Industry.” Everything is smoke and mirrors, nothing is real and you can’t trust $hit a mofo’ say or do.

  • CokeBoyz

    @facebook-100002629986071:disqus stfu how yu know what really goin on between them other than wat yu c up here… cnt c how ppl take shit like dis serious.. yu dnt know y 50 is doin what he doin…

    • Black Exodus

      With a name like Cokeboyz…I doubt you would even even see his character trait, you probably share his character trait. I don’t know him or claim to know him, but my assessment on his character is what he, himself has put out. He makes his living on creating beef. Most of his business relationships that’s in the public eye has gone sour…and he assassinated many of his business associates characters in the media. But of all these character assignations…count the White Folks….I’ll wait! My point is…when a business relationship is dissolved…you don’t “have to” slander, expose, ridicule or devise unethical business practices to make yourself seem without fault. Also Cokehead, if there is a news story, I’m entitled to my opinion and statement just like you made a comment on my statement. Also, you can make your comment without cursing and using proper grammar is a must if you want to be taken seriously. It’s a new day…the Progressive, Thinking, Black Man is like a sword to the Ni**a mentality. Wake and change your avatar name, we are bigger than “Coke Boyz”.

      Black Exodus “Diamonds”

      • bunzallday

        assassination not assignations.. and you want to tell people to type correctly… smh

  • Richard Savage

    That just goes to show you have no real friends. When you’re dealing people you always look at it in a business way. Cuz nowadays people will use you until they feel they have no use for you anymore and thats what 50 did.Floyd was just a pawn for 50 to get a lil publicity, maybe a lil money and then he tossed him like yesterday’s garbage. Its the way of the world. Play the game or get played

  • wasnt justin beiber in the money team.. so yeah who the fluck cares, its basiclly a team of people going “look at me im at at a boxing match”

  • andone

    Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Officially Breaks Up With Floyd Mayweather Jr.!

    The bromance between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is officially over. 50 officially ended things last night with his own version of a ‘Dear John’ letter…

    In typical 50 Cent style, the rapper then went on to try to tarnish the brand he built with his former best friend…

    have u ever asked urself why the AHH 50 threads come across as salty… SL takin jabs like he training for a fight himself lmao… #SMSWST!!

  • keylon jackson

    always crying like dude is a bitch, man need to stop acting like a bitchn like floyd said i aint gonna let a nigga eat in my plate if i cant do the same with him

  • Tril Beats

    Seriously… does 50 have any Loyalty to anyone? lol

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    50’s non-rap behavior is what killed his rap career.

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  • greeneyedbandit

    I sure hate their friendship had to end like that…..I like Floyd and 50, but i’m glad Floyd is being the better person, and staying silent.

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  • Lyve Wire

    not a fan of either, but i have to respect floyd for keeping it private. does 50 always have to air everything out in public? funny thing is, ppl love 50, but hate ppl who act just like him. dude is extra emotional and craves attention.